BBC witnesses IS using human shields - BBC News

The BBC has gained exclusive access to the Iraqi army's helicopter missions against IS militants in Mosul. BBC Persian reporter Nafiseh Kouhnavard witnessed IS militants using human shields to deter the military from firing at them. Produced and directed by the BBC's Joe Inwood.

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Автор Only Me ( назад)
Drop a few more MOAB'S on there ass

Автор Vikram Singh ( назад)
may be he was a civilian and running out of the city with his family and using weapon for protection from isis

Автор It's Always Then Other Guy ( назад)
To win a war over a heartless enemy, you need to be heartless.

Автор peter jones ( назад)
It seems that Putin wanted to be a soviet hero before leaving office.
But its all going wrong for him very quickly.
his reserves are running out and the gas money that the chineese give
him will not pay for his armed forces for long.His last critical stikes
are a sense of frustration that military presents has not been
effective. His original strategy to hold onto his navel base in Syria
seems too expensive. Putins only political option now is to have a
poliical settlement and withdrawl his forces back to Russian to save
cash and appease his political opponants in the Kremalin. His power base
at home is decling with austerrity eating away his political support.
What do his other generals advise? With nato on the boarders of Crimea
and Ukrain. ISIS moving into Russia nervious conversations have
surrounded an asap exit strategy for syria.

Expect a political settlement with the US soon involving the partition
of syria.

Автор korle521 ( назад)
what's the best evidence you got?

Автор MrFattyfatfatboy ( назад)
ISIS has been using Human shields for two years , how is this news ?

Автор MtMarshi ( назад)
Why? Just why? Will do people kill people? This is horrible and I think historians will comment on this years from now as a part of World War 3.

Автор wh3resmycar ( назад)
we could've colonized the moon by now if we spent more time researching human expansion throughout space instead of us killing each other.

Автор pablo9364 ( назад)
Oh the silly sub titles are back. If the BBC news don't know something they just make it up.

Автор Tahir Rana ( назад)
@0.27 She is not in a helicopter, it's all CGI with fake smoke on the ground. BBC you lie so badly, you are fake news!

Автор Salihi Fouad ( назад)
we moslems peacefull and we dont suporte terrorest and we just see the moslems daying and nathing mor then that . we hope the peace in this world

Автор Salihi Fouad ( назад)
the same in irak everyone there iranians and american and erupeians bumbing the citys and oll of you with same story that yoy are bumbing the trroriste !! so is oll iraqes are terrorest so this what you say and be hunist and bla bla to much just say it . that u moslems are terrorist . so soon ull acuse oll the islamic nation as terrorest . are you craizy or what rong with you . we hope from the god to fex ur minds and ur hearths and to the peace . this is not good

Автор Fen Seti ( назад)
that dummy rocket tho

Автор Pyetrovi ( назад)
So it's fine that airstrikes that killed civilians are because of ISIS using them as shields, but in Aleppo, it was Russian airstrikes so it was unacceptable, despite similar circumstances.

Автор jontibloom ( назад)
Why does ISIS use Human shields ? Simple they know the morality of those fighting against them is better than theirs with the reluctance to shoot at civilians. They would have no hesitation to shoot if the situation was reversed.

Автор Goat Culler ( назад)
BBC never said such facts about your beloved Aleppo terrorists?

Автор Ilan ( назад)
Guess they are taking after the Palestinian terrorists.

Автор Moses Mphatso ( назад)
This was the case in Aleppo too but of course when its Russia we cant treat the evidence in the same way. No wonder journalism and the media in general is in crisis. These contradictions are becoming apparent to more and more people.

Автор Fel Ani ( назад)
It took a bit, but BBC finally "discovered" that IS militants use human shields. Sharp and focused investigative reporting there folks, not much gets by you!

Автор Zen News ( назад)
A clear shot of a human shield brought to you by the BBC and taxpayer money.

Автор Canis ( назад)
fifty-thousand people used to live in this city, now it's a ghost town

Автор michael sorensen ( назад)
Compare and contrast the reporting the BBC did about Aleppo with how they have been reporting what is going on in Mosul. They had no journalists in Aleppo but they said there was a humanitarian crisis going on there with thousands being killed. But they had no evidence of this but in Mosul where thousands of people have been killed they have not reported this. What is the BBC, a joke. Are they just liars, are they evil. I'll tell you what they are not. They are not a credible broadcasting corporation any more.

Автор Green Lantern ( назад)
1:46 LOL! The rocket just bounces off. Epic fail. 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

Автор Lemuel Nicholls ( назад)
I wonder if Russia and the Syrian government faced the same issue of ISIS using civilians as shields all around Syria in places like Allepo for example? Just curious.

Автор Ashraful Rabbi ( назад)
''Using Human shield is a war crime'' .. lol .. And supplying ammunitions to those saintly terrorist rebels is a holy crime :3 :p !!

Автор just4visit ( назад)
they did the same in Aleppo, you know? you should have learned!

Автор Michael Mariner ( назад)
We've heard it ALL before..ISIS Is The West..We are the ones who backed them in all areas and The West created this mess.

Автор Mahoma Akbar ( назад)
por eso hay que acabar con todas esas malditas Ratas del isis

Автор Prajwal Bhat ( назад)
"Missiles costing thousands of Dollar " .
This is the real reason for war.
USA needs a market to consume their weapons and Oil to run their shitty Fords nd Chevys.

Автор Gerald Bull ( назад)
Lying manipulative scumbag bbc. Just like your friends at other media conglomerates.. While we have real terrorists like Paul Ryan and George Soros freely roaming the planet...

Автор Gerald Bull ( назад)
So because a man is carrying rifles to protect his family... That's considered a terrorist using human shields? You whackos at bbc should be executed for this video and your poor attempt at manipulation...

Автор Mr. Y ( назад)

Автор Bob Frank ( назад)
Only cowards hide behind women's skirts

Автор عراقي غيور ( назад)
This video and many other shows the savages and barbarians act of #ISIS. And how they pretend to be a Muslims, while they are the worst enemy of Islam. #Iraqi_Security_Forces with  their Allies will destroy ISIS in Iraq and Middle East.

Автор john Mutton ( назад)

Автор Stacy Skywatch ( назад)
Fake News form the FAKE BBC,, Isis is a total hoax the bankers and our terrorist governments created them and are using them to keep our world in turmoil,,

This woman reporter should go back into the kitchen smh, we all now know the pilot is called AHMED ADNAN. ISIS has a list of It's targets.

Автор Lancer 017 017 ( назад)
Media bias loses its crediblity be a honest party people see what you produuce ,your bias is not surprising because y're a part of the war

Автор eblasphamy1 ( назад)

Автор Triglav ( назад)
Fake news as always. British state propaganda channel keeps advocating cruel and brutal tactics which are being used in Mosul.

Автор Konwar ( назад)
1:58 God will judge our enemies,we'll arrange the meeting

Автор Ralph Zimmermann ( назад)
Those poor children.. born into a world consumed by war, with a future of nothing but the torture of loss as family die and suffer around them, finally ending their futile existence being crushed alive by debris or blown to bits by shelling.
What an ugly world we live in at times.

Автор The Real Maskriz ( назад)
Islam is peace. Muslims aren't Muslims.

Автор Kylo_Ren _08843 ( назад)
So, they're members of freakin' ISIS, and they're using HUMAN SHIELDS...and the BBC still refers to them as "militants"?!?! What a joke of a news organisation.

But yeah, I understand. We wouldn't want to "upset" anybody by calling people who slaughter civilians en mass, including stoning/hanging women and throwing gay people off of buildings "terrorists", now, would we?

Автор ScottishAtheist ( назад)
"Using human shields is a war crime"

Add it to the long list of shit IS does.

Автор tricPort ( назад)
imagine if the British was Russians...

Автор belfasta ( назад)
BBC FAKE NEWS USA have murdered thousands of civilians

Автор Vinmoonsu ( назад)
BBC calls me rebel in Aleppo and a terrorist in Mosul.

Автор PleaseWatchSomeBobRossWithMe Productions ( назад)
We are one step closer to Victory. Now we must win on the home front.

Автор Joe Joe ( назад)
My question is what happened to first Missile/Rocket they fired?

Автор moncef antara ( назад)
Using human shields is a war crime bitch wtf

Автор mokpoly ( назад)
They're not missiles, they are 70mm rockets, not guided.

Автор Solder Joe ( назад)

Автор AZ AZ ( назад)
Remember what you say about Aleppo???Why offensive in Mosul it different another Aleppo---BBC-fake news.Remember that

Who gives a Fart , what the UK needs to do is to Fuk the EU

Автор Arabas Matipas ( назад)
America is afraid of islam but look at this country ruin thanks a lot america

Автор Ankit Khandelwal ( назад)
War Crime? These are bloody terrorists, they don't care about war crimes.

Автор PizzaNinja71 ( назад)
how is one guy with a gun walking up a street with a woman and child proof of human shield's being used. it's a bit thin really, also convenient since its only recently reported that civilians have been killed in allied air strikes after being advised no to flee mosul

Автор Aran hiwa ( назад)
"Using Human shield is a war crime" they dont give a F about laws. Waterboard each one of them

Автор maykolee ( назад)
Islam...... 🤣

Автор John Howard ( назад)
Quick! Someone one give them some BBC reporters before they run out!

Автор nowicka anna ( назад)

Автор Jay Kay ( назад)

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