Why Do Some People Become Alcoholics?

  • Опубликовано: 21 апр 2014
  • Alcoholism is commonly misunderstood, but is also a very serious issue all across the globe. What causes some people to become alcoholics and not others? Trace explains what it means to be an addict, and the issue has a strong root in the brain.
    Read More:
    How Addiction Works
    "Stories about how addiction has ruined lives are common in our society today."
    Why Do Some People Become Alcoholics but Not Others? Blame the Brain
    "Most of the research done on alcohol addiction so far has focused on the rewarding effects of alcohol. It offers euphoria, boosts mood if someone is feeling depressed, and soothes fear if someone is feeling anxious."
    Genetic Approaches to Addiction: Genes and alcohol
    "Alcohol use disorders (AUD), including dependence and abuse, are common and etiologically complex diseases with a 12-month prevalence of 8.6% in the United States."
    The Myth of Drug-Induced Addiction
    "Most Canadians believe that certain drugs cause catastrophic addictions in people who use them. This conventional belief is reflected in such familiar phrases as 'crack cocaine is instantly addictive' or 'heroin is so good, don't even try it once'."
    How Addiction Hijacks The Brain
    "The word 'addiction' is derived from a Latin term for 'enslaved by' or 'bound to.' Anyone who has struggled to overcome an addiction - or has tried to help someone else to do so - understands why."
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    Can Animals Be Alcoholics?
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Комментарии • 732

  • Devon
    Devon 9 дней назад

    Did he say they have a vine???? I thought that went extinct????

  • Alexander Alexandrov
    Alexander Alexandrov 9 дней назад

    I`m an alcoholic mysefl and love it

  • woodpecker sings
    woodpecker sings 13 дней назад

    Movie, tv, peers are our drug pushers, actors in movies and tv shows always turn to alcohol when life goes bad, and turns to alcohol to celebrate when life is good. It's used for times of boredom. It's Americas legal drug. It's a shame Hollywood does not show characters turning to God in prayer during difficult times, or sharing with a friend about their problems without alcohol. We are all brainwashed to use this substance for everything. I lost so many friends when I stopped drinking, it's like people can not talk or enjoy life without it, we are so conditioned to believe you drink alcohol for all life's occasions.

  • Jerry Greer
    Jerry Greer 15 дней назад

    I drank alcohol until I was 59 years old, I was what they called a functional alcoholic. Then I started going to A.A. and learned that God could take that desire to drink away from me and he did. With the help of studying the 12 steps and hearing the stories of other people in the meetings I have been sober for 1 1/2 years . They say it can be passed on from the dna of your mother or father and my father was a recovering alcoholic sense I was 5 years old. It is not a lack of willpower like I thought it was for years. I think you are born with it but it can be controlled by asking God for help and he will help. I have learned that we are put on earth to help other people, not to always look for ways to make ourselves feel good, are so called happy with money and things that you can't take with you when you die. The only thing that you can take with you are the things that you can do for God. God's will for you. I can still have things but I know that's not what really makes me happy. Look at all the very rich people in the world that are still not happy. Now I am learning what is important in life and I feel a lot more content with who I really am and let God guide my life and not trying to control everything myself. Try A.A., if you don't like it there is no pressure to go back. It changed my life for the better. I wish I would have learned how to be more spiritual and honest with myself earlier in life. I my could have saved some of my friends lives. Hope this helped you understand that being an alcoholic is not something to be embarrassed about. It can happen to anybody. I wasted a lot of my life being in denial. I didn't want to be labeled an alcoholic. It's no worse than any other disease. enjoy every day and be thankful for what you have and what you can do to help others.

  • Marie Gilmartin
    Marie Gilmartin 20 дней назад

    Addiction is a worthy brain study We know so much of the physical body but what exactly do we know how the brain works, As the human race we are only on baby steps re; Mental Health Nobody as a child whatever their socio economic environment was says "yeah wanna be an addict Bring on the misery'

  • No no
    No no 20 дней назад

    Ya family member overdoses sometimes and I help by sticking them with a needle that basically blocks the drugs in their brain. I also listen to them talk about conspiracy theories and how they plan to be a doctor one day and sometimes an astronaut. I also try to walk on thin ice when they trash their room because they haven't had any drugs. It's great I really feel great... not.

  • Bradenplier vlogs & gaming
    Bradenplier vlogs & gaming 21 день назад +1

    At this point, I don't know why people drink alcohol or smoke tobacco. They are worse and more addictive than illegal drugs. Why can't people just drink soda or use cannabis instead? I don't use drugs, but I'm just saying, as a low level expert on science. Let's consider
    Oil helps chronic pain
    Smoking it also helps chronic pain
    Is the least addicting and least dangerous
    Reduces stress
    Helps nausea for chemotherapy patients
    Treats concussions
    Increases creativity
    Reduces pain for multiple sclerosis
    Eliminates nightmares
    Can slow brain tumor growth
    Oil can treat breast cancer
    Treats glaucoma
    Cannabis period products (by Whoopi Goldberg) help women manage stress
    Makes people crazy
    Helps stop bleeding
    The plant form is healthier
    car crashes
    Gives Mouth cancer
    Ruins the liver
    Causes lung cancer
    Causes mouth cancer
    Ruins skin texture

  • Transferdatathree Wally
    Transferdatathree Wally 28 дней назад

    It's depressing. Enough to drive one to drink,

  • prashant kumar somesh
    prashant kumar somesh 29 дней назад +1

    These people always have this excuse that they are alcoholic because of their financial or social conditions. I can sympathize with them for these conditions but not for their addiction.
    And the reason why I hate these idiots is because these people have no sense of either responsibility or self respect. Self respect is an idea that comes to them only when they are high.
    Though rare, but still, if somehow they become aware of their responsibilities, they definitely will redefine their boundaries and won't continue to be a complete moron.
    Alcohol may be good sometimes but alcoholism is always bad. And in the end, these alcoholics share a common fate. They become a social garbage and hence deserve to be treated that way. It is no one else but they themselves are the ones to set themselves up. Disrespect, hence, is all they deserve and we being a responsible contributor to this social structure, it is our responsibility to provide them with that.
    My anger, as always, is hence justified.

  • natas nnellaf
    natas nnellaf 29 дней назад

    I think it's because being drunk feels good.....so good that it is more important than everything else. Literally.

  • J B
    J B Месяц назад

    You're all wrong

  • Drake Carter
    Drake Carter Месяц назад

    I drink almost everyday. I've also gone 8 months without alcohol. People can stop on their own if they really try. It's low self esteem that stems from it.

  • Jan Norris
    Jan Norris Месяц назад

    Typical liberal mindset. I'M A VICTIM! I CANT HELP MYSELF! Boo Hoo, poor me! Stfu already.

  • Rick Grimes
    Rick Grimes Месяц назад

    I became an alcoholic because of bullshit probation. Marijuana needs to be legalized there is literally no point in throwing people away in jail for years and years and there sure as hell is no point in drug testing people for it. Legalize it.

    I MADE THIS! Месяц назад

    R.i.p. liver and Vine.

  • rahul bhandari
    rahul bhandari Месяц назад

    I drink alcohol on weekends but I never take more than two or three drinks max because if you want to enjoy alcohol than always remember to drink in moderation and always buy good quality liquor.

  • D L
    D L 2 месяца назад

    Well.............. this was educational?

  • Hayden Ford
    Hayden Ford 2 месяца назад


  • TacticalBacon987
    TacticalBacon987 2 месяца назад

    S A D N I G G A. That's why. Case.. fucking.. closed..

  • Corey
    Corey 3 месяца назад

    The answer to the question why do people become alcoholics is because life is shit and alcohol helps make it better 😂😂😂 at least for a while

  • Angelo Micono
    Angelo Micono 3 месяца назад

    Can you or anyone link me to a study on a chronic alcholic? Im not a phd but im a drunk. Have been. Im really curious about the effects on a neurotransmitter level and the possible drop in voltage from the liver to the brain? Im a chronic alcholic and i think that these studys shouldn't be based on a binge drinking college kid.

  • Introvert Life
    Introvert Life 3 месяца назад

    My only reason was I just like to drink.. I loved it.. I dont have problem..i just only love and like the taste everyday

  • cheryl Martin
    cheryl Martin 3 месяца назад +2

    These people are weak individuals. Inihibitions

  • TFrills
    TFrills 3 месяца назад

    I tend to acquire addictions, but I don't have that hard of a time giving them up.

  • hXz 0r3
    hXz 0r3 3 месяца назад

    Complete waste watching this video, dont waste time..
    Its just #youtube promoted as #youtubebusiness video waste

  • Christian Rupprechter
    Christian Rupprechter 4 месяца назад

    I seek seeker again and again...

  • Rocky Pruden
    Rocky Pruden 4 месяца назад

    Your a Drunk!

  • Jacob McIntyre
    Jacob McIntyre 4 месяца назад

    But if you drink more of course youll get stupid. You got to cut it out to strict times. And drink no more then 4 to 6 beers thats my limit.

  • Jacob McIntyre
    Jacob McIntyre 4 месяца назад

    Alcohol is ok in moderation.

  • F M
    F M 5 месяцев назад +1

    Man being an addict sucks..My mind fucks with me if i dont get fucked up

    • F M
      F M 4 месяца назад +1

      Tito Salinas yeah dawg..coming off mirtazepine and clonazepam. Still addicted to xanax. Its good

    • Tito Salinas
      Tito Salinas 4 месяца назад

      F M r you still good dog

  • hlengiwe ndlovu
    hlengiwe ndlovu 5 месяцев назад

    The ventral tegementum pathway is actively involved in addiction.This is part of your mesencephalon.

  • bobby tyler
    bobby tyler 5 месяцев назад


  • Brad Davis
    Brad Davis 6 месяцев назад

    hard alki.

  • Ryan R
    Ryan R 6 месяцев назад

    Watching this video makes me want to drink! Not complaining! Just feel like drinking!

  • Ats. M
    Ats. M 6 месяцев назад +1

    Because they're ignorant about the addiction. They wouldn't be alcoholic if they had fear to be alcoholic.

    • JC Richards
      JC Richards 3 месяца назад

      True. And that’s coming from someone who has battled alcohol addiction. If I would have seen the negative effects of alcohol happen to someone else. I would of never started drinking. That’s why a lot of kids with alcoholic parents end up never drinking. Because they know the evils of addiction.

  • gRosh08
    gRosh08 7 месяцев назад

    But why is the Rum Gone?! ruclip.com/video/FTi40w0nLgo/видео.html

  • Needing Sobriety
    Needing Sobriety 7 месяцев назад

    Im an addict, not a bad person in any way but alcohol changes me.
    I think its genetic AND has to do with your surrounding.

  • THAT kiddos Momma
    THAT kiddos Momma 7 месяцев назад

    So if you guys should really educate yourselves and I'm not saying that to be rude at all but people who are attics were just born with an addictive mind they do not become an addict they are born in addict which means that they are conditioned to become addicted whether it's to alcohol pills you name it they can become addicted same goes for being codependent or anything of that sort it's wired in their brains it's really interesting if you actually look into the science behind it or look into the literature of Alcoholics Anonymous and the solution chapter and how it works chapter

  • David Miller
    David Miller 7 месяцев назад +1

    I drank a fifth of Jack or Wild Turkey a day from 18-24ish. I quit after about a year of drinking from the second I woke up til I passed out. Now I can have a drink or two anytime and stop before getting drunk. Does that mean I'm an alcoholic or was I just a trouble young man who had ready access to alcohol?

  • Bucky Love
    Bucky Love 7 месяцев назад +1

    When I drink i hate the taste, hate the way i feel, hate not being able to sleep. Very unpleasant. I probably would never drink if it wasnt the standard in our culture. Why would somebody become an alcoholic? IMO its gotta be genetic factors

    • Hatchet Mobile
      Hatchet Mobile 3 месяца назад

      i cant sleep well unless i drink

  • Brent'sCardsAnd Coins
    Brent'sCardsAnd Coins 7 месяцев назад

    Times it is okay to drink in the morning.
    1) You are on vacation.
    2) You work 3rd shift or are nocturnal.
    3) You are at an event (sometimes).
    4) You don't normally do it, but maybe have a reason.
    5) Medicinal.

    • Vincent McBride
      Vincent McBride 3 месяца назад

      Brent'sCardsAnd Coins I don’t think drinking in the morning automatically makes you an alcoholic. But it does make you crazy. I mean BLEHHH! Who wants to drink when they wake up? I know I don’t!

  • Gabo P
    Gabo P 8 месяцев назад

    i have two brothers that are alcoholics my older and my youngest ,they drink heavily almost everyday,, me?? dont have a adiction only chinesse food LOL

  • Josh S
    Josh S 8 месяцев назад +1

    Insecurities, voids, alter-egos, hyper-realities, justification of bad choices/variable personalities, low self-esteem, and/or peer pressure to fall in line with the others who drink from 1+ reasons above. The list goes on.

    • The Observer
      The Observer 7 месяцев назад

      Josh S family issue, nagging wife/husband, unexpected pregnancy, cop out, divorce, creativity, peer pressure

  • julmar degojas
    julmar degojas 8 месяцев назад +1

    I become very cool and very outspoken when i drink...😂😂😂😂

    • The Observer
      The Observer 7 месяцев назад

      julmar degojas I'm outspoken and loss a lot of friends

  • Isabella
    Isabella 8 месяцев назад

    Why does this guy think it's funny😭☹️

  • Jacob
    Jacob 8 месяцев назад

    Some people drink to get wasted at a party and some drink for the feeling it gives

  • Izzy Lagi
    Izzy Lagi 9 месяцев назад

    im addicted to porn and spanking my monkey😂🖒

  • Sarah Erne
    Sarah Erne 9 месяцев назад

    I have been an alcoholic this helps me cope with people but the video actually helps as well you can help others and sometimes not help yourself

  • Dan Stennis
    Dan Stennis 10 месяцев назад

    because life is short and painful

  • TheFlodyo
    TheFlodyo 10 месяцев назад +3

    guys watch yourself please i was addicted from 19-23 yrs now im 25 clean for 2 yrs i had too much time and money i wasted these young years for nothin, agression stupidity etc..so drop the glass and say fu*k this im outta here

  • The Red Sterling Mc'Bae
    The Red Sterling Mc'Bae 10 месяцев назад

    I wouldn't call myself an alcoholic.... but a good cup of vodka twice a month while dealing with annoying people definitely is a cure for what ails me.
    I can't be addicted to alcohol. Too much makes me sick and all it takes is a cup or half a cup for me to feel the effects of alcohol where I feel I can face annoying people.
    Why do I drink around annoying, loud people? It makes me more bubbly, happy and TONS more forgiving of their stupidity and annoyances so that I don't say or do something that I'll regret. In the end, everyone's happy.

    DRUNKEN RAMBLE 11 месяцев назад

    Blah Blah Blah!!!

  • Jeremy Sutherland
    Jeremy Sutherland Год назад

    my addiction has become so severe that I have to drink in the morning or when I wake up at 2am in the morning

  • lysol5555
    lysol5555 Год назад

    science proved that why some people have less will power

  • Adrian Lee
    Adrian Lee Год назад

    Addiction is a Pandora's Box that you don't even know you've opened. Once you've opened it it's very hard to close. I used alcohol and drugs for years. Affected my life in negative ways come to find out there's a reason why I did all that stuff. Went to AA to stop then I found out a few things. I took care of what was really making me drink and use and life got better. Went through the steps and things went through the roof. But! I found out that the human condition is a mess with dysfunction and one does not have to be an addict or alcoholic. Addiction is just part of the problem. With the same mind, we created war, nuclear weapons, corruption, and more recently absurd presidential elections.

  • freezecheeze
    freezecheeze Год назад

    I was definitely 100% an alcohol and I am only 19.
    I was so lonely and had an eating disorder and depressed with no friends at all.
    I almost lost my job and dropped out of school.
    Then I turned to hard drugs.
    Now I recovered my eating disorder, have friends, back at school, only drink at parties or one after a long day at work.
    I believe addicts are just sick because they're lonely, depressed, etc.
    they're not criminals, all they need is help

  • Blue Damil
    Blue Damil Год назад

    Just drank 3 hurricane High gravity yep Im a alcoholic sad but true

  • Young Money God
    Young Money God Год назад +14

    im supposed to study

    • Rocío Suárez Galán
      Rocío Suárez Galán 23 дня назад

      Me too...

    • Raúl Marmitajo
      Raúl Marmitajo Год назад

      I've been researching into giving up drinking and discovered a great website at Sebs Magic Tactic (google it if you're interested)

  • Clayton Bigsby
    Clayton Bigsby Год назад +3

    i wake up with scotch.
    drink scotch while at work.

    and drink scotch before bed.

    i always carry a flask

  • Bird Scott
    Bird Scott Год назад +8

    thanks for helping me hate myself even more =D

    • Roxanne Stine
      Roxanne Stine 3 месяца назад

      Bird Scott I know... right?! I'm right there with you

  • Zatcho Atcho
    Zatcho Atcho Год назад

    Who else carrys a hipflask?

  • Victorsguitarsandtravel
    Victorsguitarsandtravel Год назад +1

    That's funny I'm drinking on a Tuesday morning here. Started on a small stone ruination and 2 coronas with lime and salt.

  • Sinaloa
    Sinaloa Год назад +19

    I get happy when I drink

    • veg An archist
      veg An archist Месяц назад

      No, you get high.

    • Di Dxpeo
      Di Dxpeo 3 месяца назад

      more like forget about stupid things.

    • HumanoidOrganism
      HumanoidOrganism 11 месяцев назад +5

      You can be an alcoholic and not drink at all. You're not a cured alcoholic. You are a recovering alcoholic and it might only take "just one drink" to put you back where you were years or decades earlier. That's why you learn in AA "It's the first drink" which leads to relapse, misery (usually not just for you) and often death. There are alcoholics who drink and alcoholics who don't drink.

    • prasert85
      prasert85 Год назад +1

      Every week isn't an alcoholic, that's normal drinking. Every 20 minutes is an alcoholic

    • Sinaloa
      Sinaloa Год назад +1

      But I like to drink every week :/

  • Gustav Hjelmqvist
    Gustav Hjelmqvist Год назад +1

    The rat experiment is one rat lonely in a cage. Once the rat is placed into another cage with other rats with all the things a rat wishes then the rat usually stop using drugs, according to Bruce Alexander. To find out more, the keywords for a research is "Rat park".

    • Gustav Hjelmqvist
      Gustav Hjelmqvist Год назад

      +VIKINGODIN I don't know your story, I just told what experiments results showed.

    • Jewpacabra
      Jewpacabra Год назад

      everything is not just black and white

    • Dub 420
      Dub 420 Год назад

      you cant just assume because you made mistakes others will make them to kinda setting others in your previous position up for failure dont ya think

    • ِ
      ِ Год назад +1

      So if that works,why do alcoholics and drug addicts watch their family deteriorate and keep using until they leave? That's what I did and all abusers do the same.

  • xxuncexx
    xxuncexx Год назад +1

    I'm addicted to trying to get addicted...

  • fred funk
    fred funk Год назад +1

    i get fucked up drinking beers like right now and tomorrow

  • Jeremy Remele
    Jeremy Remele 2 года назад

    No addiction crew right here..

  • Not Sure
    Not Sure 2 года назад +21

    I want a beer

  • Four Twenty
    Four Twenty 2 года назад

    Why are you smiling

  • Jordan Ludovina
    Jordan Ludovina 2 года назад

    my dad john ludovina blames it on stuff that happened 25 years ago not even kidding you can ask my brothers

  • bubbanderson
    bubbanderson 2 года назад

    OK some of this is right but there are more factors going on in the brain pathways but it's not just dopamine. There are about 5 other reward mechanisms going on. In my case it's the seratonin system that's screwed up.
    I take SSNRi antidepressants and they release a steady dose of seratonin that keeps the balance just right in my brain and a calm, happiness ensues. In the alcoholic brain when you take a drink seratonin is released providing the same sort of happiness BUT more seratonin receptors become active and want more ... so we pour the stuff down our necks to keep them happy.
    The root of this is hereditary and has been known so since 1750. In most people the response is that they can have a couple of drinks, feel mellow and stop. Us alkies unfortunately can't and that's where (in my case) the combination of SSNRi drugs and AA is vital.
    Modern science has identified some of the genes responsible for alcoholism so progress is happening ... but in the meantime I'm happy to hang out with my mates at AA.

    • Bipedal Primate
      Bipedal Primate 2 года назад

      +bubbanderson wow, always wondered how to find online meetings! Thank you!

    • bubbanderson
      bubbanderson 2 года назад

      +ryan eklund Keep coming back :-) If you can't physically get to a meeting www.intherooms.com has several daily online meetings.

    • Bipedal Primate
      Bipedal Primate 2 года назад

      i love AA. got a week sober so far. had 6 months three separate times. its always when i stop going to a daily meeting that i drink, which triggers 3-4 months of drinking with no meetings. im always happier sober with my meetings

  • lil slump
    lil slump 2 года назад +1

    Alcohol is cool n all but is dangerous I'm young so I do my fair share of partying and drinking pretty sure some of you can relate lol.. I hope I don't go down the road of being an alcoholic That sounds like a miserable life to live just gotta keep my limits

    • Walter N
      Walter N Год назад

      Hello friend, I am a recovering life long alcoholic and for me, I wasn't trying to hide from anything or block out the past, it was a lure that took hold of me through the years as I functioned OK in society. I couldn't see the signs, life was a party. I'm not suggesting you stop just be aware of the signs like, not going to do things you used to or not going to events where you can't drink. When you start drinking in the morning, etc. There are good times to party until it robs you of your soul and ambition. Just be wise brother because recovery is a bitch and I can never enjoy the pleasure of drinking again. Peace

    • Not Sure
      Not Sure 2 года назад +1

      2 kinds of alcoholics the ones on the street and in social homes on wellfare and the ones that you never see that is your lawyer your doctor or perhaps your teacher thats the shit

  • Joshi The Yoshi
    Joshi The Yoshi 2 года назад +13

    D? Dick News?

  • bobby tyler
    bobby tyler 2 года назад

    i was curious if the effects of love could help these addicts. in my observation giving someone love, care and compassion and all your time i have seen amazing improvements. but sadly my first observation has taken the dark road, as soon as i left....can somebody explain this to me...? observations also meaning my ex and my current relationship..

    • bobby tyler
      bobby tyler 5 месяцев назад

      I guess what I was trying to get at is, is it possible to replace addiction?... in my thoughts I'm thinking everyone is driven by addiction (wanting things) I think I was thinking of oxytocin. I just didn't know it at the time. I'm still having a hard time trying to get out what I really want to say... OH! attention I think I have learned how to manipulate people into craving my attention. not trying to make myself sound awesome or anything :P I think I just have self esteam issues. also because I'm so quiet and in my head I'm always trying to figure out why people do the things they do and I know it has to be based off of past experience and what I do know about whatever those are... I know the typical reactions from them. and I try to use them to my advantage , I have noticed from my past relationships that guys are I think getting addicted to the almost factor addiction (area of addiction such as gambling) because more than enough times have been told and seen for myself people go a little bit crazy for, well I don't want to say my attention because I'm not sure if that is exactly it yet.. for example of the ones i can think of off the top of my head that I have been told by people close to them and them saying themselves that they have never seen them act this way... also it is rare behavior to come across that I think. anyways 1) guy calls me over 400 times in one day and so much more 2) second guy almost same thing but also just extreamly upsesive , plus I hear the father of this 50 year old tell him " ive never seen you act this way 3) 3rd guy follows me for 4 years to different parts of the state. 5) I tell this guy about these other guys and less than a week later he is constantly texting me I f*cking hate this! I'm turning into those guys you talk about. and there is so much more examples with different people and with the same that I just listed. these are all guys I wanted to do this too. 2 out of those 5 guys is an addict. I do care though. that is why I'm trying to dig deeper into this, I fell for the alcoholic and from what i have learned is the this alcoholic has increased his sober time since we have been together. i thnk because I'm addicted to playing with brains. every other year i check in with theses other guys and its the same thing. i don't think this many people do this to every girl that they meet. i know I'm going to have to edit this but I'm going to send anyways. also just this is just a tiny bit of my brainstorming i have a couple of other thoughts id like to explore as well.. just so you know.

    • Checkmark Datter
      Checkmark Datter 2 года назад

      It's difficult for that to happen as nonalcoholics struggle with understanding the disease. Also very rarely do alcoholics love themselves enough to love someone else adequitly

    • bobby tyler
      bobby tyler 2 года назад

      +Saym smith amazing and very very fast improvments

  • nrw andromedav
    nrw andromedav 2 года назад +1

    im the lowest alcoholic you can know I drink every day and morning ....help me....fuck ..

    • nrw andromedav
      nrw andromedav 10 месяцев назад +1

      Well i always will be .. as long as i work im good...but if im off or lose a job goes back to the old...thats why i said keep busy...take care bro..and good luck again

    • N machiavelle
      N machiavelle 10 месяцев назад

      nrw andromedav i really appreciate your replay and i am happy for you not being an alcoholic anymore

    • nrw andromedav
      nrw andromedav 10 месяцев назад +1

      Keep buys is the best way ...

    • nrw andromedav
      nrw andromedav 10 месяцев назад +1

      Well i quit the morning drinking and during the day now its just on days off...i found a job that keeps me busy mon-sat...so keeps my mind off..just cause someone drinks ones a week is no alcoholic...but of course its better not to drink at all...i think i always will at least on weekends ..better than everyday....good luck to you...

    • N machiavelle
      N machiavelle 10 месяцев назад

      nrw andromedav hi man i drink from time to time i don't drink everyday but i am worried to become an alcoholic and that's why i am here i am not sure if it's a good idea to keep drinking once or twice a week or stop that shit once for all i need your advise cause you had experience in that can i control my drinking ??

  • Gr8Success
    Gr8Success 2 года назад +13

    Alcoholics destroy the ppl around them with their ignorance,incompetence, lack of responsibility.They always try to victimize themselves and throw guilt on their children and wife.They in their head believe they don't have any problem most of them being functional alcoholics during first part of the day .They usually drink daily and if they don't they become more aggressive verbal or physical .The problem in general are not the alcoholics because everyone is free to do whatever they wish with their life the problem is when someone else depends on an alcoholic and lack of alternatives for children of an alcoholic.Alcoholics dont deserve empathy or respect and for those who are in the situation of having to tolerate an alcoholic try to get financial independent leave the alcoholic and never look back.

    • Lisa Payne
      Lisa Payne 8 месяцев назад

      Gr8Success actually what you have said makes you the ignorant one. You must be some rare, perfect and superior human being. You have no hang ups and have never made mistakes. The truth is you are lacking empathy for others. There are many many good people that have fallen into addiction. Are those people, good people while using? No, the addiction high jacks the person, and becomes the center of that persons universe while using/drinking. Good people do not wake up and decide to ruin their life and hurt people around them. I'm not saying there aren't bad people that become alcoholics but what I am saying is, they were bad before. maybe someone in your life has hurt you by being an alcoholic? I'm just trying to find a reason( not an excuse) as to why you would attack an entire group of people in such a narrow minded and pretentious way. I would like to also add, I know many recovered alcoholics that have been sober for over a decade. These people have used their sobriety for the greater good of those around them. Is it fair to say those negative things about people who have overcome their demons and done more for humanity in 10 years than most do in a lifetime? As a Christian, I believe everything is a spiritual war. I pray that your heart and perception changes and learn not to speak death over others.

    • bubbanderson
      bubbanderson 2 года назад +1

      OK let's get this straight. I'm an alcoholic but in recovery and also a neurophysicist so I know what I'm talking about so don't try and tell me I don't know what I'm talking about.
      So far medical science has identified 5 specific genes that contribute to the disease. If you have one of these and start drinking there's a good chance you'll become addicted. Now factor in the environmental and social aspects of growing up in a world where a lethal substance is readily available legally and is a rite of passage for most of us in the Western world.
      Now look at the various channels in the brain that run our emotional behaviour. With any addiction the main ones are the Seratonin, Noradrenaline, Dopamine and GABA.
      In my case I know for a fact that my Seratonin channel is the problem. So I take SSNRi antidepressants which keep a nice flow of Seratonin going to the correct number of receptors in my brain. Alcohol does the same thing but opens up more receptors than the Seratonin flow can support and they want more. And that is the Seratonin model of addiction.
      These out of control brain channels in addicts lead to the spiritual malaise which is where the 12 Step programmes help.
      It's a horrible & complex disease but two technologies are showing promising results in fixing it. Optogenetics has the potential to "knockdown" the troublesome genes and is about 5-10 years away from doing so. There's also a drug D-serine in clinical trials which stops the cravings. Again about 5 years out.
      If you want more education in alcoholism let me know. Sadly I'm an expert in it.

    • Checkmark Datter
      Checkmark Datter 2 года назад

      Just so you're aware, your school of thinking has caused thousands upon thousands of mentally ill people to commit suicide. Also addiction is not the underlying theme of alcoholism which is why it is indeed a disease. Please educate yourself before causing more sick people to suffer

    • bubbanderson
      bubbanderson 2 года назад +2

      +Gr8Success Some interesting dialogue going on here and thanks for the acknowledging the fact that you have nothing against those of us trying to kick the addiction. The hardest step for any alcoholic is to admit they are one ... it took me 25 years on the battlefield to realize I was one !
      I'm far from a being dumb as I'm tooled up with a Physics degree and run my my own business successfully working with the neuroscience academic community and have done for 13 years.
      The guy in this video talks about the Dopamine channel in the brain. This is only one of several including the Seratonin, GABA, and Noradrenalin channels so he's over simplifying things greatly. The way these behave is ultimately governed by genetics. So far 5 genes that contribute to the disease have been identified by science and if you have any one of these then any one of the above kicks into action when you have your first drink. That is the real difference between people who develop into alcoholics and those that can handle alcohol.
      The way that genetics works doesn't mean that if your parents were alcoholics you will have one of the genes as genes often skip a generation. However, the environment you grow up in won't be conducive to avoiding alcohol. My parents rarely drank at allsothat wasn't my background.
      As you correctly say non-alcoholics can enjoy a drink socially or on special occasions. Alcoholics will always want more.
      In my case I know that the dysfunctional brain channel is the seratonin one. Sunshine & Vitamin D keep this functional but I spent 10 years of my life in windowless laser laboratories (like Leonard's on Big Bang Theory) and then started my business from home in the basement. Hence Seratonin low. I now take SSNRi anti-depressants which regulate things nicely. These control a steady release of Seratonin which the correct number of receptors in the brain accept and things stay normal. Drinking alcohol gives the same Seratonin release but screws up the GABA system which causes more receptors to open up and demand more seratonin. In plain English this is why once we alkies start we can't stop.
      In summary if you have one of the genes and start drinking you will become an alcoholic and quantity consumed has nothing to do with the definition of an alcoholic .. it's what happens to your brain when you take a drink.
      Now that I'm in recovery I notice how many people describe themselves as "heavy drinkers" or "they like a drink" especially over here in the UK. I find myself not angry but wondering whether I can help them.
      Hope with both calmer now !
      Chill and enjoy the weekend.

    • Gr8Success
      Gr8Success 2 года назад

      my anger is against those who don't acknowledge their alcoholism. If you are a mediocre stupid person while sober adding alcohol makes you 10 times worst . its nice to have a drink sometimes or socially to celebrate something but when you do it every day for "reasons" then if you re that kind of person i sustain what i've said wish you liver cancer . my anger is against persons who want to be taken serious while they are drunk . i have nothing against those who try to kick their addiction

  • Nicholas Brown
    Nicholas Brown 2 года назад

    I never can understand what this guy is saying - where's the chicks at? All I see is a rapist hairstyle - he's tryin the stubble - trying to be more mescaline, when in reality he's a little girl. he's like that writer who never quite made it because of his alcoholism accept in his case, he didn't even need the alcohol - it's just genetic that he looks like he drives a full size van with no back windows and on the sides of it, it says free candy. if you see this guy at your local park, beat his ass lmao

  • Paulinder Singh
    Paulinder Singh 2 года назад +1

    Fuck your retard news! drunk for life!

    • ArodcMugen
      ArodcMugen 2 года назад

      +Paul Wunder Those day's when you can't get to you're level. Like myself as of right now, ima probably be pissed cause I Ain't gone have no more after this glass decent amount in their to..

  • zadose
    zadose 2 года назад

    I'm addicted to eating....

  • The Discovery House™
    The Discovery House™ 2 года назад +3

    People who have never had an addiction don't understand how hard it can be. If you or a loved one needs help with drug or alcohol addiction call 1-877-749-7517 call today don't wait until it’s too late where there is life there is hope peace and blessings you’re not alone!

  • Kathleen Williams
    Kathleen Williams 3 года назад +2

    Why do we have to study things that are so blatantly obvious.

    • Ivan Ivanov
      Ivan Ivanov 3 года назад

      +Kathleen Williams based on my experience as drug addected, this great place will easily remove the remaining drugs from my system and to avoid the discomfort of withdrawal. More info call 855-414-0454

  • S McC
    S McC 3 года назад +1

    mmm Had 3 uncles that were alcoholics 1 tore his family apart 1 is very sick and the other is deceased, all leaving families in the wake :/ ... My genetics are telling me bottoms up the answers gotta be in here somewhere ..

  • Orlenda Orlendagomes
    Orlenda Orlendagomes 3 года назад

    im 20 years old and I became alcoholic . I don't know how to stayout of it. Everytime I drink i go crazy shit :(

    • Mike Edmondson
      Mike Edmondson 3 года назад +2

      A short story penned by me;
      Barren Land
      I hopped, if one can hop out of bed, to a great feeling of being refreshed due in part, I believe, to the start of daylight-savings-time. As I rubbed the sleep out of my eyes and stretched my muscles, I wandered to the bedroom window to let my world in. The ruffling curtains gave me a glimpse of something other than my world. I flung the curtains aside. What I saw was a dim sun shinning through early morning mist casting subtle shadows across a scene of grey rocks strewn across a barren landscape devoid of any beauty of any kind.
      The sight that assailed my eyes was not in my power to comprehend, that is, my brain was not coping with the vision through the bedroom window. My heart was beating in my ears and panic was setting in. Dressing quickly I headed for the backdoor, swinging the door open, I rushed into the yard where the garden should haven been, it was a given that the gardener went missing too, the very garden that I see every day; it was all gone and in its place were grey rocks on hard red and cracked soil stretching into the distance. I grabbed my cell phone to call for help and found it to be dead! Great, no communications! My hands were shaking and as I was loosing control of my nerves my trembling hands let the phone slip to crash onto a rock, then a new shock registered in my beleaguered mind, there was no noise. No noise at all, even the bedroom window hadn't made its usual sound as I now suddenly remembered, curious. I screamed! Was I deaf?
      Yesterday I was fine with no symptoms of illness that I could determine.
      . Despite my current symptoms I forced a tour around the grounds circling the house, then it hit me, there was no feeling of air or wind on my skin, it got worse, I could not feel anything in my current environment. I went into a frantic mode and touched everything in sight including patting myself down, NOTHING! God! Was there a GOD! I raced into the house that was still my home I hoped, to find something to take to get a grip on my sanity, hoping what I found to take still had any potency left or at least have a good placebo effect; the potency was still there. The drug took hold instantly and later on I realized it was the placebo effect; no drug takes hold that fast except in the movies.
      I was now feeling much better considering the current situation. I needed a calm period of time if there was time, to think about the what, where and who. Since the cell phone incident I reasoned that there was no GOOGLE to help me out of this fearful place. The what, Where and who did not look to be a better option.
      Where is Bill Nye when you need him?
      I looked up to see a circular opening some distance above me with a dark blue/green sky beyond.
      The opening suggested an enclosure. So I headed away from my home to explore what was out there. I came to notice that my sight or brain was affected in this strange place. The distance was coming into view a frame at a time as if I was viewing a panoramic slide show coming into view. I moved into my future slide by slide. I forced my way forward not wanting to look back, if I saw what I was seeing in front of me I would lose what courage I had left. I kept on as the snap shots kept coming.
      I came to believe that time had stopped or escaped from the universe; I covered the distance in no time or was it non-time?
      Eventually I saw a translucent surface curving into view. Through the surface I observed wandering shadows on the other side, some of the shadows stood sill now and then as if viewing something or communicating with one another. I started a circuitous route around the inside of the enclosure fearing what may lay in wait beyond the next slide ahead of me.
      Was I getting anywhere?
      Ignoring the repulsive landscape, I watched the actions of the shadows beyond the wall. As I moved along the wall they seemed to stop and look at something. Me? Non-time passed until I approached an opening. There was a young standing there as if he were waiting for someone. He looked as if he had been working but took time off to wait. I went up to him and before I could speak he said, "Did you enjoy your ride sir".
      When I came to and my vision cleared I found myself standing at my bedroom window watching the Gardner working in a flowerbed on a misty morning.
      OK, the What, Where and Who. The What? A blackout, I am sober now. Where? My bedroom; I have remolded the bedroom, one cannot be too careful. Who, that is harder to say but I figure two out of three is pretty good considering the situation at the time. Time has been good to me since then. Life is good! Mostly.
      Feel free to share with a friend.

  • crabsinthebucket -
    crabsinthebucket - 3 года назад

    What about this is helpful?

  • Владимир Ленин
    Владимир Ленин 3 года назад

    Morning drinking usually means sorrow sad drinking as a failure that's why many Russian men become alcoholics ones USSR collapsed and Irish drink because of their loss to English empire

    • first last
      first last Год назад

      in soviet union vodka drink you

  • Ryan Purcell
    Ryan Purcell 3 года назад +1

    I struggled with destructive drinking for years. What changed it all around was 2 ceremonies with San Pedro cactus. It allowed me to reset my life. The most significant difference between my sobriety after the cactus ceremonies and my sobriety after traditional methods is I no longer have any urges. I actually feel free.

    • jays0909
      jays0909 6 месяцев назад +1

      Ryan Purcell wow I have never heard of this. I'm commenting 2 years later. How are you doing now ? Relapses? Drinking casually ?

  • David C.
    David C. 3 года назад

    When I was young, my daddy let me try out some beer. I tasted it. I began scratching my tongue to get rid of the disgusting taste.

    BIG SHAQ 3 года назад

    Fuck, I can't live without nicotine. Why did I even start.

  • WhatUwant?
    WhatUwant? 3 года назад +7

    When stoners say weed isn't addictive are true stoners XD. weed can be addictive varies by brain

    • VoidOneGamer
      VoidOneGamer 3 года назад

      I just realized I didn't see the end of your comment, whoops

    • WhatUwant?
      WhatUwant? 3 года назад

      +VoidOneGamer yup

    • VoidOneGamer
      VoidOneGamer 3 года назад +1

      Much like LSD, it can't be physically addictive. It can be mentally addicting like anything can.

  • Robbie Weston
    Robbie Weston 3 года назад

    i been drinking for 37 ys and finding is very difficult to stop can any one pleasr help

  • Matt Stocks
    Matt Stocks 3 года назад

    I think it's because non alcoholics don't actually get much of a buzz of alcohol, it's more placebo. Alcoholics like myself, get a cocaine like rush of intense euphoria and relaxation when they drink. I never drank to drown my sorrows, I drank cos it made feel fucking awesome - I was always a naturally happy guy but alcohol took this to another level entirely. Other people I know say that alcohol makes them feel quite good but not euphoric. For me it's euphoric. For you non alcoholics it's 'meh'

  • Shannon Carroll
    Shannon Carroll 3 года назад

    I don't think knowing you are predisposed for addiction effects a person's decision making necessarily. I am predisposed and I still drink, so I don't think people who are predisposed will necessarily refrain.

  • Matt Stocks
    Matt Stocks 3 года назад

    Alcoholics process alcohol much faster than other people and also experience greater stimulation of the dopamine system in the brain when they drink. This means th get a better high than normal people from alcohol but also develop tolerance much faster and eventually withdrawal symptoms which makes them drink more because alcohol withdrawal is one of the most uncomfortable feelings one can have. That's why. No mystery to it really, fairly simple stuff.

  • Lisa Craig
    Lisa Craig 3 года назад

    I'm sorry but could you please speak English! To much tech talk

  • craqqer
    craqqer 3 года назад +1

    I tried marijuana once. I turned into a homosexual and almost died. It also made me want to have premarital sex. Marijuana, not even once

  • rockshot100
    rockshot100 3 года назад

    There are different kinds of addicts. There are different kinds of alcoholics, some people just get into the habit of drinking everyday.

  • Daryl Rosenberg
    Daryl Rosenberg 4 года назад

    Funny thing is, all the comments below are of non-drug addicts. Lets hear from the drug addicts. Just a bunch of ignorant people that have opinions that are not backed by personal experience.

  • Calico Cat
    Calico Cat 4 года назад

    I'm 18 in college and I have a drinking problem. I start and I can't seem to stop unless my friends hide all the alcohol and even if I black out, the next day I want to do it again.

  • Make Jiller
    Make Jiller 4 года назад

    nice shirt :D

  • Markus Brorson
    Markus Brorson 4 года назад +1

    People who cannot overpower their brain has no will power.

    • Markus Brorson
      Markus Brorson 4 года назад +1

      +Benjamin Brown They can't because they don't have the willpower to.
      What is wrong about saying addicts have no willpower? it is true, people with willpower can walk on flames, the addicts never will.

    • Markus Brorson
      Markus Brorson 4 года назад +2

      +Benjamin Brown Exactly that is what i think as well, the human body is like a small ecosystem with foreign bacteria helping with digestion etc.

    • Markus Brorson
      Markus Brorson 4 года назад +1

      I think people are overrating everything, there is nothing special, not even our conscience is, it comes from just another organ made out of many cells that cooperate with each other to produce some result, it is very flexible though and isn't focused in 1 point which explains why people with half-heads can be themselves.

    • Markus Brorson
      Markus Brorson 4 года назад +1

      Apparently drugs are you then because they change "you" for a while.
      What is "you" isn't so easy to define, people can lose half their brains and still be themselves i think?