We Tried Instagram Furry Lips • Saf & Candace

Candace and I test out the instagram furry lip art that we've been seeing in articles and on our feeds and try and see if people like it! Could this be a trend? Only time, and the comment section, will tell... Would you guys do this?

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Lip Art Instagrams:
Amanda Bellini
Greta Agazzi

Flocking Powder:

Kat Von D Everlasting Liquid Lipstick in Susperia & Echo

Safiya's Nextbeat: https://nextbeat.co/u/safiya
IG: https://www.instagram.com/safiyany/
Twitter: https://twitter.com/safiyajn
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/safnygaard/

Candace's Channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC9Cqtzr7SgbAWlRJLTBRGkA
IG: https://www.instagram.com/candylowry/
Twitter: https://twitter.com/thecandacelowry

Elizabeth Robinson
Katherine Sihavanh
Natalie Seraydarian

Special Thanks to Sarah Pohl

Mind The Gap
Good Time
Its On You
Just One
I Want Action
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Автор Safiya Nygaard ( назад)
HELLO LOVES! i don't know why we did this, but i had fun and candace got a great hot dog. off to film the next couple of videos, there's gonna be a double header this weekend (sat & sun!). hope to see u there!! also, would you guys do this?! lmao

Автор Brianchorsaway ( назад)
I like safs more.. Feel like the darker colors work the best

Автор Taylor Tragedy ( назад)
Perfect lips for a puppet show

Автор willow ross ( назад)
they're not lips they're caterpillars okay bye

Автор Meme Turtle ( назад)
That lip colour looks BOMB on Candace

Автор Roseina Imhoff ( назад)
Saf Natalie's shirt had Harry Potter on it

Автор Raven Scamander ( назад)

Автор Helena K. ( назад)
"its like kissing a doormat" lmao tyler do you know from experience

Автор Ayumi Seikatsue07 ( назад)
I'd wear this lipstick to the zoo.

Автор Shivani Harrypersad ( назад)
Lol hairy butthole lip! I'm so happy to see her with Candace I miss Saf so much on Lady Like

Автор Autumn S ( назад)
try feather eyebrows !!

Автор Yuri Chan ( назад)
Candace looks like Baby Ariel in the thumbnail

Автор Ashley Masterlake ( назад)
actually... that fluffy stuff is cancerous if you breath it in ... 😯

Автор dogsoveryou ( назад)
Has tyler left buzzfeed as well?

Автор Tara Baxter ( назад)
"Man imagine what your body what feel like with this all over"
"That's what cats feel like..."

Автор Lawson Mcdonald ( назад)
Dtf Down To Flock

Автор Shelby Maraschiello ( назад)
*See's furry lips* now that's a new way of saying lips are soft ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°

Автор Zoe Therrien ( назад)

Автор Missy Minx ( назад)
Nope. No thank you.

Автор Piggy Playaway ( назад)
Did you see natalies shirt?

Автор Kate Matson ( назад)
Woah those lips are on flock

Автор The Trashiest ( назад)
I fr thought this was candy of furries lips (like the people who dress up at animals) I think I'm high

Автор Niamh Atkinson ( назад)
When I looked on ur channel the video isn't there but it's on my feed ?

Автор i breathe air ( назад)
Saf: "My lips are on flock."


Автор Danielle Bee ( назад)
Saf! Can you do a vid on how to revamp a wardrobe on a budget for students? Like tbh, I would like a wardrobe like yours or even vanessa hudgens etc. but I don't have the money. Also, if you have tips on dressing for shape :)??

Автор peachie bee ( назад)
i'm adopting Safiya as my big sister and no one can stop me

Автор Aya Kamel ( назад)
i wonder if saf asked the little girl at the end just because she was wearing a harry potter t-shirt :D

Автор nicki rascal ( назад)
Next trend is crusty lips

Автор Celeste M. ( назад)
I love Saf she's so awkward like me 🤓😂

Автор Berkley Ann ( назад)
Speaking of 100 layers of lipstick

Автор Lois Bown ( назад)

Автор Laura Chia ( назад)
i read how ladylike members aren't allowed to be in Saf's videos? why not though.. also why is Tyler here then? confuseddd

Автор Xander Vialpando ( назад)
"You think thats fuzzy,Look down here"-Safia Nygaard

Автор Jlomme here! ( назад)
Saf should do a collab with jbu aka Gaby and Allison

Автор Ashley Green ( назад)
i think you guys can try it again but next time using eyelash non toxic glue as an adhesive

Автор animangachu96 ( назад)
lol DTF down to fuzz

Автор Emma Leonard ( назад)
My lips are on FLOOK

Автор Sarah Joy ( назад)
haha this is so awesome!! It does seem like its fun for photoshoots but not practical day to day

Автор Danikarr ( назад)
Safiya: Katherine's DTF, Down to Fuzz!
Candace: OH MY- *cuts to next scene*

Автор Hannah Dunkin ( назад)
girl your lipstick is on flok.
the flok were you thinking!
what the flok!

Автор Morganism ( назад)
This is what Buzzfeed Yellow girls do with their free time

Автор Jennifer Casillas ( назад)
I cringe every time she says "Shmash"  but Its so funny...I love it

Автор Ciinsational Mii ( назад)
Oddly safiyas looks really nice but not Candice. Probably cuz the darker color but idk. I do likes safs

Автор Grace The Slightly Strange ( назад)
That can't be too comfortable.

Автор 21 Nat ( назад)
Saf is soo cute

Автор Savannah's Tutorials ( назад)
You guys should have posted selfies with the lips!

Автор Libby Reno ( назад)
were they at the universal board walk

Автор Veriamo Padgett ( назад)
Where were they shopping?

Автор Josh Almeida ( назад)
These kinda looks like you put on lipstick and kissed an teddy bear immediately after lol <3

Автор Katie Byrne ( назад)
Saf no offence but the flock lips look like weird shaped purple eyebrows

Автор Cheyenne Stevenson ( назад)
I would try this

Автор daydreaming ( назад)
Saf that color on you is amazing!!

Автор Fartsplosive ( назад)
"You think that's fuzzy? Take a look down here" lol that's what she said cuz I'm 8

Автор Musical Love ( назад)
i truly love how the SMASH sounded

Автор Brooklyn Bridget ( назад)

Автор Misti ( назад)
i have a furry upper lip, does that count?

Автор Clo Bear ( назад)
YESSSSS The girl with the harry potter shirt needs to hit me up

Автор Alicia Cameron ( назад)
I couldn't take my eyes of Saf's buttHole lip😂😂

Автор Mel Kealani ( назад)
I love your "shmash". It's grrreat.

Автор wholewheatbreadd ( назад)
It probably isn't the safest thing but you could try mixing lash glue with the liquid lipstick to make extra adhesion? It might make the lipstick look streaky, but if the glue makes the fuzz stick more it will fill that patchyness

Автор Juan Casillas ( назад)
I actually love it!😄

Автор Basically Josie ( назад)
youre my new buzzfeed-based binge

Автор Your Mummy ( назад)
"My lips are on flock."

Автор Thor_* _Wolf ( назад)
"My lips are flocking." -Safiyah 2017

Автор Jordan Ellico ( назад)
Lmfao. Candace looks like Miranda Sings at the end in the hot dog line.

Автор Hedro Wilson ( назад)
Yeah, I could see this being great for photo shoots. I'm not sure I'd want to do it just for everyday life. But it makes for awesome photography.

Автор Ally Flowers ( назад)

Автор Madeleine Price ( назад)
Just an idea, before applying the lipstick you could outline your mouth with liquid latex thus ensuring a cleaner application of the flocking powder then peel of the latex. 🤔

Автор Madiha Naqsh Siddiqui ( назад)
I think it could look better if you use lash glue to stick the flock on. Because this trend would kinda be cute if it stays.

Автор She r ( назад)
should've done it the preschool way lmao put the fuzzy stuff on paper, quickly apply lipstick and dunk your lips into the fuzzy stuff 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 what is wrong with me 😂😂😂😂😂

Автор Renu John ( назад)
who will kiss you if you wear it😓

Автор Skye Gilliam ( назад)
idk about the furry lips but saf looks bawse in that'd color

Автор Lily Eaves ( назад)
Candaces lips look like an impersonation of Miranda sings

Автор raven hankins ( назад)

Автор kodie schroeder ( назад)
I immediately thought toe lint haha

Автор Wilhelmina Sinclair ( назад)
Nooooooooooooo. Your lips don't look Soft and Neat

Автор mikayla ( назад)
my lips are on flock.

Автор Natia Kopadze ( назад)
That girls HP t-shirt😍❤⚡⚡👓👓

Автор Nokditola Ozukum ( назад)
Safiya, I noticed that black is your go to colour and you look great though just that I want you to try more colours. so you could you know, just do a video on trying on different like more colour outfits. Like bright summer dresses or something like that. would love to see you in that.🤗 I love you.

Автор Della Mae VanNeste ( назад)
I love you. You are so awesome

Автор astralvenus ( назад)
WTF?! No!!! Fuc* no!!! I fuken hate the fashion trend right now, shirts, shorts, shoes, and now furry lips?😝

Автор astralvenus ( назад)
WTF?! No!!! Fuc* no!!! I fuken hate the fashion trend right now, shirts, shorts, shoes, and now furry lips?😝

Автор Tabitha Pryce-Maher ( назад)
I turned notifications on :3:3

Автор Dima Alsudairi ( назад)
Buzzfeed copied your video the applying your foundation with an egg I feel like they want to do all of your video ideas they lost a really good one love you

Автор Laurathegirl ( назад)
#downtothefuzz 2k17

Автор Andrea Castle ( назад)
saf looks so good in dark lipsticks

Автор vega's the name ( назад)
guys the video starts at 0:00 thank me later :p

Автор The BroSis Channel ( назад)
Wouldn't it get in your mouth?

Автор Poppy ッ ( назад)
Probably feels like kissing pubes

Автор Liam Williams ( назад)
I guess you could say her lips are on flock...

Автор Priyadarshini Patankar ( назад)
GAHH Saf why do you keep saying shmashh. It's so annoying .-.

Автор Toxic Angel ( назад)
I really like that she's making these kind of videos on here because I liked BuzzFeed for these sort of videos (sometimes) but I absolutely hate BuzzFeed and don't want to give it my views.

Автор Charlie ( назад)
Candace was hilarious in this!

Автор K Dee ( назад)
u could also get this look by wearing lip gloss on a windy day

Автор josie gramig ( назад)
Is no one going to address that they let random strangers touch their lips. Eww that's just asking to get sick

Автор Shay Adair ( назад)
Tbh you're one of my favorite youtubers and you just got really big on here not too long ago? Like idk dude awesome job with everything you've done so far

Автор Rose ( назад)
"You think that's fuzzy, take a look down here" LMAO

Автор animexgirlxflames ( назад)
I feel like Safiya is slowly reaching the old Ladylike audience. Hopefully someday in the future the original ladylike crew will make videos together like they used to

Автор Dahlia Michener ( назад)
I feel like Candace still looks 13 lol

Автор Maddie Hart ( назад)
Is it just me or does safiya look like an older version of too turnt Tina?

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