My TESLA battery DIED!!!

I ran out of battery!! What do i do? Learn something new all the time when owning an electric vehicle. Still love it though:)

Can a Boosted Board pull a tesla? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lUY1rgxcfWA&feature=youtu.be

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Автор Educated Melanin ( назад)
Here's an EVEN comparison leave your car light on for four days and see if your car battery dies .... 👌🏾 you can't compare the two fuel sources that aren't the same the only thing about a gas car is you can get a jump can you not jump a tesla is what I want to know ??

Автор Steven Horvat ( назад)
why didn't you contact the airport and park in an ev spot... if they didn't have an ev spot why did you take your vehicle... did you ask questions when you bought the car? this is not testa's fault this is your fault.

Автор zxc asd ( назад)
ohh, i'm gonna cry now... 150$ just to tow a100k$ car... poor guy

Автор Kayzox ( назад)
couldn't they simply recharge it at the parking ?

Автор Brad Dees ( назад)
Electric cars are a nice thing, but we just aren't there yet as a society and the tech isn't perfect yet

Автор salison salim ( назад)
Wish u got more than 150 dollars , for intentionally parking ur car in a garage and wishing it to drain completely so u can record a video and make money .

Автор simphizz ( назад)
Lol why didn't they just push the car out of the parking spot and then attach it to the truck....

Автор Ryan Ich Nguyen ( назад)
buy a backup generator and put it in your trunk. they're like 100 bucks, cheaper than a tow.

Автор Kevin Cyr ( назад)
Wow just call Tesla. Ya figure it out you should charge car before you park it for a long time and also learn to put it in power saving mode to sit.

Автор Lukasz Cholewinski-Hoareau ( назад)
if your park petrol car for 10 month u not gonna start it, the battery will die

Автор James ( назад)
What a terribly edited video, and cast

Автор jose r ( назад)
if you dont want it, please Im dying for one. hello from Colombia

Автор GameTime ( назад)
Your car broke, new video! 'What's inside a Tesla?'

Автор mrP ( назад)
Mate If you have antitheft system in your car after two weeks of not yousing the car it's battery will discharged. You can find this infromations in car manual that it is adivecd to disable all electronic systems like anti theft systems and just lock your car using only the key If you are planing to leave it for longe period of time.

Автор MisterSir ( назад)
unspeakable things happen at 6:50

Автор MisterSir ( назад)
crazy idea, but why doesn't tesla just use a lead-acid battery , since they can evidently last a period of months without discharge and that should be enough to keep it on standby for receiving basic commands such as (unlock doors)

Автор MisterSir ( назад)
to be fair that discharge rate seems high, HOWEVER, if you plan on storing your car, obviously do it with more than 30 miles.. i mean christ dude, at least leave 60 miles on it. naturally I would leave min 80 miles charge for storage and i think 100-150 is a good range

Автор African Twin ( назад)
batteries should be used only in phone's ,lights,female toys, not in cars.

Автор trujilloda ( назад)
Maybe you left the light on

Автор s7 bass boosted ( назад)
make another video- whats inside a tesla!

Автор Doug Kinney ( назад)
Where does this kid get the money for a Tesla – by living with mom and dad?

Seeing the problems and compromises that accompany such a car, what is the point in owning one?

Автор Vic G ( назад)
Yeah same thing happened to my diesel powered car when the battery died. I too got it towed. No jumper cables and no volunteers.

Автор The Philosopher ( назад)
Tesla is nothing but a fancy big Golf Car...

Автор Lantos Daniel ( назад)
I'll stick with Toyota Prius

Автор Free Man ( назад)
Guarantee their up loading meta data from your car running it down.

Автор Dima Daniel Ciprian ( назад)
please , your ringtone name , thanks !

Автор Logan Whiting ( назад)
if you needed a tow you should have asked me because i have 10

Автор Josh Sisco ( назад)
Just want to say... Pro tow guy!!! Nice! A second.... Yeah, duh.... Think of the Tesla as a giant cell phone. Why would you park a battery powered car with only 30 miles worth of charge left and leave it for DAYS???? LOL

Автор BoB Bi ( назад)
Póki nie wprowadzą a mogą lepszych niż litowe to dupa z elektryką , do tego energia i tak jest po części z ropy :)

Автор Carl wood 758 ( назад)
Next time you park try to park in the middle of the lines,that would have made it easier for the tow truck

Автор Paul Muad'Dib ( назад)
That is why I have a PRIUS. Gas no problem, electric no problem and all for 25K vise 150K.

Автор smp yoii ( назад)
why dont u charge it in airport? airport dont have any plug?

Автор Jim Gord ( назад)
Not all electric cars are the same. The Nissan Leaf and Kia Soul are the opposite. They will lose almost nothing if left unattended as the computer is not monitoring systems when not plugged in. Do not leave a Leaf or Kia plugged in while away or the 12 Volt will drain to zero.
Tesla's on the other hand maintain systems monitoring and will drain the 12 Volt at 1-3% per day. Leave a Tesla with enough charge for the period that you are away or leave it plugged in to a Level 1.

Автор Alden Buyer ( назад)
8 minutes of this video was fluff. The other 30 seconds was garbage.

Also you look like you stopped maturing both physically and mentally at 16 years old.

Автор borm91 ( назад)
Buy a german car, american cars are not for human beings.

Автор Andy DUNNE ( назад)
well done for being in the WAYYYY

Автор Maxston Kaoorn ( назад)
Treat the charger and the charger port with RESPECT!

Автор amanieux ( назад)
why did you tow it instead of let it chage slowly on a $100 power generator http://www.homedepot.com/p/Power-Pro-Technology-1-000-Watt-2-Stroke-Gasoline-Powered-Portable-Generator-56101/205151118

Автор blackhawks997 ( назад)
So glad I still drive an old fashioned, not-too-electric car (2003 Ford ZX2..has only power mirrors, three lights, and a radio. And also, I drive a 5 speed manual) My car gets me about 30 miles to the gallon...very economical, and very cheap. (was on full tank of gas, have gone 100 miles in it and has 5/6 tank left.)

Автор mike nelson ( назад)
what's inside tesla

Автор Troy Wild ( назад)
I have a model x in bule

Автор joshua kovacsics ( назад)
What's inside a Tessla? 😄

Автор Tims liu ( назад)
turtle dove slip ons!

Автор smokeyjayshouse ( назад)
the battery has its own climate control system. that's why it uses battery power even if you don't drive it...

Автор John Spanish ( назад)
Obviously man ... can your iPhone stay on 10% battery for four days??? Don't think so .... same principle

Автор soffan115 ( назад)
rip tesla

Автор Matevz Sober ( назад)
OMG, just get a Honda! It never dies!

Автор Lance J. Danks ( назад)
You had 30 miles remaining on your Tesla? You left it at an airport parking lot for how long? All batteries expel energy while not being used. Just think of your cell phone, same concept. I would suggest you learn how your Tesla operates by possibly reading the manual. you might want to sell your Tesla and get something that is more suitable for your needs.

Автор Kolle Youknow ( назад)
Whats inside your tesla?

Автор Ronson Watts ( назад)
I love the Tesla

Автор Zev ( назад)
This uhhh... this scared me. In no way should a $100,000 vehicle be in that condition.

Автор The Last Man Standing ( назад)
(PS please comment about how much this helps) The flashing lights on a TESLA means a dead battery so to recap the signs of a dead battery are will not start,flashing lights,and no working display

Автор Hec R ( назад)
I like the video but dislike the event (car)... so should I hit Like or dislike?? lol

Автор thihal123 ( назад)
I find the styling of Teslas very old fashioned. A very bizarre thing

Автор thihal123 ( назад)
Too much electronics

Автор Robert Cuadro ( назад)
I went on deployment and left my truck at the house for 10 months and came back to a dead battery...

Автор uploadthis10 ( назад)
to clarify your GAS remark, well, after ten months that gas will probably do more harm to your engine then you might think. Gas gets stale quickly, like in a few months the octane will drop significantly and that gas will be worthless and not effective and will damage sensors and all that crap in a combustion vehicle,,,,, GO GO TESLA!!! I think Tesla should have a potential buyer take an exam to be sure he/she knows something about EV ;)

Автор nlo114 ( назад)
0:39 - Baseball cap reversed. (son seems to have got the hang of it though)

Автор Kevin Smith ( назад)
Is this the douchebag blog?

Автор Ya boy r2 saha/Shayak d2 ( назад)
this is why hate tesla

Автор Nathan Sobotka ( назад)
I wonder if I live close to you, I live in Alpine Utah

Автор Vulcan Knowledge ( назад)
There wasn't a charger at the airport

Автор Stokes Pen ( назад)
Clearly with hindsight leaving the car with 30 miles remaining wasn't a good thing to do but I am surprised that just 4 days used all that power, 30 miles of range in a car would equate to several KWH of power. Sure I expect the car to use some power as it's not fully turned off but why so much!?!?!

I can only imagine that a high performance computer system is running 24/7, perhaps using 50w of power, so 1.2kwh a day or something. Which is crazy for a car parked up, but would explain how it lost 30 miles of range. There really is no requirement for such a high power draw. Anyone whose tinkered with arduino knows you could run all the various sensors required whilst parked (must emphasise WHILST PARKED and turned off) with a 9v battery for several days.

I think the reason for it is that tesla haven't got round to fine tuning yet. At this stage the goal is building a car at the cutting edge of technology that people desire as fast as possible in order to grow the company. Little problems like this aren't worth the hassle or money right now when people simply care about power, range, style and autonomous driving.

Автор mujjuman ( назад)
"just take it. you know you want it."
got me into trouble

Автор Adam Finan ( назад)
Another reason NOT to buy a Tesla

Автор Tim Custer ( назад)
I can spend better

Автор Tim Custer ( назад)
This is why I won't buy Tesla

Автор Just for Fun ( назад)
People never read the manual for their car, like never and things happen like this...even in a ICE car if you leave it in the parking for 4 months and never turn the engine on and running for half an hour once a week the battery will die and you will need to tow it.

Автор Big Daddy ( назад)
He only calls learning something new instead of it being an inconvenient .this thing sucks .they haven't got the bugs worked on it .it needed to not have the problem

Автор Fred Suero ( назад)
Crap car

Автор John Odjiani ( назад)

Автор PoppinLarryYeh ( назад)
That was your first mistake, having less than 30 miles on an electric car and turning it off? Do you turn off your iphone when it's at like 2%? No, you charge it. Bruh, use yo head.

Автор Pucked Films ( назад)
Something called MOBILE CHARGER CORD

Автор laleki9 ( назад)
Should of had AAA

Автор This is China ( назад)
Is Tesla lose battery everyday when you didn't use it?

Автор J S ( назад)
Stop complaining.....! And start charging.......its feel like this dude love to complain and breaking stuff....

Автор Why bother? ( назад)
How come morons in US has all the money??

Автор Seb Grande ( назад)
where can you get a tesla model x and model s

Автор xory44 ( назад)
This is not exclusive to Tesla.
Same can happen with gasoline car, i left a benz e500 parked at airport mind you it has two batteries. When I arrived after two months the electronics shut down and the hydraulics systems lowered the car to the ground.

Автор charz pak ( назад)
there's no manual?

Автор the Boss Gaming ( назад)
7:26 rip yeezys

Автор Reid Wallace ( назад)
Hello "Casey Neistat Jr."

Автор Collin McDevitt ( назад)
omg he is wearing yeezys

Автор Nacker TV ( назад)
hees so trying to be like Casey Neistat

Автор shaipey ( назад)
Shouldn't show how to remove the grill, maybe people will steal tesla grill's now lol

Автор N Garcia ( назад)
Yupp, your wont lose gasoline from your parked car. But i bet the battery will drain anyways and you wouldnt be able to start it neither

Автор Mr C Mr C ( назад)
Did you call the grill clips ; little hands??! 😂😂😂 oh dear

Автор Keith Tan ( назад)
Wow, the way he wears his Yeezys! haha

Автор Rufat Musayev ( назад)
It's normal character for every battery in the world) You should to know this...from school years) It's not Tesla problem..

Автор Jeremy The Dino ( назад)
Do you live in Canada?

Автор Gary Kinsella ( назад)
CRUSH THE TESLA or just BURN it instead of saving it. Thats what I would of done waste of technol.

Автор точа мie ( назад)

Автор The Muscle Biker ( назад)
My mind is blown I didn't realize you were in Utah XD

Автор szahuba ( назад)
Definitely a customer problem.

Автор Dylan Piekarski ( назад)
Love when people buy something super expensive, especially a car, and have no clue how to take care of it.

Автор LordBLB ( назад)
You'd think the standard tow truck for a Tesla would be a flatbed...

Автор Mark and Vicki Smucker ( назад)
4th or 5th Tesla video? I guess some think this of interest; I think you should be embarrassed. We have owned a Tesla for 3 years and 62 K miles, and somehow "knew" you wouldn't want to leave it parked with almost no juice in the battery. Once I wanted to take the front bubble off and called Tesla, who told me precisely how to do it which I did in moments

Автор Alex P ( назад)
thats what happens when the car is more intelligent than the user.

Автор Fodzy Miah ( назад)
lol american do not know how to build cars leave that to Europeans and Japanese

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