Doc Holliday (Documentary)

  • Published on Jan 15, 2018
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  • ThousandKnives II
    ThousandKnives II 6 hours ago

    Doc was very classy, Val Nailed it, I know it doesn't look like it in my avatar but my doctor's wife was going to Tombstone so they rented "Tombstone" and this doc kept saying..."who's is that, who is that, he looks exactly like someone I know, he said he couldn't sleep until he figured it out when he watched it again (You can't see it too many times) he said "Thats Wes...Me, I don't see it but when I got older I guess I do...I'm Fameless!

  • Right Coast
    Right Coast 20 hours ago

    Wyatt Earp and Doc H had to regulate!

  • fred Greenlee
    fred Greenlee 2 days ago

    Thumbmail looks like edgar Allen poe

  • the critic
    the critic 2 days ago

    The documentary said that it wasn’t real

  • David Sparks
    David Sparks 3 days ago

    I'm your huckleberry.

  • Joe Clayton
    Joe Clayton 6 days ago

    i'm your huckleberry

  • John Lambert
    John Lambert 7 days ago +1

    Val got robbed. The studio behind Tombstone thought the movie was a Turkey and didn't submit it for consideration for the Oscars. Or so I heard.

  • Jesse Saldivar
    Jesse Saldivar 7 days ago

    3:45 I thought that was Charlie sheen

  • David Butler
    David Butler 8 days ago

    I understand he didn't like blacks, and killed more than few. But no where near as many as his fellow southerner, John
    Wesley Harden, for whom a great many of his more than 40 plus kills were black males. Harden, while a teenager once killed a black for "sassing his pappy", LOL!

  • Kevin Burks
    Kevin Burks 9 days ago

    Val Kilmer looks like Cock Holliday now!

  • Reverend Saltine
    Reverend Saltine 10 days ago

    whoa! he shot in the general direction of some “black boys?” why...he should be eradicated from history, doxed, fired, ridiculed, and his name chiseled from all stone and hieroglyphics!!

  • Ryan Palermo
    Ryan Palermo 11 days ago

    He was a thug.

  • Igbon5
    Igbon5 11 days ago

    It is unlikely that Docs only kill would be McLaury.
    It seems he had enough confidence and competence to have survived a few battles.
    Bravado is one thing but putting it into practice, like he did at the OK Coral and with Ringo speaks to certain level of accomplishment and self belief that would be hard to carry without some substantial victory behind him.
    And, I think the Val Kilmer interpretation was the best.

  • Tom Mitchell
    Tom Mitchell 12 days ago

    Tombstone is a tourist trap but I loved it, had a great time.

  • Harry Colby
    Harry Colby 13 days ago

    A sad story for Doc... But a great story...

  • Paul Lindley
    Paul Lindley 13 days ago +2

    Drunk piano player,he's probably seeing double.."Well I have two guns,one for each of yer"

  • Hugh O'Neill
    Hugh O'Neill 14 days ago

    Quite an eye opener !👍

  • Cookiegirlgaming
    Cookiegirlgaming 14 days ago

    Ayyyyyyeeeeee that’s my great great great uncle right there!

  • Brad Murray
    Brad Murray 14 days ago +1

    You know Fredrick "Fuckin" Chopan. love it!!!!

  • Donald Campanella
    Donald Campanella 16 days ago

    I have two guns one for each of ya

  • DONNA B.
    DONNA B. 16 days ago

    Val Kilmer had the better lines, but Dennis Quaid came closer to matching his personality.

  • juniperlista
    juniperlista 16 days ago

    Tombstone had the best Doc Holiday. Val Kilmer nailed it.

  • Lorenzo Salinas
    Lorenzo Salinas 16 days ago

    It wasn't a dusty street. It was a dirt road bruh

  • tom hurley
    tom hurley 17 days ago

    sad life

  • International Harvester

    Haha! One of the Mexicans, during the shootout is wearing a more formal/ceremonial (black) sombrero, cutting corners or laziness by production staff.

  • mark dorman
    mark dorman 20 days ago +3

    Doc: Remember Johnny you said play'in for blood
    Ringo: I was foolin about
    Doc: I was'nt

  • Andrew Simmons
    Andrew Simmons 22 days ago

    That sickness sounds like HIV

  • Ted Baxter
    Ted Baxter 23 days ago

    I have no idea if Val Kilmer portrayed Doc accurately, but he took over the screen just like the wicked witch of the West took over scenes she was in during "the wizard of Oz."

  • Jon Simonsen
    Jon Simonsen 24 days ago

    14:06 I didn't know they had plastic water bottles back then

    JUSTIN BEAVER 25 days ago

    Yea because any of you idiots were there!

  • Brandon Sutton
    Brandon Sutton 25 days ago +2

    That's one loyal woman, respect to her seriously. 👏

  • Harley Gough
    Harley Gough 26 days ago

    The Doc in this looks more like the Morgan Earp (Bill Paxton) in Tombstone

  • Stanetti Els
    Stanetti Els 26 days ago

    These historians and experts of the West always make me chuckle. Dressing as though they are actually living in the period and thinking they are cowboys. Literally children who grew up reading about the West and never grew out of it. They need to grow up.

  • threepwood56
    threepwood56 26 days ago +1

    I'll be damned. This is funny!

  • Stiiizyboy420
    Stiiizyboy420 29 days ago

    For all the rdr2 fans i feel like Arthur Morgans story sounds a bit like doc holiday besides the dentist part lol but mostly i say because he was an outlaw and a hero.

  • Micheal Kelly
    Micheal Kelly Month ago

    That Peter, historian, was in the movie Tombstone!

  • Kalaschnikowski Namad

    Uh. The Doc vs the Blankbunch. Nice. 🙂

  • James Milligan
    James Milligan Month ago

    Ok corral the dude at 31 minutes when he says Doc may have committed his first murder during that gun fight, why Ed Bailey are we crossed?

    • sum body
      sum body 11 days ago

      Ed Bailey didn't die from Doc stabbing him.

  • Jeannie Michaels
    Jeannie Michaels Month ago

    Val Kilmer was the best Holiday. Much better than Quaid.

    • sonofizzy
      sonofizzy Month ago

      Jeannie Michaels - Women luvvvvvvvv Val Kilmer (or at least did). This goes for his role as Batman, too. :)

  • Scott Prendergast
    Scott Prendergast Month ago

    Doc did a number in poor Matties head- she went to the grave waiting for him,
    disguising it with a marriage to God himself as a nun-
    Big nose kale on the other hand, fell upside down and over for the southern dentist/gunslinger

  • Romansilvercoin
    Romansilvercoin Month ago

    He actually practiced dentistry illegally, but, whatever...

  • Emily Johnson
    Emily Johnson Month ago

    I loved both Dennis Quaid and Called Killer as Doc Holiday. My opinion is that they both stole the show portraying him

  • Roger Livermont
    Roger Livermont Month ago

    Spin the cup...spin the cup. That's a thug move!

  • Michael Hutton
    Michael Hutton Month ago +1

    It takes hard men for hard times..

  • Tommy Pickren
    Tommy Pickren Month ago

    Man said, "i will rip it out, or blow it off, your choice.."

  • Robert Lawe
    Robert Lawe Month ago

    Doc how the hell are you? Wyatt I am rolling

  • Kent Grady
    Kent Grady Month ago +6

    Doc: "In vino veritas".
    Johnny: "Age quod agis".
    Doc: "Credat judeaus Apella. Non ego".
    Johnny: "Eventus sultorum magister".
    Doc: "Pace requiescata".

    • Dorothy Fritz
      Dorothy Fritz 14 days ago +1

      "Infinitus est numerus stultorum!"

    • Mark E.
      Mark E. Month ago +1

      That's Latin, darlin', evidently Mr. Ringo here's an educated man.
      ......Now I really hate him.

  • Young Goodman Brown
    Young Goodman Brown Month ago +1

    I never even watched that mockery with Costner and Quaid. And I like them both, but after "Tombstone", I was like, "Nope, can't do it!"

    LEONIDAS Month ago +4

    They rode upon the Earth, the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse. Being among them, we knew their names well ----
    Conquest, Pestilence, War and Death.
    The one we feared most, came fourth and rode a Pale Horse.

    • Don Dressel
      Don Dressel Month ago

      LEONIDAS yes on tombstone
      About Wyatt Earp

  • Darren O'Connor
    Darren O'Connor Month ago +3

    Regarding Doc's accuracy, or lack thereof, commented on at about 23:18, you have to refer back to an earlier comment from the documentary: this was a man who drank about two quarts of whiskey a day. He was drunk most of the time he was awake. I'd imagine his accuracy suffered a bit as a consequence. He certainly seems to have shot accurately enough at the famed gunfight at the OK Corral.

  • bakerfamily808
    bakerfamily808 Month ago +17

    Kilmer was robbed of an Oscar for his role

  • Thomas Dovahri
    Thomas Dovahri Month ago

    I wasn’t.

  • WitchidWitchid
    WitchidWitchid Month ago +1

    I suspect that Doc Holiday traded in Dentistry for the Faro table rather than the Poker table. From what I have gathered Faro was the most chosen game of chance of that era as opposed to poker.

  • Josie Whales
    Josie Whales Month ago +1

    He didn't kill the kid

  • Tim Munsey
    Tim Munsey Month ago +2

    "I'm your huckleberry..."

  • Paul H. Kircher III

    I heard you never got found with that young boy.

  • joey j
    joey j Month ago +10

    When Val Kilmer taunts him with the tea cup I laugh every time!

  • Alphonso Zorro
    Alphonso Zorro Month ago +2

    John Henry "Doc" Holliday (August 14, 1851 - November 8, 1887) was an American gambler, gunfighter, and dentist. He is best known for his role in the events leading up to and following the Gunfight at the O.K. Corral. He developed a reputation as having killed more than a dozen men in various altercations, but modern researchers have concluded that, contrary to popular myth-making, Holliday killed only one or two men. Holliday's colorful life and character have been depicted in many books and portrayed by well-known actors in numerous movies and television series.

  • Alberick Mendes
    Alberick Mendes Month ago +5

    Val Kilmer was the best performer!

  • Alberick Mendes
    Alberick Mendes Month ago +4

    So far Tombstone is the best Western movie ever!! Great Crew.

      LEONIDAS Month ago +1

      " Quigley Down Under " is the best -----

  • 022171
    022171 Month ago +3

    Sorry, but you don't cast a guy with a double chin to portray Doc Holliday.

  • Andrew Price
    Andrew Price Month ago +1

    A proud Georgian

  • Dura Saxon
    Dura Saxon Month ago

    I would like to think
    Dr Holliday and I
    are friends.
    He is remembered to
    the Heavenly Father in
    prayer to this very day.
    John you can rest
    or be an Angel of God.
    It didn't hurt that throughout
    his life he had the prayers of Maddie who had become a Nun.
    See ya round John Henry.
    Thanks for being a friend.
    +Rich+ 🍀

  • Kalvindran Balamuraly
    Kalvindran Balamuraly Month ago +1

    Legend 🔫

  • Whistle Teets
    Whistle Teets Month ago +1

    I'm your huckleberry

  • Sexx Shooter
    Sexx Shooter 2 months ago +2

    I loved Dennis Quaid as Doc and I love Wyatt Earp movie better than Tombstone movie

      LEONIDAS Month ago +1

      @Sexx Shooter -- IMHO - Dennis Quaid as Holliday is probably more closer to portraying him than Val Kilmer.

    • Sexx Shooter
      Sexx Shooter Month ago +1

      IndianaJoe0321 I don’t know probably because I saw Wyatt Earp first then when I saw Tombstone it didn’t touch me like Wyatt Earp did but this is dad loves Tombstone more than he like Wyatt Earp even tho he’ll watch both but he prefers Tombstone and it’s because of him I even saw Tombstone

    • IndianaJoe0321
      IndianaJoe0321 Month ago +1

      Why do you prefer Wyatt Earp over Tombstone?

  • Glen Mcculley
    Glen Mcculley 2 months ago +2

    ("I'll be damn this is funny ")

  • Marcel Y. Esmail
    Marcel Y. Esmail 2 months ago +1

    "You're a daisy if you do"

  • TheTheratfarmer
    TheTheratfarmer 2 months ago

    get on with it. test me.

  • TheTheratfarmer
    TheTheratfarmer 2 months ago

    you are what?