DEAN - Sometimes I hear Howlin' in my head

  • Published on Sep 6, 2019
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    DEAN - Howlin' 404
    lyrics by Deanfleunza
    composed by Deanfluenza, No Identity
    arranged by Deanfluenza, No Identity, RE:ONE, marldn, 2xxx!
    acoustic guitar by marldn
    Creative Vision by Deantrbl
    Director: Deantrbl (you.will.knovv)
    Producer: Universal Music Ltd.
    Editor: Rad Museum, Deantrbl
    Director of Photography: EumKo
    Focus Puller: Sangwoo Yun
    2nd AC: Youngwoo Lee, Eunil Lee
    Gaffer: Seungnam Yun
    Lighting Crew: Inkuk Hong, Mincheol Kim
    Vfx: Simone Vezzani, ZADDICTED
    Sfx: No Identity
    Car: H.s motors
    Hair: Holy
    Make-up: Blacklip
    Styling: awboy(do hee)
    Starring Deantrbl, marldn

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  • Alya Isti Safira
    Alya Isti Safira 12 minutes ago

    that was so unexpected

  • camille pierre
    camille pierre 50 minutes ago +1

    WHAT THE...

    his voice💖💖💖

    how can a man surpass himself every single time???

  • Miriam Lee
    Miriam Lee 4 hours ago

    OMG my ears are blessed.... Thank you Dean

  • filmmefatale
    filmmefatale 7 hours ago +1

    Video doesn't do much for me, but genuinely love the song. Simple yet complex and so Dean.

  • Jessica Cavero
    Jessica Cavero 10 hours ago

    He has the most gorgeously soulful voice I am so in love with this man help

  • Jade 2muchSauce
    Jade 2muchSauce 10 hours ago

    COME TO ITALY FOR A CONCEEEEEERT🇮🇹🇮🇹🇮🇹🇮🇹🇮🇹🇮🇹🇮🇹🇮🇹🇮🇹🇮🇹🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

  • lucy
    lucy 21 hour ago +2

    tell me why i keep coming back to this daily omg

  • αleαh
    αleαh Day ago

    _yes sir. tell me what it is you need me to do. i am at your dissposal._

  • sinéad
    sinéad Day ago

    is this live?? omfg

  • 김가영
    김가영 Day ago

    상처받은 늑대같아ㅠㅠ

  • ATaylor Productions

    The eerie vibe is amazing.

  • hotdog hot
    hotdog hot Day ago

    늑대가 우는거ㅛ같아

  • Touge Time
    Touge Time Day ago

    S14 needs doors

  • Ammala Doeung
    Ammala Doeung 2 days ago

    literally obsessed with this song !!!!!!

  • Xamaria Thompson
    Xamaria Thompson 2 days ago +1

    This man is dangerous 🖤

  • yessı
    yessı 2 days ago

    all i see in my head is his animoji

  • Sad Memory
    Sad Memory 2 days ago +2

    The intro just reminded me of bts come back home

  • marasoL • 69 years ago

    Nice s14

  • Daya G
    Daya G 2 days ago +1

    Damn.. I keep coming back to this mv every single day.. Cant get over it..

  • mild5 music
    mild5 music 2 days ago

    눈 그거 합성 아닌거같은데 기분탓인가?요?

  • Min
    Min 2 days ago

    안타까운건 한국인 치고도 좋은 영어 발음을 가졌음에도 불구하고 외국인들은 가사가 한국어인줄안다는거.....
    개인적으로 한국어 가사였으면 더 인기가 있었을지도....

  • Cwtfn
    Cwtfn 2 days ago +3

    Only one who frequently checks if this version has come out on Spotify? Seriously in love with the acoustic version !

  • [ c l a r a m a r i e t t a e l o i s e ]

    Thanks to Holy,BlackLip and Do Hee for giving us this very handsome look on Dean🙌🏻❤️

  • Aline Hauri Opazo
    Aline Hauri Opazo 3 days ago

    I fucking love this dark vibe that just makes me wanna kill myself even more but at the same time I just don't wanna do it just to listen to this song again and again

  • who iam
    who iam 3 days ago

    I always curious about the meaning of Dean's songs. What he really wants to tell to?

  • neoneoneo nekonekoneko

    I like this part because when he steps back his hair bounces... and... its... beautiful

  • kookie milkshake
    kookie milkshake 3 days ago

    I just NOW realized this song was in English after months of listening to it- (it’s only been a month since it was out WHATTTT)

  • HuiMang
    HuiMang 3 days ago

    shit i think i have a voice kink now

  • Soraya Giglio
    Soraya Giglio 3 days ago

    dean is so underrated 🥺

  • devil in the black dress

    dean: "you're killing me softly"
    me: *flashbacks to dean x heize collab*

  • Mardi Muda
    Mardi Muda 3 days ago

    I need this unplugged version on Spotify
    Make unplugged concert with ur heavenly voice

  • Bella Luna
    Bella Luna 3 days ago

    너무 좋은데😳

  • 정윤혜
    정윤혜 3 days ago

    주차장 선택은 쌉레전드

  • bts lover for god sake
    bts lover for god sake 4 days ago +4

    He has so much control over me and his voice 🥺

  • jane mandey
    jane mandey 4 days ago

    He's voice deserve everything

  • lil
    lil 4 days ago


  • Brea
    Brea 4 days ago

    i cry every time i hear this song. HE HAS A TALENT FRICKING STAN THIS MAN

  • lucy
    lucy 4 days ago

    i cant stop listening to this since it came out.. dean's voice is addictive

  • Albina H
    Albina H 4 days ago

    I bet he hears me howling when I listen to his songs

  • Albina H
    Albina H 4 days ago

    I. WANT. MORE.

  • Peppagip3boy
    Peppagip3boy 4 days ago

    THAT'S all I'mma put

  • Gold girl
    Gold girl 4 days ago +2

    Sometimes I hear Dean's new album in my head

    Then I wake up

  • 얼죽아
    얼죽아 4 days ago +1

    올해의 노래다

  • 병수김
    병수김 4 days ago +3

    형 머리 그렇게 할꺼면 얼굴 나 줘

    SŁYTHĘR 4 days ago

    First time seeing this .
    Hope the car doesn't burn
    After ......... it survived 😶

  • Mani0lla
    Mani0lla 4 days ago +1

    Does anyone know anything about his new album? Please tell me I’m starving 🥺

  • spoopyjhope
    spoopyjhope 4 days ago

    hah jk but this song is beautiful

  • spoopyjhope
    spoopyjhope 4 days ago

    man I just wanna get to my car

  • Naovbcool
    Naovbcool 5 days ago

    He is literally the whole package

  • Oh kkaebsong kamjak noraesong

    I’m sorry for the people who don’t listen to Dean

  • rei-rei
    rei-rei 5 days ago

    chords anyone ?

  • J u a n i s
    J u a n i s 5 days ago

    It's beautiful, your voice is amazing I love you Dean you are the best 🥰

  • jane mandey
    jane mandey 5 days ago

    Can someone tell me what the "you.will.knovv" means?

    • jane mandey
      jane mandey 4 days ago

      @Kyung Seok Lee okay, thankyou for being more spesific

    • Kyung Seok Lee
      Kyung Seok Lee 5 days ago

      jane mandey See? Now you knew. This whole situation is Dean's intention. We just wonder about him or our future but naturally we will know.

    • jane mandey
      jane mandey 5 days ago

      @ᄉᄀᄉᄉᄃᄀ oh i see. Thankyouu

    • ᄉᄀᄉᄉᄃᄀ
      ᄉᄀᄉᄉᄃᄀ 5 days ago

      its label

    • jane mandey
      jane mandey 5 days ago

      @Kyung Seok Lee i know but why you will know, who or what is it-_-

  • TheMomoAsia
    TheMomoAsia 6 days ago

    Hell...I don't know what this song has. I'm not tired of listening to her, I've been on this for a month. ❤

  • Kaitlyn Reyzek
    Kaitlyn Reyzek 6 days ago +8

    “i’ll be howling for youUUUuU” SHIVERS, GIVE ME MORE

  • kookies'n' tae
    kookies'n' tae 6 days ago

    Dean: You're killing me softly~
    Me: no shit Sherlock

  • Anastasia_ Zab
    Anastasia_ Zab 6 days ago


  • 므항항
    므항항 6 days ago


  • The_JamlessKookieMonster _Infires

    No Dean. You’re killing ME softly 😭💕

  • I Dont knkw
    I Dont knkw 6 days ago

    This is fucking talent .