Kim Kardashian West And Freed Inmate Alice Johnson Meet For The First Time | TODAY

  • Published on Jun 14, 2018
  • Great-grandmother Alice Marie Johnson, whose life sentence on a nonviolent drug offense was commuted by President Trump, and Kim Kardashian West, who urged President Trump to free Johnson, speak exclusively to TODAY’s Hoda Kotb. “It became this mission that I just didn’t want to give up,” West says. Johnson that when she learned she’d be freed, “I went into full-fledged Pentecostal holy dance!”
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    Kim Kardashian West And Freed Inmate Alice Johnson Meet For The First Time | TODAY

Comments • 2 645

  • Sherri Jones
    Sherri Jones 3 days ago

    Kim just batted her eyes at Trump. The rest is history.

  • Cath Hammel
    Cath Hammel 16 days ago

    Incredible. Just incredible.

  • Stewie Moschino
    Stewie Moschino 19 days ago +1

    This is really nice but I don't understand, can someone please explain. How is it unfair? I've heard ppl in jail for more unfair stuff than this like Cindy went to prison from the age of 16 for trying to escape from her sexual abusers and it all went wrong. IDK if I'm missing something.

  • Miles Dyson
    Miles Dyson Month ago

    1:19 Basically , just like In Horror movies; We Know NOT to go investigate and we ALL do anyways !

  • Miles Dyson
    Miles Dyson Month ago

    I can Respect her; for Helping that Lady out of Prison !
    (Everything Going on in Politics and hate was set aside for just a short while to Help someone)

    President Trump is a Good Man with a Heart !

  • DT DD
    DT DD Month ago +1


  • DT DD
    DT DD Month ago +1

    Dang it Kim Kardashian West on it. This woman out here doing real things.

  • John Stover
    John Stover Month ago

    God bless this woman.

  • Kostas Ellison
    Kostas Ellison Month ago

    but she smuggled in over a ton of cocaine so why should she be free ?

  • Rudy Straight
    Rudy Straight Month ago +1

    Bruh... is it just me? Or am tearing up as I watch this..
    Alice is a wonderful woman

  • Rudy Straight
    Rudy Straight Month ago

    Kim the first female president. What she did was unprecedented. She and the
    President has so much alike..

    • Kostas Ellison
      Kostas Ellison Month ago

      uh she freed someone who shouldent be free u know ?

  • ᵀʰʳᵉᵉ ᵒᶠ ᵃ ᴷⁱⁿᵈ

    Kim face when she (tries) to laugh ..yikes! Scary and hilarious in equal measures 😂

  • Pimplahdon
    Pimplahdon Month ago

    but but but trumps racist. RACISTTT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Ishizuka Hikaru
    Ishizuka Hikaru 2 months ago

    Obama did nothing for the blacks.

  • King Richard
    King Richard 2 months ago

    Gods hand via strangers

  • Danielle Kearns
    Danielle Kearns 2 months ago

    I found it so shocking that she didn’t know who Kim was. It made it real how much time she spent in jail to not know them

  • Biffalo Bull
    Biffalo Bull 2 months ago

    Thanks Mr. President

  • Eric Domeyer
    Eric Domeyer 2 months ago

    I beleive in a merciful society. The sentence must match the crime. Murder yes that is huge that is a life sentence. But trying to be a drug dealer getting caught first offence mercy is necassary!

    • Kostas Ellison
      Kostas Ellison Month ago

      no its not she did service with a cartel and it was estimated about over 2 tons of cocaine so thats ok ?

  • Lashay Coltman
    Lashay Coltman 2 months ago +1

    Kim kardashian ..I love for what u did to Alice ..thanks to Trump too
    Both of u r Legends ..You'll be both remembered for saving that woman's life
    And I hope too that Kim will free Cynthio Brown .from a decade of years in prison
    Kim u r a Legend ..Thank u in so many ways u inspire me ..mwaaaa💋💋💋💋💋👍👍👍👍👏👏👏👏

  • lauren arris
    lauren arris 2 months ago

    So amazing

  • butterfly rw
    butterfly rw 2 months ago

    yeaaahhhhhhhhhhh !!!!

  • butterfly rw
    butterfly rw 2 months ago

    7 months !! whoo kim , you're rad.

  • Ana Mo
    Ana Mo 2 months ago

    Never expected this from Kim and Trump........good job kim

  • Ashley yelshA
    Ashley yelshA 2 months ago

    Amazing and lovely. God Bless Kim and everyone who contributed to making positive changes.

  • Michelle Aponte
    Michelle Aponte 3 months ago

    This is beautiful I feel like when we are young we tend to do dumb things & not think so I believe in second chances. This was very beautiful I cried!!!

  • Maria Slavinski
    Maria Slavinski 3 months ago

    I finally have respect for Kim!!! Continue that mission i think you can do so much more for ppl!!! God bless ya!!!

  • Lizzette Velazquez
    Lizzette Velazquez 3 months ago

    Kim, thank you. I have so much respect for you from today on. You’re an Angel 💛🙏🏼🙏🏼

  • JinGai
    JinGai 3 months ago

    Damm you released a convict - your a convict lover and your family ugly

  • FanOfAyn
    FanOfAyn 3 months ago +1

    Everyone gives Kim all the credit for this, but the truth is that if Kanye were not such a vocal supporter of Donald Trump none of this would have happened.

  • beverly francis
    beverly francis 3 months ago

    I knew Kim had a good heart.

  • Daniel Martinez vr2
    Daniel Martinez vr2 3 months ago

    Kimberly KW Thank u sooooo much 4 believeing in us💯, u definitely r a true Diamond 💎! & my name is Janet Serrano using her son's tablet...

  • dedpxl
    dedpxl 3 months ago

    Credit to the President. Real compassion.

  • Red Bean
    Red Bean 3 months ago

    This is the only time I have ever watched Kim K in an interview. Nothing she has ever done is as great as what she did for this woman. Congrats to all involved and best of luck to Mrs Johnson!

  • Jennifer Lawrence
    Jennifer Lawrence 4 months ago +1

    So we're just not gonna mention that Hoda thinks Delta Dawn is a gospel song?

  • nich3_
    nich3_ 4 months ago

    This was so beautiful ❤️

  • Kevin Fuller
    Kevin Fuller 4 months ago

    Im literally in tears man this is so powerful and so beautiful. So much respect to Kimberly Kardashian.

  • Kevin Fuller
    Kevin Fuller 4 months ago

    So much respect to Kimberly Kardashian for this.

  • stephanie rojas
    stephanie rojas 4 months ago

    aww such a beautiful moment❤️

  • annamal pete
    annamal pete 4 months ago

    Does Kim want to be black? Maybe Mexican!

  • annamal pete
    annamal pete 4 months ago +2


  • Jess L
    Jess L 4 months ago +1

    Kims father would be so proud ❤

  • Karla Gonzalez
    Karla Gonzalez 4 months ago

    Why not help someone who was ACTUALLY WRONGFULLY CONVICTED! She did do the illegal thing okay she should’ve spent way less time In jail for that offense but she still deserved time. There’s plenty of people in jail for offenses they didn’t even do..

    • Kostas Ellison
      Kostas Ellison Month ago

      she shouldent be free ur telling me over 2 tons of cocaine is ok ?

  • ECC Massive
    ECC Massive 4 months ago

    Its SO refreshing to see a celebrity put her money time&effort where her mouth is. Thank you Kim!

  • Cristina Springer
    Cristina Springer 4 months ago +3

    This made me cry, president trump is changing. I thought the worst of trump, he did something rIgHt and that’s something that everyone needs to see and accept! This is what a president should be doing and I don’t care what anyone says. And for Kim, she is amazing! I always thought this about her, it’s inspired me too! This is amazing!! You’re amazing!! Ty god for the help too👍🏻😭💗👏🏿

  • Rose Madeline
    Rose Madeline 4 months ago


  • b kelly
    b kelly 4 months ago +1

    Yeah helping a person out of prison that helped sell drugs is surely amazing. Imagine all of the people that died that took the drugs and all of the values and lives that it helped tear apart.

  • matt & LDN
    matt & LDN 4 months ago

    Best line is when Alice said my thank you will be a journey. She has purpose to help other people and prove to Kim and people who helped her to get out not to let down.

    • Kostas Ellison
      Kostas Ellison Month ago

      her purpose was distributing and helping in over 2 tons of cocaine right ?

  • SaltLifeChick
    SaltLifeChick 4 months ago +1

    I love hearing Hollywood talking well about the Trumps. I can only hope this will on some level help someone stop with the hate. I support the Trumps and wish more people would just do their research and stop the hate. Hate leads no where

  • Kimberly Muniz
    Kimberly Muniz 4 months ago

    Cyntoia is next 👏🏼❤️ but thank god she is out🙏🏽

    LOVE JOY 4 months ago

    What a blessing this is congratulations to Alice and Kim❤ ..KEEP IT UP KIM!

  • Sirius Mind
    Sirius Mind 4 months ago

    She isn't a "freed inmate" Today show....
    Jesus, who edits the youtube page ?

  • Linda Cantu
    Linda Cantu 4 months ago

    Wow Kim Kardashian West is an amazing daughter, wife & mother.♥️ She really made a difference in see 1's life.👌🏾

  • aly25
    aly25 4 months ago

    WOW this system is sickening. Life in prison for a first time offense for selling drugs, after she lost her job and SON. Disgusting.

  • Jen- A-Purr
    Jen- A-Purr 4 months ago

    Trump commuted her life sentence so keep ya nasty comments to ya self. & Mrs. West thank you so much.

  • Aisha Mulla
    Aisha Mulla 4 months ago

    Wait who the tf is ivanka

  • Gabriel Castaneda
    Gabriel Castaneda 4 months ago

  • Roxanna Garza
    Roxanna Garza 4 months ago

    What gets me is that they give life imprisonment to people that sell drugs but don’t give life imprisonment to people that molest children? How and why?

  • Ms.Lucifer Morningstar
    Ms.Lucifer Morningstar 4 months ago

    I love Kim good bless her she have a big heart and she is a sweet heart

  • Abreainn Terry
    Abreainn Terry 4 months ago

    I pray for Kim & the other Kardashians often! What a blessing she has been to Alice!

  • P Williams
    P Williams 4 months ago

    I’m not a fan of the Trumps but sometimes we really have to overlook the negatives and search the positives.

  • Gina Dean
    Gina Dean 4 months ago

    May Alice be the first of many to come,,,Kim, you did something truly amazing,may your path be filled with love and blessings

  • Vanny's Corner
    Vanny's Corner 4 months ago

    like father like daughter!

  • Cooking With Carlina
    Cooking With Carlina 4 months ago +1

    Love this Kim!

    RHIAN HEGARTY 4 months ago +2

    when she did the "pentecostal holy dance" 😂😂 brilliant. I love this woman.

  • Kat Smith
    Kat Smith 4 months ago

    Its so nice when people that have money and power like Kim, do things like this. God bless you Kim

  • BLACK Japan
    BLACK Japan 4 months ago

    Amazing woman kimberley and kanye 😍😍😍😍😍😍😍

  • ILoveYouMistyDawn 4EverInMyHeart

    Taking after her Father❤ What you did Kim, was amazing!!

  • thelovefund
    thelovefund 5 months ago

    Wow...Amazing! I love these people...this is AMERICA! Thank GOD for Mrs. Trump, President Trump, Kim and hubby Mr. West! AMERICA LOVES YOU.... GOD BLESS AMERICA!! Go...Go Alice Johnson..... you really are a sweet and beautiful lady! Pray for me and my family in the Philippines. GOD BLESS THE LOVING AT HEART!!!

  • Gregory
    Gregory 5 months ago

    Trump did some good

  • StarFire Entertainment Beats

    This is why i get angry when people bash the President and call him a white national, a racist and other horrible things, Donald Trump is unlike any President I've ever seen, the guy is amazing.

  • B L
    B L 5 months ago

    Wow Kim!

    SISTA CIRCLE NETWORK 5 months ago

    Lead the way kim ...everyone has good in them just wake that thing up.

  • Keith Jacob
    Keith Jacob 5 months ago

    Kim K. has found her calling

  • Arthur Rimbaud
    Arthur Rimbaud 5 months ago

    This is cool. These types of issues are exactly what I told friends and family about when Trump became our President. Let me say that again. Our President. I don't care what your politics are--there are things bigger than that, bigger than everything. I'm not naive, I understand that Kim Kardashian, Kanye, Trump, et al are all people with their own goals and aspirations. But that doesn't mean that just because they nor the rest of us have competing interests that we can't find one that's in common. This is the potential of our republic made manifest.

  • I’m Me i
    I’m Me i 5 months ago +1

    Why would you dislike this

  • Phillip Marten
    Phillip Marten 5 months ago

    she brought over 3 tons of cocaine into Memphis people like her are fueling the drug epidemic in this county Obama was right not to pardon her the only reason trump did was because its the opposite of what Obama did not because she deserved it

    PHILLIP LE BOA 5 months ago

    GOD BLESS YOU KIM. xoxoxoxooxoxox

  • kimora 007
    kimora 007 5 months ago

    Kim looks like a black women here.

  • kimora 007
    kimora 007 5 months ago

    Kim k free cyntoia Brown please she don't deserve life love u for your selfless act on freeing this lady

  • Heidi Sopkins
    Heidi Sopkins 5 months ago

    What about all the Americans she killed through drugs? Trump is such a sucker for a bit of p****

  • Olivia
    Olivia 5 months ago

    Amazing!!!! Thank you Kim for paving the way for all women including our young daughters! Alice, have a beautiful life ❤️

  • LTAries88
    LTAries88 5 months ago

    People criticize Kim Kardashian for taking provocative photos and making comments that may not make any sense to others, but not for nothing, can you name a celebrity who went face to face with the President to have a Black woman released from prison? Kim has talked to the president about prison reform and other issues. She should be shown more respect for this. I take my hat off to her and Ms.Alice.

  • Alta Smith
    Alta Smith 5 months ago

    When I started to love Kim. I appreciate her using her incredible platform to do something so great.

  • a w
    a w 5 months ago +4

    Am crying this was wonderful thanks Kim Jesus is awesome

  • Candyce Miller
    Candyce Miller 5 months ago

    Ms Johnson should have never been sentenced to life over drugs. Just shows how they treat blacks in this country. Glad she's free now.

  • Jimmy Win
    Jimmy Win 5 months ago

    it shows hookers, strippers and pornstars can be humanitarians.

  • Verbs describe us
    Verbs describe us 6 months ago

    I cannot believe in the US a grandmother can get life sentence for non-violent crimes...

  • Catherine Todd
    Catherine Todd 6 months ago

    Now that marijuana is becoming legal in so many states and countries (Canada!), will there be a reprieve for all the people convicted for a joint or two? They do NOT believe in jail. Never did and not now. Pray they all can be released!

  • Catherine Todd
    Catherine Todd 6 months ago

    The President has pardoned his criminal buddies, and finally he commuted someone who actually deserved it. A life sentence for a non-violent crime is just plain wrong. Great action on all parties!

  • Catherine Todd
    Catherine Todd 6 months ago

    Kim Kardashian is changing her image and changing her life. I think she's making terrific choices, and helping to change the world. Good for her!

  • The expert
    The expert 6 months ago


  • Deanna Hubbard
    Deanna Hubbard 6 months ago

    This is so awesome!!!

  • Richard Hernandez
    Richard Hernandez 6 months ago

    trying to get that black vote lol and Kanye trying to get involved in politics to help his brand elivate... sheeesh 😂 guys, hollywood has way to much power now, and we gave it to them oof

  • Kimmy Rodriguez
    Kimmy Rodriguez 6 months ago

    this made me cry

  • James P Gray
    James P Gray 6 months ago

    Trump NEVER should have pardoned her. She trafficked 3 TONS of cocaine into the country and laundered money for the drug cartels.

  • cryptoskygreen7
    cryptoskygreen7 6 months ago

    presentor is a drama queen

  • Critical Analysis
    Critical Analysis 6 months ago

    ...but trump is a racist...😌

  • Carrie Ortiz
    Carrie Ortiz 6 months ago

    I have so much respect for Kim

  • Sandra Jefferson
    Sandra Jefferson 6 months ago

    Wow I never really liked Kim Kardishan or her show but what she did for this woman was very kind she really not as bad as I thought. Thank you Kim!

  • Peter McIver
    Peter McIver 6 months ago

    Hands up those who didn't before but are now going to vote Trump in 2020 because he did this wonderful thing?
    Well, you need to show your thanks, right?