If "Real People" Commercials Were Real Life - CHEVY Awards

What if those annoying "Real People. Not Actors" commercials were actually real life?

You've seen the commercial. "We won the J.D. Power initial quality award!" But what the hell is an initial quality award and who the hell is J.D. Power? The worst thing is that these so called "real people" act so impressed about an award they know nothing about. Well lets see how Mahk deals with the situation.

This is a parody so suck our dick CHEVY

original video for reference https://www.ispot.tv/ad/A8Yc/chevrolet-more-awards

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Автор James Madison ( назад)
Mark is right.

Автор naethan hadesty ( назад)
that's what I've been saying lol what the heck is initial quality. after a while it sucks? lol. it does. it's a Chevy. i wish they would actually play this on TV

Автор robert paulson ( назад)
This was funny, but that ugly Boston accent...*shivers*

Автор Travis Gustafson ( назад)
GOD Soooooooo Funny

Автор walmartpimp2 ( назад)
Please spoof the Pandora "Next song matters" ads.

Автор Erik Reyna ( назад)
He said
"Not A Chevy"

Автор Kyle Williford ( назад)
Watch this everytime I see the commercial on tv lmao

Автор Eli Myrick ( назад)
J.D powa hammer

Автор Lopaka Volmer ( назад)
"Not Actors" because they don't have a SAG card? - they fucking got paid.
Bullshit ad, JD Powers spins statistics to make their clients look good.

Автор Gabe Wood ( назад)
I like how it's "real people" but they have the weird dad from Ted and Ted 2 in the commercial

Автор Jimmy Rides84 ( назад)
Lol this guy speaks the truth

Автор J.D. Powah Rod ( назад)

I approve this video.

- J.D. Powah Rod

Автор Stanley Blazeraznik ( назад)
I remember when Chevy made real cars. I also remember the Pontiac brand which made some cool cars: Trans Am, G8, Gran Prix, GTO ..... The new GM is boring like their CEO. She is about as exciting as watching paint dry.

Автор Gavin Werschler ( назад)
Please keep doing these!

Автор jesratt ( назад)

Автор John Trick ( назад)

Автор motomissel ( назад)
This is a terrible commercial, what genius said let's have a bunch of people stand next to car and read awards you guys are dropping the ball in the pr department

Автор Joseph Greco ( назад)
OMG so funny 😁😁😂😂😂😂

Автор Neo Pictures ( назад)
I had to sub because of this.

Автор RagonMouth ( назад)
please make more

Автор Mayzo ( назад)

Автор Dallas Henderson ( назад)
These commercials show me how out of touch Chevy is with Today's buyers. The government will bail you out in 5 years when you go bankrupt.

Автор Rob Nero ( назад)
hahahahaha yes!

Автор Redparade87 ( назад)
Is that Dick Masterson with the hipster stash?

Автор Jorge Hernandez ( назад)
looks like Matt Damon and Mark Wahlberg combined but sounds like Mark Wahlberg

Автор febreze ( назад)
wow wow doas big doas opening with moar caas 😂😂😂

Автор Will E ( назад)
So damn funny, keep it up Mahk !

Автор Margaret Johnson ( назад)
LOL keep them coming

Автор Joseph L ( назад)

Автор Martin Smith ( назад)
We also had the ignition switch issue but we won't talk about that.

Автор matthew garcia ( назад)
inital quality douse mean that

Автор Katherine Kay ( назад)

Автор Jay P ( назад)
these chevy ads are fucking retarded. the person who came up with the idea needs to be castrated.

these are the exact questions i have too with these made up bullshit awards

Автор Avishka Delivera ( назад)
if you look carefully, the chevy malibu in that new design started in 2015, and they have shown "4-5 years" of that design

Автор Vulgâr ( назад)
"J.D. Powa Hamma or J.D. Powa Wawd"

Автор JOSHUA CANZIANI ( назад)
You should do some about ford commercials

Автор Blasty _ ( назад)
Not gonna lie, Chevy has sweet garage doors.

Автор Zero Melsgiven ( назад)
Your horrible person!!! But made me laugh

Автор Tannishnut4676 ( назад)
Them and there doors my god i dont know why they think thats cool

Автор 2pac4ever Gill ( назад)
Share this! Mahk you're the man!

Автор Ben S ( назад)
I'm guessing Chevy sued the fuck outta u guys for this video.

Автор Joel Smith ( назад)
Please do the Verizon Unlimited commercials!

Автор Jared E ( назад)
This is awesome. I hope these "real people" wink wink, commercials stop soon. If anyone is fooled or impressed by these commercials, they deserve a Chevy, or a Kia.

Автор kai crenshaw ( назад)
That's better! 👌👍

Автор PedroCG Bruh ( назад)
Oh sweet your cars are good for three months! I definitley wanna spend money on them now.

Автор Brandon ( назад)
Not the guy the guy that added himself in but who is the main actor on the chevy side explaining everything? It's driving me nuts!

Автор rednebula317 ( назад)
do the new pepsi commercial! !

Автор xX_Sp00derMan_Xx ( назад)
didn't ford get the most awards

Автор 조용수 ( назад)
What matters is a long tern quality

Автор PAC V ( назад)
Who is Mahk?

Автор GUTER FÜHRER ! ( назад)
Chevy is a piece of shit it's all the cheapest parts that are laying around GM warehouse with a contest who can build a car with those cheep parts

Автор Maxwell Stenstrom ( назад)
And people who own a Chevy were like this "😨"at the end

Автор Asriel Dreemurr ( назад)
we have the same phone galaxy s6 active camo black

Автор smilly456 ( назад)
I didn't know there was a h in quality

Автор Hayes Riviere ( назад)
how the fuck do they get these "real people" anyways? i have a tahoe but these commercials piss me off

Автор Chewy Dog ( назад)
let's all appreciate the fact that his name tag says Mahk

Автор Mlgnoobzz ( назад)
You look mark wahlberg

Автор SSB Films ( назад)
Make more vids

Автор Antoinette O ( назад)
JD Powerbottom

Автор Nick N ( назад)
"I don't know why you guys keep invitin' me."

Автор Baily DenhHouten ( назад)
Chevrolet has been absolutely dropping the ball since the mid nineties. And Ford hasn't done a single bit better.

Автор Details ( назад)
XD I feel the Lasting Quality Award joke is getting slept on.

Автор Jake Haefemeyer ( назад)
fuck you bitch you wouldn't know a nice vehicle if it hit in the face idiot

Автор D M ( назад)

Автор thesinaclwon ( назад)
haha I just googled it and it is a bullshit award. would be better off if Chevy won the first 3 year quality award old J.D Power gives out but they didnt.

Автор Brayden B. ( назад)
Enjoy these videos while you can before a larger channel rips off the idea.

Автор GTOAviator ( назад)
at 0:55 I was drooling from laughing so hard

Автор Mark Sluka ( назад)
his name is mark and so is mine i literally would act the same

Автор 53knights ( назад)
When you think of quality, what comes to mind?

Not a Chevy. heh.

Автор eulB staeB ( назад)
Wow Marky Mark's left nut sure does make some quality comedy videos.

Автор Kim Jong Un ( назад)
The beginning is the best

Автор Mr Remix ( назад)
Zebra corner approved my remix😄😄

Автор kjz28 ( назад)
I'm a Chevy guy, but these commercials are terrible, these spoofs are GOLD!!!

Автор Kappa ( назад)
The guy lowkey sounds like Barry Kripke without the speech impediment

Автор CapnHavoc ( назад)
I swear I find the best YouTubers from Chevy dubs

Автор limetcm12 ( назад)
Can I just point out Initial quality means the first 90 days of ownership, which ALL CARS pretty much achieve, after about a year or two you start to have issues with transmissions on FWD models, timing belts, exhaust system, ignition, interior parts falling off.

Автор Kevin Coates ( назад)
"I don't know why you guys keep invitin' me" xD

Автор Andrew ThatsMee ( назад)
love your chanell! funny af

Автор Chisel ( назад)
THANK YOU for lampooning these fucking sheep. OMG IM SO IMPRESSED WITH HOW YOU PRESENT THESE CARS. They're like.. we got these actors for free! Just had to say they could be on tv. God I hate advertising.

Автор Brian Dors ( назад)
Love my Chevys, but these commercials are just horrible.... glad we can at least get a laugh from them.

Автор Pamella Dempsie ( назад)
I have watched every video you have several times and can't stop laughing!
J.D. Power-hammer!

Автор Basil Staros ( назад)
these are gold. all your "real people" commercials are FUCKING hilarious. keep it up.

Автор starfox300 ( назад)
big doahs openin and moah cahs who cahes?

Автор David Redington ( назад)
The "real people" keep changing. There's always four but not the same four, aside from "Mahk"

Автор JD Shrout ( назад)
This dude is going to be a star. Y'all watch...

Автор The Naked Argonian ( назад)
Like I always say, Chevrolet has made excellent cars in the past four years, but their commercials can blow me from Santa's Workshop to Penguin Point.

Автор drwnpadilla ( назад)
I hate these lame commercials

Автор Amber Haggett ( назад)
Hahah I don't know why you guys keep inviting me

Автор jennifer pham ( назад)
GM knowingly killed 13 people with their faulty ignition switch that they hide for 13 years. That killed hundreds and injured thousands of it drivers and passengers but its okay they got a bailout for 80 billion and still get to make shitty cars.

Автор African Warlord ( назад)
not gonna lie, i lvoe me a 1997 chevy suburban

Автор Dollar DNA ( назад)
Zebra Corner will bring an end to these commercials! 👏👏

Автор Insane S60 ( назад)
I'll never buy a Chevy. I wish I could attend one of these "commercials"...Ill troll the shit out of them

Автор Rye Guy ( назад)
Dude, thank you for making this. It needed to be said. Hilarious video, subscribed

Автор Whitney Walton ( назад)
But it does bring up a good question....
What does Initial Quality Really Mean??

Автор Holender ( назад)
From- sodapoppin here xd

Автор R 3rd ( назад)
id only buy a corvette or camaro...even tho the camaro is kinda over styled..other than that most modern cars look the same ..UGLY

Автор Keenan Bartlome ( назад)
Anyone who buys a new car is either a moron or uber rich. The only time you should buy a new car is if you are rich and are buying a performance car. otherwise you lose way too much money.

Автор San0sama ( назад)
This guy is my new spirit animal.

Автор Tyler Slager ( назад)
who jd power

Автор MyStory 1989 ( назад)
I texted my friend a link to this dudes videos, he said he didn't find it funny. I said we're no longer friends.

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