Maybelline...GIRL! IDK... The Soda Pop Palette... | Jackie Aina

  • Published on Oct 20, 2018
  • Hi guys! Today I'll be testing out and demoing the new Maybelline Soda Pop Palette. Will it be worth the hype?! Find out today...

    P R O D U C T S M E N T I O N E D:
    Maybelline Soda Pop Palette
    C O L L A B S
    Too Faced Born This Way Foundation (my shade is Chai)

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  • Jackie Aina
    Jackie Aina  6 months ago +1678

    LOL @ this soda vs pop debate in the comments 😂😂😂

    • Angela Braunsdorf
      Angela Braunsdorf 3 months ago

      It's POP! You don't open the can and it say soda!

    • Naomi Chavez
      Naomi Chavez 4 months ago

      Jackie Aina POP

    • Queen Godfidence
      Queen Godfidence 4 months ago

      Can you review the Lemonade palette by Maybelline? I tried it and I didn't like it at all however, maybe I wasn't applying it right. So, I would like to see how you do it.

  • Xenia Renée
    Xenia Renée 20 days ago

    I usually just say Soda or Cold drink

  • Gwen White
    Gwen White 22 days ago

    so happy that you used the purple I love love love it.

  • Gwen White
    Gwen White 22 days ago

    soda I'm from Florida

  • yosh Sea
    yosh Sea 25 days ago

    Just join the fam of Ainas

  • Leilani's Mommy
    Leilani's Mommy Month ago

    Too much work for a palette. I’ll pass!

  • SweetenerLuvs
    SweetenerLuvs Month ago

    ok ppl r having a soda vs pop debate but i say soda pop, so both!

  • Kripa Gupta
    Kripa Gupta Month ago

    We call it "cold drinks" in India lmao

  • asia91070
    asia91070 Month ago

    Late again!!! NE way...I have hooded lids. I wish I could pull of any look the way you can but alas... No sucha thing no such a thing. You made Maybelline work Gurl!!! You are straight giving me Marilyn Monroe with the Blonde Gurl!!!

  • Jazlyn Miller
    Jazlyn Miller Month ago

    Pop 🤗.... And Who Else Says Cheese Toasty ??

  • Simply AhJanayee
    Simply AhJanayee Month ago

    She clearly said it’s a mid west thing😭 we call it pop. If you not from mid west then you 9/10 don’t call it pop. We don’t call it soda period

  • Charlotte Haslam
    Charlotte Haslam Month ago


  • genae jackson
    genae jackson Month ago


  • Conni Wilson
    Conni Wilson Month ago

    I’m from Ohio and I use both lol

  • Zoë J Corry
    Zoë J Corry Month ago

    You, honestly, are a wonderful teacher. I love your honesty and step-by-step instructions. I almost only exclusively watch your videos because of how positive and REAL you are.....oh and by the way, this is my 4th video I’ve watched just this morning..❤️❤️🙌🏻

  • zebraprinted22
    zebraprinted22 Month ago

    I say pop

  • Mariah Lyon
    Mariah Lyon Month ago

    Just bought it

  • Fiza Zaki
    Fiza Zaki Month ago

    I loveeeee how the brown shadow started as COLA FLOAT and became COCOA FLOAT very soon😂

  • Kevin Heng
    Kevin Heng Month ago

    I love watching your vids gurl, like for real! I tried watching miss Tati, I can’t stand her boring ass. You bring life to my little ass phone screen. Just showing some loves, I’m only mad I found out about you recently.

  • Brianna Peterson
    Brianna Peterson 2 months ago

    Every kind of lash looks great on you!!

  • janisa reeves
    janisa reeves 2 months ago

    I'm loving this Marilyn moment my girl!!!! 😍😍😍

  • 1738 Remy
    1738 Remy 2 months ago

    Soda. Never heard of pop until now

  • Zephinah Barney
    Zephinah Barney 2 months ago

    Yea I got it wayyyyyy cheaper than 14.99 well “16 after tax, shipping and Trump fees.” 🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • Miranda C
    Miranda C 2 months ago

    Tbh... Fizzy

  • Olivia Osueke
    Olivia Osueke 2 months ago

    Yeah, this palette was a lil’ timid, haha! Ooo, have you tried them wet, though?

    • Olivia Osueke
      Olivia Osueke 2 months ago

      I definitely typed my last message BEFORE I got to the part when you sprayed the brush, haha!

  • Rachael Bowling
    Rachael Bowling 2 months ago

    Pop here in Indiana

  • stompah101788
    stompah101788 2 months ago

    i say coke

  • Stuffie Cult
    Stuffie Cult 2 months ago

    I think crushing made the blend better 🤷‍♀️ but that’s what I see on camera

  • Zoe B-Z
    Zoe B-Z 2 months ago +1

    Looks like a dupe for the norvina palette

  • yo
    yo 3 months ago

    i say soft drink....

  • Rebekah Anne 420
    Rebekah Anne 420 3 months ago

    I say soda, but a lot of people in my family say Coke for all kinds of soda

  • Cassandra Campbell
    Cassandra Campbell 3 months ago

    I say soda. I've never really heard anyone say pop until I got to the South.

  • Veronica Johnson
    Veronica Johnson 3 months ago

    I'm from Ohio, and it's "pop" all day long here. Plus, since the Midwestern accent is the default American accent, what we say, goes.

  • mz40oz
    mz40oz 3 months ago

    Yup got mine for 10 bux at wally world

  • ciera moore
    ciera moore 3 months ago

    Lol pop is definitely here in the Midwest

  • abbi dagg
    abbi dagg 3 months ago

    I’m from Texas and we say Coke’s. This palette is cuuuuute!!

  • Rachel Green
    Rachel Green 3 months ago

    Pop lmao I’m from canada

  • lillian pumpernickel
    lillian pumpernickel 3 months ago

    I just call it fizzy drink 😂😂 I’m from the UK

  • 3 months ago

    I live in the Midwest and I say soda

  • Vivian Boykins
    Vivian Boykins 3 months ago

    @jackieaina I would love to know your opinion on the Lemonade Craze palette I got mines from Walmart lol

  • Jaimie G-H
    Jaimie G-H 3 months ago

    ok but when you were blending and your outer third of your upper lashes turned like plummy/raspberry/burgundy.... that was a look

  • Tre'Niece Hall
    Tre'Niece Hall 4 months ago

    Soda.. but my entire family calls it pop 🤷🏽‍♀️

  • Nana Moon
    Nana Moon 4 months ago

    Pop Sis! Lol 😝

  • Miriam A.J
    Miriam A.J 4 months ago

    It's Fizzy pop yum yum

  • msalexander126
    msalexander126 4 months ago

    "Trump fees" lol

  • AnitaDollarFor MakeupBabe

    Where can I find those lashes?

  • Lisa Goodson
    Lisa Goodson 4 months ago

    Did anyone catch the eyelid primer she used ?

  • booty crumbs
    booty crumbs 4 months ago

    What brushes did she used on her eyes?😩❤❤

  • Ness
    Ness 4 months ago

    Hi, love your videos - question about the NARS mascara, have you had any issues with it flaking after wearing for a bit? I am asking because it is super expensive and I don't want to spend that kind of money on a product that will make me look like I got beaten up after a couple of hours. Thanks so much!

  • rock star
    rock star 4 months ago

    When i lived in tx we would say do you want a coke? Yea get me a dp and when i moved to okla everyone would say pop

  • Aqua Fractalyne
    Aqua Fractalyne 4 months ago

    I have the Lemonade palette and I've found that licking my brush (yeah I know but it's my spit lol) and dipping it into the powder gives excellent payoff. I haven't tried using my setting spray yet, but that will probably also work well

  • Amanda GoldenHeart
    Amanda GoldenHeart 4 months ago

    If you say pop... you have disgraced the English language

  • Kaitlyn Victoria
    Kaitlyn Victoria 4 months ago

    Im from Kansas and we say pop not soda lol

  • Maegan Adams
    Maegan Adams 4 months ago

    Pop in Canada

  • 1Bust a cap on any busta 3

    Wen I seen her had to stop by and leave a comment baby girl yur a beautiful black queen girl soda pop is so f sexy on a real black woman love females that put on and know how to put on beautiful makeup thats real sexy

  • Anna
    Anna 4 months ago

    I love how she can take any palette and make a professional look

  • Positive Believing
    Positive Believing 4 months ago

    Ur skin is perfect girl!

  • that cat Chester
    that cat Chester 4 months ago

    I say pop

  • niggette
    niggette 4 months ago

    I say soda but honestly ppl who say pop are funny as hell to me idk why

  • Liza McClain
    Liza McClain 4 months ago

    Pop every time

  • Shaz Vlogz
    Shaz Vlogz 4 months ago

    Soda? Pop? I say fizzy! I’m from London... 😂👀 lol

  • Monique Jones
    Monique Jones 4 months ago

    It is terrible with terrible fall out!!!!!

  • Kayla Hancher
    Kayla Hancher 4 months ago

    From Northern West Virginia and we say POP!

  • Harlie Pritt
    Harlie Pritt 4 months ago

    i say soda, honeybunnnnn

  • Goochie Guilty81
    Goochie Guilty81 4 months ago

    Up this time of morning... getting excited about going to go get this from Walmart tomorrow!!!!🤔😫😍😍😍

  • Ashley Flores
    Ashley Flores 4 months ago

    grew up in the midwest saying pop, moved to the southwest and started saying soda because no one knew what I was talking about

  • elizabeth brogan
    elizabeth brogan 4 months ago

    Everything is Coke.

  • Mik KO
    Mik KO 4 months ago

    This skin though sis.

  • Kennedy Annie
    Kennedy Annie 5 months ago

    I say soda pop

  • LG TV
    LG TV 5 months ago

    I think I wanna do makeup now....

  • Leah’s Life
    Leah’s Life 5 months ago

    I say soda

  • Yinka The Aquarius
    Yinka The Aquarius 5 months ago

    I don' t feel like this was a good palette. But you look pretty

  • DaNek Cha Melon
    DaNek Cha Melon 5 months ago

    I say just soda or drink

  • FiFi Simmons
    FiFi Simmons 5 months ago

    what colour did you get in the Plouise base? this look is life!!!!!!

  • Savannah Grandmaison
    Savannah Grandmaison 5 months ago

    I got mine for 9.99 at Walmart

    LOVE KIM 5 months ago

    I was just about to say I payed 9.99 for mines

  • Itz.Me.Ellzz
    Itz.Me.Ellzz 5 months ago

    I usually say soda but if I’m messing around about my western friends and stuff I’ll always say pop😂

  • Nyah boo
    Nyah boo 5 months ago

    I currently live in Arizona so I say soda , but when I go home to the Midwest it’s pop all the way.

  • The Self-Aware Sleeper
    The Self-Aware Sleeper 5 months ago

    In Tejas we say coke for everything, unless its Dr. Pepper.

  • Makeup by Vee
    Makeup by Vee 5 months ago

    Soda pop

  • avaleste
    avaleste 5 months ago

    call it a fizzy boi

  • Charis Sims
    Charis Sims 5 months ago

    I definitely screamed inner corner highlighting!! 😂😍💕

  • aijouyuujou
    aijouyuujou 5 months ago

    Im from Ohio and I say pop in regards to like, pepsi nd such, but for root beer nd the cremes I say soda lol

  • Graysen Ramos
    Graysen Ramos 5 months ago

    What’s your audible. I’m trying to use your code and I can’t find a damn video

    OCEAN WOLF 5 months ago

    I'm from Detroit Michigan and we say Pop

  • sandra adefila
    sandra adefila 5 months ago

    What’s the name Of mascara you used I wish you had it listed 😍

  • Nat 293
    Nat 293 5 months ago

    i live in the midwest and not many people say pop tbh

  • TeeTee SexyBadAttitude
    TeeTee SexyBadAttitude 5 months ago

    I love this! can’t wait to use mine I got it from Walmart

  • Brittney Luvsmakeup
    Brittney Luvsmakeup 5 months ago

    I need to grab that mascara because me and false lashes dont get along

  • Tara Rose Cardinal
    Tara Rose Cardinal 5 months ago

    In Canada we say pop🤓

  • butterdaisy
    butterdaisy 5 months ago

    Southern soda girl raised by a Northern pop Mommy, sooo it's soda pop. 🤣😀

  • Ellen Mae
    Ellen Mae 5 months ago

    this look was serving me Frenchy from Grease vibes 😍

  • Katy
    Katy 5 months ago +1

    We call all soda coke

  • Soso Mua
    Soso Mua 5 months ago

    Yasss girl.

  • Tashnee Nik
    Tashnee Nik 5 months ago

    Can you show us how you create that headband to stop makeup from getting into your hairline?

  • Nora Hunt
    Nora Hunt 5 months ago

    Living for this eye look! 😍

  • Kia McGee
    Kia McGee 5 months ago

    It's POP! I'm from Kansas City (MISSOURI). :)

  • mocha wright
    mocha wright 5 months ago

    Love you!!!!

  • La Toya Jackson
    La Toya Jackson 5 months ago

    im gonna start saying "fly happening cat" when i greet people. lol.

  • Dana Mahmoud
    Dana Mahmoud 5 months ago

    Those pretty shimmery purples keep reminding me of Urban Decay's Asphyxia shadow/eyeliner. I AM OBSESSED with Asphyxia!!!