Doc Holliday (Documentary)

  • Published on Jan 15, 2018
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  • The Russ Man
    The Russ Man 5 hours ago

    "Give Doc the street howitzer so they're less apt to get nervy"

  • Al Somethin
    Al Somethin 5 hours ago

    Doc's flagrant urging for the guy to shoot him isnt that hard to understand given his health and his use of alcohol and mental anguish. Once you lose your fear of death it changes you. It looks like Doc's fear of death would come and go.

  • Ryan Chisnell
    Ryan Chisnell 15 hours ago

    Doc holiday looked like kurt Russell !!

  • Wanda Franks
    Wanda Franks 19 hours ago

    Should've ambushed them walking could've got all of them in a rush from behind thst early

  • Peter Leckie
    Peter Leckie Day ago

    Doc no more carried a 10 gauge shotgun than I have flown to the moon

  • Billy Hill
    Billy Hill Day ago

    He was deadlier with a blade.

  • DW West81
    DW West81 2 days ago

    My mother told me to never put off killing someone tomorrow that you could kill today.

  • Cory Sartin
    Cory Sartin 2 days ago

    Doc Holliday is a man he died with dignity and honor fought until his last dying breath

  • Alex Delgado
    Alex Delgado 3 days ago

    European incestry what else is NEW. White's are born out of incest

  • WK WK
    WK WK 5 days ago

    Ads suck RUclip

  • Daniel Rowland
    Daniel Rowland 9 days ago

    Dennis quaid took off 60 lbs to look like he had tuberculosis ! You can see how skinny he is in the movie !!! He's was the best doc !!!

  • Allen Soucie
    Allen Soucie 11 days ago

    Wild I met his great great grandchild in Calgary.. Looked spitting image..

  • Glenn
    Glenn 12 days ago

    It sounds like the Earps abandoned Doc Holiday

  • Andrea Pitre
    Andrea Pitre 12 days ago

    Doc Holliday probably got TB from his mother... he stayed around her when she was dying.

  • SonyaWins
    SonyaWins 13 days ago

    Nice documentary

  • Robert W Churchill
    Robert W Churchill 14 days ago

    Wyatt Earp is my friend. " hell I got lots of friends Doc" I Don't......

  • Norma Carlton
    Norma Carlton 14 days ago

    Really enjoy going to tombstone
    The history is fantastic to walk around

  • Red Irish Rose
    Red Irish Rose 14 days ago

    DOC how they lived on 17th Street in Griffin Georgia

  • Doc Holliday
    Doc Holliday 15 days ago

    Say when

  • Carol Nash
    Carol Nash 17 days ago +1

    Doc is my favorite Pistolier story.

  • Kent Beery
    Kent Beery 18 days ago


  • Pasha Pasovski
    Pasha Pasovski 19 days ago

    Frederick fuckin Chopin!

  • Pasha Pasovski
    Pasha Pasovski 19 days ago


  • Rafael Herrera
    Rafael Herrera 19 days ago

    Lastima no tiene traducción en español.

  • Jack Davidson
    Jack Davidson 20 days ago

    Wyatt just in time pull up a chair!

  • Gerald Gilmore
    Gerald Gilmore 21 day ago

    Val kilmer is Doc Holiday. There are no others

  • J.W. Brogan
    J.W. Brogan 22 days ago

    @11:57 I don't like the smile on that dude's face when he mentions the possibility of Doc committing incest.

    GLDENGLOVES 23 days ago

    This was the start of gun control..

  • Mickey Costley
    Mickey Costley 25 days ago +15

    "Don't move!"
    Doc: "Nonsense! By all means, move!"

    • The Russ Man
      The Russ Man 5 hours ago +1


    • Jarrod Heglar
      Jarrod Heglar 21 day ago +2

      I know Ike. Let's have a spelling contest!😂😂😂

  • Dutch Van Der Linde
    Dutch Van Der Linde 26 days ago +1

    Lowkey, I would love to be an outlaw during the wild west. Even if my life was shortlived.

  • Cassidy ResFlame.
    Cassidy ResFlame. 26 days ago

    Hey yeah Wyatt, you know.... you know.

  • Mordred's Quest
    Mordred's Quest 26 days ago +1

    Love Val Kilmer's 'oscar worthy' portrayal of the Doc but it must have been way more brutal and no movie set for the Real Doc.

  • Paul Shann
    Paul Shann 27 days ago

    So Doc Holiday one of America's legend was a racist

  • TL Mystic ツ
    TL Mystic ツ 28 days ago

    11:37 I was like Uh ewwe

  • Forallofus Plenty
    Forallofus Plenty 29 days ago

    doc holliday...ftm baphomet?

  • CelticBommer
    CelticBommer 29 days ago +1

    "Spastic cough"

  • Comosedice
    Comosedice Month ago +4

    Doc's fearlessness came from his desire to be killed before TB took him. He intended to be shot, to die with his boots on. This is why he cried after the OK Coral; because he had lived. He was disappointed.

  • Manuel Cueto Abad
    Manuel Cueto Abad Month ago


  • Axle F
    Axle F Month ago +1

    In the early 1800's the term Huckleberry referred to square nails that were used mainly for nailing down a coffin lid.

  • Axle F
    Axle F Month ago +5

    "Huckleberry" meant the last nail in a coffin.

    • The Russ Man
      The Russ Man 5 hours ago

      Actually..."Huckle bearer" as in pallbearer

    • Patricia Crowell
      Patricia Crowell 15 days ago

      Always wanted to know what that meant. 'You're my Huckleberry'. Thank you.

  • marketing pro
    marketing pro Month ago +2


  • Richard Woods
    Richard Woods Month ago +7

    I own the .45 long colt owned by Virgil Earp.

  • Richard Woods
    Richard Woods Month ago

    I to this day cannot face anyone unless my back is against the wall.

  • Gary Vance
    Gary Vance Month ago

    Doc Holliday played Doc Holliday the best. RIP Doc.

  • Thomas Goodrich
    Thomas Goodrich Month ago +3

    historian/commentator Drew Gomber himself looks like someone who just stepped off the streets of Doc's Tombstone.

  • PleidaesAlienZero1 I Came From Afar

    Don't believe a word of it. Lol. Doc Holiday was the man. The fastest ever draw in the west. I've seen him in Tombstone Movie Awesome performance by Val Kilmer. Doc was every ones Huckleberry. RIP Doc.

  • John Lakatos
    John Lakatos Month ago

    Val played doc holiday best

  • Jess Frankel
    Jess Frankel Month ago +2

    In the movies, Kilmer got the better lines, compared to Dennis Quaid's Doc, but Quaid looked more like the real Holliday in a physical sense. Both were excellent in their roles. Hard to decide who was better. Liked both films they were in.

  • Israel Salcedo
    Israel Salcedo Month ago

    I imagined Val Kilmer as the real Doc Holliday... Best acting , in my opinion..

  • John Napier
    John Napier Month ago

    Why is there always an older, heavier guy playing Doc in these docs? He must be one of the producers

  • Wayne Rumambi
    Wayne Rumambi Month ago

    Say WHEN??!!!??

  • Mike Rice
    Mike Rice Month ago

    Jones dirty Mike

  • Mike Rice
    Mike Rice Month ago

    Smith-jones dirty Mike 69

  • John Walker
    John Walker Month ago

    I think we can guess what really happened to Johnny Ringo - you don't mess with the Earps.

    XBX1MASTER Month ago

    Val Kilmer best Doc Holliday
    Emilio Estevez best Billy the Kid

  • justin bissonnette
    justin bissonnette Month ago

    At 18:50 ish, what they hell did that mumbling guy say about the guy Doc stabbed playing cards? Incoherent.

  • Roberta Hubert
    Roberta Hubert Month ago

    He was such a good looking man. I really enjoyed this short history of Doc Holiday.

  • Netkiller3714
    Netkiller3714 Month ago

    He would have been cooler if he used dentist terms as his slogans. Lets come up with some for him!
    Just before Doc gets shot he quickly says, Are you gonna shoot me or just show me those pearly whites.
    If you kill me Ill be waiting for behind the colgates of hell. Lol

  • Zohar Uzuki
    Zohar Uzuki 2 months ago +1

    "Doc Holiday is nothing like what he see in hollywood"

    (Watch Documentary)

    Oh cool so he's exactly what we see in Hollywood lol..

  • al dixon
    al dixon 2 months ago

    El Paso, Texas 😀!