My TESLA battery DIED!!!

I ran out of battery!! What do i do? Learn something new all the time when owning an electric vehicle. Still love it though:)

Can a Boosted Board pull a tesla? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lUY1rgxcfWA&feature=youtu.be

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Автор larry Spiller ( назад)
hmm solar roof would of been somewhat useful.. well not in the garage but in a scenario without cover. learning curves. eventually there will be charging everywhere including airports though and them there wont be a problem. i heard old fuel tanks used to have tons of evaporating potential for fuel but modern day ones are much better.

Автор yakubov89 ( назад)
1 thing comes to my mind. Why the f would you leave your Tesla with only 30 miles battery? 2 You have electronics and I assume you use them and when you put them in stand by mode they still consume your battery. even regular cars consume battery when they are not working. Your fault. You are being nice guy yet somehow have no nice common sense for a man. Dont be scared to get your hands dirty and screw around with your Tesla to understand how it works.

Автор Tesla Arizona ( назад)
Such a dumb a.. I run 3 Tesla's with almost 200k miles and never run out of charge. If a Tesla is idle it needs to be plugged in. An easy 120 V outlet with your UMC from the garage would have done it. So easy. Like your cell phone. Not like your gas guzzler jeep you have. The power consumption called vampiring.

Автор Donn29 ( назад)
If you leave a gas powered car for 10 months the fuel may change, but it still will have a dead battery. Science!

Автор KILLKING110 ( назад)
hence why electric cars are still a failure

Автор Twitchypoopsack ( назад)
Yes you would have the same amount of gas in the car, but your battery would be dead.

Автор Anthony Picky ( назад)
from one side it should discharge much slower, from the other self discharge is normal. is it a first time he uses anything with rechargeable battery

Автор pssst3 ( назад)
What happens when you let any rechargable battery completely discharge. DUH!! It won't do anything.

Автор YourGerman LP ( назад)
cut a tesla

Автор Parallel Falke ( назад)
after 10 months at the airport your gas cars battery will also have died

Автор Mazda rx7 ( назад)
Whats the big deal, cars break down all the time and have to be towed. Tesla is no different. At least with the Tesla, you just needed a tow. If it were a gas car that didn't start it could have cost hundreds of dollars to fix it plus the tow. If you have CAA or the american equivalent the tow would be free. Tesla claims about 1% loss in range per day of parking. The reality is about 2 to 5% per day range loss (sometime even more if parked underground, the cars communications is always trying to connect to Teslas server) and this info has been on line since 2013.

Автор mtt38 ( назад)
Speaking by what I have seen in MA, all garages have a "juice bar", or spaces for electric vehicles. Didn't that airport garage had a power outlet to plug the car and charge it (even if you have to wait a few hours), so there would be not need for a tow truck and all that problem ?

Автор Radel Dadel ( назад)
Tesla is a bit of a hype I think. With a range of ~200 miles, hour long recharging, and problems like this less tech loving people will not be satisfied unless they never want to use the car for longer distance drives.
If TESLA manages to increase range and life expectancy of the battery than that would be a game changer of course.

Автор Shanelle Domingo ( назад)
poor yeezy

Автор DW VW ( назад)
Without the cover it looked like a Chrysler badge

Автор Concept creator ( назад)
outside of car beautiful, interior with a freaking tv in the middle looks really bad.... no style at all

Автор Oskidooo Oscar ( назад)
Nice car

Автор Confuzion ( назад)
Thumbs up for Tow Dude! :)

Автор Brijesh babu ( назад)
so ironical that what's inside couldn't open the front grill of the Tesla

Автор Brett Brenner ( назад)
Why not rent a generator and buy a couple gallons of gas and then just plug it in? Wait a few hours while you go grab some food and go shopping and then come back and drive home....

Автор Daniel LeCuisinier DLC ( назад)
what do you expect Tesla the worst electric car ever.

Автор makusmati ( назад)
I just came to offer my condolences. Time will heal..

Автор 92axelmaster ( назад)
This is why i prefer Hybrid cars.

Автор Wout ( назад)
7:30 yeah...that cover is gone on the newest models

Автор gnomaedh ( назад)
Car is like a phone - Do not expect to leave it sitting on the table for a week with 10% charge and have it turn on when you get back. I'm guessing there were no 110V plug ins for cars in the parking lot. Northern cities have them everywhere.

Автор DEEREMEYER1 ( назад)
If you want maximum range. durability and reliability from ANY rechargeable electrically-powered machine the WORST thing you can possibly do is charge it as rapidly as possible and go as far and long as possible between charges.

Автор Cody ( назад)
Is he wearing True Religion Jeans? Was this actually filmed back in 2006?

Автор robert delacerda ( назад)

Автор David Williamson ( назад)
They're really not zero emissions it's just a marketing ploy

Автор Max Ros ( назад)
you'll have the same amount of gas remaining but not the same amount of charge in your battery even in a combustion engine car; the more electronics you put in a car the more they will drain its battery because they need electricity even when not used nowadays

Автор TijoSify ( назад)
Well, you have at least 2 videos on YouTube about zero battery on Tesla. But I'll never understand why you left the electric car at the airport with so little power, really.

Автор Aidan Casey ( назад)
Content Cop music at 4:40??

Автор Stijn Buyse ( назад)
You are so bad for that car dude!

Автор Moe 590 ( назад)
Rich folk problems

Автор Adam Prud'homme ( назад)
Everyone is complaining about "rich people problems" I agree, look how he wears his Yeezy's 😢

Автор dunhillsupramk3 ( назад)
so how green is a Tesla?? it depends on the tow truck.... lol... but seriously don't feel bad cause at this point i've seen more Teslas being towed than driving on the road....

Автор George Canvin, Jr. ( назад)
Your hat is on backwards

Автор Dukhanstmichmal ( назад)
Haha the official way to remove the front facia is a good slap with both your fists to the top of the nose-cone. Pops right out. Our customers always look so perplexed when the mechanic does that :D

Автор Camoed Soldier ( назад)
*Cover your eyes at **6:45** to **7:00*

Автор Richard Dixon ( назад)
Next your gonna tell us your gorgeous wife had to work late. Rich people problems. Good on ya guy

Автор Aziri Enis ( назад)

Автор Drivertilldeath ( назад)
Tesla engineer: " what should we when the battery is dead.....i know lets flash all the lights to kill whats left in battery and screw the driver the most we can." Yah more and more problems with electric cars.

Автор superbutthat ( назад)
Every vlogger now is basically diet Casey Niestat

Автор DangerNoodle323 ( назад)
Or you can get a roof rack and get a portable gas generator and get electricity where ever you go!

Автор Kid Kobee ( назад)
I fell like this guy shorted tesla before posting this video

Автор manoman0 ( назад)
He could've pulled your car a few miles....

Автор First2ner ( назад)
battery is not the same as gas, battery does self discharge

Автор sn0le ( назад)
So you parked it at the airport with like 10% battery left?
Whats different with a Tesla compared to a gas car is that the Tesla uses power to be online (for the app) and because of the keyless access etc etc.
If you park a gasoline car for 10 months it may run out of power on the 12V battery becuase of these modern features.
The Tesla however can charge the 12V battery from the big battery.
If you read the manual it says that the drain is about 1% pr day, but will often be higher if you wake up the car by checking the app.
Well, glad it went well for you. Lesson learned I guess. :)

Автор IxelBroV ( назад)
Hey thx alot for telling me how to take the cover off!!! thx!!

Автор rory TV ( назад)
go to Limerick in Ireland

Автор Ashton Carlson ( назад)
1:08 yes you would have the came amount of gas but there is a good chance that the fuel will degrade and not work properly

Автор Mr Reviewer ( назад)
another obstacle that was never explained when we both the car. this was amazing to know. thank you for sharing

Автор Re San ( назад)
Whats up with stealing Casey Neistat's background music?

Автор Youngbl33zy ( назад)
Poor people and poor mechanics are too rough with expensive things

Автор TheRocco96 ( назад)
So with an electric car you have range anxiety while driving. and parking anxiety when you park it unplugged

Автор Graeme Williams ( назад)
The owners manual would have told you about parked up power loss ? In fact it tells you about lots of things.

Автор Kevin Hanson ( назад)
It probably wouldn't be so mad at you if you wore a more free thinking hat.

Автор Alex Larson ( назад)
7:16 Wow yeezy slippers

Автор AlphA 743 ( назад)
leave you car petrol car parked for too long and the starting battery dies in that too.

Автор Ethan Jackson ( назад)
Is u wearing yeezys

Автор Nun Urbuisness ( назад)
I'd buy an electric car but it's not worth it yet. when we have a good infrastructure that supports recharging then it will be worth it. I predict that the electric cars will be used for decades you will simply have to replace the battery every 10 years

Автор Nun Urbuisness ( назад)
we definatly need a larger charging grid both speed charging and even just 110 outlets

Автор Barun Ghimire ( назад)
I just want to tell you.please do not buy anything if you do not know how to use it properly .shave your hard earned money. I am not a tesla fan boy but I love the technology behind it.

Автор Will Deasy ( назад)
10 months later your petrol car won't start as the battery will be dead plus the fuel will be gone off. soooo no.

Автор John Hunter ( назад)
Teslas are so perfect. No problem whatsoever. Best car. The future

Автор cwagnello ( назад)
For a gas car the 12volt battery will die if it sits for some time, so this is just a fail on his part.

Автор Jr. Jorge Dandoval ( назад)
Just take it, you know you want it good mother Neptune did your grandpa teach you that. 🤣

Автор Ensec ( назад)

Автор soundseeker63 ( назад)
Uses upto 5% battery capacity per day when parked.....!!!? Thats crazy! Whats it doing with all that power?
That means after 30 days parked up you could use a full charge! Not very energy efficient IMO! Tesla need to improve on that for sure!

Автор Rainbow Cannoner ( назад)
RIP Tesla You will be missed 😪

Автор Tigerlui531 ( назад)
Can you cut this Tesla and see whats inside?

Автор Cheerson Railfanning Productions ( назад)
How'd the hell did you get that Tesla? Let me guess YouTube money?

Автор Everything Tesla ( назад)
A bit of a misleading title there :-) It's not that the battery died on its own :-)

Автор SoIoCreep ( назад)
That clunk when the door shuts sounds awful and yes I know the window was also hitting. That is some low quality control or some "meh it's good enough for now, we'll fix it later" issues.. Also those pants look like girl pants not only because of the fit but also because of the back pockets.

Автор Mr.PotatoHead ( назад)
The only reason why Dan is not good at fixing things is because he breaks things for a living

Автор Bill Houston ( назад)
Gas does go bad and will cause trouble. If has gone bad then will have to empty the gas tank and add new gas.

Автор EvolvedCow ( назад)
My dad can fix your battery for your tesla

Автор Christian Barnay ( назад)
Keep in mind a gas car also has an electric battery in it.
A gas car parked for 10 months will have a flat battery and won't start.
You'll need a friend's car and a pair of cables to fire up your gas engine.

Electricity in general doesn't like to sit there doing nothing. When there's no action electrons get bored and move away.

Автор Baron Brambeus ( назад)
hu...Utah... so im gonna bet they are LDS. this guy and his kid send so much mormon vibe.. JUST A GUESS! dont spazz out fellow internet traveler

Автор Protopet ( назад)
Why not call Tesla and have them help you?

Автор Thepooper123456789 ( назад)
What in the world 🤔

Автор CaliforniaMISC ( назад)
because all other car will have dead battery after 10 months parked

Автор Smart Cat Collar Project ( назад)
Yes... but... it does 0-60mph in 2.5 secs !!!

Автор T.U. ( назад)
You have so low brain activity there!

Автор -Hazza- B- ( назад)
He clearly doesn't know anything about cars... every car has a battery wether it's electric, hybrid or petrol/ diesel. Do yeah the car batteries do die when they don't move. Why do you see people jump staring each other? Bellend😂😂😂😂😂

Автор Nathan Stewart ( назад)
Love how he wears his yeezys 😂😂😂

Автор EinkOLED ( назад)
Cut it in 2, and let's see what's inside.

Автор Bryan AMDGuy ( назад)
I wonder how many tesla owners found that there front plastic piece was stolen after this video went public!!

Автор Sam Richards ( назад)
Douchebag. It's not rocket science. Just keep it charged up.

Автор sushant sinha ( назад)
Tesla Bjorn has made a video on this

Автор B Bong ( назад)
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Автор Bernie Smith ( назад)
Why don't you take a portable Honda generator to charge your car. I guess being rich doesn't make you smart.

Автор Bernie Smith ( назад)
Boo-ooh we feel sorry for you.

Автор john smith ( назад)
parked 4 10 months in a gas car you still have a dead battery so you ain't going nowhere not without help like a jump or a tow

Автор Allrock123 ( назад)
The 12 volt low voltage Aux battery supply's wake up power to all the cars electronic control systems with the car shut off including the charging port mechanisms ,, charge the aux battery until its strong enough for the car to wake up and respond to a turn on action ,, then the main battery will supply power to the DC to DC converter and auto charge the low voltage battery ,,  have the dealer check for a firmware update for DC to DC converter or you could have a bad low voltage battery.Tesla offered software updates that reduced the load on the 12V battery when the car was not in use, said the Tesla engineers. “Thus the 12V battery will last significantly longer in all vehicles.”

what inside your died tesla? LOL

Автор Peter Schmidt ( назад)
The day when everybody drives an electric car.. What's the charge bill gonna look like ? What sources of power are going to produce all that electricity ?

Автор Brenda Quintana ( назад)
You do not understand how to open the hood

Автор Brenda Quintana ( назад)
is nou yours

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