Debating the Alt-Right

  • Published on May 18, 2017
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    An open and honest discussion.
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  • jamb
    jamb 6 hours ago

    Has anyone noticed how JJ is getting more feminine looking as she gets older?

  • Khazar Khanate Archer

    I'm not a leftist at all but I love your stuff, you're so creative and funny!

  • bubblelover343
    bubblelover343 3 days ago

    This is so triggering and so aggravating to watch.

  • aksvi
    aksvi 3 days ago +2

    Dein Deutsch ist sehr gut.... uhm.. I ment... Your german is quite good.

  • דפנה מלניק
    דפנה מלניק 3 days ago

    הבה נגילה

  • Icarusremoval
    Icarusremoval 5 days ago


  • Celephinn
    Celephinn 6 days ago

    I agree with the "Nazi" and Jackie.

  • Jimi Photon
    Jimi Photon 6 days ago

    keep fighting these assholes sister!!!! maad love to you!

  • Benoit Agache
    Benoit Agache 7 days ago

    This is so realistic. I have been triggered. Congratulations. It's a good job she made other stuff with actual arguments to oppose the alt-right, for this is frightening.

  • Wilhelm
    Wilhelm 8 days ago

    Interesting video actually.
    I always thought you were some kinda goofy thing, tho the alt-right comes off as a trap to me.
    Way too much promoting of slavery, and we don't need that.

  • Mielipuoli Siili
    Mielipuoli Siili 10 days ago

    Okay, but... Wtf is up with the rhino head?

    • Alina Prodan
      Alina Prodan 8 days ago

      It's a reference to Rhinoceros, an avant garde play by Eugene Ionesco. The play is about the rise of fascism in Europe and it's mostly based on Ionesco's experiences in Romania and France.

  • Athena Tennos
    Athena Tennos 10 days ago

    The funniest thing that's lost on many viewers due to ideological tunnel vision is that the fact Contra is so good at non-biased presentation of different PoVs, that he ends up defeating or threatening the very ideas he seeks to prove. Now, I know I am on the wrong side on the internet with my right-leaning opinions, so I won't go into details, but still -

    Don't Jackie/Fritz bring up a lot of valid points, not deserving to just be dissmissed just because you don't like people voicing them?

  • eskimo05w
    eskimo05w 11 days ago +1

    Hilarious! Liked, subscribed and notified!

  • Petit Curieux
    Petit Curieux 12 days ago

    Is it a nod to the play Rhinoceros by Eugene Ionesco ?

  • Hieronymus Bosch
    Hieronymus Bosch 13 days ago

    Yeah! Suck a Rhino Horn Dave Rubin!

  • MichaTheLight
    MichaTheLight 14 days ago

    Thank you in you videos you give me the breaking insight that the alt-right isn't so big like they act and that the left isn't so unpopular as I thought. That socialism us quite popular. I feel now how I was tricked in believing that the alt-right would be the future social movement. I was deflected by many alt-right channels in the german speaking YT sphere. You reminded me of my leftist roots and how I deviated from them in the last two years. So I was sucked in that alt-right vortex of people who don't understand even rhe basic power dynamics in capitalism even worse they deny that capitalism exist or it is a positive ideal. But the most repelling for me was the substitution of class struggle with the stupid lie nationalism. This led me to the question what I'am doing here I'am totally on the wrong side. There are stupid manipulated people which aren't realizing the basic need to fight the state and transform the unjust sociam order. In the opposite they are calling for neoliberalism and even more power to the rulers. Beside of that they spinning lies over left over which they have actual knowledge so they lie about them and put them all in one pot and label it Gulag. At the same time they created the illusion that they are in the majority, the savior of the west amd the new base for youth movement. I'am lucky that I found that also successfull left YT Channels exist so now I can view something which is more matching my deepest convictions.
    I have the feeling that the alt-right was consciously planned media campaign by some crazy conservatives to manipulate the populous in voting reactionary right wing parties unfortunetly this metapolitical network is sometimes taking important topics which aren't taken by the left and are capitalizing on them.

  • Aethelred The Ready
    Aethelred The Ready 17 days ago

    Jesus Fritz has such a creepy stare.

  • Lothar Holzke
    Lothar Holzke 17 days ago

    Your German is so good

  • Hjalmar Adolfsson
    Hjalmar Adolfsson 19 days ago

    I don't see how the "definitely not Nazi" was wrong.

  • Mateus Ramalho
    Mateus Ramalho 21 day ago

    So, how do you debate them?

  • The Book Monster
    The Book Monster 22 days ago

    This reminds me of a conversation I JUST had with my "friend" about trans people. I literally walked away and he actually called me triggered.

  • Domi Berthoux
    Domi Berthoux 23 days ago

    damn i've only heard of the rhino but i recognised it before the end of the video. of course i couldn't exactly understand what the reference was exactly supposed to mean but it made want to read the play, which i suppose was partly your intention. so yeah çaslaçsl

  • Vibhu Narayan Deo
    Vibhu Narayan Deo 24 days ago

    What does the rhino mask mean? Thick skin?

  • Tony Scott
    Tony Scott 25 days ago +1

    It's well delivered theatre but the notion is not new and it's a problem the political left created :-) The very ill-defined definition of the 'alt-right' is due to the left-wing anti-fascist Matthew Lyons who lumped people tagged with 'homophobia', 'islamophobia', 'anti-feminism', 'white-nationalism', 'anti-semitism', 'transphobia', etc... all into the alt-right group under the banner of (deplorable) fascism. It's ridiculous. E.g. a conservative ultra-orthodox Jew like Ben Shapiro is thrown in there because he supports Israel and Ben is NOT A WHITE NATIONALIST. Even white-nationalists are not the historical fascists who, as Christopher Hitchens accurately pointed out, arose from extreme right wing catholics and grew in Italy, Spain, parts of France, Germany, Austria and Latin America. This is just manipulation along the lines: "Oh! if you don't want to be called a fascist, don't you dare criticize the members of our beloved 'fill-in-the-blank' group." Well, the trans Natalie Wynn got a taste of her own medicine by being kicked off twitter for 'offending' trans. The political left just eats itself out: Reasonable Social activists get destroyed by fanatical SJWs.

    • Tony Scott
      Tony Scott 17 days ago

      @Maksie0 how's this for a linguistic mishap?: FY.

    • Maksie0
      Maksie0 17 days ago

      Do you have a lot of cunnulinguistic mishaps like that?

    • Tony Scott
      Tony Scott 17 days ago

      @Maksie0 Funny but it's not self-interaction. Type A fanatical SJWs use Type B naive clueless SJWs until they cross a certain line and when that happens: Type A destroys Type B.

    • Maksie0
      Maksie0 17 days ago

      I'd eat myself out too if I could.

  • iDhagu !
    iDhagu ! 26 days ago +1

    Fair and balanced™©®

  • St. Mixa
    St. Mixa 28 days ago


  • Mrsfreshtilldeath
    Mrsfreshtilldeath 28 days ago +1

    Dein Deutsch ist so süß. ❤️

  • Dragonite7000
    Dragonite7000 Month ago +1

    This is amazing

  • Low Eel
    Low Eel Month ago +2

    Lol. Living in Germany , I love your german...

  • Amber Dent
    Amber Dent Month ago +1

    When I first watched this about a year ago, I thought it was a little exaggerated because I hadn't had the opportunity to debate anyone like this, but just yesterday I was in a forum (that's generally pretty liberal) and talking about Antifa vs. Neo-Nazis. Literally this exact thing happened no matter how much I tried to clarify, talk rationally, and go point by point. And we hardly even disagreed! They were saying Antifa is hardly better than white supremacists because they're "thugs" that "beat the shit out of people", and I pointed out in-depth why it was both a dog whistle and incorrect, and all I got was this exact thing.

    • Fortress Europa
      Fortress Europa 19 days ago

      Just random acts of violence really. Seen it happen over and over again. Random old guy being pulled out of a car, his windows smashed in with a baton.

    • Fortress Europa
      Fortress Europa 19 days ago

      So how do you justify the famous attempted murder with a bike lock? The guy was trying to break up a fight and got his skull bashed in by Antifa guy who was an ethics professor.

  • Chase Barber
    Chase Barber Month ago

    This is why I'm moderate. I see the + and - to both sides but people start choosing sides and only see the -s of the other side and pretend the -s of their side doesn't exist. Live chat had me dying lol

    • Roman King
      Roman King 24 days ago

      The alt- righ as they called themselves at that time tried to hijack the trump patriot movement, once they were exposed to be white nationalist the likes of Richard Spencer & nathan damigo they got purged. Make no mistake everything they say is straight from the kkk white supremacist only wrapped in a clean cut package.. I gave Richard Spencer a chance to speak and soon as he laid out his true agenda I distanced myself from that movement, they literally hate the constitution and want to push out ethnic minority groups of their property by force.

  • Andrea Calio
    Andrea Calio Month ago +2

    Be honest. Do you leftists think that your main opposition is actually nazis? And do you believe that antifa has the right to use violence because you actually think someone is trying take your speech away?

    • Jack Meli
      Jack Meli 5 days ago

      Andrea Calio lol no our main opposition are the conservatives in power. Antifa is bad.

  • Stacy
    Stacy Month ago +1

    You look and sound so normal... and even kinda cute when you aren’t pretending to be a woman. Stop that gay fucking “female” voice. It doesn’t pass as a woman. You’ll never be a woman. You’re a man, idiot.

  • Sed DelMar
    Sed DelMar Month ago

    The rhinoceros was a symbol in the mini series Wild Palms. I simply must do a web search concerning this.

  • Sean
    Sean Month ago +2

    As always the supposed fascist makes a lot of sense and you guys say nothing. It looks like that it's the leftist that are dangerous.

    • ennui blue
      ennui blue Month ago

      @Sean you were speaking as if they were different people. Don't get all in a huff sometimes people don't know

    • Sean
      Sean Month ago

      Yes, why even say that? You must be a lefty:)

    • ennui blue
      ennui blue Month ago

      You know it's all one person playing every character right?

  • Yuwan
    Yuwan Month ago

    Funny how ignorant the guy in the middle is to not even realise that fritz is a Nazi, he must either be a Nazi himself or he sympathises with their cause as he called a white ethno state reasonable.

  • ThatDutchguy
    ThatDutchguy Month ago +2

    More funny if you actually speak German.
    Well done Natalie,...keep making them 👍.

    • Dina Rubina
      Dina Rubina Month ago

      Could you translate for us? My German is very bad.

  • Bernie: Then and Now
    Bernie: Then and Now Month ago +1

    Very well done and funny too!

  • kennyii999
    kennyii999 Month ago +1

    this is great!

  • queenraven
    queenraven Month ago +2

    Wow. This is deep af.

  • Tony Flores
    Tony Flores Month ago +2

    This is an accurate representation of how the left “debates” just call everything nazism to try and discredit it. Contrapoints did a good job showing how bad the left is at actually. No evidence or anything just Nazi Nazi Nazi and hope it sticks.

  • sama-kun
    sama-kun Month ago +2

    This but unironically

  • Ariel Kawai
    Ariel Kawai Month ago +1

    I find this video frankly astonishing

  • EggMan
    EggMan Month ago

    It’s times like this where I really hate that my name is Fritz

  • Gnostic atheist
    Gnostic atheist Month ago

    I don't get the rhino metaphor

  • Calculus Daddy
    Calculus Daddy Month ago +1

    I think any government would work if it has the consent of the governed. The fundamental problem with both Nazism and Communism is that the "founding group" of both don't take into account the lack of consent of the previous or next generation.

  • UnblockLondon
    UnblockLondon Month ago

    the self ascribed moderate centrist

  • pogokero
    pogokero Month ago +1

    What a great video! I think it's awesome you can make a video that speaks to so many people that (at this moment) 1.4k people took the effort to reach out to you in a different way. Fuck those haters! You're great, your team is great, and I"m glad y'all made this video. Fuck nazis. Long live ContraPoints!

  • Tay Scott
    Tay Scott Month ago

    Rave Dubin, is that you?
    Have you finally decided to bring out your inner liberal white woman?

  • Forice Storm
    Forice Storm Month ago +1

    Ok, but the german pronounciation is hilarious.

  • Tristan Robbins
    Tristan Robbins Month ago

    Ok....but I still don't understand why it's wrong to say I'm proud to be a straight white male...

  • Francis Brooks
    Francis Brooks Month ago

    What about this? 9/11 happened because of Americas support of Israel but the narrative was changed to the ludicrous "they hate our freedom" to cover this up. Or do you actually believe that they hate your freedom?

  • Francis Brooks
    Francis Brooks Month ago +1

    This was a bit too subtle because Im sitting here thinking "Hmmm, that Rocky Horror nazi's making some good points".

  • Eric Feldmann
    Eric Feldmann Month ago +1


  • Eric Feldmann
    Eric Feldmann Month ago


  • Die Soldaten sie SS

    Maximum Cucked

  • Ricky Tenderkiss
    Ricky Tenderkiss Month ago +1

    I’ve watched this multiple times, and I’m almost embarrassed to admit this… I’ve been so bewitched by the primary narrative, I only just _tonight_ caught on to the “livestream comments” - OMG, you are a comic/intellectual GENIUS!!! ❤️🙂🐈❤️

  • dires
    dires Month ago

    This makes me so mad oh my dear lord, too real
    edit: the smugness kills me

  • Djed Vartanes
    Djed Vartanes Month ago +1

    Well, if it weren't for those laws about holocaust-denial and nazi symbolism, Germany would be in a similar situation right now. On the other hand our nazi party can simply deny being nazis on the ground of them not using nazi symbolism. They are just concerned. So concerned they now hold 13% of parliament.

  • ishei
    ishei Month ago +1

    To anyone that's confused: the Rhino is a reference to Ionesco's (french playwright) play "Rhinoceros" in which fascism is slowly taking over and the ones who do not realize the problem transform into literal rhinos, or, basically, nazis.