When Molten Salt Hits Molten Metal


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    I think that expanding of aluminum and salt is the result of aluminum. Where I work, we use, among other, crucibles with gallium and aluminum (separately :D ) that are kept in molten state all the time. If we have to bring the temperature down below the melting point, the crucible is considered to be cracked and changed for a new one

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    Daniel Doce 28 дней назад

    How about melting the salt and metal in the same cruciple

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    I wonder what would happen if you pour liquid bronze into molten aluminum

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  • Ujjwal Agnihotri
    Ujjwal Agnihotri Месяц назад

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    Why not melt salt and a metal in the crucible together?

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    Can you guys try mixing metals to make new metals . Like copper and zinc to make brass but also likr werid combos like copper and gallium or alumium and zinc . Stuff like that and maybe test the strengths and other properties

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    what if you melt the metal and the salt in the same crucible

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    Ypu shoulda had them melt in the same crucible

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    You shouldve used Pam. That’s why it stuck.

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    Instead of melting them separately and pouring them at different times, why not just put both in the same crucible and melt it down that way so it mixes more efficiently.

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    Didnt grant say that u cant cast copper in steel muffin tray because the copper would weld to the steel?

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    Can you make a casting from liquid salt or would it fall apart too easily?

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    why don't you mix them both in the crucible itself

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    When will you make electrum?

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    Heat them in same cup plz

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    I suspect that the color of the salt is caused by the oxidized/corroded metal in it. The heat alone oxidizes metal even before the melting point and salt is known to speed up the process of oxidization in metals. That's why there are shades of green in the salt mixed with copper and why there are shades of blue in the salt mixed with aluminum. When corroded, copper will turn green and aluminum a bluish dark grey.

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    Try melting Palladium, please!

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    Try sth like this again but let them melt in the ssme crucible to make alloys

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    Molten salt in borax solution

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    How about melting the salt and aluminium in the same crucible

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    you should’ve melted them together 😕

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    Liquid metal vs liquid nitrogen

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    Please Melt salt and metal in the crucible at the same time

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    melt them in the same crucible

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    Should have used Pam for a nonstick surface

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    What about melting both in one crucible

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    What will happen if you put molten salt into liquid nitrogen??

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    What if you melted the copper and salt and the aluminum and salt in the same container

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    drop molten salt into hot and cold water

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    Try to melt salt with aluminum or copper together in the same crucible

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    Not only NaCl is salt for example you created CuCl from Cooper and NaCl. Its basic chem.

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    If its possible to make Molten salt, could it be done with flour too?

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    Perhaps you could cast molten salt to make a mold for aluminum?

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    You should try melting them in the same crucible.

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    Can you do one we're you melt the metals and salt together in the same crucible

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    try to use wire copper for your test it's better . Less chance of corrosion or coating on the surface.

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    Would firing them together in the same crucible not help them mix?

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    I know it would be a bit of a hassle but if you melt the copper and salt again like you did here in this video and pour it out the same way. Try taking the salt that became bonded to the copper and have an assay done on it. Maybe during the extreme shift in temperature there might have been a chemical reaction. Speaking of chemical reactions I would love to find out if there is a way to separate the sodium from the chlorine in salt.

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    Whenever u melt aluminium , remove the top layer befour moulding or casting it, that layer is of aluminium oxide...

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    what would happen if u put a welder against a piece of glass

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    you should try to put a road flare in molten salt and see what is the result🙂

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    try firing them mixed in the same crucible and see if they mix evenly that way

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    You should try to melt salt and metal together and see what happens

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    this is so not random. you are purposely using things that don't react to each other! Tony Stark at least makes new elements when he tears his stuff up...🙄

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    Salt can be used as a flux when you melt down aluminum

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    if you spray paint the muffin tin before you cast it wont let the metal stick to the pan.

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    Melt metal and salt in the same crucival

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    Where is your nonstick spray that might help

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    Or expensive graphite paste or oil based products typically keep it from sticking.

  • Hollowlife 12
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    What if we melt copper and salt in same container.

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    Can you melt 3 tips of metals and mixed them? and see what will happen

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    Put molten copper on normal salt and see what happens

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    Well I’m pretty sure that the brown salt is Copper (II) Chloride, and that the molten salt and copper chemically reacted

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    Why don’t you try glass and salt

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    what don't you mix them in the furnace

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    hey ive got an idea what would happen if you put liquid salt in the vacuum chamber

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    You should do that copper and salt again! However this time put a small amount of copper and more salt then remelt the salt and see if you can separate any copper from it seeing as salt melts at a lower point the copper elements should seperate!!!!!

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    Why don't you mix the salt copper and aluminum in the crusibol and melt it together

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    can you cool molten metal or molten salt in a vacume

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    Let's look at the statue of liberty. The shell of the statue is copper but over the years of exposed to the salt from the ocean had turned the shell green. That looks like wash happened to the salt turning it that greenish color.