Avengers Endgame - Super Spoiler Review

  • Published on May 1, 2019
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  • blinkfilms1
    blinkfilms1 10 hours ago

    I'm right there with you at being done with the mcu. They wrapped it up nicely and I feel content with this ending.

  • CC8
    CC8 3 days ago +1

    You’re wrong and this movie is so amazingly dull and predictable as everyone knew thanos was going to die my grade for endgame is 4/10

  • Hilda Dorothy
    Hilda Dorothy 3 days ago

    fuck Endgame is awesome

  • Steph Englander
    Steph Englander 6 days ago +1

    Taika Watiti: turns an awful character into an amazing one
    Taika Watiti when it gets returned to him: ... thanks

  • Vignesh Ramkumar
    Vignesh Ramkumar 7 days ago

    What video game is this!!

  • Kathryn  Vincent
    Kathryn Vincent 8 days ago

    Tony's last line before his death is a quiet "Pep"

    Though the final I am Ironman is iconic

  • Jeb NJimbo
    Jeb NJimbo 9 days ago

    1:01 This is pretty much how Martin Scorsese thinks about the Marvel Films and it's not really a bad thing or an insult because it's true tho it does feel like a Theme park ride

  • Scunk Lord
    Scunk Lord 11 days ago +1

    Its actually super depressing that his last words werent “i am iron man” its actually “kid” whispered when peters holding him

  • Alibey Bal
    Alibey Bal 12 days ago

    8:37 my god morrigan's body is soo alluring.

  • Vyzitor
    Vyzitor 12 days ago

    If you would have told me 10 years ago that someday I’d watch a movie scene where Spider-Man is flying through the air over a huge battle of the Avengers vs Thanos, being towed by Mjolnir that was thrown by Captain America, holding the Infinity Gauntlet, while wearing the IronSpider armor... I’d have slapped you in the mouth.

  • Jeff Biggers
    Jeff Biggers 12 days ago +1

    I absolutely lost my shit at “rocket raccoon assaults Natalie Portman with a dildo”

  • Kid Panic
    Kid Panic 12 days ago

    idc thor playing fortnite was fucking hilarious

  • Single Bird Dad
    Single Bird Dad 13 days ago

    I'm I the only one who thought it was rediculously predictable

  • Sam Robards
    Sam Robards 15 days ago

    I like the MCU, but my excitement for it had diminished over the last few years (probably since Age of Ultron). That is, until I saw Infinity War. Such an awesome movie, even if I think movie Thanos is pretty lame compared to comics Thanos (classic comics, Thanos, anyway: I'm talking Starlin, Giffen, DnA Thanos). So I was pretty excited for Endgame...until I saw the trailers. It basically amounted to a whole lotta fluff, with the message being, "F%*^ you, you know you're gonna see it," which I did, and...
    I did not like it much. Hardly at all. To put my critique in one sentence, it was boring, plodding, completely lacking in tension, poorly written and obnoxiously self-indulgent.
    There was some stuff I loved (mainly Cap wielding Mjolnir), but I had to get through so much crap I didn't like or just outright hated (Thor and anything reminding me of Ragnarok, which I simply abhor) that it simply wasn't worth it. That, combined with how completely crap the upcoming phase 4 looks (especially including Spider-Man: sorry, but I can't get behind the Holland Spidey) means that I'm completely checked outta the MCU.
    Until the X-Men show up, that is. Then I'm in.

  • Harris Syed
    Harris Syed 18 days ago

    I really wish Bucky Barnes/Winter Soldier was Captain America not Sam Wilson/Falcon because for starters as shown throughout Captain America: The First Avenger, Captain America: The Winter Soldier, Captain America: Civil War and Avengers: Infinity War it is a very vital if not intristic part of their lives and we even see the former wield the latter' shield twice and that's not getting into Sebastian Stan (Bucky Barnes/Winter Soldier actor) wielding a Winter Soldier-themed Captain America shield at one point so to not give him the shield is about as absurd, baffling and confusing as not giving Mjolnir to Jane Foster since both of these people are tied intristically to their friends/superheroes (Captain America/Thor).

    MADHATTA415 20 days ago

    It’s kind of disappointing that they’re making more avengers. :(

  • 22k Rainbow
    22k Rainbow 20 days ago

    Lego Marvel Super Heroes 2 is fucking phenomenal

  • Indie Cinemaster
    Indie Cinemaster 23 days ago +1

    Fat Thor is awesome!!!

  • Nelson Brown
    Nelson Brown 23 days ago

    *Tony* was certainly clear about their goal with getting the stones; part of his initial reluctance was that he didn't want to erase the last 5 years (and his daughter).

  • Snipe creative with Dumb and dumber

    He’d be great at cinema sins

  • daffy f
    daffy f 25 days ago

    What i enjoyed most about endgame, was how formidable thanos was as a villain. He was not just strong, or just a good fighter, he was clever and strategic. He was outmatched with capt. marvel, but figured out how to overcome her in a way that seemed spontaneous and it really showed his cleverness. This was done in a way that wasn't small, but still subtle. And this was just one of many little but significant details throughout that fight. It was just very excellently done, and so satisfying to see done well.

  • Venom Ikon
    Venom Ikon 26 days ago

    Also professor hulk is shit

  • Game Bond
    Game Bond 28 days ago

    What do expect from a guy who thought civil war was boring..

  • Lmg mounted And loaded

    The reason Thor was drunk was he couldn’t handle what happened to everyone he liked

  • Squeaky Seeker
    Squeaky Seeker Month ago

    This was the first ever 3 hour movie that I’ve watched for 6 times and not get bored.

  • Masked Man
    Masked Man Month ago

    I'm a little disappointed you didn't talk about some moments a little bit more. Like how you got your Cap vs Thanos and his whole army

  • Golden Raccoon
    Golden Raccoon Month ago

    5:30 But guess what i knew iron man was gonna die because he's been in the mcu for a very long time and i knew the black widow movie is gonna be a backstory because i just felt it

  • daviddaboss69
    daviddaboss69 Month ago

    You are the only person that understands that Thor was bad, but like really, really BAD

  • Trevor Donegan
    Trevor Donegan Month ago

    The one unforgivable thing thing this movie did is announcing a “rerelease with new footage” when all it was was a 45 second unrendered hulk scene after all the credits. I had already seen the movie 3 times Before that. That one was the 4th time. And I was truly mad at that

  • Humberto's brother that stabbed him

    If only they did civil war after

  • Crystallised Woody
    Crystallised Woody Month ago


  • Darren Lin
    Darren Lin Month ago

    But what about the so many stairs Hulk scene?

  • Warfangiscute
    Warfangiscute Month ago +1

    Spoiler alert: Batman kills Gimli in Infinity War.

  • Hayden BATE
    Hayden BATE Month ago +1

    What is your favourite scene from endgame mine is the portal scene near the end

  • Only Memes
    Only Memes Month ago +1

    This was the most boring movie I’ve watched in so long

  • Kevin Planer
    Kevin Planer Month ago

    3:47 you said you didnt understand why they got the stones.
    they got the stones so they can bring back the 50% that died in the present to go BACK in time to beat thanos will the full squad

  • bluexco
    bluexco Month ago

    Oh shit, I just realized they HAD to kill Tony. He was the only person who understood time travel! No one could be alive to rebuild that or people would just ask why they don't just travel back in time again!

  • Daniel Scott
    Daniel Scott Month ago

    Tony did make it pretty clear that they were just bringing everyone back, and not changing anything from the last 5 years. I think it's so nothing could go wrong with Faith. Other than that I agree with you 100%. I really think this is the height of the MCU. I really can't see anyone being AS excited or it being AS emotionally resonant or exciting ever again. It's peaked and that's ok.

  • Calum Yeaman
    Calum Yeaman Month ago

    One of the things I like about in this film is that they cut the pointless romance between Black Widow and Hulk IT CAME OUT OF NO WHERE

  • Dave Redacted
    Dave Redacted Month ago

    What? "Don't pay attention to the time travel"??? My friend, usually you're right on the money, but *this* is shameful. The only reason there was a conflict was because Nebula was a moron and decided "oh, my father knows about us time traveling to stop him. I need to warn Natasha and Cliff!" This was so unbelievably stupid, it breaks the movie for me. What possible reason did she have for warning them? Even if she had warned them, they'd still have tried to complete their mission and return to the present. Since Nebula chose to try to warn Cliff and Nat, she is the ONLY reason Thanos could come to the present. It's so incredibly stupid and forced.

  • Cloud
    Cloud Month ago


  • Viorel Helesteu
    Viorel Helesteu Month ago

    Avengers Endgame is Cute - You Guy Are Just Mean

  • Andrue Rodriguez
    Andrue Rodriguez Month ago

    What he’s saying and what’s playing have so little to do with each others it’s just so fricking hilarious 🤣

  • nodor nodor
    nodor nodor Month ago

    I like the mcu but endgame did nothing for me I was just to uninvested to care. When infinity war came out in didn't like it but I cared about what happened to them but in endgame I didn't feel like anything really matterd

  • K den
    K den Month ago +1

    Wait, Tony Stark was Iron Man this whole time? That makes so much more sense.

  • Conkr CsTf
    Conkr CsTf Month ago

    I thought clarification wasn't an issue. Tony kept on insisting they bring everyone back but don't go back to pre snap because he didnt wanna lose Morgan.

  • soldofpol
    soldofpol Month ago

    You forgot to talk about the best character: Black Widow's PB&J

  • Night Owl YT
    Night Owl YT Month ago

    With the lego gameplay in the background I saw it as you talking out of the characters' mouth.

  • Damien White
    Damien White Month ago +1

    Did he just not talk about iron man death scene?!

  • Landen Meadors
    Landen Meadors Month ago


  • Dylan Wright
    Dylan Wright Month ago

    I personally thought thor was one of the best parts of the movie. They brought him to the most beloved character, or at least the 2nd most beloved character (rip tony), and completely broke him down in Endgame which I thought was brilliant. It shows that even the god of thunder can succumb to the deepest and darkest of his humanistic emotions

  • Abhas93
    Abhas93 Month ago

    where does rocket assault Natalie portman with a dildo?

  • General__memeous
    General__memeous Month ago +1

    This movie collapsed under the rest of the franchise’s weight. Most of it was good, but what made Infinity War different and much better than the rest of the MCU was THANOS. Thanos wasn’t the terrible stereotype megalomaniac villain, he was empathetic. He cared about people, he cared about the greater good. Thanos in Endgame didn’t give two shits. In summary, Endgame threw away what made the best MCU the BEST

  • The Edge of Comfort

    I honestly thought the message behind this iteration of Thor was the second strongest behind Ragnarok ~ although he may have failed, he is trying again. And that is what makes him worthy

  • Shadow z
    Shadow z Month ago


  • Emilio Miranda
    Emilio Miranda Month ago

    2:22 b-but when you reviewed Infinity War, you said it had too many jokes and it was unfunny.. :/

  • Peter Parker
    Peter Parker Month ago

    I thought that the movie was pretty funny. Like the part where hulk is introduced or when Rhodes suggest the choke baby thanos.

  • Matias Urzua
    Matias Urzua Month ago +1

    Tony's last words are "Hey Pep" :'c

  • Ty G
    Ty G Month ago

    I lost my shit when I head that 🤣

  • Indirunner
    Indirunner Month ago

    when a video about why endgame is shit?