SNL: Dave Chappelle And Chris Rock (Discussion About Elections)

SNL: Dave Chappelle And Chris Rock (Discussion About Elections)
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Автор Al Bell ( назад)

Автор Jeremy Neal ( назад)
My life is worse then yours! I win! Lol!

Автор kuririnsan22 ( назад)
SNL is so lame that even DAVE CHAPPELLE cant save it

Автор m.henrik hall. ( назад)

Автор Raymon Draymond ( назад)
chris rock and Dave together is magic

Автор larsmonsen88 ( назад)
SNL is so fucking unfunny...

Автор PedalTheGlobe ( назад)
Dave was making fun of white liberals who think it's their mission to save minorities and most of them are too ignorant to realize it.

Автор mike8pow ( назад)
I'm dying 😂😂😂😂

Автор mike8pow ( назад)
I know SNL was dying to cast him lmao

Автор c@mbaz ( назад)
its funny ,coz its true.

Автор spudnic88 ( назад)
Make America Gape Again lol

Автор RikiTik TV ( назад)
Like Bigfoot and a Unicorn

Автор I AM SURE ( назад)
why do not they do such skits anymore ..

Автор Joey COCO ( назад)
HOw could this be so lame with the 2 best comics in the world?

Автор Imy Manz ( назад)
Zzzzz, poorly written sketch. Waste of 2 good comedians. SNL sucks. Dislike.

Автор marty downey ( назад)
4 years ago black vs white president. America is racist?

Автор Snakepitt Productions ( назад)
Imagine this shit without Chappelle....

Автор Karim Tr ( назад)
Chappelle Looks Sport Phisyk ..... Nice

Автор Jin Luncheonmeats ( назад)
This was hands down the best sketch on SNL that night Second Only to him bringing back all his Chappelle Show characters. When Chris Rock walked in that door I jumped out of my chair!

Автор B MONEY THE TRUTH ( назад)
I love Dave glad to see you're feeling better and your back buddy

Автор Gregory Frowendown ( назад)
the unfunny triumvirate, chappelle, rock and SNL

Автор Noseefood ( назад)
these two crack niggas filled out a bit.

Автор shreeyaparmar ( назад)
black dudes r saying dave chapelle is cloned bahahaha. they cant handle it that chapelle and rock are wack af

Автор sleuth 2077 ( назад)
Sorry, but SNL sucks now. It's all just political crap, which wouldn't be as bad if it were actually funny. Isn't it supposed to be a comedy show?

Автор Rudy D ( назад)
try hards..

Автор mugshot1978 ( назад)
Hilarious and accurate

Автор betty ford ( назад)
being from The Damn Cheese State, I say no way there are 1000 blacks in Green Bay, WI. I hate this shitty racist state. White ppl here suck azz!

Автор Billy Thornton ( назад)
Chappelle is a true comic genius .

Автор sainttrunks1982 ( назад)
Best part of the Skit --> 2:29 #What_A_Surprise

Автор Wabb Entertainment ( назад)
this is the most shameful thing america has ever done. lololol

Автор Manuel Ferreira ( назад)
this show is so gay

Автор essie finch ( назад)

Автор DTINC WORLD NEWS ( назад)
This is the most shameful thing America has ever done??? I laugh at that shit too.

Автор DTINC WORLD NEWS ( назад)
Real Comedians vs scripted Comedians

Автор Sean Grimes ( назад)
It's Reggie and Pookie!

Автор King Lvt ( назад)
😂😂😂😂😂 bruh im fuckin dead

Автор My Alter Ego ( назад)
Chris Rock and Dave Chappelle best stand up comedians ever

Автор ugenewis ( назад)
This was too real.

Автор Al Bell ( назад)
It's so funny that the liberals had black people at their house.

Автор Will E. ( назад)
The Falcons and Hillary blew a 25 point lead.

Автор kozmobillions ( назад)
Too many cigarettes

Автор D.B.Z Super ( назад)
this show how stupid liberals was acting that night

Автор Lucifer Morningstar ( назад)
best moment starts at 3:47 watch chapppelle's reaction

Автор Imantas Labzentis ( назад)
What happened to Dave he is not him self.. It's like he is really replacement vith Dave's memory vhich is funny but nowhere like old skinny Dave's comedy.. Unfortunately I think real Dave is dead...

Автор Donald Labelle ( назад)
but you can give head lol

Автор JAMES J. JEFFERS ( назад)
This is too funny 😄😄😄😄

Автор sirefromtheshire ( назад)
SNL sucks. Its like they gathered all the horrible actors from Disney Channel kids shows once they grew up and stuck them together to have a pissing contest on who is more full of themselves. Thank heavens for Dave Chappelle. They should learn from him. The good days of SNL are long gone.

Автор Shawn M. ( назад)
I guess she needs the undocumented immigrants to do all the work for her fat @$$. She wouldn't dare do it lol

Автор Al Coholic ( назад)
so anyone know where I can be a black man and get ahead in this world?? its truly depressing tbh

Автор Phillip Jennings ( назад)
Omg you know I remember my great grandfather told me somethin like that, but he was like a slave idk😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂!

Автор Russel Keith ( назад)
love dave & chris but this isn't funny a singls bit

Автор marcus bennett ( назад)
pretty sure it was a lot of parties like this that night Donald Trump was elected but let's make the rich white people great again

Автор Oscar Pinto ( назад)
Everybody trying to pick their own strawberries ha ha ha ha ha ha 😂😂

Автор Josh Beamon ( назад)
This was so poorly written and acted. Straight trash.

Автор Free Bee ( назад)
Couldv been way funnier. Dialogue wasnt all that good

Автор Sandra Hunter ( назад)
"Do you ever wonder what it is like to be a woman and never get ahead?" LMBAO. BE A BLACK WOMEN IN OMAHA, NEBRASKA. And to quote Tommy Sotomayor " Fuck you and good night."

Автор Clemmy Magee ( назад)
lol thats good shit right there

Автор Frank Rappa ( назад)
Who was the host Chris or Dave?

Автор No Name ( назад)
Funny, but this is really where many liberals honestly get their "news" from. Oh, that and the Daily Show. Many/most liberals really think the Daily Show and SNL are trustworthy "news" outlets! That is like getting your "news" from The Onion! Fucking idiots....

Автор Jackmove napier ( назад)
hy larious!!!!!

Автор arcticridge ( назад)
Chappelle makes this skit 20 times better!

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