Lego Minifigures Series 19 Complete Set Reveal! Dress Up with Disney Princess & Lego Friends

  • Published on Sep 20, 2019
  • LEGO POOP 😍! I can't believe how excited I am about Lego making poo 😂. It looks a heap like a chocolate soft serve icecream too, so it's totally multipurpose 😉. The latest Lego minifigure series 19 has got so many cool figures and accessories, and I can't wait to dress up the Disney Princesses and Lego Friends minidolls in them. There's a Care Bear, a new chameleon, a flamingo and did I mention the poops? There's a lot to love in this new series, check it out!
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  • Jamie Reis
    Jamie Reis 3 days ago +1

    On the biker ladies shirt it looks like she got run over

  • Helge Djupvik
    Helge Djupvik 7 days ago

    i don,t like then you swich on them

  • Jamie Reis
    Jamie Reis 15 days ago

    Can you make a video of Andrea being a care bear at here park show set

  • jack sparrow
    jack sparrow 17 days ago


  • Amethyst 552
    Amethyst 552 20 days ago

    18:27 is this sunwokong from the book journey to the west aka the monkey king

  • Gacha Time
    Gacha Time 21 day ago

    I mean Chadwell clay

  • Marta Broka
    Marta Broka 21 day ago

    Mini figers mincraft

  • Praveen Kumar
    Praveen Kumar 22 days ago

    Do you
    have 🦄🐣🐺🦄🦄🦄🦄🐌🐢🐠🐳🐬🐋🐑🐘🐿🐾🐈🐇🕊🌸🌹🌷🌺🌸💐🌏🌎🌍👙💄👑👑🐶

  • Lauren Moxon
    Lauren Moxon 23 days ago

    I love eliev. Toys

  • Shayli Wilshere
    Shayli Wilshere 26 days ago

    I love 💖 dogs 🐕 🐶

  • Liza Birch
    Liza Birch 26 days ago

    Hi Ellie! Great vid! I love you sooo much! ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️ I LOVE YOU! PS I had first like 🙂

  • Vanessa BRETHERTON
    Vanessa BRETHERTON 29 days ago

    When I watch you my cat Patrick watch you to.👍

  • Kali Braden
    Kali Braden Month ago +1

    u need to make more casual clothes for the rest of the disney princesses and don't forget to make more modern arpartments.

  • James Watt
    James Watt Month ago

    I love your videos the disnaqrinsesis look amazing🥳🤩😜🤣😇😁😄😊😘🥰😍🙃🙃🙂🤪🤗🤓

  • Mandy Lam
    Mandy Lam Month ago +4

    Actually I read the story about The Monkey King and it is NOT true.Though about a person going to India is true

  • McKenna Moore
    McKenna Moore Month ago

    I want the fox girl 🦊

  • Hannahcorn
    Hannahcorn Month ago +2

    You should build Emma's and Mia's summer heart boxes

  • Kiah Hobson
    Kiah Hobson Month ago


  • Sean Burge
    Sean Burge Month ago

    I'm at work today I am so excited to be the first place for me and I don't think that is not an issue

  • deina leigh
    deina leigh Month ago

    Doesn't monkey king remind look just like the monkey king from miraculous ladybug. And his miraculous on his head is there aswell give a thumbs up if you agree.

    ANGEL AMAURY Month ago

    I want the old lady with the flamingo and the mummy and the bath towel guy
    And they programmer girl and the chameleon guy

  • OutsideWell
    OutsideWell Month ago

    It is NOT a staff!!!!! It is a bar, or weapon

  • Katie Steward
    Katie Steward Month ago

    I have the rugby player and the flmango girl

  • Lisa Bee
    Lisa Bee Month ago +1

    It is ice cream

  • Gülbahar Şahind
    Gülbahar Şahind Month ago


  • Tabitha Cook
    Tabitha Cook Month ago

    Hi Ellie! I would like to collect the 'Indiana Jones' Minifigure. Or the pizza guy. The poop is so cute! Great for ice cream or cupcakes.
    Maybe the Lego Friends can play tricks on each other with poop.
    Very interesting........

  • Flippin Millie
    Flippin Millie Month ago

    I love the videos 🎀

  • Lily Hawkins
    Lily Hawkins Month ago

    How funny

  • Deimantė Pėtelytė

    were did ellie got the care bear otfit fo andrea

  • Allie the unicorn 208
    Allie the unicorn 208 Month ago +1

    when she said elsa and dainel be together i thought for a sec they were on a date. like if yo thought so too

  • raemy osborn
    raemy osborn Month ago


  • Elizabeth Erickson
    Elizabeth Erickson Month ago

    YAY!! Poop girl!! Like if your at the same part or if your lol

  • amyra brown
    amyra brown Month ago

    It's bijuu Mike

  • alahna hart
    alahna hart Month ago

    I really want the Fox costume

  • alahna hart
    alahna hart Month ago

    I have the bear costume and the science girl

  • Double L's Sisters
    Double L's Sisters Month ago

    Orange x

  • Ashly Ketchum
    Ashly Ketchum Month ago +1

    That’s Johnny Thunder, a LEGO character, and I thought this was a LEGO channel...

  • House of Cheem
    House of Cheem Month ago

    I think you did great on all of them especially the fox one

  • Elsa Esquivel
    Elsa Esquivel Month ago

    do a video is a omg video

  • Natasha Marie
    Natasha Marie Month ago

    Hi my name is Raven I’m Natasha’s daughter I love your vid so much can you make more videos of it please

  • Daisy Blossom
    Daisy Blossom Month ago

    Oh o Emma don’t eat the poop

  • Oscar Pena
    Oscar Pena Month ago

    You are the best make video

  • Hype Clan
    Hype Clan Month ago

    Wo you say my nama Tijana i‘m so happy 🤩☺️🙏

  • Kaila Harrison
    Kaila Harrison Month ago

    Are you exited to see frozen 2

  • Avery DiMarcello
    Avery DiMarcello Month ago +6

    4:47 this mom is cool

  • Art Unicorn
    Art Unicorn Month ago

    Each lesson like is a because she’s says in the biggining

  • Alfred Sarfo
    Alfred Sarfo Month ago

    Can you add the color red to the rainbow house's .

  • Zaki Zahran
    Zaki Zahran Month ago +1

    Poops is ice cream 🤣

  • Zaki Zahran
    Zaki Zahran Month ago

    Poops is ice cream 🤣

  • Micah Luark
    Micah Luark Month ago +1

    It's gacha mike!

  • Gianna’s Vids
    Gianna’s Vids Month ago

    Mia does look like ragadaey an

  • malin Lind
    malin Lind Month ago +1

    Bell likes tacos not pizza. Taco bell hehe

  • KaylaRainbow Pecson
    KaylaRainbow Pecson Month ago +1


  • Stacey Brown
    Stacey Brown Month ago

    Now she has no hair

  • Pottergrac 19
    Pottergrac 19 Month ago +8

    Please do a silly play of the stranger things byers house set

  • Leia McGill
    Leia McGill Month ago

    I LOVE FOXES🦊🦊🦊🦊🦊🦊🦊🦊🦊🦊🦊🦊🦊🦊🦊🦊🦊🦊🦊

  • RandomDrawing GAMER
    RandomDrawing GAMER Month ago +6

    EllieV: oOh and hes got green hai-

  • mal Skye
    mal Skye Month ago

    I like the dogsitter the most

  • Hayley Danner
    Hayley Danner Month ago

    The green guy looked like jack septic ki

  • Gacha cookie lover
    Gacha cookie lover Month ago +3

    The ice sword looks like a popsicle