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Rise Against - Hero of War (Live)

  • Published on Jun 25, 2011
  • Rise Against playing Hero of War from their album 'Appeal to Reason' live at Rock Werchter 2010! (I was there myself too :))
    Hope you enjoy :)
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  • Dreamz †
    Dreamz † 2 months ago

    Everyone looks happy like do u guys not get the message

  • OceanicKhan41
    OceanicKhan41 2 months ago

    I bet you 90% of these people didnt even understand him, the rest didnt understand the power behind his words.

  • Kurt Knatterfurz
    Kurt Knatterfurz 2 months ago

    hallo her

  • Игорь Никольский

    A very American song, as I see. It's about when people do not understand completely, what the war is, and they go there to face it and after this shit they ask themselves - why? What was the fuckin' reason?
    Great song, really. That guy sings truth.
    Greetings from Russia

  • ツGiBauF
    ツGiBauF 5 months ago +1

    It's funny how the all the man in the crowd they show sing with emotion and they understand the lyrics and all the women is just happily singing along without understanding anything.

    • Devon Clements
      Devon Clements 4 months ago

      No. There was a mixture of reactions from both sexes.

  • SnowBeanerTV
    SnowBeanerTV 8 months ago

    It's a fucking emo rally

  • Santiago Cardozo
    Santiago Cardozo 11 months ago


  • Dakotah Hutchinson
    Dakotah Hutchinson Year ago +1

    Capitalist, Communist, Fascist, Liberal, Conservative it doesn't matter what you believe
    We all feel this burden one person or another

    SPOOKYMAN Year ago

    Insert message about war here

    NDCTV Year ago

    sorry and sad people. they just don' know.

  • hoangwrx 01
    hoangwrx 01 Year ago

    Every time I listen to this song i see memories of basic training with my friends. Good times.
    101st Engineer battalion 182nd sappers
    35th Engineers Delta company 3rd platoon.

  • Mr.CoolGuy fan
    Mr.CoolGuy fan Year ago

    how do people not shed a tear they must not get the message

    • Devon Clements
      Devon Clements 4 months ago

      People experience and express their emotions in different ways.

  • Darren Hjelm
    Darren Hjelm Year ago

    This song gives me the chills every time😍😍😍😍

  • Brian Hughes
    Brian Hughes 2 years ago

    Fuck that bitch trying to rage at 1:44 lol

  • Steve Konrad
    Steve Konrad 2 years ago

    War has always been young men fighting and dying for the what ever old men say is important.

  • Andrey Shevchenko
    Andrey Shevchenko 2 years ago +2

    He said "Son
    Have you seen the world?
    Well what would you say
    If I said that you could?
    Just carry this gun
    You'll even get paid"
    I said, "That sounds pretty good"
    Black leather boots
    Spit-shined so bright
    They cut off my hair
    But it looks alright
    We marched and we sang
    We all became friends
    As we learned how to fight
    A hero of war
    Yeah, that's what I'll be
    And when I come home
    They'll be damn proud of me
    I'll carry this flag
    To the grave if I must
    Cause it's a flag that I love
    And a flag that I trust
    I kicked in the door
    I yelled my commands
    The children, they cried
    But I got my man
    We took him away
    A bag over his face
    From his family and his friends
    They took off his clothes
    They pissed in his hands
    I told them to stop
    But then I joined in
    We beat him with guns
    And batons not just once
    But again and again
    A hero of war
    Yeah, that's what I'll be
    And when I come home
    They'll be damn proud of me
    I'll carry this flag
    To the grave if I must
    Cause it's a flag that I love
    And a flag that I trust
    She walked
    Through bullets and haze
    I asked her to stop
    I begged her to stay
    But she pressed on
    So I lifted my gun
    And I fired away
    And the shells jumped trough the smoke
    And into the sand
    That the blood now had soaked
    She collapsed with a flag in her hand
    A flag white as snow
    A hero of war
    Is that what they see?
    Just medals and scars
    So damn proud of me
    And I brought home that flag
    Now it gathers dust
    But it's a flag that I love
    It's the only flag I trust
    He said "Son
    Have you seen the world?
    Well what would you say
    If I said that you could?

  • Def Skidrow
    Def Skidrow 2 years ago +11

    Good song. I wish the Germans would honor their soldiers as their American does.
    I as a soldier and man get a goose bumps on this hot song.
    People, please support your soldiers!

  • Gameing Pikachu Gaming Pikachu

    this song is imported to me because my dad is a soldier

  • Mike Hunt
    Mike Hunt 2 years ago

    Was that an Isis flag with the rise against symbol in it?

  • MarkieTheHero
    MarkieTheHero 2 years ago +54

    Talk to any veteran and they'll tell you how true this is. They need to be thinked. They've had to end people's lives. People who had friends, families, wives, girlfriends, a best friend, a first crush, first love, first day of school, everything.. And they have to take that away.. Just because they're told to. Ive spoken to veterans. I once called one a hero and he snapped right at me and told me never to call him that.. It's just something we all forget. We all forget that freedom aint free "Son, have you seen the world? What if I told you you could." Im sure many men and women have been told that line.. Well they saw it.... The world is darker than hell. Sometimes I wonder which can be worse

    • George Edward
      George Edward 2 years ago +1

      We do not need to be thanked.
      Welcome home is enough and every one of us is glad to be here.

    • MarkieTheHero
      MarkieTheHero 2 years ago

      +Dario Diaz III haha thx man

    • Dario Diaz III
      Dario Diaz III 2 years ago +3

      I'm sorry, But this comment is fucking beautiful.

    • MarkieTheHero
      MarkieTheHero 2 years ago +1


  • andy crinkle wusky pup
    andy crinkle wusky pup 2 years ago +1

    this song is to all those soldiers who are fighting both on earth and heaven fighting the good fight

  • Jonthan Fowler
    Jonthan Fowler 3 years ago +7

    Do your part ladies and gentlemen, next time you see a vet walk up to them, give them a smile and a firm handshake and thank them for their service. You may just save a life doing that.

    • Daniel Smith
      Daniel Smith Year ago +2

      CRYO PYRO We aren't heroes. We're just doing our job. Parts of it we're proud of, parts of it we aren't and have to live with till our dying day. We appreciate those that come up to us and thank us for our service but calling us heroes? The real heroes are the ones who gave their all and never came back.

    • Metal, combat sports, gaming
      Metal, combat sports, gaming 3 years ago +3

      I know. We look at these people as heroes, but they don't feel like heroes. Like Chris Kyle he was hero in our eyes, but in his, he was a murderer. Or Marcus Luttrell, we look at him as a hero and survivor, but he feels like he failed his country and friends.

  • James Ghosten
    James Ghosten 3 years ago +3

    Look at all those stupid hippies. I know what it's like to live with that. To the men and women who know what I mean remember that I live as a civvie right now. We're here (Just check out your local VFW building if you have one in your area) and we will share stories of what we've been through. I've met others like me. You can too. Please don't let yourself feel alone.

  • Cary K
    Cary K 3 years ago +22

    I'm awake thinking about Iraq tonight. Can't sleep again. This is the first song that came to mind. I remember it still. I remember a man whose ankles had both been broken by Saddam's Revolutionary Guard. They didn't heal back right. They healed back an inch or two forward of where they should have been. He had electrical scars burned up on both sides of his legs. Me and Jordan noticed him as we helped him into the back of our 7 ton truck. He was a prisoner rounded up after a recent attack. Another prisoner had stabbed him in the back with something. Flies were all over the blood on the back of his shirt/dress (whatever). He was so weak that he almost fell backwards. We realized if he got on the truck he'd be coming off it dead. So we cradled him back to the ground and got the Doc in spite of orders to load him up. We got the Doc to clean his wound and give him food and water. After a while he had gained enough strength that we thought he would make it; so we helped him back up on to the truck and resumed our mission. I don't have PTSD, but sometimes I think back on what all happened. What we went through. What the citizens of Iraq went through. What we're both going through now. I pray for them. For me the war is a memory. For them it still goes on; just with a different enemy. I hope one day they'll have peace again.

    • Vampire Princess
      Vampire Princess 2 years ago

      Cary K did u go through that

    • Name Edited
      Name Edited 2 years ago +4

      Cary K
      Thank you for sharing this. I haven't seen war. And I know that's because of people who have. Thank you for your service.

  • Marlon
    Marlon 3 years ago +6

    Man, this song reminds me of the Veterans who fought for the sake of the world. R.I.P. Veterans.

  • Achilles
    Achilles 3 years ago +3

    Jesus christ none of the people knew the lyrics

  • Provost
    Provost 3 years ago +65

    I realize that people are at a concert to have a good time, but I can't fathom how the assembled crowd could just sing happily along to this song. Every time I listen to it I feel the burden of its message. It isn't something I would be able to listen to live without shedding a tear. I guess people just aren't listening to the lyrics?

    • S.M Seely
      S.M Seely 2 years ago

      I don't think they meant to sound "Happy" singing along.

    • MasterBombadillo
      MasterBombadillo 3 years ago +7

      +Caleb Barnett Most of them most certainly do know what they're singing. English is quite common in Belgium. Many will learn it at school, but you'll hear it a lot in daily life. Influences from movies (which will only be dubbed if children are the target audience), music and even advertising can be seen everywhere. Also, it's not a song for which you need a high level understanding of English anyway. One of my friends never had English lessons at school, and yet he has no problems understanding this song and its meaning.
      But people at concerts will sing along happily with these kind of songs. I don't think you have to search hard to find a concert in an English country with a crowd that's singing along like this.

    • Theman Withtheplan
      Theman Withtheplan 3 years ago +2

      I don't think they know what they're singing. They're in Belgium I think, if you look closely you can see them having a hard time singing English

    • nick mccarthy
      nick mccarthy 3 years ago +5

      I saw them live earlier this year, this is the only song I have ever scene live where I cried.

  • CrimsonCoatedSniper™
    CrimsonCoatedSniper™ 3 years ago +5

    Its sad how all the younger people are starting to forget the cost of freedom and how many, many people died in the World War and the wars today.

  • chukava
    chukava 3 years ago

    Русские есть?

    • Arsen Carter
      Arsen Carter 3 years ago +1

      +Сергей Клестов руские на войне, за новоросию хуячат

  • Jack Osborne
    Jack Osborne 3 years ago

    Anyone who has watched Farenheight 9/11 will know the exact message this is trying to send out. And also who to.

  • unadetantaspamelas
    unadetantaspamelas 3 years ago +1

    Thank you for this amazing video

  • Sophie Hernandez
    Sophie Hernandez 3 years ago +3

    For most people a song is about the moment and thoughts where it touched them and gets braided together with their memories and emotions. Yes, probably half of the people in every crowd will never even get close to see what the person who wrote the lyrics had in mind. But it's the bands choice to play there, it's their choice to perform and reach out to all of them. Those who just enjoy the music, those who are too drunk to remember the song, those that know that there's more going on, those that wonder if they see bitterness in the performer's eyes.
    If you ever get to work with veterans keep this song in mind. It helps to accept that there's something you can't see and take away from them even though you wish you could ease their pain.
    Outstanding song no matter how you look at it.

  • PazzaTV
    PazzaTV 3 years ago

    Son, have you seen the world? What would you say, if I said that you could? -
    This refers to God saying to his son (the lamb, ourselves) that if you could see all the world (the system of evil) then you'd surely die, for war and inhumanity is what keeps man alive. We live in confusion, it is naturally depicted in the Bible.

    • GravelsNotAFood
      GravelsNotAFood 3 years ago

      +PazzaTV I actually think he is referring to the recruiter who talked him into going to war.

    • Sylvester Socks
      Sylvester Socks 3 years ago

      +twister NL It can be interpreted as either. Both make sense.

    • twister NL
      twister NL 3 years ago +7

      +PazzaTV Its not god, its a recruiter from the army recruiting soldiers to fight a war.

    • PazzaTV
      PazzaTV 3 years ago

      +Existential Squid being an atheist or an agnostic does not inhibit you from making biblical references.

    • Existential Squid
      Existential Squid 3 years ago +7

      +PazzaTV Tim and the rest of the band are agnostic, if not atheist. I'm almost positive it's not referring to the bible

  • Golden Sheep
    Golden Sheep 3 years ago +5

    I hate the fangirls who like the just because Tim is singing, or it is rise against. I don't think half the people there realise the severity of the song and just cheer because it is rise against, and interrupt to cheer and are disrespectful to every vet or soldier just taking a break at home, not done with service, and don't hi or the vets and soldiers and stay quiet like in the moment of silence for instance

    • Casey S
      Casey S 3 years ago

      I beg to differ, I think the lyrics are pretty straight forward, and you really don't have to think much about them. It's not a sign of disrespect, that's completely the wrong way to think about it, they shouldn't be not allowed to cheer. Plus it'd be kinda awkward if you sing your heart out, and no one me cheers. That's what concerts are for.

  • Владимир Ильин


  • Susk
    Susk 3 years ago

    Luv u guys

  • War&Peace
    War&Peace 4 years ago

    fuck who hates this song. this song has a powerful message. its the hard truth.

  • Dylan Cudney
    Dylan Cudney 4 years ago

    was this in Germany?

    • Zacky V.
      Zacky V. 3 years ago

      +Dileo 124 yes

    • Gijs Gremmen
      Gijs Gremmen 4 years ago +7

      Well the first thing he says is hey Belgium, so my guess is no for Germany

  • Garrett O'Donnell
    Garrett O'Donnell 4 years ago +3

    Anyone else notice this song is about American soldiers? I get that I'm gonna get replies about how it's about veterans everywhere, but I'm 90% certain it was made with American soldiers in mind. I guess it just depends on interpretation. Also, If it is about America, then the Germans there are rooting for our troops. Thanks Germans. #MakingAmmends And would the Germans have still killed the Jews if they learned about a rueben on rye? Just a thought.

    • Suspect on foot[FIN]
      Suspect on foot[FIN] 3 years ago

      +Vedow It's more likely about the American mentality on war as soldiers are nowhere else praised over the top and seen as Hollywood movie heroes as they are in the US. Defending your country and your peoples' freedom means something completely different in other Western countries.

    • riseagainst 1997
      riseagainst 1997 3 years ago

      +Cody Small the guy name was tomas young

    • God Bless The Band
      God Bless The Band 3 years ago

      Do you not realise that this song is about how American soldiers are made to torture and kill people and when they return are told they are heros. Like, listen to the lyrics. Also he says Belgium not Germany so most of these people are probably Belgian and anyway why would German people today have to make amends for the mistakes of the generation before them?

    • Mr
      Mr 3 years ago

      Fair point Reuben on rye is amazing

    • Vedow
      Vedow 3 years ago

      +Casey Sustaitapaz I see what your trying to say, and Tim said that this song was inspired by an american soldier who saw nothing of what the news were broadcasting. So I guess we were both right in some way

  • Simon Berg
    Simon Berg 4 years ago +2

    lol Harry Styles? 3:16

  • mrcoolcartoons
    mrcoolcartoons 4 years ago +2

    Finally someone makes a song about politics and war and does it fucking right

  • Teymar
    Teymar 4 years ago +60

    This gives me goosebumps, no matter how many times I listen.

  • Mandy Wiggins
    Mandy Wiggins 4 years ago

    I♥ this song

  • millertas
    millertas 4 years ago +175

    Such a powerful message behind this song. As good as any Anti-Vietnam song of the 60s and 70s. War, fought for the benefit of the rich, with the money of the middle class and the blood of the poor.

    • Varian Tan
      Varian Tan 6 months ago

      i believe this is a anti-present war song----Golf war,war on terror(black leather boots.)

    • Matthew Saroda
      Matthew Saroda 3 years ago +1

      +millertas On a random youtube spree. All the sudden Fat Wrecked's dad appears. This proves that he'll never be forgotten ;)

    • millertas
      millertas 4 years ago +6

      +Eduardo Navarro Thank you. As you can see I despise war and one of the main basis over zealous nationalism. Over zealous religious beliefs are also NOT good.

    • Eduardo Navarro
      Eduardo Navarro 4 years ago +10

      that. was. an. awesome quote

  • Elenna Black
    Elenna Black 4 years ago

    i can´t stop listen
    it´s just beautiful

  • huffle punk
    huffle punk 4 years ago +29

    I could just listen to Tim talk all day. he has such a beautiful voice

    • Tracy M.Soukup
      Tracy M.Soukup 4 years ago

      To discover a really good song equals to having a fantastic day for me!
      My favourite band from now on!
      Simply copy and paste the video URL and take pleasure in great music!!

    • huffle punk
      huffle punk 4 years ago +2

      and he is super hot

    • Clara E.Kidwell
      Clara E.Kidwell 4 years ago

      If you will ask me personally which new band going to make it big, that will be my response!
      Absolutely yes, that's impressive!
      Look at the youtube URL, you are going to enjoy it!!

  • Robbie McCann
    Robbie McCann 4 years ago +8

    Is it just me that thinks the song implies that the flag in question at the end was a white flag? It just seems to me that the lyrics lead up to that.

    • Billy Bob
      Billy Bob Year ago +2

      Robbie McCann yea, I think for the first part of the song it is from America's perspective of our soldiers. It is saying he will take the American flag to the grave if he must because he loves America. However the end of the song reveals what the solider sees and how he isn't a hero of war. The flag that he actually brought home was the white flag "surrendering flag" rather than the American flag since according to the song it is glorying war and all the death and suffering he went through. He says it's the only flag he trust because it's the only flag that truly stands for no more fighting... just my take on it all!

    • Fat Rugged Stacks
      Fat Rugged Stacks 4 years ago +1

      +ZexianBlue Yeah, I feel like they believe it's ,in a way, glorifying war. Or how we are "heroes" for fighting all these pointless wars. And I feel Tim knew this would happen, and sort of sang the first half in a non-soldier's perspective. But by the end, it had drastically changed.

    • Fat Rugged Stacks
      Fat Rugged Stacks 4 years ago +1

      +ZexianBlue Yes, exactly. You put my first comment into better words. He basically surrendered. He was done fighting.

    • Fat Rugged Stacks
      Fat Rugged Stacks 4 years ago +1

      +ZexianBlue I think the purpose was to say that he had killed surrendering innocents, and I don't know if you were trying to say that with your comment. Was just trying to elaborate on your comment was all. :)

    • Fat Rugged Stacks
      Fat Rugged Stacks 4 years ago +1

      +ZexianBlue You do know that a white flag symbolizes surrender, right? The soldier in the song was forced to kill innocent civilians, which opens up to the verse that says everyone only sees soldiers as "medals and scars".

  • Andrew Le
    Andrew Le 4 years ago

    what an amazing writer...since day 1

  • MissFunkuh
    MissFunkuh 5 years ago

    hahaha 2:56 Glenn with his green hair xD priceless

  • chubby terror
    chubby terror 5 years ago

    No offence to Zach Brandon and Joe but i prefer this song with just Tim and his guitar

  • Yvar
    Yvar 5 years ago

    In belgium most people, especially in their 20s, can speak english fine. I find it weird aswell that they are so cheerful but i guess thats the norm at festival performamces

  • achillies1997ify
    achillies1997ify 5 years ago +33

    If I die in service... I want this played at my Funeral

    • Doni Yukri
      Doni Yukri 9 months ago

      2018. You still alive?

    • 5TRYD4
      5TRYD4 4 years ago +2

      +Erik H. You are awesome,,

    • achillies1997ify
      achillies1997ify 4 years ago

      Ummmm.... I'm not sure xD

    • achillies1997ify
      achillies1997ify 4 years ago

      No I do understand it... I just love this song, and the band so much.

  • Mel zim
    Mel zim 5 years ago

    I just Love this song. Great Lyrics compared with a great band and a great voice.

  • HK30B Milsim
    HK30B Milsim 5 years ago +117

    i dont give a shit if your liberal or conservative or not. this song speaks to those who have come back from war. especially those dealing with PTSD. people go into the war expecting to be a hero, do shameful things that they themselves are not proud of and return a wreck. what u thought would look like V-E day is not the case. i can respect this song. its a good song.

    • JD Go
      JD Go Year ago

      gavin22504 I hope you succeed my friend.

    • gavin22504
      gavin22504 Year ago

      i am very emotional when it comes to this topic kids at my school say im to fat and slow to enlist which has been my life dream

    • Mustafa Ozcan
      Mustafa Ozcan 4 years ago

      you have my respect sir

    • Briant Lindsey
      Briant Lindsey 4 years ago +6

      this song brings out the best and the worst of the service. it reminds you of the friends you made and the mistakes you made. most of us never hurt a child, but we all did something we'll never tell anyone in our family about. as a former soldier, even as a crew chief, i've been a part of some things that will stay with me and me alone until i'm dirt, but i also did really good things. and i hope that the good out weighs the bad

    • Justin B. -
      Justin B. - 4 years ago

      +HK30B/CE2 Milsim You've got my respect man. It's nice to hear someone with an objective point of view that doesn't have to bash us to make it. You've got a good head on your shoulders.

  • Schmidteren
    Schmidteren 5 years ago +4

    NO DRUMS, pleaaaase?`?? :S damn the drums etc ruins it! A simple song, it just needs a guitar and a guy singing.

    • Sax Noob
      Sax Noob 5 years ago

      idk, the bass really sounded nice near the end.

  • Colton Towyer
    Colton Towyer 5 years ago

    so our men and women are baby killers and the ragheads over there arent deserving what they get? yea ok well i personally cant stand this liberal bullshit of a song

    • Name Edited
      Name Edited 2 years ago

      Your comment is completely disrespectful to soldiers who have fought for all of us. It's either disrespectful or you didn't listen to a damn word.

    • Casey S
      Casey S 3 years ago +1

      And it's people like you that slow down progress in the world. The message completely flew over your head. The song shows that there's a difference between supporting the troops and supporting the war. And that enlisting in the military doesn't make you an automatic hero. Many troops return with PTSD because they see horrors of war that many times, they are forced to participate in. And many are remorseful.

    • Brando
      Brando 4 years ago +2

      Why the fuck would you click on a song you don't like, for the sole purpose of leaving an hateful, ignorant comment.

    • Theresa
      Theresa 4 years ago +1

      "Rise Against is against governments who start wars not against the troops"
      In the song, it sounds much different to me.

      They first name the reasons for a soldier to go to war - wanting to be a hero - and then picture the actual action he takes or has to take there, which exactly DOESN'T make him proud or heroic in his own eyes. Hence, they show the MISTAKE the decision of the soldier is based on.
      They don't really blame him, of course; they as well show that he had good and not bad intentions (first verse). But they do show that these intentions were not reached and are not reachable through going to war. They want to counteract the pro-war-propaganda as well as address the sufferings of the (by the propaganda misguided) soldiers AND the victims.
      So overall, the song is perfectly clear about: AGAINST troops activity as such, showing how the decision itsself to go to war is wrong and based on a mistake/ on lies and stories (first verse), that turn out to not represent reality (other verses).
      Yes it is also against governments who start wars, but only secundarily, as a conclusion of the primary statement.
      Maybe listen to "Killing in the name of" by Rage against the Machine, who they did concerts with in the past.

    • Will
      Will 4 years ago +4

      The song is about a man who went to war, and rather than surrender to a fight they believed they would lose, he killed his sister in arms. Along with torturing the people they captured. Not once did they including killing a child. You racist sack of shit.

  • juschtel90
    juschtel90 5 years ago

    just love this song,thats all ;)

  • Sarrdai
    Sarrdai 5 years ago +2

    He cries at the End... shiver on my back! Just amazing *-*

    XIX JAGOXIX 5 years ago +10

    3:31 Learn the words Doode..... either that or have another beer,. LMAO

      XIX JAGOXIX 4 years ago

      Mutha Funka thinks Im broke. Music festivals ARE THE DEVIL

      XIX JAGOXIX 4 years ago


    • Musik Macht Frei
      Musik Macht Frei 4 years ago

      Preach sure you did

      XIX JAGOXIX 4 years ago +1

      Yes I have and I knew every word to every single solitary song. WHAT!!! WAHT!!!

    • Musik Macht Frei
      Musik Macht Frei 4 years ago +1

      Have you ever been to a music festival? Not everyone there in the crowd will know Rise Against or their music

  • RK3249
    RK3249 5 years ago

    Stanfield Branden : prove it, then.

  • Chris Newman
    Chris Newman 5 years ago

    The leaders that are in office are a representation of the American public, because we put them their. The politicians are just simply doing their job. Before they were elected they gave us their agenda, we agreed to it and put them in office. So it is the American voter that is responsible for the policies, yes the politicians make them, however the voters give them the green light to do what they see fit for their particular district.

  • Chris Newman
    Chris Newman 5 years ago

    Tim is not against the soldiers, he is not trying to sound like he disrespects them, he honers and respects the soldiers however he is sick of how the soldiers are treated by their own government, and how they are forced into doing inhuman things to other people. You should defiantly watch the making of their music video for Hero of War where they clearly explain to you the true meaning of their song.

  • Gavin McGuinness
    Gavin McGuinness 5 years ago

    Like any song, it's what you take away from it that's important. For me it tells the tale of a young solider, who initially is excited and proud to serve his country, but soon finds out that it's not all that it's made out to be. His initial patriotism hits a wall of ethics and morals.

  • Hootinany Hoedown
    Hootinany Hoedown 5 years ago

    You're wrong.

  • Hootinany Hoedown
    Hootinany Hoedown 5 years ago

    Hey guys, let's hate America and everyone in it specifically because they have shitty leaders that do things that the rest of us don't particularly like. Sounds open-minded and no where near ignorant or arrogant in any sense of the two words.

  • Josh Stevenson
    Josh Stevenson 5 years ago

    I completely agree, I can't believe how arrogant this idiot is.
    Almost like, because we're not American, we can't comment on America's many, many dick moves.
    By that logic, they have no right to invade Iraq because they're not Iraqi's, or Afghanistan because they're not Afghans.
    But nope, they're from 'Murica and they can do what they want and fuck things up for people as they please, right?
    I hate being "A liberal hippy" :/ (Not even Liberal, just used common sense)

  • Hassan
    Hassan 5 years ago

    no we dont love you fucking day time robbers

  • RK3249
    RK3249 5 years ago

    Stop acting like America's protected the world. Your soldiers are send to interfere because your leader saw an opportunity to benefit from such event. Yes, i'm not American. But my country has history of being invaded, so we know how it feels. Unlike USA, you guys're never invaded by other country. Just a civil war, and you Americans are acting like it's the most important historical event ever. Such a big bitch.

  • rsca is god
    rsca is god 5 years ago

    maybe if the us wouldn't bomb,torture,intemidate,rob and exploit the rest of the world it wouldn't have so many enemies.

  • rsca is god
    rsca is god 5 years ago

    anyway i think you might have used the wrong words you see, "freedom", you mean "oil" right? or maybe "power", or "money" or "lobbiest" or it might just be "capitalism".

  • rsca is god
    rsca is god 5 years ago


  • Soulglider T.
    Soulglider T. 5 years ago

    fuck off! this is fuckin best critical song ive ever heard! it says everythin so we only have to notice that theres something gone wrong and get movin our asses to do something against that! think about it!

  • Grace Cox
    Grace Cox 5 years ago

    isnt this like all anti-war and shit?

  • basebal3player
    basebal3player 5 years ago

    If you didn't have people that swore an oath to defend the constitution of the united states against all enemies foreign and domestic throughout the history of america since the ratification of the constitution, then I guarantee you, anyone in america and far less people around the world would have little to none of the freedoms we have in our modern world.

  • rsca is god
    rsca is god 5 years ago

    texas... hmmm this says enough you just herofie an imperialst nation who has done nothing but killing and bombing everywhere in the world because it was "you're duty" it was just for you're own interests, where are you're weapons of mass destruction? maybe it's in the oil you stole....
    there is no justification for war, only for revolution which hasn't been the case in centuries ;)
    yh call me a liberal hippy, redneck ppl like you make the us the most hated nation in the world think about that ;)

  • rsca is god
    rsca is god 5 years ago

    belgian greetings ;)

  • Ire Min Mon
    Ire Min Mon 5 years ago

    Have you ever asked yourself if providing your people freedom means the same for other nations? Army is profitable, so is war, and there are people who won't tolerate trading peace. I would be ashamed to work for military. Honestly, what was the last time you've seen police or military (look global) work in favour of the majority? Yes, it happens rarely, in almost every case they are the institution that keeps intimidating and terrorising fair and innocent people, who desire changes.

  • Jafooly2000
    Jafooly2000 5 years ago

    What freedom is it exactly that you provide?
    In other words, would I not have freedom without you?
    Just trying to understand here.

  • Mike Lefevre
    Mike Lefevre 5 years ago

    i beleive its about a soldier that went to war seen some shit that messed him up
    came home and now suffers from really bad post traumatic stress syndrome

  • kathuzada41
    kathuzada41 5 years ago

    Ahahahahaha. That is all.

  • 187nydala
    187nydala 5 years ago

    War is the motherfucking solution- Ray Pearson.

  • Sarah Buxton
    Sarah Buxton 5 years ago

    I guess they might not 'get the message' since the concert is in a foreign country where some might not understand the lyrics. However this is probably the only sad song in their set, the people are out to have a good time and drink/maybe do drugs :p they're probably really happy to see the band. lighten up x

  • Luce
    Luce 5 years ago

    I can't wait to wait to see them at warped tour in November :D

  • MrSolitudez
    MrSolitudez 5 years ago

    Hey you! Yes, you there at 4:40 . You just got the words wrong, and everyone saw it. Good Day.

  • João Bartolomeu
    João Bartolomeu 5 years ago


  • Tiago Ferreira
    Tiago Ferreira 5 years ago

    how does someone with a brain like yours can join the army. shame on you brainless.

  • Lucas Garibaldi
    Lucas Garibaldi 5 years ago

    Maybe you're the idiot here, I would be smiling not because of the message, but because I would be happy to be able to see Rise Against perform this pretty good song

  • Brodie Dryden
    Brodie Dryden 5 years ago

    I dont understand what wrong with people and saying "Oh poor soldiers". I hate seeing them die but they know what they are signing up for. And there is nothing heroic about war, it's people killing people for no reason.

  • balu
    balu 5 years ago

    Wow. I can't believe you don't realize it's a concert. They probably get the message. (probably). But it's a concert, dude.

  • Joel W.
    Joel W. 5 years ago

    as a infantryman I understand. these are not disparaging words. these are words of grief and mourning and strife and turmoil and desperation.

  • Iosif Stylin
    Iosif Stylin 5 years ago

    I respect that, I respect any soldier from any country for their sacrifices, but not for their lack of clear knowledge as to why they're fighting. And yes, while that isn't the soldier's fault, I find it frustrating when they don't see the real reason their country is at war. I'm not even a jingo, I hold the same belief to soldiers from my country. I even still have an urge to join the RAF/Marines personally, so I understand what you're saying, I just don't agree with political interest in war.

  • Ryan Houcine
    Ryan Houcine 6 years ago

    I wish I was there ....

  • Matt Marshall
    Matt Marshall 6 years ago

    He's singing it from the POV of the soldier who has to go through the struggles of seeing it and not supporting it.

  • ScrewThinking OfAName
    ScrewThinking OfAName 6 years ago

    I guess you could say that, but that's not why. When you're under fire for months on in, or in possible fire, the constant tension wears on you. When your leader gives you the command, 'Whatever it takes, I'll take the blame." it strips away any morality. This isn't a thing with soldiers, it's with people in general. There have been several tests on this actually, if you're interested. But as long as a person feels like the blame isn't on them, they can do horrible things to another human being.

  • ScrewThinking OfAName
    ScrewThinking OfAName 6 years ago

    I first off wanna apologize for commenting 4 months later, I don't usually do this, but I feel I should. Most Soldiers in the United States don't join the military to fight the war in Pakistan, to fight the war in Iraq, to be a policing force in any of these countries. They join for the same reason soldiers of most other countries do. They WANT to defend their home. They're willing to DIE to defend their home. It's a shame our political leaders abuse their power for these petty things.

  • Frodo The Halfling
    Frodo The Halfling 6 years ago

    Usually, it's the United States that attacks first (Note that i said United States and not America because America is a continent, not a country)

  • Frodo The Halfling
    Frodo The Halfling 6 years ago

    He isn't telling them not to join the army he's just making them aware of all the horror they will see. He wrote this song because he saw a documentary about those soldiers that torture people. He wanted to raise awareness and remind them to not become one of those soldiers but to stick to what their intentions were when they joined the army.

  • Jeanine Reus
    Jeanine Reus 6 years ago

    Does he? Then why does he sing about a soldier torturing people? I thought that he made this song so young boys (and girls) would think twice before enlisting..

  • brian francis
    brian francis 6 years ago

    ONLY HAVE TO SAY......DITTO.......

  • tom nelson
    tom nelson 6 years ago

    its easy to sing about something you have never done or experienced