Maya's Litter - Live Cam Highlight

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    Maya's puppies snuggle with mommy.
    This is Maya’s second litter, and the litter theme is “Vehicles.” The puppies will be named after Italian cars in honor of Maya’s home handlers Fabio and Susan Corsi. Maya goes to work with the Corsis, attends gatherings with them in NYC, and relaxes at the park when there is time. The dad of this litter is Terrapin: 100% Golden Retriever. This is Terrapin’s first litter. He is almost 3 years old, just a little younger than Maya. Most people call him a mosh or teddy bear.
    Maya’s first litter is now in advanced training. Viper will be the first one placed this summer, and he will become a facility dog at a residential treatment center for youth. His job will consist of helping incoming children adjust by comforting them, engaging them during groups, and playing ball or tag with them. The other dogs from that litter are focusing on service dog work and helping kids with Autism.
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