Magnetic Slime Swallowing Monster Magnets

  • Published on Jun 1, 2018
  • Today we're making DIY magnetic slime!
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  • Audrey Kim
    Audrey Kim 10 months ago +3287

    I saw this video and I was immediately attracted

  • qZeronoid
    qZeronoid 16 hours ago +1

    Oh I'd so like this.

  • Gamergreenninja
    Gamergreenninja 18 hours ago

    7:54 Wow

  • Pixelcrafter. exe
    Pixelcrafter. exe 22 hours ago

    It looks like Venom

  • nurul ahlam
    nurul ahlam 23 hours ago

    6:09 it looks like a leach to me

  • Ahab the Elder Yautja

    If this puddy starts moving without the magnet.. then I'm just going to say *"WE'RE VENOM!!"*

  • Cody Mitchell
    Cody Mitchell Day ago

    We are venom

  • PolarBear
    PolarBear Day ago

    put it in proto putty

  • NintendoKid139
    NintendoKid139 4 days ago

    Reminds me of the symbiote from space in Spider-Man 3 and Venom.

  • sam caccavallo
    sam caccavallo 4 days ago

    says don't touch it it doesn't rub off easily yet look at his hands on 6:26.

  • Jesus Rdz
    Jesus Rdz 6 days ago

    I have black magnets 16 small
    16 big 16 weak 16 strong
    .Roll onto it

  • CMD 3
    CMD 3 6 days ago

    I used this stuff for the creature effects in a short film I made in school. It was especially helpful for getting the monster to climb walls and hang from the ceiling without having to do anything too complicated.

  • Dawn Todd
    Dawn Todd 6 days ago

    I subscribed!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Sophia Terry
    Sophia Terry 6 days ago

    It’s called slime not putty lol

  • Battle Guy
    Battle Guy 6 days ago +1

    Magnet: We...are Venom.

  • fireboys
    fireboys 7 days ago

    Make a ton and hold a monster magnet and put it in a pool and jump in

  • Billy Bob Joe 579
    Billy Bob Joe 579 8 days ago +1

    Its cinda like venom

  • Bonnie Ferguson
    Bonnie Ferguson 8 days ago

    Why did he call da slime putty?

  • Tem time
    Tem time 9 days ago +1

    Most of these comments are about venom, a chunk of them about are magnet puns, and a few are actually about the video.

  • Rebecca Castle
    Rebecca Castle 10 days ago

    Cats😺😺😺:-* u

  • Mindy McNeely
    Mindy McNeely 10 days ago

    I used that recipe before you made this video and I didn't get it on line

  • 4NN0N1M0U5
    4NN0N1M0U5 11 days ago +1

    Tell me why are you so "attractive"

    I was kidding

  • The GhostBuster 146
    The GhostBuster 146 11 days ago


  • Daksh Bhansali
    Daksh Bhansali 12 days ago

    Make an magnetic ooblec

  • Aman Sani
    Aman Sani 13 days ago

    I subscribed

  • It's Abby's World
    It's Abby's World 15 days ago

    Just imagine getting the magnet powder on yourself and you have a really strong magnet 😳

  • Elvira Librada
    Elvira Librada 15 days ago

    Reminds me of Rimuro...

  • Angie Rose
    Angie Rose 15 days ago

    the name sound like a weird porno
    "Magnetic Slime Swallowing Monster Magnets"

  • wonch 28
    wonch 28 16 days ago

    Hi 🖐️✋🖐️✋🖐️✋🖐️✋🖐️✋🖐️✋🖐️✋🖐️✋🖐️✋🖐️✋🖐️✋🖐️✋🖐️✋🖐️✋🖐️✋🖐️✋🖐️✋🖐️✋🖐️✋🖐️✋🖐️✋🖐️✋🖐️✋🖐️✋🖐️✋🖐️✋🖐️✋🖐️✋🖐️✋🖐️✋🖐️✋🖐️✋🖐️✋🖐️✋🖐️✋🖐️✋🖐️✋🖐️✋🖐️✋🖐️✋🖐️✋🖐️✋🖐️✋🖐️✋🖐️

  • Tman The gamer
    Tman The gamer 16 days ago

    Its not putty its slime

  • Ewan Turnbull
    Ewan Turnbull 16 days ago

    Black door

  • Ewan Turnbull
    Ewan Turnbull 16 days ago

    I live in Scotland in Rothienorman donury 6

  • Kaitlyn Diamond
    Kaitlyn Diamond 16 days ago

    His face when the slime was stretching

  • Kaitlyn Diamond
    Kaitlyn Diamond 16 days ago

    You know those toys we all played with a kid that had the magnet pen, and a magnetic substance came up, do think that substance is that dust!?

  • Sean
    Sean 17 days ago

    And somehow I made a diamagnetic puddy, It always get away from magnets, Just like girls around me, am i right?😂😂 He.. he... he... haww😑😓😢😭

  • xenomorph king
    xenomorph king 17 days ago

    i kept on subsribing over and over again

  • Rok Sirc
    Rok Sirc 18 days ago

    Can you break glass with card

  • Diamondman Leyson
    Diamondman Leyson 19 days ago

    Venom was made

  • Lucy Ritchie
    Lucy Ritchie 20 days ago


  • Calie Anslem
    Calie Anslem 20 days ago

    I Am A I am a huge fan a video

  • Richard Dorenbos
    Richard Dorenbos 21 day ago


  • Giantdungbeetle Gaming
    Giantdungbeetle Gaming 21 day ago +1

    "My hands are gonna end up so black after this"

  • Luke Komorech
    Luke Komorech 21 day ago

    You are the best 😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎

  • Grace Perez
    Grace Perez 21 day ago

    7:55 tkor:my hands are gonna end up so black for this.
    Me:gonna end up so black like a black hole?

  • slimob awm
    slimob awm 21 day ago

    Was that the vindertech sledgehammer?

  • Dan Hamilton
    Dan Hamilton 22 days ago +1

    It reminds me of the giant patty monster from spongebob

  • Tanner Hen
    Tanner Hen 22 days ago


  • Rylan Brudwick
    Rylan Brudwick 23 days ago

    911 he's created venom

  • Laura Elliott
    Laura Elliott 23 days ago


  • Matchey
    Matchey 23 days ago

    im n8

  • Cody Heath
    Cody Heath 24 days ago

    Plz i beged my mom forever i want netdo

  • Neo Rackuzius
    Neo Rackuzius 26 days ago

    A Nintendo swith!!!!!!!

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    Henry Brightmon 26 days ago

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  • jose. gallegos Gallegos
    jose. gallegos Gallegos 27 days ago +1

    Please gemi. This in tedoo😓

  • Billy Hurley
    Billy Hurley 27 days ago

    this going super great

  • Penguin Kid
    Penguin Kid 27 days ago

    It's slime. Wowwwwwwwwwww

  • Tracy Baribault
    Tracy Baribault 27 days ago

    My name is fred

  • Dane Dora
    Dane Dora 28 days ago

    Like venom

  • naja Michael
    naja Michael 29 days ago

    I subscribed

  • Maria Parker
    Maria Parker 29 days ago

    I love the videos

  • Rhyan Eerenberg
    Rhyan Eerenberg 29 days ago


  • James Anderson
    James Anderson 29 days ago

    It’s called slime

  • omar alamode
    omar alamode 29 days ago

    It’s actually called slime not silly puddy

  • Catmangaming
    Catmangaming Month ago

    I love the picture love the face on the mangnet

  • Aaliyah Scott
    Aaliyah Scott Month ago

    its slime

  • Kopikat 123
    Kopikat 123 Month ago

    The home made “putty” is actually called SLIME

    • RE77YBoi
      RE77YBoi 29 days ago

      No it’s a different Texture

  • VespidX XKalaber
    VespidX XKalaber Month ago


  • S. Zoë Zerbinopoulos

    I just hit the subscribe button and the bell

  • 3KingsOfEgypt
    3KingsOfEgypt Month ago

    it like venom

  • T- Bone
    T- Bone Month ago

    Nate gets and automatic n word pass

  • Ross Boatwright
    Ross Boatwright Month ago

    Give me pls

  • Farhan Khan
    Farhan Khan Month ago

    bro hindi me hi dog bol leta

  • Christopher Collins

    8:53 how mountains are made!!

  • Onnika Van Rooyen
    Onnika Van Rooyen Month ago

    Dis is de really cool

  • Prateek
    Prateek Month ago

    Charlie kelly would enjoy this.

  • Eclîpse Edîts
    Eclîpse Edîts Month ago +7

    Nate: don't put it on your skin it's just a bad idea

    *Immediately puts it on his skin*
    Nice going there Nate, nice going

  • Alvin Supan
    Alvin Supan Month ago

    i subed

  • Stop Motion Nerd Turnbeaugh


  • Rajesh Shetty
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    Happy new year peeps

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    He’s just the best

  • Jesus Anaya
    Jesus Anaya Month ago

    Is That Caprisun

  • xxholisterboixxable

    I love your video

  • Suchandra Paul
    Suchandra Paul Month ago +4

    Can we mix water with magnetite powder to make magnetic liquid

  • Stian Larsen
    Stian Larsen Month ago

    goo like i go mooooooooo yea? :)

  • It's Prb
    It's Prb Month ago

    It's muk 8:50

  • It's Prb
    It's Prb Month ago

    It's like venom symbiote.. 6:07

  • Fisher Of Men
    Fisher Of Men Month ago

    I shouldn't be thinking of race everytime someone says black or white...the liberals and their media are totally screwing with us...

  • Kelsea Burton
    Kelsea Burton Month ago


  • RudPuckers
    RudPuckers Month ago

    That’s how venom was made

  • Jess Farrow
    Jess Farrow Month ago

    You should make a really sticky slime and then mix it with vinegar I’ve tried this recipe and it works that makes the slime less sticky!

    FORMROII Month ago

    This glue is sticky = science

  • rmt3589
    rmt3589 Month ago

    Powder is a fluid, as long as it flows. If it wasn't fluid, it wouldn't have poured onto the plate.

  • manisha togale
    manisha togale Month ago

    I Also want

  • Shawn Plant
    Shawn Plant Month ago

    Cool, it's venom.

  • Frost Bite Battle Royale

    What if u did glittery or glow in the dark try that!

  • Bojangles Green
    Bojangles Green Month ago

    It's still oee gooee

  • Y Sai sandeep
    Y Sai sandeep Month ago

    Try burning a correction pen ink