11 Awesome Life Hacks For Your Dog

  • Published on May 27, 2017
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    11 Awesome Dog Life Hacks! We've put together an amazing list of tips and tricks for dog owners. Make your own dog treats, DIY dog toys, keep your puppy cool on hot days and even build an automatic water bowl! There's so much more to check out inside!
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Comments • 5 751

  • Household Hacker
    Household Hacker  2 years ago +1783

    Many of you have been requesting that we do some Life Hacks for DOGS, so we hope you enjoy this! A *HUGE* thanks to my canine-companion, Watson. (If you are wondering, he is 70% Yorkie and 30% Silkie Terrier). Let us know what else you would like to see and we will make it! See you next week!

  • Gacha Seashell
    Gacha Seashell Hour ago

    Omg Thank you It really helped me😀

  • Fraxom fire
    Fraxom fire Hour ago +1

    *concerned doggo noises*

  • Caleb Atkinson
    Caleb Atkinson 17 hours ago

    1:30 you can use a bottle with a small hole in it that can only put out a small amount of food and the dog gets exercise as it eats

  • Intoxicated Withfear
    Intoxicated Withfear 23 hours ago

    You need to start a doggie day care....love this...ty

  • Master Racer
    Master Racer Day ago

    My dog starts crying when he hears the word bath

  • Kinza Nadeem
    Kinza Nadeem Day ago

    I don't even have a dog .-.

  • Brenda Hinojosa
    Brenda Hinojosa 4 days ago

    My dog is snoring in my ear ℓσνєℓу

  • Dimo
    Dimo 4 days ago

    If anyone wants an easyer cheap trick for medicene just put it in chees

  • Dimo
    Dimo 4 days ago

    Im so upset i want to dry my dog with my hairdryer but he never did it before and is three now so when i tried it he got scared and jumped up and accidently scracht my leg open can someone help me i want my dog to be more fluffy

  • sunfløwer-
    sunfløwer- 5 days ago

    There youtube I watched the video now leave me alone

  • Margaret Lu
    Margaret Lu 5 days ago

    my lil chihuahua eats so slow and little it makes me worried and heres a hack for dogs that eat fast!!!!!!!! I FRICKING WANT MY DOG TO EAT FASTER OR TO EAT, SHE'S SUCH A PICKY EATER!!!!!!!

  • Sonia Sinjali
    Sonia Sinjali 6 days ago

    My dog tears off everything , socks is nothing for him🤣

  • iris shalurhad
    iris shalurhad 6 days ago

    You can get a water feeder at the 99 cents store, you don’t need to make it.

  • Katrina Vastano
    Katrina Vastano 6 days ago

    Is the solution safe the flea solution

  • WaffleMG
    WaffleMG 6 days ago

    I tried the soap flee thingy majig and it *worked*

  • Michael
    Michael 7 days ago

    loved this feeding tips....i bought the most expensive and complicated bowl there was and my dog just flipped it over spilled it on the floor and inhaled the food then looked at me like "what? did you think that was gonna stop me?"

  • Julian Vinuelas
    Julian Vinuelas 7 days ago

    Those pill pockets are not needed for my dog, she will eat anything we give to her

  • Zoe D
    Zoe D 8 days ago

    I am beyond amazed at the extension pole gate trick wow

  • Ron Heard
    Ron Heard 8 days ago

    I tried some of these on my male dog. He stared at me and angrily said, 'bitch please!' Then, he rolled over, lifted his tail, passed gas and fell asleep.

    SALLYNH 9 days ago +1

    who else wanted to search for this but then this thing randomly pops up on your feed?
    oh wait im the only one.
    cause its blue

  • Jo Broughton
    Jo Broughton 9 days ago

    I love your dog

  • Goose girl Ax
    Goose girl Ax 9 days ago

    tysm this helped so much

  • Andrei Naramzoiu
    Andrei Naramzoiu 10 days ago +1

    Stop hacking my dog!

  • Zain Raza
    Zain Raza 10 days ago

    John Wick would be proud

  • Ieva Sky
    Ieva Sky 10 days ago

    Hi! Can dogs eat almond butter?

  • Warren Bond
    Warren Bond 10 days ago +1

    Hi guys if you medicate ur pet with a syringe or dropper be sure its plastic and not glass like tje ones amazon sells

  • Grace flo
    Grace flo 10 days ago

    Anyone else notice how he’s saying if can be hard to give your dog it’s medications while trying to feed the dog it’s medication. The medicine he’s trying to feed the dog is covered in his “recipe” he shows a few seconds later but the dog refuses the recipie😂

  • Débora Nobre
    Débora Nobre 10 days ago

    your dog is cuteeeeeeee

  • Jerry the barnacle goose

    my dog eats regular popsicles.

  • MaKayla M
    MaKayla M 12 days ago

    Just kept thinking that I wish my dog would stay that still while I give him a bath. 😂

  • Ms. Goodie Bones
    Ms. Goodie Bones 12 days ago

    Yep, I give my neighbors dog my empty water bottles. He LOVES it!!!🐕

  • Lindsay Nguyen!
    Lindsay Nguyen! 13 days ago +1

    I loved how you detailed every hack. This was very helpful!

  • Gabby
    Gabby 15 days ago

    Does the dish soap have to be dawn ? Someone please help

  • Probando Cositas
    Probando Cositas 16 days ago

    I just use some ham or sausage for the pills

  • Be you Be beautiful
    Be you Be beautiful 16 days ago

    Super smart ideas 💡 thanks for sharing!

  • j son
    j son 16 days ago

    Pill pockets aren’t that expensive lol

  • Kimmy Boz
    Kimmy Boz 16 days ago

    Guys, the best way to get your stubborn dog to take pills is to have TWO treats handy. One soft treat that’s as small as the pill (easy to swallow whole so they don’t have to bite it, taste the pill and spit the pill out). Get them to focus on the treat with no pill in it and get them excited over it, meanwhile quickly give them the pill treat so that they chomp it down so fast they don’t even realize becuase they’re still focused on getting the other treat. Then the SECOND you give the pill treat and they’re chew/swallowing, give the other treat so that they get what they’ve been waiting for & not giving the pill treat a second guess 👍 works every time

  • Kimmy Boz
    Kimmy Boz 16 days ago

    Noooooo do the wine bottle instead it’s glass. Don’t give your dog water from plastic! :( unless it’s BPA free...

  • Von Clifford Abuel
    Von Clifford Abuel 16 days ago

    does vinegar must require?

  • are you feeling it mr.crabs

    We just use lunch meat a peanut butter to my dog to take her pill

  • Express Gaming
    Express Gaming 16 days ago

    Yeah none of these will work for my dog HES A BEAST

  • Marija Popovic
    Marija Popovic 17 days ago

    food in plastic? like NO

  • Jimmi James
    Jimmi James 17 days ago

    Drying my dog as usual is the dog running around the house and flipping and flopping on anything with a absorbing material, my 2 dogs hate being rubbed down with a towel and especially hates hair dryers. WTF.

  • Sandritta Balderas
    Sandritta Balderas 17 days ago

    I love your Yorkie!!! It's awesome and cute!!!

  • Bekah TheDonut
    Bekah TheDonut 17 days ago

    My dog used to drink his water so fast he’d throw up because of it

  • Miriam
    Miriam 18 days ago

    I really liked the tips but did NOT like the constant jingling on the background music and honestly, that was too loud and the audio wasn't loud enough...

  • Kaitlynn Elaine Chaffee
    Kaitlynn Elaine Chaffee 19 days ago +1

    How does his dog just sit in the bathtub so calm? If I put my dog Buddy in the bathtub he FREAKS!

  • Senpai-Pastel [Paris_Leavezz]

    We got a cereal thing for my cat for about 5$. My brother was feeding her. The next thing i know, the tops off and all the food from the container was on the floor😂

  • d cp
    d cp 19 days ago

    Too much work

  • Oakland Pickle
    Oakland Pickle 20 days ago

    My dog would just eat an ice cube instead.

  • peace and love
    peace and love 21 day ago

    I'm searching for information about Doberman sniffing abilities but couldn't find much any information?

  • Val Welham
    Val Welham 21 day ago

    wonderfull great ideas but watch that pea nut butter content!!!

  • Morgan Daly
    Morgan Daly 22 days ago

    0:02 at the exact moment of the drip sound in the intro, my poop fell into the toilet

  • Donna Lynn
    Donna Lynn 22 days ago

    Some of those were really good but the curtain rods, come on! My dogs would just look at me and laugh! I have a Yorkie, Shi-Tzu and Pom and all three of them would bust right through that. Our Pom is still a puppy and is a master escape artist. We actually had to put a baby gate in between me and my hubby's chairs in front of the end table we share so he isn't able to get behind the chairs and chew on the power cords. Now if you've got a suggestion for a DIY non chew spray that would be great. The stuff in the stores he seems to love.

  • Lee Gillilan
    Lee Gillilan 24 days ago

    I forgot i used my sports bottle to wash my dogs feet. Now i got mud in my teeth. 😬

  • Lonewolf 1431
    Lonewolf 1431 24 days ago +1

    I love how the dog was sleeping at the end.

    *like he was exhausted from eating*

  • Tiara of Love
    Tiara of Love 25 days ago +1

    Lol “ lil bow wow”

  • aj
    aj 25 days ago

    If i did the tennis ball thing my dog would just eat them

  • michelle Gomes de Sousa Leite

    That was smart!

  • LMA Instrumentals
    LMA Instrumentals 26 days ago

    Dont forget to check peanut butter for Xylitol, a sweetener used in many foods, including peanut butter, yogurt, toothpaste and chewing gum, is safe for humans but potentially deadly for dogs. If ingested, it can cause seizures, liver failure and death, warned one animal hospital, which called xylitol "extremely toxic" to dogs. In fact, the toxic dose of xylitol in dogs is even less than chocolate! Always research when giving table food to your animals.


    Nothing works on my dog

  • Drea
    Drea 26 days ago

    Plz don’t give your dog peanut butter, if you do please get the dog friendly peanut butter. Peanut butter can be extremely toxic for doggie...

  • Natalie Svachova
    Natalie Svachova 27 days ago +3

    I did the water bottle sock toy. She loved it. My ears hated it.

  • GalaxyGuy14
    GalaxyGuy14 27 days ago +2

    Lemme lust grab my hydrogen peroxide real quick...

  • Andrea Talbot
    Andrea Talbot 28 days ago

    Love this! Thanks!

  • Alex Ochoa
    Alex Ochoa 29 days ago

    You're not saving money you spending more money on things that are hard to find like a curtain rod

  • Lauren Olson
    Lauren Olson Month ago

    First comment

    • Lauren Olson
      Lauren Olson 28 days ago


    • Spetsnaz Helmet
      Spetsnaz Helmet Month ago +1

      good joke, tell more

  • Kayla Ojeda
    Kayla Ojeda Month ago

    I don’t even have a dog. How did I get here

  • Robin courchene
    Robin courchene Month ago +2

    You can actuall over heat your dog when giving them ice cubes

  • Clare Emer *
    Clare Emer * Month ago

    My dogs wouldn't touch the kibble,but would find the ball of interest

  • Kim Burnett
    Kim Burnett Month ago

    For medication, simply slipping the pill into a piece of banana also works really well! And it slides right down if you hold the mouth gently closed. Way less work.

  • Majestic af Penguin

    That barrier is pretty low, I have a yorkie (which I assume is that dog’s breed) and he’s quite the jumper, as I assume many toy dogs are, since they’re quite small with plenty of energy. Then again, my dog thinks he’s a cat and is about as agile as one

  • xradelox
    xradelox Month ago

    Ok you can seriously pick up a gravity waterer for like $5 at Walmart 🙄 The glass bowl they used in this costs way more than $5, I'm sure.

  • Suzann Reed
    Suzann Reed Month ago

    What's the best back for the red spots that English bulldogs get under their eyes.