if Apple Watch commercials were honest

  • What Apple doesn't want to tell us about the Apple Watch....
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  • RØB
    RØB  2 months ago +8764

    Apple Watch GIVEAWAY👉🏻
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      DONEY THOMAS 3 days ago

      No man .. who would want an Apple watch or an airpod... Give an andr.. andrrroo...i cant say it phone bro..oneplus would be nice.. in the giveaway..

    • ZenX ML
      ZenX ML 4 days ago

      Rob, there are someone who's copyrighted your Apple Watch videos. The channel that have copyright your video is KillerTank9520

    • Play With My Joystick 3000
      Play With My Joystick 3000 5 days ago

      BoXxXley He doesn’t think they’re terrible products basically just showing the reality.

    • Limonlexi Lolo
      Limonlexi Lolo 12 days ago

      RØB Ur sooo annoying and an asshole

    • Dragon CEO
      Dragon CEO 13 days ago

      apple watch

  • Ayan Vasudev
    Ayan Vasudev 2 hours ago

    Steve that robs jobs

  • November
    November 6 hours ago

    "The insufficient funds that most if not all people have."
    Um, clearly not all.
    But seriously, these watches are useless.

  • koksekoks 898
    koksekoks 898 7 hours ago


  • Amauryo Fernandezo
    Amauryo Fernandezo 8 hours ago

    cool and so funny

  • Peter Dominick Iorfino

    i love your videos they are hilarious!

  • Bawie Riet
    Bawie Riet 18 hours ago

    I'm dead bruh u hella evil for doing this lol

  • Yeo Ken
    Yeo Ken 21 hour ago

    Hahaha, literally spit on apple and here u r giving it away, so u prob thinking that people after watching dis vid will still be wanting that inconvinience, facts tho

  • vigo villanue
    vigo villanue 22 hours ago

    As they say
    "An apple a year
    makes your money Dissapear"

  • Ytsm_ JJ
    Ytsm_ JJ Day ago

    android better

  • Anđela Jakimov
    Anđela Jakimov Day ago

    Its waterproof yet it pops off so easily from your hand (watch few Man+River videos and you will find out how many ppl lost these watches)

  • Jeanette Rodriguez
    Jeanette Rodriguez Day ago +1

    4:50 yo lmao 😂🤣😂

  • sandra marie
    sandra marie Day ago


  • NAV3ON Gaming
    NAV3ON Gaming Day ago

    Rob: (roasts apple)
    Rob: wanna win an apple watch

  • Tcbvaldi
    Tcbvaldi Day ago +1

    literally android is TRASH!

  • Brigitte's vlogs

    My sister hardly ever changes her iPhone or Apple Watch

    PRANAYA BUCKS_10 2 days ago +1

    Rob: insults Apple Watch so much
    Also rob: Apple Watch giveaway

  • Adi Brooke
    Adi Brooke 2 days ago

    Imagine if Apple 🍎 stumbles across this

  • Som Rithearong
    Som Rithearong 2 days ago +1

    Every kid in my school only use apple watches just for texting in class or to cheat in exams

  • Alpha
    Alpha 2 days ago

    "its small,easy to break,hard to use.."
    That killed me

  • Anjalesh Chaubey
    Anjalesh Chaubey 2 days ago

    No body cares😂😂😂🤣🤣🤣

    ELORE 3 days ago

    Apple watch emits too much radiation and could cause cancer in the long run. Careful with wearable tech

    • Billionaire Ben
      Billionaire Ben Day ago +1

      It does emit some, but not enough to harm someone

  • Daniel Hiew
    Daniel Hiew 3 days ago

    apple lame

  • Brody Miller
    Brody Miller 3 days ago

    0:20 Thats Noah From loveliveserve lol

  • Pusheen Burger
    Pusheen Burger 3 days ago +1

    We're Apple so yeah

  • KinexYT - brawl stars and Roblox

    Cuckoo more like dodo or pupu

  • nyarko amoah
    nyarko amoah 3 days ago +1

    Well, at least we know that the microphone is great!

  • Max Nolano
    Max Nolano 3 days ago

    Just imagine him as a host on Apple event, everyone will be on fire, OMG 😂😂😂🔥🔥🔥

    SHAKTI VAGAL 3 days ago

    The 9.3k dislikes were from Apple.

  • josias xirimbimbi
    josias xirimbimbi 3 days ago

    i want one

  • Zoned Gamer
    Zoned Gamer 4 days ago +1

    I don't think anyone wants to win itafter this vid

  • Scott Lance
    Scott Lance 4 days ago +1

    Im using an android phone while watching this...

  • Taehyungs Euphoria
    Taehyungs Euphoria 4 days ago +1

    “Andr- 🤮” 😂😂😂😂

  • Melody Violet
    Melody Violet 4 days ago

    I like it so I can go running without carrying a bag or holding my phone while listening to music.

  • Spencer Yelland
    Spencer Yelland 4 days ago

    And now introducing the new Apple pro watch. Max. Pro. XR. SG. 3 2 1. Mini. V2. Health. At only 800$. For the charger. And 450$. For the adapter. But the actual watch is 1,500 so it’s all good.

    VIOLET VOIDS 4 days ago

    More like Robbing Jobs

  • Joshua Tandy
    Joshua Tandy 4 days ago

    If this video was honest “my RUclip channel is rubbish, the end “ oh and “sorry Apple I apologise for being rude and I praise you for building a company from the ground”

  • Mistvan
    Mistvan 4 days ago

    ICuckoo clock i want one of those XD

  • Alphalightning11 frost


  • X J
    X J 4 days ago

    4:50 Track that “🖕🖕”😂😂😂😂😂

  • Botsok Youngvaper
    Botsok Youngvaper 5 days ago

    I see 9.3k dislikes on this video.
    That's almost 10k Apple fans who can't accept the fact that they got robbed by Apple once a new model comes out every year! 🤣🤣🤣

  • Just Sam
    Just Sam 5 days ago +1

    Rob: *makes fun of apple product*
    Also Rob: *does a give away of the exact product he made fun of 20 seconds ago*

  • Addison Smith
    Addison Smith 5 days ago

    LItERAllY wHy WouLd anYoNE wANT TO Win aN aPPle WatCH AftER ThiS repREseNtAtIOn

  • Antlerblox
    Antlerblox 5 days ago +1

    3:06 *we get it*

  • IYZY_
    IYZY_ 5 days ago

    You literally made Apple watches look bad and then u say I’m giving away an Apple video and airpods

  • Carolina Donado
    Carolina Donado 5 days ago

    Isn't this man afraid of being demand by apple's company?

  • MyLifeasCharlieAnderson

    This actually makes me rethink buying Apple stuff.. jk its so good

  • TheGamer1337
    TheGamer1337 5 days ago

    when he said andrrrrrrrr even tho i dont use andriod and im on ios, i felt kinda bad

  • GENESIS Playz
    GENESIS Playz 6 days ago


  • Face Palm
    Face Palm 6 days ago

    Don’t have insta

  • Face Palm
    Face Palm 6 days ago

    Apple Watch

  • Face Palm
    Face Palm 6 days ago +1

    Please I need one

  • Nathan Cabiles
    Nathan Cabiles 6 days ago

    If apple commercials were actually like this i would definitely buy it either way

  • Blarr Flurry
    Blarr Flurry 6 days ago

    *With it's small, easy to break, hard to use, same design*

  • Mr. Wayne
    Mr. Wayne 6 days ago

    oh snap, Android hata!!!! Androod Users Unite!!!!! we MUST take down our Apple Opressors!!!!

  • Sho Viels
    Sho Viels 6 days ago

    This is hilarious 😂 I watched the airpod one too. Love to content.

  • Scotty Bear
    Scotty Bear 6 days ago

    funny dude

  • Fouad Elbanna
    Fouad Elbanna 6 days ago

    p.goto a different channel but a similar video for the next letter to make a word

  • martin permocille
    martin permocille 6 days ago

    "And guess what.., No nobody cares..,"

  • bharat thapa
    bharat thapa 6 days ago

    you know what,
    people are so dumb to understand that this guy is right.

  • Joe King Sword
    Joe King Sword 6 days ago

    lol he is too aggresive and he is so stupid

  • Stephen Hamilton
    Stephen Hamilton 6 days ago


  • Evie’s Stop Motion Animation

    Him: this watch is rubbish
    Also him: who wants this?

  • Leahs world
    Leahs world 7 days ago

    When he trashed talked Fitbit I look at my wrist and said I’m sorry to my Fitbit lol

  • PooREt
    PooREt 7 days ago


  • R.I.P Xxxtentacion
    R.I.P Xxxtentacion 7 days ago

    𝕠𝕞𝕘 𝕚 𝕒𝕞 𝕕𝕪𝕚𝕟𝕘 😂

  • PixelFirePhoenix Gaming

    The ICuucuu clock omg

  • Aaron Parker
    Aaron Parker 7 days ago

    This guy is HILARIOUS! Haha

  • Xplr _4_Life
    Xplr _4_Life 7 days ago +5

    Røb: **Talks about how much the apple watch is useless**
    Also Røb: ** does a giveaway on it**

  • Ivanna Portillo
    Ivanna Portillo 7 days ago

    i stg I’d watch Rob for hours 😭❤️

  • That Emily
    That Emily 7 days ago

    Weird, and funny!

  • Lunatic Leone
    Lunatic Leone 7 days ago

    I mean people that actually make phone videos have Andriods lol JerryRig

  • Daniel V
    Daniel V 7 days ago

    Skjdjd locos pesaos

  • OwO Lau
    OwO Lau 7 days ago

    2:22 the subtitles were thinking that this is music

  • Sk Sk
    Sk Sk 7 days ago

    You are useless idiot btw your channel sucks

  • Acrief Martono
    Acrief Martono 8 days ago

    Apple watch circle edition 4...

  • Chase Mohler
    Chase Mohler 8 days ago +1

    4:54.... it’s 0 steps (I’m sorry)

  • Aminah Bilal
    Aminah Bilal 8 days ago +1

    **im hungry **

  • Peddi Ganesh
    Peddi Ganesh 8 days ago

    Gosh,the way u roast apple if crazy

  • Chloevass1
    Chloevass1 8 days ago

    haha Fitbit users crying inside....