Subscription Boxes January 2019 - Loot Crate, Akibento, Munchpak | Ashens

  • Published on Jan 17, 2019
  • Loot Crate:
    Back on schedule! Sort of! We've got Bumblee fallout due to being lost in space, and then some... anime.. stuff... like Naruto? And other things! Then some interesting international snacks because YUM.
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  • justin jordan
    justin jordan 3 days ago

    Better be careful they might send you a box full of "bloody eye patches lol"

  • Brendon Backus
    Brendon Backus 17 days ago +1

    Topkek is the only brand of turkish snacks I eat.

  • eskerpole
    eskerpole 24 days ago

    The pin joke got me well done

  • Paladin Pure
    Paladin Pure Month ago

    9:25 He didn’t know it was Midoriya. Goddammit Ashens!

  • Christine Creasey
    Christine Creasey Month ago

    If you keep going you will get the whole ninja set lmfao 😋

  • Señor Hilter
    Señor Hilter 2 months ago

    Lüt Crдэт

  • cranberrry
    cranberrry 2 months ago

    Izuku? A Nom? Nani tf?????

  • gaster two soul
    gaster two soul 2 months ago

    We found something worse than the inflatable crown

  • deidaraart5
    deidaraart5 2 months ago

    Oh I’ve had those soy sauce butter crisps before, they’re super tasty!

  • Blues InsanityFantasy
    Blues InsanityFantasy 2 months ago

    I love the artificial banana taste

  • KingPrintmaker
    KingPrintmaker 2 months ago

    I'm pretty sure I've bought that toxic waste candy but it came in a plastic "toxic waste" can that looked exactly (including font and color) like the one in the picture. I got it at a dollar store.

  • vjpearce
    vjpearce 2 months ago

    I hate Royal mail International handling fees. They basically hold your items to ransom until you pay. How is that even legal?

  • Hyicrotai
    Hyicrotai 2 months ago

    I love how he completely tears into their business and they still send him boxes as if one day he'll change his mind.😆

  • Krock
    Krock 3 months ago

    @21:30 _"Anyway, time to put that in my mouth, apparently!"_ Famous last words 😂

  • The BigZapfer
    The BigZapfer 3 months ago

    I don't know if putting Vile in your brand name is a good idea....Vilac.....

  • nõ kaféおはよう
    nõ kaféおはよう 3 months ago

    Hearing Sugoi in Ashens mouth.

  • nõ kaféおはよう
    nõ kaféおはよう 3 months ago

    You should watch anime, that has lots of filler episodes, eh, at least they are enjoyable.

  • Geeking Solo
    Geeking Solo 3 months ago

    That akibento, I really would have enjoyed! My favorite is Flurpple! Murpple needs more character building.

  • goemonbeatsnaruto
    goemonbeatsnaruto 3 months ago

    nice shirt of deku punching a nomu

  • Joey Ford
    Joey Ford 4 months ago

    Um... Ashens, when they mean 'chocolate banana', they mean banana flavored chocolate. Also I thought the Chocolate Banana Pocky were very tasty.

  • Sufficio
    Sufficio 4 months ago

    Holy shit, I didn't expect to see my hometown's coffee pop up. Greencastle coffee roasters was my childhood, my mom worked there. That was such a cool unexpected surprise.

  • xacharias_s
    xacharias_s 4 months ago


  • The Chimera System
    The Chimera System 4 months ago

    Was that not a My Hero Academia t-shirt? It looked awesome!

  • Martyn Willis
    Martyn Willis 4 months ago

    Because after you get stuck by lighting... There's Thunder

  • Dsn13 jcsn
    Dsn13 jcsn 4 months ago

    Your mannerisms leave much to be desired

  • InfamousSloth
    InfamousSloth 4 months ago

    The way you open those food packets deeply upsets me

  • JavaoftheLava
    JavaoftheLava 4 months ago

    Ashens, your videos are the best thing to watch on acid. Keep it up 😍

  • Psycho5275
    Psycho5275 4 months ago

    If I got that coffee in a munchpak i would have been beyond tilted
    1. I hate coffee
    2. I live 20 miles from Greencastle, so i bought in international snack box and gotten a snack i hate from a place that closer than my drive to work

  • Kakarot
    Kakarot 4 months ago

    That's a thing.

  • Michael MacGyver
    Michael MacGyver 4 months ago +1

    I hate those damn Royal Mail customs charges, they're always like "£2 VAT plus £10 handling fee" total b.s.
    Looking at the video, the Akibento box had £3.80 VAT and an £8 handling fee.

  • JJ_
    JJ_ 4 months ago

    well I forgot this channel existed, Thanks youtube sub box that doesn't work at all

  • kain5056
    kain5056 4 months ago

    You know something tastes impressive when Ashens puts it in his mouth and goes "Holy shit"!

  • Josef Stylin
    Josef Stylin 4 months ago

    tobi looks like a wooden tabletop with a knot in it

  • Josef Stylin
    Josef Stylin 4 months ago

    That Escape From New York patch has me mad as hell. Of all the stuff they could've done. A bloody $1 eye patch?

  • Alexis2andsoOn
    Alexis2andsoOn 4 months ago

    Anime merchandise is either the lowest of effort or the highest of prices. You can never really get happy with it...

  • Wyr3d
    Wyr3d 4 months ago

    Akibento T-Shirt - I think it might be the MC from My Hero Academia
    The Black Thunder looks like Rocky Road

  • Kentucky Ranger
    Kentucky Ranger 4 months ago

    Lost In Space, got lost in Netflix...

  • loomman529
    loomman529 4 months ago

    Ninja headbands have a symbol on them, otherwise it's just a generic headband.

  • Polite Cat
    Polite Cat 4 months ago

    for halloween you should wear your inflatable crown with the eyepatch and bandana.

  • Tyler McCann-Barnes
    Tyler McCann-Barnes 4 months ago

    1:35 "I always like it when they're not black"

  • Ryan Robinson
    Ryan Robinson 4 months ago

    How much of the yearly tat budget did you blow on that opening special effect?

  • Paran Todd
    Paran Todd 4 months ago

    You can get the white choc buenos in the uk

  • Liofa
    Liofa 4 months ago

    Loot crate, spreading plastic shite and packaging throughout the world's landfills and oceans since 2012... Or possibly earlier, or later... Can't be arsed to look it up...

  • Aaron Jackson
    Aaron Jackson 4 months ago

    You can get White kinder bueno in the UK too. Or at least they used to be in shops here. I’ve definitely had them.

  • Dan Whitmore
    Dan Whitmore 4 months ago

    Were you thinking of a Lion bar,Ashens?

  • Blue Coyote
    Blue Coyote 5 months ago

    Disappointing about the pocky. Banana and chocolate sound great together.

  • TheRedCyndaquil
    TheRedCyndaquil 5 months ago

    I'm kinda disappointed that we didn't get to see a ninja ashens with one eye

  • hugh fancy
    hugh fancy 5 months ago

    9:11 karate guy 😂

  • Daniel Yeoman
    Daniel Yeoman 5 months ago

    They sell white buenos down here in Essex

  • Jordan Joestar
    Jordan Joestar 5 months ago

    flurple and murple are best girl

  • 80's horror fan
    80's horror fan 5 months ago

    Escape from New York was first then prob more then ten years later LA.

  • Late Night Reviews
    Late Night Reviews 5 months ago

    Poundland exclusive Lootcrate! make it happen!!

  • Lee Designer
    Lee Designer 5 months ago

    I like the pins ...that’s it. Cheers Stuart.

  • Troubledbananas
    Troubledbananas 5 months ago

    hey Stuart if you didnt give that coffee away from the munch pack could I possible have it?

  • TheBadFred
    TheBadFred 5 months ago

    Pocky is available in Malaysia in many different flavors like, mango, strawberry, oreo, etc

  • Breaker_Jones
    Breaker_Jones 5 months ago

    lol ashens why do you get the anime box when you clearly dont know what any of that shit is? XD

  • Aegislash Excalibur
    Aegislash Excalibur 5 months ago

    Bar Kek

  • Multiplayer Dungeon
    Multiplayer Dungeon 5 months ago

    If you ever have to throw that couch out, the internet will mean nothing anymore.

  • Child of the tortoise
    Child of the tortoise 5 months ago

    flirple and murple ARE my favourite anime characters! i really enjoyed their parts in cory in the house and lucky star

  • Dr Spooks
    Dr Spooks 5 months ago +1

    I been watching you're video's for a long time and that was the funniest vid if ever seen

  • Arnkellj
    Arnkellj 5 months ago

    a d20? on a sprue?
    well that's a garbage dice(die?) isn't it?
    Obviously this shows us how the DnD team is disconnected with its players :v

  • Dave Lister
    Dave Lister 5 months ago

    So much landfill, do you sell this crap on ebay ?

  • Peter Loew
    Peter Loew 5 months ago

    After that magnificent eye patch, I really hope they include the famous inanimate carbon rod from that episode of The Simpsons in one of these boxes.

  • Domestic_K9
    Domestic_K9 5 months ago


  • Luke Smulski
    Luke Smulski 5 months ago

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    This is a statement for the people of mankind, for every man, woman, and child... from every race, religion, and location.
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  • aXenon Gameplays
    aXenon Gameplays 5 months ago

    17:46 Did you mean the mighty Blue Riband ?

  • Blaine Hoover
    Blaine Hoover 5 months ago

    (For anyone who is curious) the rasengan is the blue energy thing in his hand. He always had the whiskers.

  • James Brown
    James Brown 5 months ago

    "Escape from New York Snake Plissken eye patch" - I looked at my screen and muttered out loud, "Are you kidding?"
    And as for the white chocolate strawberry coffee... Since we can't make you drink it, why don't you invite a friend you don't like around and have him sample all the Munchpack rejects. Should be jolly good fun.... because it's not happening to you.

  • jinxmetwice420
    jinxmetwice420 5 months ago

    Ohhhh typical Loot Crate, they used to be so great 3-4 years ago then the quality just went meh in my opinion.

  • Sarah Marsden
    Sarah Marsden 5 months ago

    Either I was going mad or I saw you in Edinburgh on Friday 18th January? Always love your videos 😁

  • steamtrain27 9
    steamtrain27 9 5 months ago


  • Fawx_Games
    Fawx_Games 5 months ago

    At least you GOT the eyepatch from the lootcrate. I ordered that crate because they gave me a coupon so I got it for like 5 bucks, and mine came with a piece of paper saying that "Due to estimated price and time constraints, the eyepatch will be in the NEXT lootcrate." Which I wasn't buying, because that's some shit business.

  • Tyrtlez
    Tyrtlez 5 months ago

    This is Decembers crate of 2018

  • troublezYT
    troublezYT 5 months ago

    here from 2009 and holy shit brown couch

  • mjc0961
    mjc0961 5 months ago


  • Opetelkaa Luemaan
    Opetelkaa Luemaan 5 months ago


  • Ross Taylor
    Ross Taylor 5 months ago

    I absolutely love Ashens and will continue to watch his videos but I have heard him ‘crunch’ and eat food for the last time. The sound of people eating isn’t something I enjoy so will be skipping this from now on.

  • tyrgoossens
    tyrgoossens 5 months ago

    Dungeons and dragons? Turns out this was another cracking unboxing.

  • BigFat
    BigFat 5 months ago

    An OG youtuber

  • King Of The Land
    King Of The Land 5 months ago

    Can You Do More Nosybonks Cause He's My Senpai :T Please ashens

  • Quiet Side
    Quiet Side 5 months ago

    These Loot Crate videos are getting very boring. I miss you reviewing vintage toys and cheapo fake action figures. None of the stuff in these boxes is amusing or even vaguely interesting.

  • yogibear2k10
    yogibear2k10 5 months ago

    Sorry, but the bloody bumblebee! It's HERBIE! Also, I am glad he didn't call Vault Boy, Virtual Boy, either.

  • Anon B
    Anon B 5 months ago

    I want ashens chewing white noise tape

  • EverythingGeek
    EverythingGeek 5 months ago

    Personally I loved lost in space on Netflix one of my favorite shows but maybe it's because it's American show that you didn't enjoy because I don't enjoy too many bbc shows it's just not what I'm used to so maybe it's the same for everyone else although my sister and mom loves bbc shows so maybe it's just my autism because it's hard for me to watch because the accent which is weird because I love the English accent but I guess it's harder for me to focus when it's on a show though but that's autism for you little things can make it hard for me to focus

  • floydian06
    floydian06 5 months ago

    Yeah, so Candy Dynamics is a US confectionery company with international distribution. Nice try, MunchPak.

  • Robo McLaren
    Robo McLaren 5 months ago

    why does it look like travis tritt at 6:24?

  • cody the gamer _
    cody the gamer _ 5 months ago

    The eyepatch lets you become punished snake

  • Alexa
    Alexa 5 months ago

    I feel personally attacked by that call center call out. Crying myself to sleep right now.

  • Eddie
    Eddie 5 months ago

    Yellow spray paint smells like banana flavored candies taste. Think about that a bit...

  • William Jarvis
    William Jarvis 5 months ago

    Bumblebee was good because Travis Knight is amazing and Michael Bay is shit. I really wish it didn't get explicit tied to that franchise.

  • Azariachan
    Azariachan 5 months ago

    Last time Ashens complained about the LootCrate contents, he got sent an entire box of inflatable fucking crowns. Wanna guess what he's gonna receive next?

  • skeve613
    skeve613 5 months ago

    Why is the logo on the pizza crackers the Marathon icon / 343 Guilty Spark?

  • Pickle Rick
    Pickle Rick 5 months ago

    I like fallout 76 ashenr, and I work in a call centre

  • bad ape
    bad ape 5 months ago

    I would take the lootcrate box, eye patch and all!

  • PinBallReviewer
    PinBallReviewer 5 months ago

    Well Gen 1 Transformers Anime was that 80s boom box so yeah it is Sound Wave Gen 1.

  • Killian Paenen
    Killian Paenen 5 months ago

    They sell the White Buenos everywhere here, it'd be a shame to find them inside a crate.

  • Todd Bevan
    Todd Bevan 5 months ago

    15:40 'The sour flavour that you promised from your front butt'? ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

  • Willypie
    Willypie 5 months ago


  • Jose Parcenary
    Jose Parcenary 5 months ago

    Garbage in a box.

  • Totalwreck 31
    Totalwreck 31 5 months ago +1

    Eye patch + Headband = Solid Snake.