Why Do Some People Become Alcoholics?

Alcoholism is commonly misunderstood, but is also a very serious issue all across the globe. What causes some people to become alcoholics and not others? Trace explains what it means to be an addict, and the issue has a strong root in the brain.

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How Addiction Works
"Stories about how addiction has ruined lives are common in our society today."

Why Do Some People Become Alcoholics but Not Others? Blame the Brain
"Most of the research done on alcohol addiction so far has focused on the rewarding effects of alcohol. It offers euphoria, boosts mood if someone is feeling depressed, and soothes fear if someone is feeling anxious."

Genetic Approaches to Addiction: Genes and alcohol
"Alcohol use disorders (AUD), including dependence and abuse, are common and etiologically complex diseases with a 12-month prevalence of 8.6% in the United States."

The Myth of Drug-Induced Addiction
"Most Canadians believe that certain drugs cause catastrophic addictions in people who use them. This conventional belief is reflected in such familiar phrases as 'crack cocaine is instantly addictive' or 'heroin is so good, don't even try it once'."

How Addiction Hijacks The Brain
"The word 'addiction' is derived from a Latin term for 'enslaved by' or 'bound to.' Anyone who has struggled to overcome an addiction — or has tried to help someone else to do so — understands why."

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Автор Adrian Lee ( назад)
Addiction is a Pandora's Box that you don't even know you've opened. Once you've opened it it's very hard to close. I used alcohol and drugs for years. Affected my life in negative ways come to find out there's a reason why I did all that stuff. Went to AA to stop then I found out a few things. I took care of what was really making me drink and use and life got better. Went through the steps and things went through the roof. But! I found out that the human condition is a mess with dysfunction and one does not have to be an addict or alcoholic. Addiction is just part of the problem. With the same mind, we created war, nuclear weapons, corruption, and more recently absurd presidential elections.

Автор Hugh Mungus ( назад)
I'm watching this while killing a bottle of vodka.

Автор freezecheeze ( назад)
I was definitely 100% an alcohol and I am only 19.
I was so lonely and had an eating disorder and depressed with no friends at all.
I almost lost my job and dropped out of school.
Then I turned to hard drugs.
Now I recovered my eating disorder, have friends, back at school, only drink at parties or one after a long day at work.
I believe addicts are just sick because they're lonely, depressed, etc.
they're not criminals, all they need is help

Автор Blue Damil ( назад)
Just drank 3 hurricane High gravity yep Im a alcoholic sad but true

Автор I swear i will subscribe to this guy ( назад)
im supposed to study

Автор Clayton Bigsby ( назад)
i wake up with scotch.

drink scotch while at work.

and drink scotch before bed.

i always carry a flask

Автор Bird Scott ( назад)
thanks for helping me hate myself even more =D

Автор Zatcho Atcho ( назад)
Who else carrys a hipflask?

Автор Victorsguitarsandtravel ( назад)
That's funny I'm drinking on a Tuesday morning here. Started on a small stone ruination and 2 coronas with lime and salt.

Автор Sinaloa ( назад)
I get happy when I drink

Автор Gustav Hjelmqvist ( назад)
The rat experiment is one rat lonely in a cage. Once the rat is placed into another cage with other rats with all the things a rat wishes then the rat usually stop using drugs, according to Bruce Alexander. To find out more, the keywords for a research is "Rat park".

Автор xxuncexx ( назад)
I'm addicted to trying to get addicted...

Автор fred funk ( назад)
i get fucked up drinking beers like right now and tomorrow

Автор Jeremy Remele ( назад)
No addiction crew right here..

Автор TheLulzbatRises ( назад)
Alcohol made go trough past some of the worst times in my life.

Thank you alcohol.

Автор Not Sure ( назад)
I want a beer

Автор pizzadilla 420 ( назад)
Why are you smiling

Автор Jordan Ludovina ( назад)
my dad john ludovina blames it on stuff that happened 25 years ago not even kidding you can ask my brothers

Автор bubbanderson ( назад)
OK some of this is right but there are more factors going on in the brain pathways but it's not just dopamine. There are about 5 other reward mechanisms going on. In my case it's the seratonin system that's screwed up.

I take SSNRi antidepressants and they release a steady dose of seratonin that keeps the balance just right in my brain and a calm, happiness ensues. In the alcoholic brain when you take a drink seratonin is released providing the same sort of happiness BUT more seratonin receptors become active and want more ... so we pour the stuff down our necks to keep them happy.

The root of this is hereditary and has been known so since 1750. In most people the response is that they can have a couple of drinks, feel mellow and stop. Us alkies unfortunately can't and that's where (in my case) the combination of SSNRi drugs and AA is vital.

Modern science has identified some of the genes responsible for alcoholism so progress is happening ... but in the meantime I'm happy to hang out with my mates at AA.

Автор stoned2THAbone yup ( назад)
Alcohol is cool n all but is dangerous I'm young so I do my fair share of partying and drinking pretty sure some of you can relate lol.. I hope I don't go down the road of being an alcoholic That sounds like a miserable life to live just gotta keep my limits

Автор Joshi The Yoshi ( назад)
D? Dick News?

Автор Saym smith ( назад)
i was curious if the effects of love could help these addicts. in my observation giving someone love, care and compassion and all your time i have seen amazing improvements. but sadly my first observation has taken the dark road, as soon as i left....can somebody explain this to me...? observations also meaning my ex and my current relationship..

Автор nrw andromedav ( назад)
im the lowest alcoholic you can know I drink every day and morning ....help me....fuck ..

Автор Gr8Success ( назад)
Alcoholics  destroy  the ppl around them  with their ignorance,incompetence, lack of responsibility.They always try to victimize themselves and  throw guilt on their  children and wife.They in their head believe they don't have any problem most of them being functional alcoholics during  first part of the day .They usually drink daily and if they don't they become more aggressive  verbal or physical .The problem in general are not the alcoholics because everyone is free to do whatever they wish with their life  the problem is when someone else depends on an alcoholic and lack of alternatives for children of an alcoholic.Alcoholics dont deserve empathy or respect and for those who are in the situation of having to tolerate an alcoholic try to get financial independent  leave the alcoholic and never look back.

Автор Nicholas Brown ( назад)
I never can understand what this guy is saying - where's the chicks at?  All I see is a rapist hairstyle - he's tryin the stubble - trying to be more mescaline, when in reality he's a little girl.  he's like that writer who never quite made it because of his alcoholism accept in his case, he didn't even need the alcohol - it's just genetic that he looks like he drives a full size van with no back windows and on the sides of it, it says free candy.  if you see this guy at your local park, beat his ass lmao

Автор Paulinder Singh ( назад)
Fuck your retard news! drunk for life!

Автор zadose ( назад)
I'm addicted to eating....

Автор The Discovery House™ ( назад)
People who have never had an addiction don't understand how hard it can be. If you or a loved one needs help with drug or alcohol addiction call 1-877-749-7517 call today don't wait until it’s too late where there is life there is hope peace and blessings you’re not alone!

Автор Kathleen Williams ( назад)
Why do we have to study things that are so blatantly obvious.

Автор S McC ( назад)
mmm Had 3 uncles that were alcoholics 1 tore his family apart 1 is very sick and the other is deceased, all leaving families in the wake :/ ... My genetics are telling me bottoms up the answers gotta be in here somewhere ..

Автор Orlenda Orlendagomes ( назад)
im 20 years old and I became alcoholic . I don't know how to stayout of it. Everytime I drink i go crazy shit :(

Автор crabsinthebucket ( назад)
What about this is helpful?

Автор Владимир Ленин ( назад)
Morning drinking usually means sorrow sad drinking as a failure that's why many Russian men become alcoholics ones USSR collapsed and Irish drink because of their loss to English empire

Автор Ryan Purcell ( назад)
I struggled with destructive drinking for years. What changed it all around was 2 ceremonies with San Pedro cactus. It allowed me to reset my life. The most significant difference between my sobriety after the cactus ceremonies and my sobriety after traditional methods is I no longer have any urges. I actually feel free.

Автор David C. ( назад)
When I was young, my daddy let me try out some beer.  I tasted it.  I began scratching my tongue to get rid of the disgusting taste.

Автор GOOD SUCC ( назад)
Fuck, I can't live without nicotine. Why did I even start. 

Автор WhatUwant? ( назад)
When stoners say weed isn't addictive are true stoners XD. weed can be addictive varies by brain

Автор Robbie Weston ( назад)
i been drinking for 37 ys and finding is very difficult to stop can any one pleasr help

Автор Matt Stocks ( назад)
I think it's because non alcoholics don't actually get much of a buzz of alcohol, it's more placebo. Alcoholics like myself, get a cocaine like rush of intense euphoria and relaxation when they drink. I never drank to drown my sorrows, I drank cos it made feel fucking awesome - I was always a naturally happy guy but alcohol took this to another level entirely. Other people I know say that alcohol makes them feel quite good but not euphoric. For me it's euphoric. For you non alcoholics it's 'meh'

Автор Shannon Carroll ( назад)
I don't think knowing you are predisposed for addiction effects a person's decision making necessarily. I am predisposed and I still drink, so I don't think people who are predisposed will necessarily refrain.

Автор Matt Stocks ( назад)
Alcoholics process alcohol much faster than other people and also experience greater stimulation of the dopamine system in the brain when they drink. This means th get a better high than normal people from alcohol but also develop tolerance much faster and eventually withdrawal symptoms which makes them drink more because alcohol withdrawal is one of the most uncomfortable feelings one can have. That's why. No mystery to it really, fairly simple stuff.

Автор Lisa Craig ( назад)
I'm sorry but could you please speak English! To much tech talk

Автор craqqer ( назад)
I tried marijuana once. I turned into a homosexual and almost died. It also made me want to have premarital sex. Marijuana, not even once

Автор rockshot100 ( назад)
There are different kinds of addicts.  There are different kinds of alcoholics, some people just get into the habit of drinking everyday.

Автор Daryl Rosenberg ( назад)
Funny thing is, all the comments below are of non-drug addicts.   Lets hear from the drug addicts.  Just a bunch of ignorant people that have opinions that are not backed by personal experience. 

Автор Calico Cat ( назад)
I'm 18 in college and I have a drinking problem. I start and I can't seem to stop unless my friends hide all the alcohol and even if I black out, the next day I want to do it again.

Автор Make Jiller ( назад)
nice shirt :D

Автор Markus Brorson ( назад)
People who cannot overpower their  brain has no will power.

Автор LuiKang043 ( назад)
This turned into an incentive to study for my Neuropharmacology revision! :D

Автор spitzbubezumquadrat ( назад)
cause alcohol is awesum

Автор SamuraiBatgirl ( назад)
I call bullshit on the willpower thing. When I say this, I'm not saying it's ONLY about willpower, but that is a factor. Obviously it's different for different people. Someone mad dad grew up with became an alcoholic. One day he simply decided it was time to stop. Again, not everyone can do this. All I'm saying is that willpower -is- involved.

Автор pivotrocker8 ( назад)
very interesting oh and blackhawks bitch

Автор steb boy ( назад)
Idk i literally have trouble getting addicted to anything. I've actually tried. I love gambling but I always know when to stop, I love to drink but I can't do it often. I can't smoke, i tried to start smoking to see why people willingly do that shit but after a dozen i couldn't smoke another; cigarettes make me physically sick now.

Opiates have 0 effect on me, I've done heroin, I've done oxys + more and I'll never do them again because I get nothing from it, no high no withdrawals no nothing.

LSD hardly effects me even in larger high quality doses, weed no matter how much i smoke gives me a light head buzz and all of the side effects and that's it. I'd like to try MDMA to see if that will have an effect but the way my body reacts to things that are bad for me is peculiar, however I consider this an incredibly fortunate condition.

Sometimes I imagine how much some addicts must wish they could get off the drugs and stop being addicted and I'll always be glad that I never get the urge or cravings that they do. Yeah I'd say I'm pretty lucky.

Автор Robert Wallace ( назад)
I'm sober 4 months whoo whoo life is so look much better I have money now what a concept

Автор ishouldgetalif3 ( назад)
but some people drink to forget. could be a relationship gone bad, regret, bad childhood, etc etc.

Автор Lucid Dream ( назад)
i have a fart addiction 

Автор Silentbaws ( назад)
I know someone addicted to self harm

Автор InMaTeofDeath ( назад)
My grandmother was from Ireland, grandfather got diabetes from alcoholism, and the rest of that side of the family LOVES drinking.  I'm 24 and I can count the number of times i've been drunk on my hands,  i don't mind the feeling of being drunk but the taste and the after effects are weird for me.  Like how if I'm drunk its impossible for me to sleep, its pretty shitty when after a party you're lying there awake while everyone else is passed out, there was one time i couldn't sleep for a day and a half after drinking.  

So alcohol addiction is off the table i think, i smoked cigarettes starting at 16 socially, while i can't say i ever smoked A LOT of them in a short amount of time i would have thought i would have felt some addiction to them at some point but it never happened.  Like now i have a pack on my dresser that's half gone and has been there for over 6 months.  The only thing I've done consistently is smoke pot but even that i wouldn't even call a psychological addiction,(i say psychological since as far as i know you can't be physically addicted)  I'll buy a quarter or half an ounce, be stoned for a week or two then not buy more for at least a month, most of the time a lot longer than that.   The only time I can ever say i was addicted to something was when i had a prescription for adderall in high school, getting taken off that was horrible, felt like i was dying or something lol.

I guess the point is, addiction is weird, seems like sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn't, I've never tried any heavy addictive drugs due to not wanting to risk it but still I'd be curious to see how it would effect me.

Автор TrizollinTehWorld ( назад)
I'm addicted to sex :( my life sucks with all the intercourse..

Автор Stephen Roberts ( назад)
i've got a friend with a vicodin addiction and the only real help i have been giving was letting her know she can call me anytime she feels like taking it and like she can ask for rides to na meetings, and letting her know how proud everyone is of her sobriety so far, she's 3 months sober after a few failed attempts

Автор Thames Haldane ( назад)
you guys are all about science yet new zealand is not on your map...

Автор William Thomas ( назад)
Devil;s negative hooks, though manly and big, pressure from peers, weak will, low pleasure temptation,body gets to need it,false appetite. Similar artificial needs to nicotine, drugs,excess food, orgasm, habit,stupid wrong thinking,to be accepted by foolish peers and wrong parental,adverts.,etc. example, "guidance"and maybe more!! Have I  missed anything? Vic/Bill.

Автор SexIsNotForKids ( назад)
I'm addicted to marijuana

Автор varilla111 ( назад)
My body hates alcohol, calls it garbage

Автор FYTJ ( назад)
I have a few friends who have an alcohol problem. One of them in particular is really struggling with it. It's hard. I know it's even harder for them. But when they give in to their addiction they are just not themselves, you know? They would do anything to get drunk and sometimes the things they do are hurtful. A lot of our other friends couldn't take it anymore and have given them up. I just try to imagine what it must be like to have an addiction problem and no friends so I try to be there for them. But it's really hard to protect them from themselves and some times you just have to accept that you can't and that that's still not a reason to give them up. Accept them but don't give in to their addiction. Be there for them when they need someone to talk and don't judge them. That's your best chance to get through to them and maybe convince them to go to therapy.

Автор MAXnBOOM max ( назад)
such a pointless video, if you had to watch this to figure out why some people become alcoholic your a bit dim, feel like these videos are aimed at children  

Автор lizard lace ( назад)
self harm addiction.

Автор Camel76 ( назад)
Not to worry. Once they are don't demonizing smokers, they will come after drinkers.

No more fun by 2030, unless people start standing up for their rights.

Автор Bloodmoon209 ( назад)
I don't really like alcohol but one side of my family has a lot of alcoholics. I don't feel the buzz or anything fun and I hate the taste... it only affects me once I drink enough to black out so I don't drink, also doesn't help that I look 16 but really is 25 (I blame genetics for that one my mom looks 24 but is in her late 40s).

Автор EDyrby ( назад)
It is willpower. if it wasn't then HOW THE FUCK CAN ANYONE EVER FUCKING STOP!?!? you choose to stop drinking, and therefore it is willpower. Yes It might be harder for some people, but that is just the way it is with everything in life.
I will never change my mind about this unless we are shown REAL proof. And I do not accept the "proof" we have been given so fare.
I am not saying that people who are alkoholic are bad people, I am only saying that their willpower sucks when it comes to drinking.
"Trace explains what it means to be an addict, and the issue has a strong root in the brain." - no shit sherlock, where the fucking else would it be? your thumb?

Автор Btredwing ( назад)
Red wings

Автор iamawakeatnite ( назад)
Yeah brain function, maybe choice or my reptilian brain wants to skull fuck me or legalize weed, im just sayin when I see rats and mice smokin joints then ill give a shit. Never seen a pothead act fucked up towards family or friends or anything.

Автор David Snipes ( назад)
 Most alcoholics and Drug addicts used the substance in response to some crisis in their life. I drink every now and than, but I don't yearn for it and have self control. It's really something only responsible individuals should use.

Автор MasterKaylock ( назад)
Soooo its still a matter of willpower. 

Автор ToProForuGames ( назад)
Go wings

Автор Eddy C ( назад)
"Why Do Some People Become Alcoholics?"
lots of reasons DNews. some people become alcoholics because they wanna get buzzed the legal way, or they have depression and drinking helps them "drown their sorrows" but if you we're in my shoes, you would be an alcoholic because you can't smoke weed anymore because of a bullshit drug test! fucking hate them so god damn much! i hope who ever invented drug tests is burning in hell right now, if not, then i would love to give him a sucker punch to the balls!

Автор Jhon V. ( назад)
I've never quit anything in my life and I'm not about to start now, ALCOHOL killed my father and I'm gonna kill ALCOHOL....that's a bottle of JW BL BEARY is carrying in the picture, but safety's first so he wears his selt belt.

Автор AFFLICTI0N ( назад)
Awesome Shirt

Автор Salpeteroxid ( назад)
I love alcohol. It doesn't interfere with my work but I drink it when I feel I can do it without consequences... How about you guys?

Автор Luc Smeets ( назад)
I have sex until my penis glows red, then I wait it out, and then I'm right back at it again... Call me Mr Rat

Автор ZeroSumJ1 ( назад)
Love the hair, trace

Автор Sawce ( назад)
Drunken Rat Fist!

Автор Jason Kane ( назад)
I wanna see a rat addicted to JAck Daniels.
Imagine it xD

Автор TheyCallMeNewb ( назад)
Overrides the limbic system, of course! Although i would be surprised were a very forward thinking brain, aware of the genetics and hormones at play, able to fall victim to rudimentary addiction.

Автор TMBlackCat ( назад)
any tips on how to quit porn addiction?

Автор ImagineMedia ( назад)
This video just explained for me how there are people who just don't pass out when they get really drunk like I do. I was always amazed that some people I know could just keep on drinking all night until morning. Must have a smaller lateral habenula

Автор Nyxi ( назад)
my dad used to be an extreme alcoholic, cost him jobs, his wife, and me (until most recently) i dont know why bit over time he started getting heartburn from dirnking and now just doesnt wanna put up with the heartburn anymore so he just stopped drinking.

Автор BEANZI3xTFMx ( назад)
your stock photo was a hamster, do you need help identifying your rodent stocks? cuz you get it wrong all the time

Автор CaliDude1996 ( назад)
Bullshit, my grandpa was an alcoholic almost his entire life and one day he just woke up and said he was never going to drink again and he hasn't. Will Power

Автор Markus Zukowski ( назад)
I got an alcoholic ad for this video. It was about an alcoholic in recovery

Автор Sora Hjort ( назад)
Dad has been dealing with his chewing addition. He's been off of it for some years now, but he says he still gets the cravings. He chews a lot of gum to keep his mind off of it as much as possible.
The reason why he decided to stop, wasn't really because it was unhealthy, but because the price of chewing tobacco had increased too much to be a viable pleasure for him.

Автор ajmcrobs ( назад)
What about those internal lies that come with addiction? "I am better at _____ when I'm high," or "people like me better." That was part of it for me. But can that be explained?

Автор stinknus ( назад)
I've been addicted to pain pills in the past, I've been anorexic which is like addiction. I'm addicted to caffeine at the moment. The pain pills because a series of misfortune events, broken foot, then broken jaw. ending up in at least 6 months of continually use of pain pills. my doctors helped me gradually decrease my dosage. I still am deeply addicted to them, I know only one or two can get that addiction back in full swing.

There was a separate anorexic occasion than the broken jaw. I would only eat 1 or 2 meals often not even finish them. at the time I was attracted to the skinny emo boys and girls that were obviously anorexic, I wanted to look like them. it was my addiction I was only 125lbs I felt tired and sick all the time. My natural body build is fairly heavy and when I'm in shape I'm bulky despite wanting to be lean. I only gain weight when I exercise. right now I'm 180lbs and still gaining weight as I workout more and more You can't ignore your natural built body you have to make the most out of it  

Автор NorwegianCrazyGuy ( назад)
Is there a video of that experiment? I REALY wanna se drunk rats!

Автор SUBIN.spock ( назад)
can you even science bro??

Автор radoscan ( назад)
Well, in the 20s they said that it was one's power of will that caused addictions. And, nowadays, I say the same thing. How could anyone disagree? I mean, that's just the beginning of all that which was explained by Trace.

Автор AuraController ( назад)
Does this apply to activities as well? Such as in the case of watching too much TV or staying too long on the computer?

Автор Vincent J. Newman ( назад)
I'm not an alcoholic.... i just collect empty bottles.... HICCC!!!!

Автор Alternative EFG ( назад)
My father is a dying barely walking aggressive egocentric cruel alcoholic with no dignity left.
I hope such behavior is not mostly caused the genes.

Автор VampJapgirl231 ( назад)
My Nana has been a alcoholic since before I was born and she has been sober for at least the last 21 years if not more... Yet she still looks at everyone who drinks as a potential alcoholic... Even at times like Christmas she gives me disapproving looks for having more than one glass of mulled wine (my personal favourite thing to consume at christmas) This has always confused me.. I don't understand why she presumes that second glass is going to send me or the rest of my family over the edge into dependency

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