50 People Try To Slice Okra | Basic Skills Challenge | Epicurious

  • We brought together 50 people and challenged each of them to slice okra, the slightly slimy superfood. Okra has a unique taste and boasts a wide array of nutrients, but how many amongst us have what it takes to get it prepped for the kitchen? Find out on this episode of Basic Skills Challenge.
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    50 People Try To Slice Okra | Basic Skills Challenge | Epicurious

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  • steffi rajakumar

    "Chopped Ophrah . Okra*" lol

  • 1 4
    1 4 2 days ago

    Slimy, Wierd Vegetable

  • Some One
    Some One 3 days ago

    Is it weird I never had whatever okra is or even heard of it

  • Scat Lacquer
    Scat Lacquer 5 days ago

    I do not slice okra those ways just diagonally and it should do justice.

  • April
    April 6 days ago

    You can tell most of these folks have never had soul food. Seeing the pink shirt guy in the beginning hurt me.

  • Begüm Örde
    Begüm Örde 6 days ago

    We call it “bamya” in Turkey!!! But the ones here are A LOT smaller (like from the tip of your finger to your first knuckle) and are cooked with meat and tomatoes,onions etc. We just shave off the top (some even use a giant sharpener!!) and i personally shave off the hair too and use it as a whole!!!!

  • It hurts to know I exist

    We grow a lot of okra in our farm in the Philippines. My parents taught me to boil them for a few minutes. And once they’re cooked, you can dip them in some vinegar and eat it. Sometimes, we add it in our Filipino dish “pinakbet” with other vegetables. It’s a really good vegetable. You’ll have a love hate relationship with it at one point but okra is good. 🇵🇭

  • mechadoggy
    mechadoggy 7 days ago

    2:51 demonetized

  • anusha kumar
    anusha kumar 7 days ago

    Laughs in Indian

    HATIM HKM 9 days ago


  • Nourhan Yehia
    Nourhan Yehia 11 days ago

    In Egypt this is called Bamia and it's sliced and made in a totally different way ... It's delicious

  • Kasey Minor
    Kasey Minor 13 days ago

    Oh this hurts the southerner in me.I've grown up picking it with my grandparents then sitting around cutting okra all day to freeze. But always putting aside a batch to fry for dinner.😥

    • April
      April 6 days ago

      You and me both girl. Fry it up or toss it in some gumbo.

  • Jen Jen
    Jen Jen 14 days ago

    Fried ochro and ochro soup 😍

  • larissa meneses
    larissa meneses 14 days ago

    It's called Quiabo in Brazil.

  • Zakarias McDanal
    Zakarias McDanal 15 days ago

    You haven’t lived until you’ve tried fried okra.

  • Jayden Ang
    Jayden Ang 19 days ago

    In my country, we call it ladyfinger

  • Robstructor 36
    Robstructor 36 21 day ago


  • Aaliah Ahamad
    Aaliah Ahamad 24 days ago

    The Caribbean in me is crying

  • vene me
    vene me 25 days ago

    People, its tasty when fried. Bharwa bhindi. Bhindi ki sbzi so much recepies. Cut its pods and go. Its my fav. U peeps should get a life

  • Cindy Perez
    Cindy Perez 25 days ago

    We call it "molondrones" here in DR

  • Pambansang Kagawad VLOG

    They're talking like they dont know what it is. Talkng like ignorant.

  • Hippiebassdude
    Hippiebassdude 26 days ago

    As somebody who used to prepare okra at a BBQ joint. My god the amount of cringe i have suffered during this video XD

  • Myna92
    Myna92 26 days ago

    As an asian, omggg this such an insult lmaooooo sjdjjskfd.
    Okra just fried it with malaysian sambal belacan and its already good. Gosh iam hungry

  • Babita Kumar
    Babita Kumar 26 days ago

    And I just had okra for dinner...😂

  • Zaxor Von Skyler
    Zaxor Von Skyler 27 days ago +1

    Am I the only one who doesn't cut okra?

  • Brawl Stars Gaming
    Brawl Stars Gaming 27 days ago

    Please pronounce it correctly

  • Zeref Dragneel
    Zeref Dragneel 27 days ago

    Ramsey is my spirit animal

  • Helgali
    Helgali 28 days ago

    Hammer???? WHY???? jeez.........

  • Aza P
    Aza P 28 days ago

    Bruh you don’t even need to cut it, just boil it and eat

  • Derin Mehmet96
    Derin Mehmet96 28 days ago

    OMG in Middle East we have a totally another way to cut okra !!!!

  • antoninette alexander
    antoninette alexander 29 days ago

    these people are not southerners, Bless their heart

  • Kayle Dawson
    Kayle Dawson 29 days ago

    Robert Ramsey is the only reason I watch these low key hehe ;)

  • Ochako Uraraka
    Ochako Uraraka 29 days ago

    I saw this video as i was eating pickled okra and i was like HAH these people know nothing!!!!

  • leen khlifat
    leen khlifat 29 days ago

    You dont eat it raw
    Just cook it with tomatoes and some olive oil tastes amazing

  • Chris Hansen
    Chris Hansen 29 days ago

    the redhead chick is pretty and adorable abandon all tools like our ancestors did!

  • Randy HQ
    Randy HQ 29 days ago

    I wish I can join this

  • Little things
    Little things 29 days ago +1

    This is *bhindi*

  • Dynamite Kid
    Dynamite Kid Month ago

    We use it in a soup as a side for rice and cook it whole (without slicing). In Kurdish it's called Bameh

  • AbyssArray
    AbyssArray Month ago

    "Where's the hammer?" oh boy lol

  • Khizar Khan
    Khizar Khan Month ago


  • Ranie Viernes
    Ranie Viernes Month ago

    Im craving some pinakbetttt where my ilocanos aaaaattt

  • KK Lao
    KK Lao Month ago

    Steamed okra with garlic spiced soy calamansi is the bomb!

  • Oaki
    Oaki Month ago

    Still waiting for 50 People try to peel a banana

  • Katelynn Barnes
    Katelynn Barnes Month ago

    Pickled okra is good and fried okra is best. If the Okra is slimy it is because it's been boiled. It's very popular in the South.

  • Gabriela Alves
    Gabriela Alves Month ago

    It's called QUIABO here in Brazil. We eat it with chicken 🥰 My great-grandma fries it really quickly before cooking so it becomes less slimey. Love it!

  • Hermione Granger
    Hermione Granger Month ago

    I don’t even know what to say.

  • yolo playz
    yolo playz Month ago

    Tyler the Creator brought me here

  • KevWebsz
    KevWebsz Month ago

    Subtitles said "goo penis" lol

  • Sian Nelson
    Sian Nelson Month ago

    This is so funny to me, I'm Jamaican born and raised in London. Grew up eating okra it's delicious we use it for all sorts, Rundown is my favourite it's made with coconut too. Not everyone put okra in their rundown but my family do 🇯🇲

  • itakru
    itakru Month ago

    As a Southerner, this was painful to watch

  • Moleboge Mokgosi
    Moleboge Mokgosi Month ago

    Ao, delele?

  • Salon Ghimire
    Salon Ghimire Month ago

    God, I just hate Okra...🤢
    Anyways, Lady Fingers sounds better.

  • Em H.
    Em H. Month ago

    my jaw was on the floor

  • Ginyu
    Ginyu Month ago

    Okras are so good

  • Christy Chw
    Christy Chw Month ago

    As an asian, I am extremely triggered watching the way they sliced the okra. Otherwise, aka lady’s finger.

  • óòNö Námèóò
    óòNö Námèóò Month ago +1

    My mom eat that raw like an banana but that banana don't have outside layered

  • P S
    P S Month ago

    It is lady finger I think

  • Reeth Mitra
    Reeth Mitra Month ago

    Call it okra, cut it however, I will always hate bhindi with roti.

  • Syuhaidah Fadzil
    Syuhaidah Fadzil Month ago

    It’s lady finger is a more common name for it.

  • TheCaliMack
    TheCaliMack Month ago

    Just steam it and eat it as is. Dip it in bagoong.

  • Kartik Gautam
    Kartik Gautam Month ago

    I did this when i was 10

  • Allison Nish
    Allison Nish Month ago

    I'm 15 and I know how not to cut okra.

  • Emily Wilson
    Emily Wilson Month ago

    I didn’t realize people that aren’t from the south don’t know what okra is. Deep fried okra, pickled okra, or just plain okra is all amazing.

    • JW McCabe
      JW McCabe 29 days ago

      Emily Wilson Exactly!!!

  • Joe Huang
    Joe Huang Month ago

    Turn on subtitles from 3:47-3:51. Don’t ask why

  • Arcas Yard
    Arcas Yard Month ago

    Grill the Okra and dip it in bagoong with lime juice. Tastes phenomenal.
    You can also add okras in Filipino dishes like Pinakbet.

  • asma c
    asma c Month ago

    We in India call it lady's finger

  • arcanask
    arcanask Month ago

    0:55 The mezzaluna makes its triumphant return to Basic Skills Challenge!

  • Maeve
    Maeve Month ago

    As a bajan/trini american i’ve never seen okra sliced lengthwise.

  • Eugene Stein
    Eugene Stein Month ago

    Since there are lots of comments of people saying what is it in their language
    For lazy russian people: Окра(literally same name) , or Бамия (Bamia) or Абельмош (Abelmosch)
    And yes, I still have no idea what this is ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

  • Joe Hut
    Joe Hut Month ago

    2:35 2:58 I love that the level 1 chefs are flexing in these videos full of level 0s

  • Irshaad Hashim
    Irshaad Hashim Month ago

    they need a Guyanese to school them on this amazing food

  • Unfiltered_me
    Unfiltered_me Month ago

    I have never eaten okra ...

  • Lidia Linska
    Lidia Linska Month ago

    I love okra so much! Broil it for 1 minute, sprinkle with soy sauce and garlic and enjoy!

  • Pierre O. Park
    Pierre O. Park Month ago

    Okra... In a hearty soup or with salted beef 🤗🤗🤗 My mum’s mum used to make this and it was GREAT.

  • Dhwanil Patel
    Dhwanil Patel Month ago

    Obviously they don’t like it because they try to eat it raw. It is my favorite vegetable because when cooked with spices, it is really good

  • Sturgeon
    Sturgeon Month ago

    Mark Twain in a tiger stripe shirt is such a pro.

  • Juvia Lockser
    Juvia Lockser Month ago

    I used to hate okras when I was younger

  • FURCANOS Froistsm
    FURCANOS Froistsm Month ago

    If your Ghanaian you know what okra is used for.

  • Gamooch
    Gamooch Month ago

    Okay but y’all need to get some kpop idols on here attempting to cook

  • HeyIff
    HeyIff Month ago

    Okra soup > egusi soup