Comey Says FBI Investigating Russia Interference

FBI Director James Comey is publicly confirming for the first time that the FBI is investigating Russia's efforts to interfere in the 2016 presidential election.

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Автор Jesper Berggren ( назад)
Comey is beyond pathetic...

Автор John Donne ( назад)
NSA, FBI say alleged Russian Interference didn’t change vote tallies in any state.

Автор ash bear ( назад)
gets me....that bitch Killary pills what she did. nothing happens. but they pull out all stops for this? lmao so typical of America

Автор Atlanta's Very Own ( назад)
Comey and all these corrupt pigs will be fired after trump is proven right and innocent. lmao have several seats.

Автор Bruce Bartup ( назад)
Look, no matter which way you cut it, miscalculation, naivete, incompetence, bad luck, bad company or 'my pet prositute ate my homework' - he's a big boy and he dropped the ball so - consquences.

Who could not live with this as a quick compromise or 'deal'. No Blame No Fault admitted he agrees to leave office in favour of Pence, Pence agrees to name his own VP then stepdown too and so on until the VP passe a special Confirmation process. On tthe condition that whoevertakess on the the POTUS Jobs MUST take on the Trump agenda (plled as legslation from speechs and RNC document) and commit to it. Minus the pro- Russian elements of course.

any takers?

Автор Robin Campbell ( назад)
All of you that hate Trump, Just wait until the truth comes out about Obama and the Clinton's

Автор shane mcnevi ( назад)

Автор Julie Applegate ( назад)
Are liberals claiming that if "Russia" had not exposed corrupt Hillary Clinton's corruption then corrupt Hillary would have won the election.  Is that what these liberals are claiming?

Автор AJ Parisone ( назад)
How does the FBI conduct an investigation of Russian/Trump collusion for over 8 months, without surveillance or wiretapping?

Автор raday11 ( назад)
stupid americans just bullshiting, no any proof of Russia's Interference!

Автор Silver Lining ( назад)
Can we start the impeachment process now?

Автор Tyrone ( назад)
James comey has the second best voice next to Obama 👌

Автор peter lee ( назад)
Once again everyone, except the majority of the Republicans in Congress, is proving that Trump is a liar and a crooked.

Автор Mijemu mijemu ( назад)
Trump is guilty of Treason.

Автор Awsomecutekitten ( назад)
If anybody tapped Golgar-TheDon's phone it was obviously Hillary's annoying "Tarantula!" Why? Because Tarantulas DEVOUR Cockroaches!!! Microwaves FAIL!!! 👼👸🎅

Автор Ben Switzer ( назад)
Trump: U Wire Tap'd Me, mean! U learned all my secret clubhouse strategys like TRUMP VICTORY SUPREME STRATEGY BUILD THAT WALL MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN 1: which is to yell into Twitter for 12 months. Good thing you propped me up like a straw man with billions in free media Democrats, only to discover America has a morbid fascination with its own downfall. A fabulous, tremendous downfall!

Obama: Russia Interfered!! NO FAIR! I'm taking all my diplomats and going home :(

Hillary: I totally wud of won if Russia didn't butt in, its cause I'm a girl, ISNT IT?!!? I know what will make me feel better, torturing staffers in my marble dungeon.

Sanders: Thanks for taking my lunch money Hillary, would it please you if I now threw my sneakers on this high wire? I'll make sure to collect Elizabeth Warren's fruit roll ups too.

Assange: I saw!! Hillary cheated! HILLARY CHEATED AND I'M TELLING!

Putin: Wtf America I've been drinkin Wodka and lolin this whole time.

Media: In other news, America isn't corrupt at all, and Putin is a smelly pants.

Автор Sharon Cecil ( назад)
President Trump should not have to put up with these liars! Dems are surely not graceful losers!

Автор Brian Haskins ( назад)
Less than 30 days, I give it less than 30 days and Republican FBI Director Comey will announce that the investigation is over and there is no collusion. Fact is there is enough evidence to prove the Trump campaign did collude with Russia to place Trump in power, but Comey is a typical Republican who goes with party over country.

Автор John McGee ( назад)
hogwash. we all have been told already the russians did nothing to interfere with elections. Why do they keep trying to push this nonsence?

Автор John Culley ( назад)
President Trump ought to fire Comey, if he can, for dumping on his campaign and Hillary's campaign by revealing information about ongoing investigations initiated by President Obama. Both were private citizens who should be treated better than politicians. Comey did more to influence the election than the Russians even imagined.

Автор Daryl Leckt ( назад)
trump is a cannibal

Автор Ken Kall ( назад)
Wait, he said they are "investigating" these accusations. So he DID NOT say the Russians did interfere? Did I hear him say that was why they investigated clinton's home server as a source of russian hacking? What the hell???

Автор DAVID S. Metts ( назад)
Find out what Project Dragnet is.

Автор Ken Kall ( назад)
Like that famous actor said, "you people can't handle the truth"!!!! This is not the 60's and there is no russian threat. The REAL threat is a whole lot closer than that!!!!!

Автор jensen1901 ( назад)
Trump, Roger Stone, Paul Manforth, General Flynn, Carter Page = ALL GUILTY. I say lock them ALL up!

Автор Montesama314 ( назад)
It's crazy how Comey was a "Russian agent" when investigating Clinton but an "Obama lackey" when looking into Trump's connections to Russia. How about you people put away your partisan rage and wait for the facts to come out?

Автор Monica Snyder ( назад)
FAKE PREZ! FAKE LEADER! FAKE BAZILLIONNIARE!! "I can spel reel good cuz i graumated from my own university. Now where did i put my footstool, Spicer?" "Oh yeah, I majered in Twitter and minered in golden showers, oops no, I meent Russian, oops, fuck it, i two old to remember". "Comey is fake FBI!"

Автор SHELIA WOOD ( назад)

Автор Sam Sung ( назад)
That didn't stop Comey from BAD MOUTHING Hilary. He enjoyed saying Putin didn't like her later in this hearing. Why did Putin dislike her Comey? Hmmm. She was doing her job. Some men would rather put an ass like Trump in office rather than have a women as boss.

Автор Mr. Be. ( назад)
what a load of bullshit

Автор loretta fallone ( назад)
Really? Who is believing this crap? THIS IS THE GUY WHO IS WITH killary!!!!!!!!!! WE the people DEMAND YOU LOCK HER UP! Leave our President that "WE" elected.... FIRE COMEY!!!!!.......

Автор Björn Hellman ( назад)
Comey referred to unconfirmed sources as evidence, he could not refer to one single witness..  I mean is this kindergarten? Then in next breath he says there are no evidence of Trump wiretapping.. Do Americans swallow this. I thought Americans were intelligent people. Trey Gowdy ruled Comey.

Автор Bugman_oO ( назад)
Come on, America - you can do this. Get rid of this twat and redeem yourselves.

Автор thepanda999 ( назад)
Treason: Whoever, owing allegiance to the United States, levies war (cyber war against Democrats) against them or adheres to their enemies, giving them aid and comfort within the United States or elsewhere (ease sanctions for Crimea, Ukraine and collude in raising gasoline prices), is guilty of treason and shall suffer death, or shall be imprisoned not less than five years and fined under this title but not less than $10,000; and shall be incapable of holding any office under the United States.

Автор Ricardo Jackson ( назад)
Jame Comey is a stooge for Hilary Clinton, Obama, George Soros, and the Anti- Trump people. These devil worshiping liberal democrats comes from the pits of hell! GOD will destroy them and their followers!

Автор Haunted Knight ( назад)
You've been investigating for months and haven't found anything. Your a lying snake Comey, your a disgrace.

Автор Brian Fines ( назад)
It's painfully obvious you didn't watch the hearing. Your just quoting leftist media headlines. You are so so stupid.

Автор peterjo ( назад)
isn't he the one who opened up Hillary's "email issue" days before and swayed the election? smh..

Автор Shaken Grain ( назад)
Still just heresay and disclaimers. Confirms what did NOT happen, not what DID happen. Still no truth on how Trump's conversations with Australia and others were leaked. Nor who leaked Flynn's conversation with Russian ambassador.

Автор norma hogan ( назад)
How do you fight Putin when POTUS is on his side.?

Автор John David ( назад)
Comey is a useless communist who is about to be fired.

Автор Taz Devil ( назад)
How can anyone trust Comey. This is the same fool that said no reasonable prosecutor would charge Hillary for clearly being negligent as Secretary of State. Saying that they could find no intent in her actions. Destroying evidence that has been subpoena'd and lying about it is evidence of intent and there are lots of prosecutors that would have taking her to court. FIRE COMEY!

Автор Robert Herron ( назад)
they are all guilty o treason ,hay where is the 2,5 trillion that was stolin by the military day before 911

Автор Justin D'Affronte ( назад)
Russia hacked my coffee this morning

Автор woodkern ( назад)
Putin/Trump will be kicked out of America by the true patriots.

Автор James Waller ( назад)
1st, Why the fuck are these two assholes talking and not allowing us to hear the questions now being presented. Shut the fuck up you fucking Idiots.
2nd, Clachan a Choin, You are as ignorant as the day is long. Nothing has yet been proven or disproven. If you want to appear intelligent in this thread, I suggest you shut the fuck up and wait until there is conclusive evidence.
3rd, John Flynn, you are as stupid as Choin. As for Trump pushing the "red button", you had best be glad we now have a president with balls enough to push that button if N. Korea continues the path it is currently on and hope that we can make good with Russia because if we do have to blow up N. Korea, you can bet your weak as dick that China will react against us and we will need Russia to have our back.
You liberals are so fucking eaten up with the "Global Utopian Dream" that you can't face reality. In fact, you wouldn't recognize it if it were in your face with its hands around your throat choking the life out of your stupid ideological asses.

Автор Alan LaBerge ( назад)
Vault 7 say's it all. Admiral Rogers and Comey sure spent a lot more time patting their self's on the back, rather than answering questions.

Автор Cherch Cherch ( назад)
I like Comey. It appears to me, (from his actions re: Hillary last year and his actions now re: trump), that he is an intelligent, objective seeker of truth.

Автор Dan Reidy ( назад)

Автор Stevie Wonderful ( назад)
the only wire tapping that was done was bananones d*** in trumps a**

Автор GS ( назад)
Trump will leave the Whitehouse in handcuffs. I give it 3 months.

Автор stevin47 ( назад)
hoping voter remember the gop defending this behavior. IF YOU HELP COVER UP A CRIME YOUR INVOLVED IN THAT CRIME.

Автор Dan Reidy ( назад)

Автор Ken Imbody ( назад)
I'm hoping for one of two things regarding Trump. Either he's assassinated, or imprisoned; I'll be happy with either outcome.

Автор rooster ( назад)
fuck comie, this lying mf will never turn on his masters what a POS, he and the demonic fucks will be exposed, God will protect Trump and will expose these evil SOB

Автор K Owens ( назад)
Tell me when Comey said he was investigating the claim Russia interfered with the election? Comey said he CANNOT CONFIRM NOR DENY that question! Get it right FAKE NEWS ASSHOLES!

Автор skoshunt ( назад)
Too much talking over the hearing, just wanted to hear it not to be told what I just heard.

Автор rte66byhd ( назад)
wouldn't the ruskies rather have had hitlery? she can be easily bought.

Автор IMPRISON DRUMPF ( назад)

Автор Mark Youbi ( назад)
Russia is going to be 1st super power 😅😅😅

Автор Mark Youbi ( назад)
America is loosing greatness 😂😂😂

Автор Josephine Bournes ( назад)
Laughing at all of you trump defenders, last fall you fools loved wikileaks, but now you object to valid information obtained from so-called leaks...ha, ha, ha

Автор BirdsofPrey1956 ( назад)
Amazing , all speculation on Russian hacking but not one word about obamas involvement on trying to cheat the Israel elections or all the Islamic cash flowing in on the Hillary campaign as well . OOPS!!!! did I mention any liberal wrongs ? That's how the dem controlled press works., blame everybody but themselves. Pathetic one sided ass holes .

Автор stop asking me to change my name! ( назад)
Trump publicly asked Russia to hack Clinton. Is that not colluding with the Russians to influence the election ?? Don't give me this "he was just joking" crap.

Автор Bob Anonymous ( назад)
Trumpty Dumpty sat on a wall...
...all Putin's whores and all Putin's men...

Автор Lauren Widel ( назад)
The Trump Presidency is a total mess.

Автор Dan Boyle ( назад)
Sorry Comey and Rogers appear as Democrat operatives......gleefully
and concluded that Putin disliked Clinton (with no reported evidence),
so this means he must have favored Trump, and yep, yep yep......they all
agreed this was so. Again, despite no evidence.

Democrats in Congress pulling a Rachael MADDOW: Himes uses the FAKE
NEWS CNN, reads a news report as if it is true source of legal
information. SHAME, SHAME, SHAME (Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid
told a calculated lie and repeated it several times, referenced
"extremely credible source" and brought down Romney. Years later he is
proud that he did this (like Brazille and her lying). )

The truth is that the democrats have a whole history of being PROVEN
LIARS. The truth is that President Trump has a history of landing on
the truth.

No investigation with leaks, until President Trump brings everything to a
head......which he had to do......as the Democrat operatives quite
happy to let leaks keep on happening without intervention.

Comey talks about high standards.......yet no investigation that Lynch
had a meeting with Billy Clinton. Comey could not investigate Clinton
lying to congress, until Chavetz had him served..........oh yes Comey
has very very very high standards.......LOL.

Автор Donna Keizer ( назад)
Why not investigate OBama 65,000 taxpayers dollar on hotdogs and PIzzas, remember the email PIzzas in poor health, check the Wikileaks emails, PEDOS were in the Whitehouse,

Автор John Flynn ( назад)
Trump will be impeached before year end - hopefully before he pushes the Red button by mistake!!!

Автор Kevin Lee ( назад)
FU Democrat leeches. Get a job

Автор christopher mukungurutse ( назад)
Ahhhhhhh trumps a spy 😹😹

Автор jlpolcat13 ( назад)
Comey you are a boil on the butt of Humanity and the World by malicious fraudulent treasonous acts. The Russians had nothing to do with the American election and your puppet master has you and CIA NSA and FBI are paid puppets. Mutiny against Humanity. SEMPER FIDELIS

Автор mimi ( назад)
As an older adult it is frightening to think Russia is involved

Автор V ( назад)
This is where the investigation needs to focus, not on the wiretapping lies.

Автор jlpolcat13 ( назад)
Killary and the demodemons had knowledge of the conversations of President Trump's staff and President Trump's conversations with his staff also because the rallies killary and Obamas were talking about their talking to the Russians and stated so in their rallies campaigning. Butt they are in the puppet masters NWO agendas and liars are covering their butts . President Trump has proof and they will end up being proven liars. SEMPER FIDELIS

Автор Cigol Zëlev ( назад)

Автор gary pahl ( назад)
You get what you vote for

Автор Sam Smith ( назад)
Russia did not hack our voting machines you idiots! And Hillary's dirty laundry was aired out by American hackers! and IF this is considered to be "hacking our election" and "meddling" then by that logic, it was also "hacking our elections" and "meddling" to leak the pussygate audio tapes on Donald Trump!!!

Автор John Whirling ( назад)
Get this pig out of the White House.

Автор silentandrestless ( назад)
This is completely political mumbo jumbo with the American citizen not in mind. I will say its ok to investigate trumps campaign with Russia, but investigate other matters as well not just matters that appease to liberals. Like seeing if illegals voted in election. And i like how he says Leaking classified info is a serious matter and whoever does should be prosecuted. Yet Killary did and they did nothing about it.

Автор Lorry Bee ( назад)
I am absolutely sure, Trump supporters won't believe this. They would, if there was proof found for wire tapping, but now they still won't. Even if Trump stood in front of a camera live an would admit that he lied, his supporters wouldn't believe that. No matter what happens, Obama could never win. Trump supporters are blinded. They don't want to know the TRUTH. They want Obama to be guilty at any cost.

Автор Piet de pad ( назад)
How can anyone believe Comey after his performance before congress with the Clinton emails ?

Автор Clachan a Choin ( назад)
Good to hear Trumps lies laid bare. He can not spin or excuse himself from this. I guess he will probably attack Hillary or try to start a war with North Korea to deflect attention from himself.

Автор Tonka tonka ( назад)
Is this hearing being run by the democrats with the sole purpose of finding trump guilty.
Hope someone fucks up the democrats forever

Автор freeman239 ( назад)
This is a witch hunt.

Автор Mel Weakley ( назад)
Schiff is a commie from Commufornia.

Автор philip popenik ( назад)

Автор Dallas ( назад)

Автор Chris Brennan ( назад)
Did he bring up how Hilary robbed Bernie

Автор george in-virginia ( назад)
Comey helped.

Автор george in-virginia ( назад)
Comey helped.

Автор lgb ( назад)
investigating my ass, he knows full well about wiretapping and hillarys people meeting with russians. Trump well who cares, he is trying to ferret these bullshit artist shadow government shit heads out.

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