Strangest People You Can See in The Walmart

In this video you can see craziest and strangest people of Wal-Mart fail pics compilation. Funny people of WalMart Shopping like they don't care of poor choice in fashion, unusual ways of growing body hair, and some people who don’t really know how to wear a dress and how to act in public.

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Автор Joseph K ( назад)
0:56 Nice to see Wal-Mart's getting into the European outdoor cafe scene.

Автор ( の Ѡ の ) ( назад)
No.Not the strangest. It's far from that. O_O

Автор Cristian Gutierrez ( назад)
wtf the thumbnail

Автор ClownGaming ( назад)

Автор Christophe Parisi ( назад)
Les américain mort de rire :-)

Автор Vincent Doyle ( назад)

Автор Haren Harsono ( назад)
So what kind of people,the Walmart shoppers,hiiiiiiii

Автор YUNG CHID SUPPORT ( назад)
U showed a picture of Trevor

Автор Vanessa Zink ( назад)
no Lizzzzzza?

Автор Raul Mendez ( назад)
most of them arent weird just not good looking

Автор Emersed Weevil40 ( назад)
Half of these ain't even at Walmart

Автор Rag X ( назад)
The girl with the butt plug

Автор top! 10 List ( назад)
loom video

Автор Sparkly TylerMSP ( назад)
Okay frist of all. If you mean men in dresses are weird THEYRE NOT!! It's their decision in clothing. . .

Автор Willie Martinez ( назад)
wao...you can see that in this nation....how many crasy people... ?😀😊❤

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