Nicki Minaj - Only ft. Drake, Lil Wayne, Chris Brown

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Автор Parimal Sen ( назад)

Автор Jaleya Beauregard ( назад)
he sound drunk

Автор Jaleya Beauregard ( назад)

Автор Jaleya Beauregard ( назад)
"I never fucked Wayne, I never fucked drake on my life man FUCK sake if did I'll let them eat my ASS like a cupcake

Автор Arie Nicholson ( назад)

Автор Markas Golden ( назад)
this is the shit

Автор Shaylee Fann ( назад)
I am in LOVE with this song! Love Wayne's part!

Автор Curtis xghhhjjf the gplcjvWashington ( назад)
I have a great day ahead and send the project the engineer the way the the the way the the the icuifjdj to theirs is a tie flights to the the the way the way to in to the way even to be Ryu the the icuifjdj the way even the way even you want and the project topics you want I can you know that I know that the project topics the the icuifjdj GH the project the engineer project topics you want you to be to theirs to the project topics the to be a 😋

Автор Jessica Kookie ( назад)
The music,rap and beat is sick

Автор Hollowpictures ( назад)
Nicki goes dummy hard!

Автор anas sbissa ( назад)
no you never fucked them but they fucked you

Автор El Chico De las Escaleras ( назад)
Fuck Yeeeeeeeay

Автор Emerald Avila ( назад)
the song high school, explains that you have fucked wayne

Автор Emerald Avila ( назад)
the song high school, explains that you have fucked wayne

Автор Donicea Wallace ( назад)
"But I was still staring at the titties thoooooo'' ~Drake 2014

Автор Ann Jenner ( назад)
Lil wayne looks like a homeless guy. No offense lil wayne fans peace yo! ✌️

Автор sofwer 44 ( назад)
da fuck is this wtf i just saw

Автор Na 21000 ( назад)
if big sean was rapping in this song, i'd add a dollar for every time for rocking my head front and back

Автор Adrie Waz here ( назад)
i love Nicki Minaj and chris brown so much together

Автор shantae xxx ( назад)
"I never fucked Wayne I never fucked Drake, let me be your president"

Автор I ate all of your Pokébeans ( назад)
See Kids

Not only boys abuse

Автор Alexis Garcia ( назад)
sparkes ln the air like fourth of july

Автор Gabbies edits ( назад)
"these girls are my sons" well i guess we need to tell Nicki that Girls are girls and they are daughters im sorry to say

Автор Zana Lawrence ( назад)
*Oh just subtle shout out 2 ma sponsor... can't forget*

Автор Emerald Avila ( назад)

Автор Riccardo #f ( назад)
Non forse la sua migliore

Автор Faith Gutierrez ( назад)
Wait, Drake's obsessed with thin women
and he agrees

Автор jeremiah g ( назад)
2017 only because she got titties

Автор AmIl Agarwal ( назад)
lil wayne raps my life?!

Автор 24 savage ( назад)
who is watching in 2018

Автор JessDaUnicorn ( назад)
2:32 umm wtf lmao

Автор JessDaUnicorn ( назад)
i actually ship nicki and drake XD

Автор Hollagrl0999 ( назад)
My boyfriend just asked me to marry him this morning while this song was playing... i said YES!!! this song is so special to us now. its so catchy and i love the video. Check out my boyfriends music video by searching "Lucky- Wannabe [HD official video]", people compare him to Eminem..hes getting popular fast. Who else is here on March 24th?

Автор Kervin Orosco ( назад)
Wayne said it the best.... she'll be fuck't up!!!!

Автор Spicyboi 420 ( назад)
Still staring at the titties doeeeee

Автор osana najimi ( назад)
2:33 still staring at em tittys though XD DRAKE WOW THATS ONE WAY TO WIN A GIRL

Автор osana najimi ( назад)

Автор Ben Prongspie ( назад)
Wow drake didn't know he could disrespect women that way

Автор Pauline Royer ( назад)
Y love you nicki

Автор Crazy world Video ( назад)
kuck you

Автор Sarah Attar ( назад)
This video is....intense....

Автор Андрей Акулов ( назад)
Потом ники всем отсосала

Автор Denxytube ( назад)
0:43 Why the fuck you lying

Автор Ewan Mercer ( назад)
I never fucked Nick that's fucked up if I did fuck her she'd be fucked up

Автор NEVAEH CLARK-COE ( назад)
so what its just a song

Автор Anissa CupCakez ( назад)
I dont get Chris browns part in this..

Автор lena soliz ( назад)
this is me just I wont do nothing with wayne

Автор K. Georgieva ( назад)
Chris`s part is my fav !!! ❤❤❤❤❤ His voice is magic ! ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤

Автор Kaiya Tolliver ( назад)
Nicki👄💄💋💅🏿drake 🖕🏾👱🏽👆🏽🤘🏽Chris 👩🏽‍🎤🤴🏽🤰🏽💑Wayne 👑💑🚶🏾🤷🏾‍♂️

Автор Morshed Khan ( назад)
feel the music

Автор Felila Kia ( назад)
i love this song so much 100% obsessed ( its killing me)

Автор Denzel Simmons ( назад)

Автор Denzel Simmons ( назад)

Автор dayday ( назад)
why do I like 4:42 so much😂

Автор tiana walton ( назад)
dis my song

Автор MALICE of BALOR ( назад)
Meh....beat is catchy...chorus is kinda catchy...rest of the lyrics are shit. Sorry, not sorry.

Автор Amanda Baker ( назад)
I love this fucking video

Автор sara msp ( назад)
Good job Nicky, I Lil Wayne, Chris Brown!!!! Good fucking song!!!!😘

Автор Shelly Marie Delphia ( назад)

Автор xEmPix ( назад)
Nicki Minaj is trash and a piece of shit ! let the war begin but idc she is a fckn bitch and ugly as well :)!!! although the song name must be Drake,Lil Wayne,Chris Brown feat Nicki Minaj cause she isnt even singing except at the fckn beginning !!!!

Автор dakota schmitt ( назад)

Автор Antonio Hernandez ( назад)
so who won anyways 😂😂

Автор Dakota Storm ( назад)
Drake is so thirsty lol

Автор Maria Vega ( назад)

Автор Candy Cashman ( назад)
You know it's one of those videos with this many views

Автор Luka Johanson ( назад)
Nicki should've done this alone or with Lil but Drake is ruining it somehow

Автор Camarie Daniels ( назад)
So she fucked Chris?!?

Автор Mahnaz Koecher ( назад)
I'am 11 Years old and scared for Chris brown but the part when Hi sings is the best ps i love you Nicky Minaj you are the best❤️💝💖💋💕😍❣️🌹💞 my name is Minas and the kids at school say to me Nicky Minas Whahaha 🤣🤣🤣

Автор Alain Bentivoglio ( назад)
Ho aperto sto video solo pe vede le super tette e il culo e sta negra

Автор metehan düzgün ( назад)
2pac = Under 100 millions,

Nicki bitch = More than old school

Автор asking shy ( назад)
OMG Nicki Minaj I Queen of abortion

Автор Daku Gaines ( назад)
Drake, Nicki & Lil Tunechi Huge Fan.

Автор Little Man Huerta ( назад)
the fuck up with celebrities these day they be getting weirder and wierder are they some kind of devil worshipers

Автор Mohammad 321 ( назад)
drake you are rasist YOU say nigger while you are white 🤔

Автор Mohammad 321 ( назад)
who's watching in 1886

Автор Mohammad 321 ( назад)
Nicki Minaj how can you be so white while you are actin black 🤔😐

Автор Erinn Hutzell ( назад)
also has she f***ed chris

Автор jazzy genyard ( назад)
i love drake

Автор XxGaMeRxX x ( назад)
yo I never fucked Wayne I never fucked Drake all my life for fuck sake

Автор SK Eskimo ( назад)
Nigga now you see me, Nigga now you don't.

Автор Duh it's Hannah w ( назад)
hold up you said that you did not have things with Wayne and drake but what about Chris Brown he's in the vid

Автор Kaoutar Oukdia ( назад)
it stills the best ever

Автор Catalina Ciubotaru ( назад)
Lil Wayne had the best rap part in my opinion

Автор Mikaella-san 1015 ( назад)
"these girls are my sons" 1:03

Автор fairytale official ( назад)
Lil Wayne is a monster on this song bruh!! Shout out to Chris brown, he's got the juice

Автор Niyah Jackson ( назад)
you fuck everyone that

Автор The Law ( назад)
In my opinion Lil Wayne's verse was the best

Автор Only Berkay [OB] ( назад)

Автор the braylon station ( назад)
Chris brown look creepy

Автор Emerald Avila ( назад)
I only watch this video for Niki's and drakes part

Автор Bliss ( назад)
"Let him eat my ass like a cupcake". I love you Nicki 😂

Автор Dom Clutch ( назад)
Sooo they rape

Автор EmmaTiger ( назад)
i only ********************** when there chickins XDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD

Автор etina ngata ( назад)
this is my fave rap

Автор Mad Pack ( назад)
Lil Wayne fineeee

Автор Lizbeth Anahí Pantaleón Ramírez ( назад)
me gusta esa cansion

Автор xObsessinMsp ( назад)
this is sooo G A N G S T E R

Автор Spnt 875 ( назад)
WTF happened to rap,ofc if you can call this trash rap

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