I Choose You

  • Staff Sergeant Megan Pomales leads musicians from The United States Army Field Band in this tribute to love and family with a cover of Sara Bareilles' I Choose You.
    Audio recording: Staff Sgt. Jonathan Pusztai
    For more information visit our website or contact:
    The United States Army Field Band
    4214 Field Band Drive
    STE 5330
    Fort Meade, Maryland 20755-7055
    #Soldier #Army #SaraBareilles

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  • seriously? really?
    seriously? really? 4 months ago

    Wow I've been a Sara Bareilles fan for years and she sounds uncannily like her. If I had my eyes closed I would have thought I was listening to her😊😍 beautiful!

  • Atara Quann
    Atara Quann 6 months ago

    I am seven months late but all those people who 👎 this video I wanna see how your voice sounds

  • John Roberts
    John Roberts 6 months ago

    Thank you for sharing this. The vocals are incredible-- I love it more than the original Keep singing!!

  • Luis B
    Luis B 7 months ago +1

    Pikachu I choose you!

  • Artyom Golenischev
    Artyom Golenischev 11 months ago

    Классно 👍

  • Josh Schinasi
    Josh Schinasi 11 months ago +1

    Whoever is singing deserves an award

  • Primavera
    Primavera Year ago +1

    I choose you too :-)!

  • Lady Christian
    Lady Christian Year ago +2

    Best military in the world 😍😍😍

  • Ting
    Ting Year ago +1


  • E LopezLo
    E LopezLo Year ago +1

    You are the best!!!! ❤️

  • Blue Bleeder
    Blue Bleeder Year ago +1

    Best military in the world

  • Chris C.
    Chris C. Year ago +1

    And to the 2 people who disliked this. You gotta be Deaf😉

  • Chris C.
    Chris C. Year ago +1

    Beautiful. I downloaded this and been listening to it. Your voice is just Calming. Thank you Patriots!

  • beatleme2
    beatleme2 Year ago

    that was great~ that stand up bass. singing, everything

  • Elias Cesar
    Elias Cesar Year ago

    Cantam e tocam muito parabens

  • limescale onetwo
    limescale onetwo Year ago

    we're real people just like civilians

  • 武神かん Snow Leopard 道場

    Sounds great!!

  • vicente30000
    vicente30000 Year ago +3

    Hermosa Cancion.

  • PigMine 7
    PigMine 7 Year ago +1

    Not that happy with this. I want to see this band do time-honored standards. Christmas and Nationalist song covers


    Posso me alistar?
    Meu sonho era ser um membro das forças armadas dos U.S.A, achava que tinha passado o meu tempo, mas agora ao descobrir este conjunto, acho que ainda tenho uma chance, vocês são de mais , parabens.

  • Brian Pite0
    Brian Pite0 Year ago +2

    Real nice!

  • CCGamingClips
    CCGamingClips Year ago +1

    Happy Valentine's day :)

  • Paul Saunders
    Paul Saunders Year ago

    Sounds really good!

  • SMO
    SMO Year ago +2

    such a beautiful song. great job keep it up

  • Amazing Wildlife
    Amazing Wildlife Year ago


  • Manon Dumouchel
    Manon Dumouchel Year ago +6

    Your voice is wonderful and the song too, Happy Valentines Day to All and families, Thanks for all you’re beautiful, I love you

  • Heike The Angel
    Heike The Angel Year ago +9

    Beautiful voice! 👍🏻🌸😊

  • Lucy Young
    Lucy Young Year ago +1

    Happiest Valentines Day wish to all thank you very much Love Lucy

  • Evandro Roberto Speri

    Simply the best !!!!!!!!!!

  • trainroomgary
    trainroomgary Year ago +1

    🎼 Like & Hi from Michigan ♬

  • q q
    q q Year ago +1


  • Izaiah feliciano
    Izaiah feliciano Year ago +1


  • Jonathan Bahia Gomes

    Lindo Parabéns

  • RK Moirang
    RK Moirang Year ago +12

    Awesome Singing😍😍😍👏👌👌👌🔊😍

  • Major Rick Corbin
    Major Rick Corbin Year ago +12

    SHE Has a wonder ful voice

  • Francis Bello
    Francis Bello Year ago +1


  • Sued Becheleni
    Sued Becheleni Year ago +1


  • Tempa Bhutia
    Tempa Bhutia Year ago +2

    I view 7 likes what is this you tube

  • Stanley Flex
    Stanley Flex Year ago +6

    First! ❤️