VR Is The BEST Thing For Half Life Alyx

  • Published on Nov 25, 2019
  • The new Half Life Alyx game will need to make a massive impact on gaming if it hopes to follow in the footsteps of the previous games. Virtual Reality then, is going to be essential in making this happen. The Half Life series has essentially revolutionised gaming with each release. In order to do that again, it is going to need to do something entirely new...VR is one of the ways to do that.
    Half Life Alyx will be available in March 2020.
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  • ObsidianAnt
    ObsidianAnt  Month ago +61

    The Half Life series has essentially revolutionised gaming with each release. In order to not fail in doing that again, it is going to need something entirely new...VR is one of the ways to do it.

    • NovaeXelon
      NovaeXelon Month ago

      @SeaTacDelta For me it's probably this: People cried at the and of Titanic not only because they know it is sad for Rose to lose her loved one. They cry because of the finely tuned lighting just for that scene, camera angle/movement, the music that is synced up to the camera and so on. Most of these techniques are lost in FPS and the ones that are gained are IMO not outweighing the lost ones. The whole term "cut-scene" is not applicable to an FPS. For other people that might just be the thing that gets them. For me it's not.
      But I do agree with you on the "making me sweat". Fear, uneasiness, dread all those emotions that you also feel with horror movies are there for me in FPS as well. I should have made that distinction.
      Take care.

    • SeaTacDelta
      SeaTacDelta Month ago

      @NovaeXelon I too grew up with Atari and ColecoVision. I remember the first pc games I played (loderunner), and first, firsts person shooter, Wolfenstein 3d. While it lacked in story it made up for in immersion. I was there, it got me riled up, and made me sweat. That evolved over the years with Doom, Quake, and Hexen. RPGs started getting better too, with things like Baldur's Gate 1 & 2 and Neverwinter Nights progressing the story telling video games could bring. It was Half-life 2 that really merged RGP story telling with the FPS immersion that did it for me. The story, the new physical mechanics and the graphics made it a whole new entertainment platform. It was at this point I felt video games became more engaging than TV. I'm looking forward to what Valve have come up with for player engagement with Half-life Alyx. They did a lot to merge the fps and rgp scenes. I hope they can bring another evolution to gaming and make it more engaging with VR. Be bold Valve, and continue to change the genre.

    • ObsidianAnt
      ObsidianAnt  Month ago +3

      People also forget that Half Life 2 was a Steam exclusive. Steam had only just started, and people were mad that they needed to install Steam just to use Half Life 2. A lot of people thought it would be the end of Valve for making such a move.
      We know how that turned out. :D

    • swinb
      swinb Month ago +2

      HL2 had to have and internet connection which at the time was by no means a universal thing. I certainly couldn't have one at the time, and I loved HL1. I remember cursing Valve loudly at the time and vowing never to buy any game which required you to be on line. It seemed a ridiculous idea. I felt just as angry as pancake gamers feel now. It took a few years until I could play HL2. But Valve took a gamble and it paid off.

    • BigSwede7403
      BigSwede7403 Month ago +1

      @SixMarbles More like "A restaurant wants me to eat their food, which i have no problems paying for, but i also have to buy a new set of plates and utensils to do so. So i won´t." Therefore losing my potential input of money. It´s the same reasoning as to why i don´t run out and buy a Console when i see a "Now for this or that console only!!" game.

      I have food that needs getting, i have a car that needs servicing, i have rent and utilities bills. I can't justify getting what is esentialy a wearble monitor and some funky controlers for just the one or three games i might be interested in that is not compatible with the hardware i already own.

  • Federico Astica
    Federico Astica 18 days ago

    You look like Bill Burr.

  • ssjsjb
    ssjsjb Month ago

    I can name several games that have touched me through my life for various reasons. The first would be the arcade version of pole position loved pumping quarters into that one. Blue Max on the Commadore 64 I missed out on Elite though I do recall the art work for it. After that Contra and Super Contra. Then came two of my all-time favorites up to that point Descent and Civ 2. Got a lot of find memories from the first four Gran Turismo titles. Then one day I see this weird looking ship and this British guy saying Welcome to 3301. Been hooked on your channel ever since and Elite Dangerous ever since.

  • trawel Grad
    trawel Grad Month ago

    And Modders will give us plenty to do with HL:A as foundation. Can't wait :)

  • Epic Brony Gamer
    Epic Brony Gamer Month ago

    I hate any game that’s VR exclusive, mainly because they require you to buy extra hardware rather than letting you use what’s provided by any standard setup.

  • Misa Pheonix
    Misa Pheonix Month ago

    Dunno if you mentioned this before, but HL2 is getting a(n official) VR port too! And the point about innovation having to use newer interfaces is a very interesting point.

  • Digressive
    Digressive Month ago

    Really good stuff mate. And I do agree for what it's worth. It'll be interesting to see what happens in the coming years.

  • Trailer Box
    Trailer Box Month ago

    I've never see u and i have to say u are very close to what i expected XD. Btw i like how you give us new info and tell us abour every change in elite

  • Flying Spaghetti Monster

    Bro you sound like a dude from a nature documentary
    I love it

  • ytdlder
    ytdlder Month ago

    Total and full ACK!
    HL3 as a "Half Life 2" type of game would not have worked in this day and age.
    VR makes perfect sense, esp. seeing how Valve is investing in this technology.
    But as you said: IF "Alyx" will be as revolutionary as Half Life 1 or at least as HL2, only time can tell...
    Thanks for this vid!

  • xHoosierDaddy85
    xHoosierDaddy85 Month ago

    For the longest time I wandered what you looked like with that awesome voice.. now I know

  • Fredrick Rourk
    Fredrick Rourk Month ago

    Boneworks comes out Dec 10th

    JETJOOBOY Month ago

    HALF LIFE 2 still looks utterly contemporary ...better than most ..... even on old hardware it is nigh on perfection.

    JETJOOBOY Month ago

    I get depressed when I play PS4 FPS adventures nowadays....
    NONE OF THEM have the level of detail of HAlF LIFE 2...
    I want to pile TEDDY BEARS and building blocks on one end of the SEE SAW and balance it in the playground... EVERYTHING was touchable and real back then,
    MODERN games don't even show ones' image in a MIRROR any more and the chances of successfully having a POSITIVE INTERACTION with a TOILET is almost ZERO nowadays....
    Microwaves are designed to go PING ... Vending Machines should puke out pointless cans of POP!

    GAH... can't wait for the new POSTAL GAME & HALF LIFE!!
    Not to mention Shenmue.....

    Sometimes the past is a better place... especially when people remember the good old days for the good parts as opposed to cynically cashing in on good memories without doing the work.. KINGDOM HEARTS 3...... you know what you DID!

  • n3rdm4n
    n3rdm4n Month ago

    Considering that most people don't own a VR headset, most people won't play Half Life Alyx for many years.

  • Sigurd Kalles
    Sigurd Kalles Month ago

    I love your face !!!

  • Ace Widdlewade
    Ace Widdlewade Month ago

    Wow your voice is amazing

  • TheNexusLord
    TheNexusLord Month ago

    I think that what will be the real turning point for VR, won't be the release of Half Life Alyx, or even the other two unanounced AAA VR games by Valve.
    It will be the release of the new Hammer Editor with a Source 2 engine, that has been optimized to support and develop these AAA VR titles. ;0)

  • Downsider
    Downsider Month ago

    Much like the original Half-Life, Alyx will change everything, and especially how we play games in VR. No IP could possibly make the same impact. I'm beyond excited, and I won't ever play it. Sorry, not even Lord Gaben can convince me to waste over a thousand bucks for just one game. Glad this exists, and will become the benchmark for VR - I will just wait for a Half-Life game where I can use M/KB.

  • Xavier Matews
    Xavier Matews Month ago

    VR + HL = FTW!

  • Allison Pell
    Allison Pell Month ago

    So... convincing pitch, but who's going to pay for my VR kit and GPU upgrade to play this? I can't... So, in effect, this game doesn't exist for me. Maybe they'll release a non-vr version later on?

  • Dominic Gunderson
    Dominic Gunderson Month ago

    Woah! You have a face!

  • Hawya Doin
    Hawya Doin Month ago

    As much as Valve has frustrated me for the last decade, this announcement has me very excited. I’ve had a bet with a friend since Valve partnered for the Vive that the next Half-Life would be in VR. Too bad its not enough to pay for a Valve Index.

    • LifelessHawk
      LifelessHawk Month ago

      Hawya Doin You can use any mainstream pc vr headset, it’s not exclusive to the index.

  • Tiberius Kirk
    Tiberius Kirk Month ago

    Half-Life as a franchise has always been about attempting to create the most immersive and unbroken first person experience possible barring technical limitations such as loading screens. There are no cut-scenes in Half-Life where the camera leaves the player's perspective and makes sweeping, stylistic, cinematic shots as you would see in a show or movie. Once you enter the point of view characters perspective you do not leave that perspective until the credits roll. I can think of no other major game franchise better suited to VR than Half-Life.

  • omaonaighm
    omaonaighm Month ago

    After playing half life 2 in vr (the officially supported version) and being in city 17, I cant get excited about shooters on a monitor anymore.
    Its time for a revolution in gaming, I can't wait.

  • Ch33ki
    Ch33ki Month ago

    zoomers will never get to experience half life because they're too busy getting epic victory royales whilst slurping chug jugs. We have become boomers in those 12 years of waiting

  • SteveKnows
    SteveKnows Month ago

    nice vid man:P

  • Aoyagi
    Aoyagi Month ago

    I've never seen you before. From your accent I thought you were... I don't know, from a distant land or something.

  • surfingtheworld 70
    surfingtheworld 70 Month ago

    100% agree

  • Moonotaur
    Moonotaur Month ago

    Next year half life 4 and they are gonna keep us looking for 3

  • The frenchy
    The frenchy Month ago

    Make me want to buy a vr. Lets face it its the futur and game worth while are what vr needs

  • Cool Breeze
    Cool Breeze Month ago

    What would be revolutionary would not to charge $999 for a peripheral required to play a game so the game actually has an audience

    • dw5050
      dw5050 Month ago

      Yeah, how dare developers require me to have a beefy graphics card in order to play their game?!
      But jokes aside, VR is more than just a peripheral, it's an entirely new medium for gaming. And there's plenty of other compatible headsets that are way less than $999. But like a graphics card, if you want the best fidelity and the best experience, it's going to be a bigger investment.

  • dannooooooo
    dannooooooo Month ago

    half life has ALWAYS been a game series about pushing the boundaries of gaming. It has always been about ground breaking tech, from the immersive cut scenes and cinematics of HL1, to the incredible evolution of story telling and then use of real time systems and physics in HL2, to now being the biggest name to step into the new frontier of gaming that is VR. This series uses new design as its fuel, and engrossing gameplay and intriguing stories are the by product. Without inspired new design ideas, a half life game cannot evolve into a faithful addition to the series. It will just feel like a cash in on the IP that is missing all the aw and wonder of previous games. I heard about this Half Life VR game 2 years ago, and have kept hearing about it since so I knew it was the idea that had finally stuck at valve and they were going to pursue making the first, real, AAA, fully fledge VR game. And I trust them to absolutely smash it out of the park, this game is going to change the rules of VR development .

  • Mashood Hassan
    Mashood Hassan Month ago

    Hello! What is the Background music at the beginning, please?

  • allocater2
    allocater2 Month ago

    Who is this guy and why is he using Obsidian Ant's voice??

  • Xypers Fabius
    Xypers Fabius Month ago

    I agree completely, it's understandable that people really want to play it and they just can't afford it, however this is the price we pay for these revolutionary masterpieces...they can't compromise on anything or they wouldn't be masterpieces. there is more to it than half life story, this game holds the potential to bring forth another gaming golden age...how many times do we hear or feel like "games are all stale" "there's nothing that intrigues me lately" etc ? it's because as OA said, there hasn't been a huge revolution since the half life 2 era....and this could be that time. So if you just can't afford it, think about the bigger picture and how it will impact the future of gaming for the better. Also, if you start saving up right now, you'll get the money you need eventually,i live in a shithole country and i'm not rich so it took me 2 years of saving up to be able to afford the index so it's definitely not impossible (they called me crazy but the moment i heard about the Valve headset leaks, i knew half life VR was almost certain, then leaks about HLVR further cemented my beliefs...so i started saving up money lol)

  • Rastafari Bill
    Rastafari Bill Month ago

    Neither made of obsidian nor an ant, these lying youtubers TSK

  • CMDR GreenDemon
    CMDR GreenDemon Month ago

    I've had VR for ages, and I'm a huge fan of it, but... not with shooter games! If the new HL is going to be primarily a shooter, then I fear it will fail. I've yet to play a VR shooter where the novelty doesn't wear off very quickly. HL games are designed to be played and played for hours. HL2 is still a valid game today with a good player base, as with any Source game, but I have trouble seeing a VR title having that kind of longevity. However, if it's a seated VR game, then perhaps it will work if they do a good job on it. Hope I'm wrong though, and I really look forward to the new HL :-)

    • MatchTerm
      MatchTerm Month ago

      If you go to the half life site, under the ways you can play part, it says you can play it both seated and standing

  • grittynerd
    grittynerd Month ago

    Valve can affort to force/push VR, risking losing money but maybe changing the popularity of VR and its technology advancing. Still i'd like also head tracking, motion controls, haptic feedback to be a thing even without an expensive displays.

  • Loveblanket
    Loveblanket Month ago

    With all due respect I completely disagree. Maybe if this were the proper Half Life 3 and not the prequel nobody wanted, I might agree that it could push sales forward and I would have considered getting a set more strongly than I would now. However for fans waiting 13 years for the story to advance, this holds little interest and I doubt it's going to motivate many of them to drop money on a quality VR set (and WMR is crap, I own one). And what is the fan base beyond us old timers anyway. To put it in perspective, if you were at your first day in kindergarten when HL2 E2 was released, you are now in college. Will this game resonate with anyone under 30 enough to say it will push sales of a very expensive piece of hardware, and that's if you don't also have to upgrade your video card or entire computer just to be able to use VR. Now you're talking thousands of dollars for a 20 hour game that isn't even the game we wanted. As you said, this game doesn't have to be a massive commercial success, but then the same argument could have been made for a proper HL3 in a more traditional format. The idea that somehow games can't be pushed forward on a monitor and that the only advancements can come from VR is pretty silly and pessimistic. Right now only about 1% of Steam users that have VR ready computers own a VR system and only around 38% of Steam users have VR ready computers according to Valve's own data. My guess is that VR is a temprorary band aid to moving forward anyway and not the future of gaming. I believe the rapid advance of holographic technology and the rise of AR systems is the future, not stumbling around with a box strapped to your face. Commercially I think this game will have very little impact.

  • Dougie2945c
    Dougie2945c Month ago +1

    Have to disagree with you on this OA
    All the previous versions didn't require players to invest heavily on hardware whilst with this one if we are to enjoy the game we would have to and it's why i think it will not be a big success.
    Most players do not have the resources for upgrading their PC's

    • ObsidianAnt
      ObsidianAnt  Month ago

      VR doesn't need to be mass adopted yet, nor for the next few years. Valve and Oculus are both well aware of that.
      Also, it's not at all disingenuous. You make it sound as though "upgrading a graphics card" was the norm in 1998. Back then, a 3D Graphics Card was something new, and not at all something all games needed. Indeed not all gamers even wanted one or saw the need for one. £200 on a PC upgrade for something that was seen as "new tech" with "limited appeal" was a big deal in 1998.
      Also, as you point out VR isn't for a large audience. Valve are well aware of that...and that was my entire point. I'm not talking about "commercial" success here. I'm talking about "creative" success. Right now, there are very few games that seriously push the VR technology. Valve want Half-Life to be such a title. It isn't about player numbers or money.
      And yes, as I said twice in the video - I completely understand why some people are pissed off about this. I'm not saying they are wrong...I'm just expressing the direction Valve are coming from with this. :)
      EDIT: Holographic tech will be less intense on hardware?! Can you link to some examples of that?

    • Loveblanket
      Loveblanket Month ago +1

      @ObsidianAnt That's disingenuous at best. You're comparing upgrading a graphics card when they cost around 200 dollars, to spending hundreds, possibly thousands of dollars to experience a 20 hour game that we don't even know is going to be good. 62% of Steam users do not have VR ready computers according to Valve's own data. Of the 38% that do, less than 1% own a VR system. To make it worth playing you need a good second gen VR system and the lowest price point there is the Oculus Rift S and I believe that's 400 dollars. The high end VR systems that Valve sells are a cool 1000 with all the stuff. Then on top of that 62% will need a new computer that will run anywhere from 1000-2000 dollars depending on what they want to invest in it. That isn't anywhere close to someone grumbling about upgrading their Voodoo card for a couple hundred bucks. This won't advance VR and VR will never be mass adopted because by the time the tech gets to the point that it's cost effective for mass adoption, and enough people have VR ready computers, holographic tech will have long passed the need for a VR setup and would be less intense on hardware.

    • ObsidianAnt
      ObsidianAnt  Month ago

      I'm not talking about a "financial" success. I talking about a "creative" success. I should have made that clearer.
      Valve don't need this game to be a financial success, they already have a ton of money. That's why, as I said in the video, Valve have said they were unwilling to create a new Half Life game. They didn't want to retread ground that has already been walked by so many other games.
      Also, Half Life 2 required a graphics card upgrade for a lot of people at the time. That also caused the same reaction as what we are seeing now. Not to mention it required a powerful PC.

  • Highland Inc.
    Highland Inc. Month ago

    I really thought they are going to do this with the open world tech back in the early 2010s but I guess they left that one for Bethesda. VR, blockchain and procedural generation were left on the table and it was obvious which one would fit best. I was honestly half expecting something like this to pop but just lost hope as even the meme became dead over the past 10 years.

  • Rocky Arbigaus
    Rocky Arbigaus Month ago +1

    The problem, to me, is the entry bar for VR is too high for many players.
    I don't have a VR headset, a VR capable PC and the money to get into VR.
    As someone who was waiting too long for a new HL to finish the story, that's a slap in my face.

  • Gaven
    Gaven Month ago +1

    VR is a gimmick that should be abandoned

    • MatchTerm
      MatchTerm Month ago

      So just stay stuck in the same old pancake without ever advancing to a point we can immerse in the world of the game?
      Ok boomer

  • Beef Taquitos
    Beef Taquitos Month ago



    • Sunamer Z
      Sunamer Z Month ago

      Why? I think it fits nicely... after all it is his voice ))

  • NWKB
    NWKB Month ago

    Lookin good OA

  • Neawoulf
    Neawoulf Month ago

    I fully agree with this. Valve's games, especially the Half Life series, were always about technological innovation. I just think they really should have made a third episode for Half Life 2 to finish the story they started. So i understand the shitstorm that's currently going on (even though i don't support it, especially some really "loud" and toxic people for example in the steam forums of the new game).
    But i'm quite happy that a triple A dev/publisher is finally starting to create something big for VR, a little bit like Rebel Assault opened the gates for CD Rom technology for the masses in 1993. There's always people saying "i will buy a VR headset when there are good games for it" ... now they announced Half Life Alyx and many of those people are still not happy. It almost seems like everybody wants just better graphics, but no new ideas and concepts. Well, we live in very negative times, right? I prefer to be optimistic toward new technology and innovation. The worst thing hat could happen is that it's simply going to be a bad game, but i don't think that's gonna happen.

  • Alec Turner
    Alec Turner Month ago +1

    Brilliant video, brilliant words, absolutely nailed it. VR is the best thing for the next Half Life ... and Half Life is the best next thing for VR too I hope.

  • Neil
    Neil Month ago

    "trepidAtious", not "trepiditious" - You're welcome, the grammar police ;)

  • sykomaniax187
    sykomaniax187 Month ago

    it's gonna be a vr shooter with Half-Life skin, not a new Half-Life using vr as it's new tech. this is sad

  • Neil
    Neil Month ago +1

    Another way of looking at this is that we are at least now seeing a new Source 2 engine in action, and with lots of Half Life assets in it too! Who's to say that Half Life 3 isn't also being developed too!?

  • Sic Semper
    Sic Semper Month ago

    I mean everyone knows it’s gonna kick ass. Even the biggest haters know for a FACT it’s not gonna just suck. For all the bs that is valve they make extremely cutting edge first person games.

  • Jeahboy72
    Jeahboy72 Month ago

    Your getting a lot of negative VR vibes in the comments. But I totally agree with you. Half life has always pushed the gaming boundaries. So taking VR and maybe doing something that we've not seen or hasn't wowed us yet in VR could be make it the VR game we talk about 20 years from now.

    • dw5050
      dw5050 Month ago

      ​@Loveblanket "No 20 hour game is worth thousands of dollars" Well of course not, but a revolutionary gaming platform is. I don't like how people are making it seem like HL:A would be the only VR game worth getting for a newly bought VR system. Not only are there several high quality gaming experiences already available for VR, there are several more AAA VR titles releasing in 2020. And besides Alyx, Valve still has 2 more VR games they've been working on.
      Also, I'm not sure about your prediction that "20 years from now" VR will somehow be irrelevant just because AR will be more advanced. AR will always be behind VR when it comes to immersing you in a totally virtual environment, because that's not the focus of AR, unlike with VR. And even if it does, that's still decades away... That's like saying, back in 1990, that there's no point buying a computer because 20 years from now everyone will have supercomputers in their pocket and it'll be so much better. It's not relevant to whether it's worthwhile in the present.

    • Loveblanket
      Loveblanket Month ago

      There's one problem with the comparison to the old games. I didn't have to spend thousands of dollars to play those games. The computers I had at the time could handle them just fine. Only 38% of Steam users have VR ready computers and less than 1% of them actually have sets. That means 62% need not only a VR system, but a massive computer upgrade. No 20 hour game is worth thousands of dollars. Of the remaining 38% that have VR ready computers, but don't own VR you have to factor things in such as many people that don't like shooters, people that don't care about the franchise, people like me that have a WMR headset sitting on the shelf collecting dust because there's little to actually play with it. I just don't see any 20 hour game, no matter how good, massively pushing sales of VR tech at current prices. As for 20 years from now, we won't care about VR at all because systems will use Mixed Reality and holographic technology that will remove the need to stumble around with a box on your face.

  • TehFocus
    TehFocus Month ago +1

    Definetly more hyped about Boneworks than Alyx for VR!

  • gonzax
    gonzax Month ago

    It's funny when people say they're forced to buy new hardware in order to play this as if that was something new or strange. You're forced to buy new hardware every time a new Playstation or Xbox or Nintendo console comes out. Either you buy that new hardware or you can't play any of the games coming out for them. This is iexactly the same, only the hardware this time is VR. Asking for the game to be both VR and flat would be like asking Sony to make every game they put out all these years available for PS3 and PS4 at the same time, which obviously did not happen.

    • gonzax
      gonzax Month ago

      @Loveblanket That doesn't change my point one bit, it's still perfectly valid. Is VR more expensive? yeah, maybe, so what? My PS3 cost me 600€ back in the day, my CV1 was 450€ and I already had a PC capable of playing VR so it was cheaper in my case. That is just an example, what I mean in the end is that just because most people can't/don't have the necessary hardware is not reason enough for a company like Valve not to relase a product like this. If you want to innovate it comes at a price and it's obvious they're not making HL:A exclusive because they think it's going to sell more than a flat version of it but because they want to create something new, try new things, etc.
      Nobody is forcing anyone to buy it, they don't put a gun to your head. Just because I can't afford a 2080Ti I'm not going to write to nVidia and ask them to only make 1060´s GPU's, this is the same thing.

    • Loveblanket
      Loveblanket Month ago

      Whoa there. Let's make the comparison a little more realistic. We're not talking about a 300 dollar console upgrade once every 5-7 years. 62% of Steam users don't have a computer that is VR ready and of the 38% that do, less than 1% have the hardware. That means the majority of people with a VR ready system will have to shell out anywhere from 400-1000 dollars for a good VR setup, and don't give me that WMR garbage, I own one and it's rubbish. For the 62% of people that don't own a VR ready PC you're talking 400-1000 dollars for the VR set and anywhere from 1000-2000 dollars for a new system to play a 20 hour game. To put it all in perspective, the price for 62% of people to play this game is not the price of a console, it's the price equivalent of buying every Playstation and X-Box console made at launch combined. You're comparing apples to rocketships.

  • Empath 1111
    Empath 1111 Month ago

    I wonder if new VR head sets will come out just in time Half life Alyx?

  • Phil Barlow
    Phil Barlow Month ago

    What Valve are doing on the Linux side of things is also worth a mention, they've invested a lot of time and money in the Proton compatibility layer. So aside from VR perhaps the next big gaming revolution on the PC will be a move away from Windows?

    • Phil Barlow
      Phil Barlow Month ago

      @MatchTerm maybe or perhaps the thing with canonical dropping 32bit lib, which they more or less did a U-turn on?

    • MatchTerm
      MatchTerm Month ago

      @Phil Barlow I think he's talking about when Epic bought easyAntiCheat, a service that alot of MP games use, and it would drop linux support for it.
      Other than that, idk.

    • Phil Barlow
      Phil Barlow Month ago

      @Loveblanket I game on Windows mainly but it's been interesting to watch the development of Proton. Steam was going to drop support for Linux? Got a link to the evidence for that statement? I'd not heard about that.

    • Loveblanket
      Loveblanket Month ago

      Mass Linux adoption is never going to happen and recently Steam was going to drop support for it until they made some last minute changes. I've been using Microsoft Windows to game since the first iteration came out and I've never seen one single reason to switch to Linux. The next big PC gaming revolution will be holographic technology and it will still be using Windows since Microsoft is at the forefront right now in developing holographic tech and mixed reality experiences.

  • jatari18
    jatari18 Month ago

    I'm struggling with the voice to face ratio for some bizarre reason. Nonetheless, love your work obsidian!

  • Paradise Decay
    Paradise Decay Month ago +1

    AWESOME video my friend!

  • Valorin
    Valorin Month ago

    To be completely honest: I don't really care what Alyx is supposed to accomplish for gaming as a whole... I am pretty sure the revolution will come anyway without excluding so many people from something they waiting for for about a lifetime. Making the game VR exclusive gates out everybody who doesn't have the money and also those suffering from motion sickness and headaches when using VR, and that's a lot of people. So nope, I want to play it and not be happy about the meta conclusions.