Little Caesar's Bacon Wrapped Deep Deep Dish Pizza Recipe

Bacon wrapped anything is good... but bacon wrapped pizza is legendary. Come with us on our journey of trial and error to reproduce the most iconic pizza recipe that will be popular for the next two days. We took it one step further and layered the entire base of the pizza with bacon along with some secret bacon pieces of heaven hidden inside.

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2200 Calories Per Pizza
Prep: 10 min Cook: 60 min
9" x 13" Baking Pan
Pizza Dough
Tomato Sauce
Mozzarella Cheese
That's it

Prebake Bacon for 15 minutes @ 400°F
Prebake Bacon + Dough for 15 minutes @ 400°F
Prebake Bacon + Dough + Cheese for 15 minutes @ 400°F
Bake Bacon + Dough + Cheese + Pepperoni for 10 minutes @ 400°F
Broil EVERYTHING for 3 minutes

Nutrition Facts:
Serving Size 1 Pizza
Calories 2200
Total Fat 105g
Saturated 40g
Trans 0g
Cholesterol 260mg
Sodium 4000mg
Total Carbs 200g
Dietary Fiber 8g
Sugars 25g
Protein 100g

Disclaimer: Nutrition Facts are estimated through MyFitnessPal and should act as a general guideline. It does not represent any actual facts.

Music by Noseyuk Licensed under a Creative Commons License

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Автор Daegon ( назад)
He called Little Caesar's trash

Автор Maxwell Deleon ( назад)
Jp that is mean say sorry to littie cheasers

Автор Lyzette Acevedo ( назад)
Ya should make cheesy stuffed bread like dominos!

Автор Kobe Games ( назад)

Автор Meh ( назад)
Man, this was like a mix between porn and art for the pizza lovers. Fantastic!!, now I'm hungry

Автор Meh ( назад)
Man, this was like a mix between porn and art for the pizza lovers. Fantastic!!, now I'm hungry

Автор Jared Lunag ( назад)
make a giant pizza

Автор Parker 123 ( назад)
that's true little Caesars sucks

Автор Isadora Gonzalez ( назад)
me itoxico su pizza y meda cameson 😣

Автор sean li ( назад)
Wait u live in ny like if u live in New York City I can finally say that a you tuber other than Jesse from pranks vs pranks lives near me.

Автор GamingPro-Mitosis Random gamer ( назад)
Who was eating little cears while watching I am

Автор Kerry Chaney ( назад)
More meat

Автор Auxilium Christianorum ( назад)
What can you do about this recipe? https://www.facebook.com/cookatHK/videos/1885657008336507/

Автор Silent_ Skill ( назад)
you are pervert!

Автор Glori Reece ( назад)

Автор CaluKanKen ( назад)
Little Caesars is the best pizza

Автор Ty Smith ( назад)
Do a giant cow tail candy

Автор Simply Me ( назад)
Threadbangers sent me to subscribe so I did

Автор BaconGodOfSteak ( назад)
hmmmmmmmmmmmmm theres still two peperonis there i saw it when you putted the ninth pepperoni you still have two why did you not put those two pepperoni

Автор vanden Vanden7277 ( назад)
can u make mc chicken burger

Автор Geremiah Turner ( назад)
you should make halipinyo chick fries

Автор Cousins101 Raynandez ( назад)
You guys should make a giant calzone please!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Автор Harry Thick ( назад)
California pizza kitchen butter cake

Автор yousif alodhaimi ( назад)
hey JP wateree is not a word

Автор Safyan Butt ( назад)
Guys plz try to make McFlurry!!!!!

Автор XXXtentacion ( назад)
are you one bite?

Автор Antor Istihad ( назад)
please make a nugget inside of a nugget.

Автор Mary Reed ( назад)
can you make a giant donut

Автор FaZe_ Onyx ( назад)
your retarded to say little caesars pizza is bad but this is still my fav channel on yt so I no Complain.

Автор dame toyman ( назад)
its your fault i will have a heart attack in the next month 😂

Автор GoDz Plague ( назад)
Little Caesars is not the worst pizza

Автор Ariana Roman ( назад)
little siser is the best pizza in the world

Автор Sandy Mondragon ( назад)
Pizza loca is the worst actually.

Автор Akira Takahashi ( назад)
Can you make pasta pizza?

Автор Adit Rizky ( назад)
2:26 he say Little Caesars got a worst pizza in the world? Bitch please!, Pizza Hut is more worst!

Автор Portgas D. Ace ( назад)
Can you please try making a giant Ferrero Rocher

Автор My Getaway ( назад)
i think they should make a new york style bacon wrapped pizza, i know it's little caesars and it has to be deep-dish, but in my opinion, the flatter, the better, i think they could try it out

Автор רוני אהרונוב ( назад)
I'm new to their channel, are they husband and wife?

Автор beast bone mike ( назад)
make giant gummy

Автор Josh Mush ( назад)
He is so fat

Автор dani gil ( назад)
Little Ceasars is the best.

Автор 1OUTBREAK1 ( назад)
That pizza dough

Автор Christina Nikol ( назад)
Little Ceasars is my favorite pizza though!!

Автор Venessa LeBaron ( назад)
one word, AWESOME!

Автор seny fangamou ( назад)
is your food really healthy???

Автор dread knot ( назад)
I gained 30 pound watching this.

Автор Adrian Manivanh ( назад)
Do bacon and cheese Stuff crust pizza

Автор Khia Khia ( назад)
Pizza Pizza

Автор Bbyg. Nyaah ( назад)
You guys should be become chefs

Автор Sheena Agonoy-Pascua ( назад)
Crepe cake

Автор awesome sauce ( назад)
the shadeeee 😬😬😬😬😬😬😲😲😲😲😲

Автор Jaden Gun ( назад)
lowkey i hate jp cuz he mean and fat😂

Автор boman happy ( назад)
make burger sushi ^_^ <3

Автор Lone Ryder ( назад)
"Depending on your life expectancy" LOL!!!

Автор N J ( назад)
how is there pizza less calories?

Автор Jay Chin ( назад)
You said 3 minutes but the thing said 10 min in the cut

Автор E Rico ( назад)
the little ceasers in Michigan is very good

Автор Ade Bratajaya Pradana ( назад)
you getting fatter JP..

Автор Pat Rob ( назад)
Have you guys made Buffalo Wild Wings Potatoe Wedges yet? if not please do??

Автор fat fucking oaf ( назад)
nice stroke in a bacon wrap

Автор Nisa Harris ( назад)
oreo churros

Автор Bhuwan Lama ( назад)
Make garlic bread with extra cheeses

Автор Greeneggs bacon ( назад)
2:51 cooking the dough with the uzi


Автор Jenny Bui ( назад)
Hey JP and Julia! I love you guys and your videos so much! Huge fan! I love the JP vs. Julia videos! Maybe you guys could make it a series!

Автор Olivia Davis ( назад)
You guys are a cute couple I love your guyses videos

Автор Ghostdemon ( назад)
you managed to add more bacon and still have less calories than little Cesar *MIND BLOWN*

Автор Gabriel Caraballo ( назад)
Julia Is way!!!! Better

Автор Lakeisha Cooper ( назад)
make a taco inside a taco

Автор omelfilip ( назад)
umm little Caesars pizza is one of my favourite pizza places

Автор joel paZ ( назад)
why don't u do tacobell pizza

Автор Rocky4Mvp ( назад)
can u guys do Pizza Hamburger! and keep the good work!

Автор Monica Navarrete ( назад)
Nah, Little Caesar is not bad at all. Their pizza actually tasted good, but it's your opinion so... ok.

Автор Mixerhd3 ( назад)
I subscribed 👍🏼❤️

Автор Comedy Showcase ( назад)
i dont like food i eat people lol xD

Автор Curry30 gameplay ( назад)
plzzzzzz do GUSHERS ice cream by marlin

Автор Jose Lemus ( назад)
Idgaf what y'all say little ceasers is bomb af and cheap thats why i love them

Автор xxP1ST0LER0xx ( назад)
He doesn't like Little Caesars probably because he has never asked for a fresh pizza from them.

Автор Kris Delcid ( назад)
Screw you hellthy junk food little ceasers is good

Автор Maiyyappan Megala ( назад)
can you recreate McDonald's curry sauce

Автор Cassandra Garcia ( назад)

Автор Gunter The Penguin ( назад)
get this guy to 40 subs for roleplaying https://youtu.be/9uZDqrJyIoY

Автор GiantBananaHoldingAGrapeFilledHotpocket ( назад)

Автор Hyesook Song ( назад)
heart attack starter kit

Автор Joel ( назад)
Little Caesars is like my favorite pizza place. They have really good deep dish pizza, bread sticks, and crazy bread. I also like their really good deals

Автор TheoriZe ( назад)
This is basically a Epic Meal Time without wasting food

Автор Phantom Sun ( назад)
So much less freaking calories good job guys

Автор Night Hawk ( назад)
Boosted jp!

Автор Curtis Pirson ( назад)
Little Caesars is delicious

Автор JETBLASTIX ( назад)
I get this once every year.... the rest of the year is spent losing the fat I gain from it.....

Автор Eric Liestoh ( назад)
Little Caesar's makes the worst excuse for deep dish pizza in the history of pizza. I'm a pizza fanatic, and I came across their "Detroit Style" pizza a few weeks ago, and decided to give it a go, knowing in advance that it would almost certainly suck balls. Yep, it sure does. "Deep dish" to these corporate hacks means nothing more than "thick crust" in reality, topped with shitty sauce and processed garbage cheese. They should be sued for even using the term "deep dish" to describe their shitty excuse for pizza. Enough said.

Автор Jared Wellington ( назад)
"where in New York and it's winter we don't get any sun" Lmfaooo

Автор Fifa Dillon ( назад)
Am I the only one that likes their pizzas ?

Автор Raven Trinidad ( назад)
when this video was released its my birthday

Автор Jourriel ( назад)

Автор The Overseer ( назад)
Don't you ever insult my baby they make cheap pizza not feel like a mistake.

Автор Pinupgirl Cll ( назад)
"Little caesars " this is very good dude

Автор Pinupgirl Cll ( назад)
Hate JP +1

Автор Yoshi Family ( назад)
I love deep dish pizza with rapped bacon!

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