U.S. launches cruise missile strike against Syria

  • Опубликовано: 7 апр 2017
  • U.S. warships in the Mediterranean launched cruise missiles against a government airfield in Syria Thursday night in response to a chemical attack that left dozens of civilians dead. CBS News' David Martin has more from the Pentagon
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  • Tchinablue Khurvinus
    Tchinablue Khurvinus 3 месяца назад

    Stupid news

  • Mr Clean
    Mr Clean Год назад

    dumbasses in comments supported Obama invading every damn middle eastern nation, but trump bombs a single middle eastern nation they act like their whole family got slaughtered in front of them

  • Tianyue Zheng
    Tianyue Zheng Год назад +2

    The host looks like an idiot

  • Tierman Beats
    Tierman Beats Год назад

    Funny how Republicans and Trump were all against Obama when he was going to send missiles to Syria and now everyone thinks it's ok. Fucking hypocrites.

  • Pinhead Larry
    Pinhead Larry Год назад

    Can't wait for this to be a new cod game

  • bhord2010
    bhord2010 Год назад

    Anyone notice CBS will not call them "Tomahawk" cruise missiles? To much PC.

  • RockSolid life
    RockSolid life Год назад

    ONLY 23 OF 59 MADE IT

  • Tony Balony
    Tony Balony Год назад

    False flag

  • James Amos
    James Amos Год назад

    Where are all the Antichrist comments and post that Obama got when he was elected. Trump is on the verge of starting two brand new wars... WTF

  • goliiad
    goliiad Год назад

    wtf how'd he get a 25 kill streak?

  • xxlilsky 13
    xxlilsky 13 Год назад

    donald ttump caca pendew marico

  • The Global Deception
    The Global Deception Год назад

    It's CBS with the All Seeing Eye spreading propaganda. 👁

  • Joe S
    Joe S Год назад

    WW3 here it comes!

  • TheDarkSlayer
    TheDarkSlayer Год назад

    Why does the text on the thumbnail make me think this video is a PoTG vid from Overwatch?

  • Chris Benson
    Chris Benson Год назад

    Fight Fire With Fire.

  • Syfy Void
    Syfy Void Год назад

    Well first 100 days and trump launches missiles ....Yekss

  • Adolf Hitler
    Adolf Hitler Год назад

    I hope this goes nuclear, then I won't have to keep using my oculus rift to play Fallout 4

  • Daedalus Daedalus
    Daedalus Daedalus Год назад

    Instead OF SO MUCH NONSENSE, ALLEGED "AMERICANS" SO-CALLED "OWNERS OF THE WORLD" (This is from Peru) What in the world are you waiting for? Can't you see what is in front of your eyes? The relationship between the US and terrorism is LEGENDARY! DON'T BE NAIVE! The US is UNIQUELY to POINT OUR fingers at for either attempt, the CHEMICAL and the subsequent missile one.
    Don't you think It's time WE ALL STOOD UP FOR MANKIND ONCE FOR ALL? Is it just the "we-are-so-proud-to-live-in-America" ATTITUDE AT ALL COSTS, OF LIVING OUR OWN LIVES AND "AMERICAN" FREEDOM AT THE VERY EXPENSES OF THE DOOMED POOR REST? Can you still insist in nonsense like fucking videogames NOWWWW? AND BRAG ABOUT THAT?
    Enough of so much ignorance going on out there: 'The entire world is "American" or the third world is our backyard". WHAT A BUNCH OF CRAP! SHAME ON YOU IF STILL HOLDING ON TO THAT SHITTY WAY OF THINKING THE WORLD!
    Do whatever in your hands BROTHERS AND SISTERS, I AM JUST ANOTHER INHABITANT OF THE WORLD, JUST LIKE YOU to reciprocate in North-American soil for such atrocities to poor civil Syrian population (certainly images have been banned from mainstream media) these dying children are not just Syrians, they are yours and mine! GO OUT AND PROTEST, LETS HAVE OUR SAY OUT LOUD! WE ARE ALL JUST TEMPORARY TENANTS OF THIS BEAUTIFUL WORLD. Enough of this elite who consider themselves the owners of the world and for whom precious human lives are deemed just as crap when standing in the way for themselves to grab hold of the riches of the world.

  • Andrew SF
    Andrew SF Год назад

    so trump makes money by doing a halfass air strike that help him sale bomb to the government , have the airstrip up and running still ,and it looks like he tuff on Russia

  • Donald Trump
    Donald Trump Год назад +1


  • AL Coll
    AL Coll Год назад

    guys how 2 install Minecraft???

  • Sweetpotato Johnson
    Sweetpotato Johnson Год назад

    That cruise missile looks familiar.

  • Joseph Vallone
    Joseph Vallone Год назад

    there is no need to go nuclear. we have many weapons in our Arsenal to wipe out these facilities. if we don't, these dictators and their stupid religious beliefs will destroy the world as we know it. we now have a president with balls to do just that.

  • blacc beard
    blacc beard Год назад

    Just let the fucking nukes fly already, i mean seriously. This planet is longggg overdue for a reset anyway.

  • Joseph Vallone
    Joseph Vallone Год назад

    we have waited way too long for North Korea to build up nuclear weapons. we should immediately wipe out there facilities to create these Mass destructive devices. the whole world is at risk ugly dictatorships.

  • Tengu Adrian
    Tengu Adrian Год назад


  • Vamavid
    Vamavid Год назад

    Did that word recently change its meaning?

  • youraveragedude
    youraveragedude Год назад

    so Syria kills Syrians...
    and America comes in and kills even more civilians...
    well thats not anything new anyway.

  • use urbrain
    use urbrain Год назад

    The American regime is in solidarity with the children of Syria while
    selling cluster bombs to Saudi Arabia to kill the children of yemen.The
    United Nations Children's Fund (UNICEF) says nearly 1,400 children have
    been killed in the ongoing deadly Saudi campaign against Yemen.

  • Kae Pugna
    Kae Pugna Год назад

    Fake..all a hoax

  • Masoud Makyan
    Masoud Makyan Год назад

    If trump is concerned about Syrian children , then he should have not banned them
    entering the US as refugees ....liar trump just wants to start war and sell ammunition .

  • HD Banan
    HD Banan Год назад

    хуя се Трамп ахуел

  • Big Bootie Girls Mom
    Big Bootie Girls Mom Год назад

    I hope Trumps war blows us up!

  • Lara Mara
    Lara Mara Год назад +15

    сооl vidеo! I'm with mу girlfriends wаtch еverу your video!)) Whо alsо liked this vidеo, cliсk "likе"))

  • KiLLZ0N3
    KiLLZ0N3 Год назад

    just hold on

  • Charles
    Charles Год назад

    So we've been dropping 20,000+ bombs a year on Syria since like 2012. Many of them against Assad with civilian casualties. And now this is huge news?? Makes you wonder what the press was doing before Jan 20th of this year.

  • R. m
    R. m Год назад

    This is a new low for the MSM media, this is an illegal act of war without any reliable evidence. Shame on you.

  • Johnny Sunday
    Johnny Sunday Год назад

    An we can't seem to hit anything with these over priced bottle rockets. I want a refund, far too expensive for very little bang.

  • Greg Oltmanns
    Greg Oltmanns Год назад

    More false news. The casualties were not what they say and civilians were not allowed on that base. Get it right for a change will ya.

  • Dijan Ace
    Dijan Ace Год назад

    Wheres the pepsi

  • juandeldiablo696
    juandeldiablo696 Год назад

    This is all fake news Trump said he won't get involved with this type of wars

  • Ethan B
    Ethan B Год назад

    This is all a set up, they know exactly what they're doing.

  • Katz
    Katz Год назад

    Of course this boring pedantic coverage makes in on Trending right after RUclip demonetises the majority of independent channels & small organizations cause they're too *controversial to make money* I'm sure every single viewer of the David Pakman Show don't care to buy Coke, Pepsi, cars, & other bullshit. 👌

  • Joel HC
    Joel HC Год назад +1

    Are we supposed to be fascinated by this shit you fucking shameless warmongers?

  • Koush
    Koush Год назад +1

    World War 3 gonna be lit af

  • Cyberbob
    Cyberbob Год назад +1

    Name of the song please

  • nav sharad
    nav sharad Год назад +1

    I guarantee if I went around America surveying people on their knowledge of what's going on around the world, 90% of them would have no clue. Damn idiots only think about themselves. I'm American too but the majority has been blinded with entertainment to care about the real world.

  • do u know da wey
    do u know da wey Год назад


  • Officer Tenpenny
    Officer Tenpenny Год назад

    Without Assad ISIS will take over everything

  • TrollWithAustin
    TrollWithAustin Год назад

    Forgot to mention that it was an empty airfield

  • South Efrikan
    South Efrikan Год назад

    Mohammed is a violent false prophet. We have a duty to save everyone from the evil that is Islam.

  • hunk5525
    hunk5525 Год назад +1

    Scott is super boring!

  • Austin Morgan
    Austin Morgan Год назад

    Russia has unveiled the RS-28 Sarmat, nicknamed ‘Satan 2’. The super-heavy, thermonuclear
    intercontinental ballistic missile (ICBM), nicknamed ‘Satan 2’ by NATO, is capable of destroying an area the size of Texas or France.
    The missile was declassified by the Makeyev Rocket Design Bureau, which has been working on the rocket for the last 5 years.

    Set to replace the Cold War-era R-36 Voyevoda ICBM (aka ‘Satan’), the RS-28 will reportedly travel at speeds of up to Mach 12, or over 4 km/second. The estimated range is for over 11,000 km. This puts all of Europe, as well as both the East and West coasts of the United States within range.
    The missile is MRVI-equipped. This means it can blanket an area with multiple detonations or carry multiple nuclear weapons to a single target area. It’s capable of carrying a payload of ten tons of nukes, and can carry 10 heavyweight warheads, or 16 lightweight ones. It weighs 100 tonnes.
    The Sarmat is speculated to be capable of evading radar defenses, as well as deploy warheads of 40 megatons. Those are approximately 2,000 times stronger than those dropped in Nagasaki and Hiroshima in 1945.
    .....Donald Trump should stop provoking a Super Power (Russia)
    Diplomacy should be employed at all times.
    Don't just rush into conclusions.
    Grave mistakes might be made.

    FUCK TRUMP Год назад


  • HM P
    HM P Год назад

    fake news

  • The Amazing Videos
    The Amazing Videos Год назад

    top wire Syria

  • Illiana Marie
    Illiana Marie Год назад

    Ppl have been telling me that there will be a lot of stuff like this happening in 2017 BECAREFUll guys

  • Zaire Sumner
    Zaire Sumner Год назад +1

    Can't wait to tell my children that Trump started WW III

  • Taqadventures
    Taqadventures Год назад

    david is at the pentagon with the latest war porn. david?

  • TMerkury
    TMerkury Год назад +2

    *breaking news usa will get nuked in an hour*
    youtube comment: nuke deez nuts lol

  • LegendaryScar 14
    LegendaryScar 14 Год назад

    Who the fuck gave the right for those mother fucker to nuke that poor country there is enough people dieing there about almost 1m people died the passed 4 years and probably half of them are poor inesent children...this makes me wanna cry ( excuse my language and English I wasn't born here)

  • Alan Cohen
    Alan Cohen Год назад

    They all went off at the same time! That's why I was lagging yesterday. I had trouble simulating all the physics...

  • Noah Jenkins
    Noah Jenkins Год назад

    "Be prepared, there is a small chance that our horrendous leadership could unknowingly lead us into World War III." - Donald Trump Aug. 31st, 2013.

  • Zerosyte
    Zerosyte Год назад

    I don't think that anything like WW3 will start. this kind of stuff really does happen all the time.

  • Creambud
    Creambud Год назад

    These are the moments where Donald trump is dark instead of a laughing stoke (probably spelt wrong)

  • Hype Beast
    Hype Beast Год назад


  • inanimation
    inanimation Год назад

    Wow trump just blew up 59 million dollars worth of missles

  • Eliana Saorise
    Eliana Saorise Год назад

    When I scrolled by this video, I thought the missile was a tampon

  • itecnus
    itecnus Год назад

    Press f to pay respects

  • DroltihsTM
    DroltihsTM Год назад

    Hey if I look like Kim Jong Un I'll move to North Korea and say I'm Kim Jong Un and that I lost weight. Then I'll bomb the shit out of AMURICA

  • Robert Blankenbiller
    Robert Blankenbiller Год назад

    Can people explain to me why people support Assad? He doesn't seem like a person we should be backing anyways...

  • Bearwoman11
    Bearwoman11 Год назад

    93.8 million for Tomahawk missiles.
    13 million to put the destroyers in place to launch the missiles.
    28 million to provide cover for the Destroyers.
    6 million to plan the attack on Syria.
    4 million to cover the area the Destroyers were located at.
    NOT destroying the entire airfield and destroying one Toyota vehicle Priceless!!
    my condolence to the 16 people killed in the attack including 4 children.

  • huyseng
    huyseng Год назад


  • AnoosTheGoose I
    AnoosTheGoose I Год назад

    Why is the us attacking Syria

  • Luke Jamail
    Luke Jamail Год назад

    59 missiles in one minute… wish I could see a video that sounds terrifying

  • Brian Garcia
    Brian Garcia Год назад

    f u guys i live in an unknown city is usa im not getting nuked anytime soon

  • quantum tunneller
    quantum tunneller Год назад

    who else wishes this video was published on april 1st

  • The jams Jimin lost
    The jams Jimin lost Год назад

    Wow looking at the comment section I have discovered how stupid this generation is. Why are people still complaining about Trump, why are people complaining about things that have nothing to do with them, why are people getting Triggered so easily about racist jokes? The world will never know.

  • JIUNnF
    JIUNnF Год назад

    Big mistake, Tomogavk destroyed not chemical containers (another color of marking) but containers of anti-tank weapons and 6 people of civilians and several Mig-23.

  • The Modern Man
    The Modern Man Год назад

    As if Trump gives a shit about chemical gassed Syrian children. Why does the media always say bullshit like that? The American government doesn't throw Tomahawk Missles at anyone just for "humanitarian" reasons.

    • Steel Castle
      Steel Castle Год назад

      Considering the extreme limited damage they caused, I'm not sure we sent much of a message to Syria. In the end, we are much more likely to come in contact with Russian forces over a country of no strategic importance or a threat to the US.

  • David Ramos
    David Ramos Год назад

    When ww3 starts I'll look back on this comment and say damn things have gone to shit

  • iDunno
    iDunno Год назад

    CBS should stand for Chemical Bomb Shit

  • j j
    j j Год назад

    like a boss.

  • Victor Hugo
    Victor Hugo Год назад +1

    Can I get drafted if Im here illegally

    • Victor Hugo
      Victor Hugo Год назад

      Steel Castle lol

    • Steel Castle
      Steel Castle Год назад

      Not sure but if your legally, you can dodge the draft. Ask Donald Trump for the details.

  • Nate Thomas
    Nate Thomas Год назад

    yeah Trump sucks, but where were these reports when Obama was doing it?

  • Trip Fontaine
    Trip Fontaine Год назад

    We didn't hit shit.

  • Ronnie Baxter
    Ronnie Baxter Год назад

    Too bad no one has a video of those missiles hitting. Must be spectacular.

    • Steel Castle
      Steel Castle Год назад

      Better they should have been hitting the runway and suspected chemical weapons warehouse. That's a lot of missiles just to blow up about 20 non-flyable planes (used for training and spare parts). Think about that when you pay taxes this month.

  • Tarek Zoubi
    Tarek Zoubi Год назад

    I think trump wants activion to make the next call of duty in syria

  • Scoobert Doobert
    Scoobert Doobert Год назад

    Call me whatever you want but I'm so tired of hearing about middle eastern garbage in the media that I would rather us not go to war with them. I honestly don't care about them or their children but UGH... more of this shit.

    • Steel Castle
      Steel Castle Год назад

      But you love their oil though. And the fact they run lots 7-Elevens. Who doesn't love a good "Slurpee" every now and then?

  • Χ Ξ Σ
    Χ Ξ Σ Год назад

    Assad is secretly Prince Kassad

  • Abhishek Ganta
    Abhishek Ganta Год назад +1

    They should have launched Pepsi cans instead.

  • AD Manassas
    AD Manassas Год назад

    Sixty missiles in sixty seconds....

  • Owlgamer26
    Owlgamer26 Год назад

    Anyone else absolutely terrified? Start gathering your emergency Nuclear Invasion supply kits, everyone.....

    • Victor Hugo
      Victor Hugo Год назад

      Owl Gamer lmao you have no idea about the capabilities of modern nuclear weapons. Your silly underground bunkers and survival kits from CVS arent gonna do shit if a nuclear war were to actually happen. Youre gonna get vaporized doesnt matter what you do

  • Mike Adams
    Mike Adams Год назад

    as you can see white people are still the devil. pasty demons from Hell. bombing and murdering poor people of color all over the world for thousands of years

  • Jod3n
    Jod3n Год назад

    fuck russia we will destroy them too

  • love kekistan
    love kekistan Год назад

    I don't like Trump but he did the right thing here he actually helped the Syrian people

  • Keegs OF
    Keegs OF Год назад

    How come Russia's angry at us? They've bombed WAY more than us and we didn't care one bit. Now that the US does it somehow they're acting all tough and we need "their permission"

    • Daniel Wilson
      Daniel Wilson Год назад

      Because Russia is in Syria strike on militants and terrorists, while the US has struck at government forces of a sovereign state. And the US is some sort of a special country that does not require a UN mandate? Because Russia acts in Syria at the request of the official government of Syria, while the US intervene in Syria.

  • uttO rettO
    uttO rettO Год назад

    i'm indonesian moslem..
    i love what trump did today.
    Can i booked the target here : Assad, his Army & ISIS , focus boss ! destroy them !

  • Shaun
    Shaun Год назад

    I don't Ike Trump but I'm happy about this

  • Sebastian Fernandez
    Sebastian Fernandez Год назад

    I don't even care anymore at this point. Let's just finish this and get into war cause it'd going to happen anyway. I'm tired of saying Trump is a bad president because obviously nothing's getting done.