Lolo Zouaï - For the Crowd (Official Audio)

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    “For the Crowd” started as a voice note I recorded in an Uber pool after going to a concert. I came into the studio the next day and played it for Stelios.. he loved it. We quickly found the chords and wrote the first draft in an hour. It was a real moment.
    Produced by Stelios
    Mixed by Stelios
    Mastered by Joe LaPorta
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  • Lolo Zouaï
    Lolo Zouaï  Year ago +122

    Official Lyrics: 🎙💚

    • miniasian
      miniasian Year ago

      Can you please have mercy on my heart? You are my idol, inspiration, and so much more!! I love your everything!

    • Jhaii
      Jhaii Year ago

      Make an audiomack account please

    • TheLegendaryBoi
      TheLegendaryBoi Year ago

      is it ok if I promote my channel that has videos?

    • TheLegendaryBoi
      TheLegendaryBoi Year ago

      hi lolo its Maissam

    • prosopon
      prosopon Year ago

      !!!!!!!!!!!! always fine work so very Lovely ¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡

    WiNKYWEiRDY 11 days ago

    she's so stunning ❤️

  • leyna an
    leyna an Month ago +2

    this song be like *sad head bopping*

  • Soz 'r
    Soz 'r 2 months ago

    Love u so much ! Such a beautiful voice, such luscious melodies and such a wonderful gal ! Hope to see you in Paris this February

  • EaZZySK
    EaZZySK 2 months ago

    je vien de ecouter a ta music pour la premiere foix et ta voix et incroiyablement magnifique.

  • Anthony Kimberly
    Anthony Kimberly 3 months ago +2

    노래 미쳤다.....

  • Elisa Chosalland
    Elisa Chosalland 4 months ago

    I will always remember the moment you take my hand during this song ❤️

  • danvers
    danvers 4 months ago

    essa musica é perfeita

  • Simu Shahin
    Simu Shahin 4 months ago

    You sang this song in London last night and you teared up 💛

  • Iliass Benzzaouia
    Iliass Benzzaouia 5 months ago

    LowLow !! waiting for you in paris ! see ya in 2020 !

  • Sage of Six Fats
    Sage of Six Fats 5 months ago

    Is the content in HDtracks legit? I was about to buy your album there Lolo, can you confirm?

  • Sivuyelwe Mtatase
    Sivuyelwe Mtatase 6 months ago


  • obsession byEXØ
    obsession byEXØ 7 months ago

    This is calming me down and I appreciate that.

  • Juan carlos Atencia marin

    no hay cancion mas bonita puff brutal me encanta!!!!

  • Hüseyin Erkan
    Hüseyin Erkan 7 months ago +1

    Soo sensitive

  • weelfreid ba
    weelfreid ba 7 months ago

    trop belle musique j'approuve ! ,

  • Hammody Cj
    Hammody Cj 8 months ago

    she is phenomenal

  • Truescribebeats
    Truescribebeats 8 months ago

    I want to be IN THE CROWD when she's performing

  • Sara Esther
    Sara Esther 8 months ago

    Só amo ❤️

  • كل حاجه
    كل حاجه 8 months ago

    Lolo i love you

  • Val Dartiguenave
    Val Dartiguenave 9 months ago


  • Can Depe
    Can Depe 9 months ago +2

    Tbh honest I went from Ariana Grande to Lolo. LOLO I WILL SEE YOU IN BROOKLYN DURING YOUR CONCERT. Can’t wait to see you!!!😍

  • Emmanuel E
    Emmanuel E 10 months ago

    My new favorite artist

  • Rimaoro Mc
    Rimaoro Mc 10 months ago

    good song

  • Mel G
    Mel G 10 months ago +1

    I legit love all her songs, there is no single bad one. I caaan't😫🔥

  • Unleash_ The Dragon
    Unleash_ The Dragon 10 months ago

    #LoloZouai What the Fxxk listen to your music is like flying without #Redbull Favorite ARTIST since the past 30minutes and will be
    I'm Walking "dead" thanks for your voice and your musical genius

  • Anthony Dunn
    Anthony Dunn 11 months ago

    Whoa. Like how have I not heard her music before...absolutely a fan now

  • Indie
    Indie 11 months ago

    Lolo you are my inspiration🖤

    NCT BOSS 11 months ago

    You have like no bad songs i am SHOCKED. You'll make it big one day

  • Alex Gonzalez
    Alex Gonzalez Year ago

    this your best lolo ^^

  • Mohamed Ait allal officiel

    Mrs. Lolo i love very much your music video please can i do a reaction in your song

  • Neoguix
    Neoguix Year ago

    love u lolo 💕

  • Njeru Jack
    Njeru Jack Year ago

    she stunning

  • Mike
    Mike Year ago

    Whys this so sad lol. Anyone know the story behind this or who its about

  • Nhi Perny
    Nhi Perny Year ago

    [Verse 1]
    I saw you playing to a crowd
    Everyone was singing out
    You were smiling, you were slick
    They're all saying that you’re "It"
    I can tell you're in pain through the sound of screaming girls
    Calling your name, calling your name
    I can tell you're in pain, look around
    Bet you feel alone, such a shame
    (You don’t do it for the love)
    You only do it for the crowd
    That's not what it's about
    You just do it for the crowd
    You do it for the crowd
    You love to hear them sing
    Hear them sing
    You love to hear them sing
    Hear them sing
    [Verse 2]
    Rose petals, rose petals thrown at you
    Heavy metal, heavy metal in your red leather
    Got a glove on like you're Michael, yeah
    Bet you wish you were an idol
    Love letters, love letters thrown at you
    Never read 'em, never read 'em you should know better
    So deep with your tattoo
    Bet you think no one understands you

    I can tell you're in pain through the sound of screaming girls
    Calling your name, calling your name
    I can tell you're in pain, look around
    Bet you feel alone, such a shame
    (You don’t do it for the love)
    You only do it for the crowd
    That’s not what it's about
    You just do it for the crowd
    You do it for the crowd
    You love to hear them sing
    Hear them sing
    You love to hear them sing
    Hear them sing
    Ooh, I can hear them calling
    Ooh, can’t keep them waiting (can't keep them waiting)
    Feel the lights shining down on me
    You're in the front row
    Sold out show
    [Alternate Chorus]
    Time to do it for the crowd
    Do it for the crowd
    Watch me do it for the crowd
    Do it for the crowd

  • Juliette Combe
    Juliette Combe Year ago

    Tellement doux👑

  • sofija
    sofija Year ago +1

    this is so underated like whaaaaaaaaaaaaa

  • Tuğçe Paksoy
    Tuğçe Paksoy Year ago

    She has a very emotional and strong voice. Wow u need to go COLORS girl💜


    I just heard this song and I was left with my mouth open, my mother that voice 😍, talents like you there are few, go on like this and thank you for dedicating yourself to singing, just wonderful 👍💐.

  • August
    August Year ago

    Omg...Lolo...please do a gladiator music video for this song! (with you in the background wearing a white hooded dress watching the gladiator) omg ok just get me to direct it lol

  • Rosé Boursiquot
    Rosé Boursiquot Year ago


  • Eneritz Ortiz
    Eneritz Ortiz Year ago


  • Mike
    Mike Year ago

    You sound like the weeknd if he was a young girl lol

  • Sieglinde Mazel
    Sieglinde Mazel Year ago


  • Random_ Channel
    Random_ Channel Year ago

    My wig is snatched every time I hear her songs

  • David da vida
    David da vida Year ago

    I really really love it💕

  • Mebi Lisyl
    Mebi Lisyl Year ago

    When you trust her works too much, so you like it before even listening to the song ;-;

  • XI XI
    XI XI Year ago

    I'll let you drop bops like this when you pay for my hair. I'm tired of you snatching my wigs!!😭😭

  • Dewey
    Dewey Year ago

    Check out an edit here :

  • Maricela Diaz
    Maricela Diaz Year ago

    Her voice is amazing!!!!!!!!

  • Unearthly R
    Unearthly R Year ago

    Where can I listen more of the Stelios productions? :)

  • Manar Jibrael
    Manar Jibrael Year ago

    honestly your voice is so heavenly

  • Don Norman
    Don Norman Year ago

    I'm a man, and I love her. Why? She's a femenine girl who describes "rebel" guys, who always feel they are in a path to success , they need to be alone, they don't attach, but they want a girl to support them. And she jokes about it.
    "So deep with your tattoo
    Bet you think no one understands you"
    That quote it's so true, sometimes we overdramatize about nobody understands us, parents, family, girls etc.

  • Ahmed Reda kazan
    Ahmed Reda kazan Year ago


  • Brenn B
    Brenn B Year ago

    3:03 Why do I feel like this is about Justin Bieber cause like at 3:03 his songs sound like that

  • Val AK
    Val AK Year ago

    She is absolutely gorgeous

  • AimlessAim
    AimlessAim Year ago

    Just wanna thank you 🎈
    Never stop 💓

  • DJ Tik
    DJ Tik Year ago

    Quel morceau ! 👌🏾

  • LTKet
    LTKet Year ago

    Just added this song to my playlist. Everybody, check out my playlists and send me an email stating to put you on my email list, so I can notify you when I release any music that I'm involved with.

  • Niya Burk
    Niya Burk Year ago


  • A Solomon
    A Solomon Year ago +2

    I love you and your music! The production is crazy good and I love the fusion of different languages. Excited for your future :)

  • Chelo Diaz
    Chelo Diaz Year ago +1

    Love your style

  • fiddausi husseini
    fiddausi husseini Year ago +3

    I literally CAN NOT stop playing this masterpiece. Blown away

  • 8iNFiNiTE 1NES VvV

    I missed her in slc tour.. so sad.

  • Eli Frank
    Eli Frank Year ago +1

    i think this one is my favorite so far

  • José Tomás
    José Tomás Year ago

    I'm a huge fan os his music, I love it! I think I'm the only fan from Panama xdd

  • Fatma Demirgil
    Fatma Demirgil Year ago

    im fucking obsessed

  • Bradley Tayloe
    Bradley Tayloe Year ago

    I first heard you on a cool soundtrack over on 8tracks, you got some fans spreading your music, including me. Love your music, thank you for sharing!

  • Yaya G
    Yaya G Year ago


  • kinagsed
    kinagsed Year ago

    No French? Whyyy 😭😭

  • DjVinceEvolutionDaftPunk

    Emotion Amazing and thank you for the heart

  • Isabel BS
    Isabel BS Year ago

    No dejo de oír esta canción, es hermosa su voz ❤

  • Dana I
    Dana I Year ago +1

    Absolutely in love with this song 💙🥀

  • MEPH
    MEPH Year ago

    Chante en françaaais more often plzzz

  • Mr. Shadowheart
    Mr. Shadowheart Year ago

    Why can't you be famous so I can surf for tickets to your concerts?

  • jorden n
    jorden n Year ago +1

    Definitely needs more recognition!! She’s so good!

  • Melancholy Kid
    Melancholy Kid Year ago

    Soo good!

  • Kellina
    Kellina Year ago

    To the 10 people that unliked ... your moms a hoe

  • marta Canon
    marta Canon Year ago +3

    I swear half of the views its me

  • munashe chara
    munashe chara Year ago

    I can tell you are in pain !!!!