Leica's $5000 Point and Shoot Camera

  • I brought the full frame Leica Q2 point and shoot camera to Christmas in Texas! Enjoy!
    Leica SL2 first look video - ruclip.com/video/0fXkTYxVK1s/video.html
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Comments • 80

  • Kevin Rodrigues
    Kevin Rodrigues 10 days ago

    With firmware 2.0 now we have manual settings for exposure in video, if only they had a mic jack now

  • sultanabran1
    sultanabran1 11 days ago

    considering how much money people throw away on coffee, uber eats, smashed avocado on bread, i think the price of a Q2 is justified and worth it.

  • Dean Mercier
    Dean Mercier 14 days ago

    Leica and the subject of “value’ are apples and oranges. Considering the world is drowning in China’s dumb down plastic and cheap metal hell, Leica reminds one what quality should be. We should get back to we’ll built products that stand the test of time and earn their legacy. That is Leica! China does not make money with that goal and money is all that is important to them.

  • thezhengqiang
    thezhengqiang 15 days ago


  • JK Grooms
    JK Grooms 21 day ago

    I am going on a trip to Sweden Lapland to hike King's trail and looking to buy the Q2. I already own the Leica Noctivid Binoculars and love them. Do you think this camera is the right choice to video document my trip? Thanks for your review and expertise. JK

  • bradleungphoto
    bradleungphoto 23 days ago

    your video cost me a trip to BH Photo after work, buying this and dropping another $200 for a sd card!!! I hate you

  • a'gusto chanel
    a'gusto chanel 23 days ago

    Buen dia saludos de Perú gracias por compartir

  • a'gusto chanel
    a'gusto chanel 23 days ago

    Married me leica😄😄😄👍

  • a'gusto chanel
    a'gusto chanel 23 days ago

    Omg ilove leica

  • George Tagg-Oram
    George Tagg-Oram 23 days ago +1

    Dose the new firmware(2.0) solve your frustrations with video?
    “Full manual control in video. Extended capabilities for capturing videos with manual control of aperture, shutter speed and ISO by using the PASM mode. Full auto still remains an option. This was one of the most requested features by Q2 users.” www.reddotforum.com/content/2020/02/leica-q2-firmware-v2-0-released/

  • Tyrone Kim
    Tyrone Kim Month ago

    I like your review. The Sony photos of you looked warmer(radish) than the Leica(cooler and softer). I'm curious to know which camera gave the most accurate color rendition on that day of the shoot. Also, how many mega pixels did each camera used to capture the images?

  • Mathematical Michael

    The new firmware just added all the manual video controls you asked for!

  • Andreas T
    Andreas T Month ago

    Yeah, I could have a Sony. But I just want to have fun.

  • Mark T
    Mark T Month ago

    Q2 has weatherproofing, a great sensor and fantastic lens. As a small travel camera for photographers its a great camera. Its not designed for video, if that's a factor people care about buy something else.

  • ThreeDee
    ThreeDee Month ago

    Do a review of the RX1r ii please!!!! 🙏🏾🙏🏾🙏🏾

  • Veejay Mexico
    Veejay Mexico Month ago +2

    Mentioning “Leica” and “Video”in the same statement is sacrilegious, and like mentioning Bugatti and pizza delivery! Leica makes ART.....NOT for selfies!

  • Charles Davis Smith - Photographer

    Purchased the Q2 and absolutely love it!!! Amazing lens.

  • tylaar haran
    tylaar haran Month ago

    Great vid ......... it’s beaut but ultimately why would ya?

  • Wizard
    Wizard Month ago

    That guy on your left at 1:15 seems to think the world will collapse on him soon. Look at his face. Haha~

  • photo Man
    photo Man Month ago

    If you use the button instead of the touch screen it requires two clicks to delete

  • مصطفي مجدي Mostafa Magdy

    excellent camera ,, But you choose Q2 OR SL2 ???

  • Billy Johnson
    Billy Johnson Month ago

    Whoa I didn’t expect the Sony photos to kick the butt of Leica right out of camera. Even though I want a Leica q2. The color is beautiful. Makes me think twice about it.

  • stevey500
    stevey500 Month ago

    I relate so hard when you mention your complaints get argued that this is not a video camera. I CANNOT handle it when someone argues that a potential firmware fix is not a solution to what COULD result in a damn-near-perfect product that otherwise has the hardware to handle what you're envisioning.

  • Muhammad Shuman
    Muhammad Shuman Month ago +1

    what about sony a7r vi

  • dada Hman
    dada Hman 2 months ago +1

    hi Sara ,which pp you use for vlog video ? slog &hlg?

  • SR997 1
    SR997 1 2 months ago

    Ah! Leica, the apple of the camera world

  • Oleg GajnanoFF
    Oleg GajnanoFF 2 months ago +2

    I'm a novice documentary filmmaker, not a blogger, and you have a very interesting and versatile channel! Cool video! Like

  • rahim ebadi
    rahim ebadi 2 months ago

    Your daughter is getting more beautiful every day and very much Miss Madam Thank you for your education I love you in Iran and I love you all Americans
    I love a world in the hope that one day all problems will be solved

  • Web Design
    Web Design 2 months ago +1

    I use my Leica Q 2 for street photography torontostreet.ca and enjoyed your review. In your test versus the the Sony, those Leica shots looked like jpegs right out of camera. The Q2 Jpegs are all bland like that, but the raw files from Lightroom are much more saturated right on import, have you noticed this? Your Texas shots looked gorgeous and looked like they were shot as RAW files.

  • Le Thomas Evek Show
    Le Thomas Evek Show 2 months ago

    Sony looks so much better imo

  • Holmes_11_
    Holmes_11_ 2 months ago +1

    Came across your channel recently. I'm liking your content!

  • IllumiGraphic
    IllumiGraphic 2 months ago

    Not the most ideal camera for your primary viewer demographic..the millennial. I think your viewers would appreciate better value cameras like Sony and others. Fuji is the closest to get that “retro” feel while retaining great value. Leica is more toward the high net worth enthusiast.

  • Tech Guy
    Tech Guy 2 months ago

    $5000 for a point & shoot camera
    No thanks
    Also some would disagree with your apology 10:10

  • stark senap
    stark senap 2 months ago

    Leica camera photos look like you just came out from concentration camp....

  • jason chalangary
    jason chalangary 2 months ago

    Just stunning photos. The camera is gorgeous. Great video.

  • Pierre Argubi
    Pierre Argubi 2 months ago

    that leica color tho...

  • Marc
    Marc 2 months ago

    The Q2 isn’t a point and shoot camera. Unless having autofocus and auto-metering necessarily makes a camera a point and shoot. In which case your A7 or 5d would also qualify, right?

    • Marc
      Marc 2 months ago

      Robert Schneider Respectfully disagree. “Point and shoot” doesn’t mean “fixed lens with autofocus and auto metering.” It might be hard to pin down a definition, but it’s something like “small camera you never use manually.” I recall using a giant medium format fixed lens Fuji film camera back in the day, and you wouldn’t call that beast point and shoot just because it had optional autofocus and metering, would you? The Q2 is as capable as a DSLR, fixed lens or no, and the glass quality puts it in a different category entirely. Plenty of people use it manually. Just because Leica M10 is fully manual doesn’t make the Q2 a point and shoot.

    • Robert Schneider
      Robert Schneider 2 months ago

      Marc well there is no interchangeable lens system in there. so yeah it‘s pretty point-and-shooty.

  • Yousup Lee
    Yousup Lee 2 months ago

    you from fort worth??

  • Tigerex966
    Tigerex966 2 months ago

    superb quality.
    and it shows.
    I hope you review the Nokai Pureview 9 in raw mode, and real black and white mode.
    I think it was the smart phone camera of the year in quality and detail in good light, no tele or wide angle though.

  • Patrick Hao
    Patrick Hao 2 months ago

    thanks nice review! So would you want to buy one?

  • Hannah Cassidy Creative

    Love the Q2

  • Jon Jones
    Jon Jones 2 months ago

    Terrible editing.

  • Andy Garcia
    Andy Garcia 2 months ago

    Is that john Hill? I’m new here exploring different Leica cameras, didn’t expect to see him here. Not a digital guy but this is a great camera Leica never disappoints, also great video.

    MADGAMEROOM 2 months ago

    That Leica Cannot Compete With A Canon 1DXM3 or even M2.

    • telemaq76
      telemaq76 2 months ago

      @MADGAMEROOM because it s not made in china, it s made in germany , and because of the lens. A summilux 28mm costs between 4500 and 8000 $, . just for the lens . Here you have the sensor of a leica Sl2 with a 6000$ lens for 5000$ in a compact camera. It s totally different spirit , and experience than a 1dx. ( And i m a 1d lover myself, i ve 2 bodies ) .

      MADGAMEROOM 2 months ago

      @telemaq76 RIght! So why the high price point. I rest my case.

    • telemaq76
      telemaq76 2 months ago

      it s not designed to compete with a 1dx3 !

  • Lewis Jones
    Lewis Jones 2 months ago

    I reallyyyyyy like the q2 but.. I would realistically only use it from time to time. I love my fuji xt3 and cant wait to see what the xt4 brings!

  • djspin808
    djspin808 2 months ago

    Over price camara, your paying 15-20% just for the name, in the world of photography name status i guess it can get you book.

    • telemaq76
      telemaq76 2 months ago

      @djspin808 you practice photography for 10-15 or 20 years, you buy bodies, lenses, and new bodies and better lenses, and one day you have 20 000$ of camera gear, your bag is 15 kilograms when you travel, you can t move anymore. SO you sell everything, and you buy a leica, back to basics, and you feel free again, and you enjoy again to travel and shoot

    • djspin808
      djspin808 2 months ago

      telemaq76 cool...!!! keep it RAW!!..don’t have 5K laying around for now, but will go in my wish list for 2020....

    • telemaq76
      telemaq76 2 months ago

      @djspin808 it s not about better results or money. leica is a different experience, different philosophy that classic dslr. and summilux lenses are far better than other brand, except maybe hasselblad and angenieu. summilux lenses are between 4000 and 7000 dollars, so if you want a different experience with the best lens, easy to carry , you can enjoy a leica, if you just want the best for the money for sure there is tons of other options, but most of leica users have others cameras too.

    • djspin808
      djspin808 2 months ago

      telemaq76 definitely not for me there’s others option that gives you the same or better results for less then 5K...

    • telemaq76
      telemaq76 2 months ago

      @djspin808 lol if you think that, this camera is not for you

  • Ti Kauth
    Ti Kauth 2 months ago

    Go even smaller with the RX1R II

  • Tonker Townsend
    Tonker Townsend 2 months ago

    I’ll forever regret selling my Q1. See how much you’ll get for that Sony in 10 years time, compared to the Leica.

    • Tonker Townsend
      Tonker Townsend 2 months ago

      Hyesung Kim Kind of. Eventually you’re going to trade up as technology advances, and you’ll want to trade in your current camera. Be under no illusion, the Leica will hold a much higher price than a Sony.

    • Hyesung Kim
      Hyesung Kim 2 months ago

      so it's like Rolex, watch investment, huh?

    • TerryM
      TerryM 2 months ago +1

      Look how much a 2004 Digilux 2, which is still sought after, sells for today.

  • John Taylor
    John Taylor 2 months ago

    No we don't "all" go to the iphone, because iphones don't work with most other devices. Direct share just doesn't work ......

  • Ethan May
    Ethan May 2 months ago

    Great vid, thanks

  • 彰CC
    彰CC 2 months ago

    Well this costs $5k, man this camera should take photos itself I suppose...

  • A&V's Life
    A&V's Life 2 months ago

    No colors in the Leica camera. Too dull and plain.

  • Dark Motion
    Dark Motion 2 months ago

    New Look !
    New Edition of Sara !

  • Mike H.
    Mike H. 2 months ago +12

    The Sony photos look a lot better.

    • David Dennis
      David Dennis 11 hours ago

      I agree but don't think it's the Leica's fault. I believe Sara likes the more neutral (less vivid) colors, so that's the mode she picked. If you picked a mode more similar to the Sony, you'd get similar quality pictures.

  • JayTube
    JayTube 2 months ago +3

    That delete feature nulls the whole camera. Too risky

  • Gewglesux
    Gewglesux 2 months ago +1

    I love mine... it's a beautiful machine... sold my RX100 to get it... which i never should've have purchased in the first place.

  • Hola Julen
    Hola Julen 2 months ago +1

    My mum had a digital Leica about ten years ago and I loved using it! And the video quality was just crazy. Too bad that I had nothing to edit those videos =S

  • TerryM
    TerryM 2 months ago +6

    Any one who regards the Leica Q2 as a 'point and shoot' camera needs to have a radical rethink.
    Analogous to buying a Lamborghini and driving at 30mph.

    • TerryM
      TerryM 2 months ago

      @JF CN Leica can make a sensor, but making one would be very expensive, and it makes economic sense to buy one in, as it does to have certain entry level models made by Panasonic, and tweaked to Leica's specification.
      In the 35mm film era I don't recall Leica, and most other manufacturers for that matter, being criticised for not making their own film.
      Re my reference to Lamborghini.
      Just as driving one at 30mph would give no indication of, and appreciation for, it's capabilities so is using a Q2 as a 'point and shoot'.
      The following review by Thorsten von Overgaard, although long, is highly informative on the merits of the Q2:

    • Richard Sumilang
      Richard Sumilang 2 months ago +1

      @JF CN Ummm but Leica has always been a metal camera AND LENS maker. Nothing has ever changed haha.

    • JF CN
      JF CN 2 months ago

      I have owned M6, RE, R5, R6.2, and R8. That time is over - film time.
      No need to flatter Leica as long as w/o others sensors like Sony’s sensors it can simply make no camera.
      Time is over.

    • JF CN
      JF CN 2 months ago

      Leica can’t even make a one megapixel sensor, how can it be a “Lamborghini”, Leica is now a metal camera bodies maker, but only.

  • Kaloyan Ivanov
    Kaloyan Ivanov 2 months ago +1

    Good or not Leica are way too expensive.

  • Svyat Svyat
    Svyat Svyat 2 months ago +2

    isane Iseo 4K HDR

  • Harpreet Singh Mankoo
    Harpreet Singh Mankoo 2 months ago

    i want like you marry me

  • Horace Hogsnort
    Horace Hogsnort 2 months ago +12

    This camera is for people who toss around $5K like the rest of us would toss around $100, yes I have a spare $100 in my wallet!

  • Andres Ruiz
    Andres Ruiz 2 months ago +1

    Your actually getting two for 1 deal, seperately they cost a bit than the Leica q2

  • Flávio Fonseca
    Flávio Fonseca 2 months ago +1

    You really are the best youtuber when it comes to review something related to photography. I really loved it Sara, your edition is awesome too

  • dummatube
    dummatube 2 months ago +1

    Apparently everything is SUPER!

  • dummatube
    dummatube 2 months ago +7

    For that money you should have bought a fuji, a couple of fast lenses, a photography course and an overseas trip!

    • Veejay Mexico
      Veejay Mexico 2 days ago

      With a Leica you will never worry about an alarm clock ever again! This gem will prompt you out of bed to experience the GOLDEN LIGHT every single day. At the end of the day when all the other shooters are putting every thing back in their Bags is when you and your Leica will just be getting started. ....And, that is the essence of a LEICA! money???

    • Walter Sobchak
      Walter Sobchak 2 months ago +1

      LMAO... u r so god damn right!

  • Dan The Man
    Dan The Man 2 months ago +2

    Honestly, the Ricoh GR III for a 1/5th of the price gets just as good results😀📸

  • Stig Ottesen
    Stig Ottesen 2 months ago +4

    Leica should really stop putting video features in their "electronic" cameras. Maybe then you youngsters would understand what a camera is !

  • divyansh elementum
    divyansh elementum 2 months ago +2

    We all can agree that the kids are the cutest

  • Debra Dukes
    Debra Dukes 2 months ago +1

    Sara absolutely Beautiful loved this Deb 👌👍✌❤

  • David Viner
    David Viner 2 months ago

    Your pics look a bit blured to be honest, maybe use your phone

  • Fede Arbelaez
    Fede Arbelaez 2 months ago

    If you can afford it and you're into travel photography, lifestyle and street then it's probably all you need.

  • najeTV
    najeTV 2 months ago +1

    Grandpa Dietschy tho! 👏👏👏

  • John Huff
    John Huff 2 months ago +9

    Leica is a luxury brand. It is meant to show how much money you have. Kinda like a Rolex. A Rolex does not necessarily outperform a Timex but it does perform good. A Leica will not necessarily outperform a Sony or Fujifilm or Nikon or Canon. However, it will perform well. The difference in your examples are simply different processing of similar files. Most people would gravitate towards the punchier Sony look. Again you should think of it like a Rolex. It’s to show people how superior you are not to have better performance.

    • Veejay Mexico
      Veejay Mexico Month ago

      My friend, if you wish to buy a cheap or ultra expensive one, then I will support you and be happy for you. I've been shooting for upwards of 70 years with Agfa, Canon, Exacta Rollei, Canon, Nikon, Fuji, Sony and yes, Leica....with my Leicas I make Art, with the rest of them I capture Photos, And the bonus: Leica puts me on the street/field 2 hours earlier, and keeps me there 2 hours after all the other people have given up and gone home. Status symbol? Nah, I don't think so!

    • John Huff
      John Huff 2 months ago +1

      Peter Charles you are making my point for me. You are saying that it is all about nostalgia. I am not opposed to the high price of Leica cameras and lenses. They are absolutely high quality. However in objective measurable metrics they do not outperform systems at half of their price. Leica represents what a luxury brand is. This is not a negative thing it just is what it is. A Rolls Royce is not the best tool for daily driving tasks but it is a fabulous car. A Leica camera system is not the best photographic tool for most photography. It is however a fabulous camera system that is a joy to use regardless of the users reason for choosing it.

    • Peter Charles
      Peter Charles 2 months ago

      Nonsense. For the majority of Leica shooters it’s the enjoyment of photography with a camera that has a storied history of so many great photographers. It’s the appreciation of that history, design, engineering and functioning of the camera such as the rangefinder experience, the incredible lenses and build quality that has stood the test of time. From it’s inception Leica was intended to be a more portable way for people to enjoy photography.

    • TerryM
      TerryM 2 months ago

      @John Huff A benefit of owning a Leica is it's slow rate of depreciation in value.
      There is also the 'Leica look' to images.
      From a 2004, 5mp, Digilux 2 camera which is still sought after, and is not cheap to buy:

    • John Huff
      John Huff 2 months ago +2

      Gewglesux I am not saying that people shouldn’t buy Leica. Just that people should understand what they are buying. The price has little correlation with the ability to perform its intended function. Leica is truly a luxury brand. The products are top notch but the price is more about how using the product makes you feel. I’m just saying that as a tool for a business it makes little sense. As something that makes me feel good using it, it makes perfect sense if I can afford it. It’s kinda like high end luxury cars or jewelry like a Rolex that I mentioned above.

  • JF CN
    JF CN 2 months ago +9

    Only when Leica were be able to make its own sensor and the related electric parts, it would be a Leica.
    Sorry, Leica’s time is over. The only thing Leica can do is to implant others sensors and modify the software to get so-called Leica taste.

    • Richard Sumilang
      Richard Sumilang 2 months ago

      @JF CN I don't know... That's like saying there is no room for companies that don't make their own censors. That would mean no Fuji, Olympus, iPhone, etc. Your argument makes no sense.

    • JF CN
      JF CN 2 months ago

      @Richard Sumilang
      I used to have a lot of Leicas, so I knew. That time except the film the body and lens counted, now a day the sensor etc count!
      So forget the Leica _ now a day only a low tech company if you know the truth.

    • Richard Sumilang
      Richard Sumilang 2 months ago

      It's called a *censor. If you go back in time you will notice that all Leica's were always just bodies and lenses. If you know that then they are no different now.

    ALLSTARSPACE 2 months ago +1

    I have to say that video picture out of the Q2 looks awesome....

  • Adrian Hendarta
    Adrian Hendarta 2 months ago +1

    Great video! Wondering.. for the video you shot with Leica, you didn't use mic at all? Is the audio originally from Leica?

  • Joe DAgostino Photo
    Joe DAgostino Photo 2 months ago +5

    Your telling me about a camera. Where can I see your portfolio of images to judge whether or not I should take your advice?

  • Roel Aguilar
    Roel Aguilar 2 months ago +1

    Sara, guy next to you is wearing same lip gloss as you...wth!!!

  • FNews
    FNews 2 months ago

    A $5,000 Panasonic...wow, I’m sold...

    • telemaq76
      telemaq76 2 months ago

      no 5000 $ for a body with a 28 1.7 leica summilux lens . the lens itself costs more than than