Top 10 NEW Horror Games Of 2017

Every year, there's a host of scary video games. Find out what 2017's scariest titles are for the PC, PS4 & Xbox One.
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Platform: PC PS4 Xbox One
Release Date: Q2 2017

Platform: PC
Release Date: 10 March 2017

Platform: PC PS4 Xbox One
Release Date: TBA 2017

What Remains of Edith Finch
Platform: PC PS4
Release Date: TBA 2017

Platform: PC
Release Date: Q4 2017

Friday the 13th
Platform: PC PS4 Xbox One
Release Date: Q1 2017

Hello Neighbor
Platform: PC
Release Date: TBA 2017

Platform: PC
Release Date: March 2017

Outlast 2
Platform: PC PS4 Xbox One
Release Date: 25 April 2017

Resident Evil 7
Platform: PC PS4 Xbox One
Release Date: 24 January 2017


Platform: PSVR
Release: TBA 2017

Ghost Theory
Platform: PC PS4 Xbox One Linux OS X
Release Date: Q4 2017

Allison Road
Platform: PC
Release: TBA 2017

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Автор mrmeatymeatball ( назад)
>based on the work of h.r. giger
>no dicks

fucking rip off

Автор Jesus Gaytan ( назад)
"a futuristic bioshock" is a game called system shock(2), another game designed by Ken Levine

Автор _Swerve _ ( назад)
Is Mass effect Andromeda in this list?

Автор Nico Nick ( назад)
Stop saying really ffs

Автор Naaz 925 ( назад)
I'm surprised Deceit isn't on the list...

Автор killachriz96 ( назад)
finally you mention Friday the 13th

Автор Arthfael Online ( назад)
Bioshock is open ended enough for me, still having trouble wrapping my head around that ending in Infinite.

Автор Akatsubasa ( назад)
Does someone know a good horror game in TPS? And with good mechanics eventually? I'm not really fond of FPS horror where you can just hide and wait for the jumpscare. I think something kinda like RE4 or The Evil Within will perfectly do

Автор maurcio brito ( назад)
Otlast 2 is the scariest shit ever omg, they took the best from Silent Hill PT tbh, they copy some of their characteristics. However they were so smart on making the Demo for Outlast 2, is just pure Art of Horror games. Definetly a GOTY category for me, I Hope it atleast gets nominated.

Автор bilbo1778 ( назад)
1:11 - ummmm...you played Bioshock but not System Shock 2? Bioshock's predecessor *was* a futuristic Bioshock!

Автор tchoutchawn ( назад)
futuristic bioshock? more open? everybody hostile? seems like system shock 2 to me!

Автор Hy Nguyễn ( назад)
Markiplier should watch this.

Автор mongothedestroyer88 ( назад)
Still want Dead Space 4.

Автор Planet PS402 ( назад)

Автор Rob Graham ( назад)
RE7 is amazing. I think its better than the first 2. Its the only game besides the original dead space to get inside my head

Автор One Shark ( назад)
To me it feels like that a lot of space horror is coming out

Автор Ballistic Warhammer ( назад)
Can anyone answer my one question about re7? I'm a newish owner of a ps4 but I've had re since ps1 when I was... I think 15. Anyway. Played the demo when it came out. Main question is... Do you spend most of your time shooting the same guy? From everything I've seen it sure looks that way. I don't even know wtf this games entirely about. I surmise that you're stuck in a house trying to kill 1 person... Hence the reason I haven't spent 60$ on it. Any advice is much appreciated

Автор Mike B ( назад)
Possibly later this year. I love the first one.

Автор Game Trill ( назад)
I wanna see Project Wight

Автор projecteagle-6 ( назад)
get res 7 for free on your pc http://gsurl.me/1f22

Автор Psychotic Asian ( назад)
I don't usually play horror games but I'm kinda looking at hello neighbor, cuz uhh you know it doesn't look too demonic even though the basement Is ummm. Filled with some creepy ass shit

Автор The Mad Hatter ( назад)
I hate how everyone keeps calling pretty much any very fucking scary horror game in the first person camera since P.T. a "P.T. Clone". P.T. was a very good horror game and very effective at scaring the shit out of people, why would you not want horror games to learn from it's success?

Автор plizzo ( назад)
When PS1 was the thing, I had a roommate that wouldn't touch video games. I bought Resident Evil and she watched me play it. She ended up playing it more than I did haha

Автор MADMANN99 ( назад)
That Friday the 13th game looks dope

Автор foreverclassic105 ( назад)
Perception is definitely one to keep on the radar as well. Using sound as a blind girl to find your way is incredibly engrossing as a video game.

Автор Andrew Brammer ( назад)
I'm not convinced Routine is coming this month. They've announced releases before and I can't find a definitive date for it's release. This month is running out. Probably get delayed again.

Автор Herr Nandor ( назад)
I hate this Falcon guy.

Автор JET JUNKY ( назад)
He referenced dawn of war when he was talking about outlast 2

Автор Trent Hammer ( назад)
That Pamela game looks about as generic as you can possibly get.

Автор X Kai ( назад)
:D laugh my ass off. one of the best in the series since the original first 3. what is RE4 chopped fucking liver. fuck me man.

Автор MC Gaming ( назад)
"because konomi is awful" lol

Автор Forget2BHuman ( назад)
agony has baby mutilation :)

Автор Rogue Vigilante ( назад)
Subscribe to my Channel if you like Freestyle music and RE7 disgusts me they need a RE4 remake and they need to a Devil may Cry 3 remake and they need a decent def jam fight night and a hot pursuit 2 for ps2 remake that as the last truly good Need For Speed although I enjoyed Underground I felt Underground 2 was boring although I loved the engine dyno part that would be something nice to see in some of the other games perhaps even gta would be where you could tune your car for more power it would make sense for a game like gta that way they wouldnt have to have specific parts just something like san andreas but the dyno in Underground 2 had a bit of chance to it I kind of like that also they need a Suikoden 2 remake and A tetris attack remake a Super Metroid remake and a Metal Gear Solid Remake with David Hayter They might as well have a Brain lord remake too loved that game. Shadow Warrior is pretty sweet ;') I guess they made a Final Fantasy X2 remake that game was amazing graphically

Автор Liam ( назад)

Автор DeiRaccoon ( назад)
Horrible year =/= good horror games, we learned that back in 2016

Автор Bryson Rose ( назад)

Автор Tenpesto ( назад)
I'm honestly surprised that Little Nightmares wasn't mentioned in this video.

Автор HUinstinct ( назад)
"A futuristic bioshock..."

System shock?

Автор RIGman0497 ( назад)
I am so happy that he apologized about pronouncing Giger's name wrong

Автор Nodirjon Imomkulov ( назад)
i want to try out ghost theory but first i need a new pc

Автор kevin greek ( назад)
he didn't put on bendy and the ink machine

Автор minty fresh Memes ( назад)
Definitely looking forward to outlast 2 the most

Автор AtariNerd ( назад)
What about BATIM?

Автор Prololan ( назад)

Автор Taner A ( назад)
"I must apologize to Mr. Giger."

Well. he's dead...

Автор Seth117 ( назад)
I don't get how people play these kind of games. After 30mins it gets incredibly boring cause nothing really happens throughout the whole game.

Автор HerzDon'tIt ( назад)
I hate the way his says visage, it's vis-ah-ghe

Автор Sydow ( назад)
call of cthulhu ?

Автор Nick Amarit ( назад)
Pamela = Pandorum + System Shock 2 ???

Автор EndyLordDG ( назад)
I can't wait for pamela

Автор Marcus McCoy ( назад)
I feel like the Sci-Fi first person horror games are gonna suck like they usually do, save for Alien Isolation. Soma was interesting but otherwise mediocre. Dead Space started out great but turned into a shooter. Doom really isn't scary...

Автор Mbuuqw Plays ( назад)
Routine. Shit gives me Doom 3 vibes.

Автор Bestialce2007 ( назад)
H.R Geiger is dead :,(

Автор MuayThaiMmaXboxGeek ( назад)
You don't have to apologize to Mr Giger as e is dead......

Автор Roman00 ( назад)
Giger is dead btw...

Автор Moo M ( назад)
aint frday the 13th just dead by daylight?

Автор spooky ( назад)
i wonder what would happen if they updated a really old game called dark seed

Автор Reese Puffs ( назад)
Fuck Resident Evil 7. It's not even scary! I was laughing my ass off during the demo about the stupid AI dialogue and chase scenes.
Outlast > Resident Evil

Автор Thomas Ballard ( назад)
were is prey?

Автор DXRaveN ( назад)
Bioshock in the future? you know system shock right?

Автор Encounterpart ( назад)
Mr Giger has passed away, sadly. So you are apologizing to a dead man.

Автор BleachKiller419 ( назад)
I miss Dead Space 1 and 2

Автор Due Decimal ( назад)
"bla bla bla because Konami is awful"
liked, subbed.

Автор Matthew Butler ( назад)
politician trail status piece decade negative pressure mutual authority.

Автор Banana Man ( назад)
i think i die

Автор brooklyntheredone ( назад)
Sorry but Scorn is Zdzislaw Beksinski not HRG.

Автор departedlion ( назад)
Pronounced Giger right, but, he passed away back in 2014. RIP

Автор True Prophit ( назад)
To me the best on the list is Friday the 13th. Don't really like that resident evil

Автор Satyaki Mandal ( назад)
march is already pretty much over, where is routine???? i have been waiting for it since very long.

Автор Soviet Pepe ( назад)
Holy shit Scorn's hallways look like the ones from the Alien spaceship hallways except red.

Автор Paul Mares ( назад)
ROUTINE is deffinitely the game I'm ( and have been ) waiting for! So hyped! :D

Автор Iain Morton ( назад)
"...reminds me of a futuristic Bioshock." So, System Shock, then? :P

Автор Larry The Guy ( назад)
i heard the new update to minecraft is going to be pretty scary...

Автор ТОП Лучших ( назад)

Автор MegaKaiser45 ( назад)
No Call Of Cthulhu? Hmmm...

Автор kevstew26 ( назад)
Add The Evil Within 2, new leaked info

Автор sodium ( назад)
im looking forward to Little Nightmares. its basically the muppets mashed with some fucked up RE 7 vibes

Автор TheUnpredictableSealion ( назад)
im suprised that alison road wasnt placed on the main list tbh

Автор Felix Karlzen ( назад)
I'm crazy excited for "Agony" and "Scorn".

Автор Stephanie Corcoran ( назад)
I wish for until dawn 2

Автор Liam Teague ( назад)
I want Agony , What remains of Edith Finch , Scorn , Friday the 13th the game , Hello Neighbor , Routine , Outlast 2 , Resident Evil 7! all amazing looking games and I hope they are amazing how they look!

Автор Eric W ( назад)
Why they are all in first person/?

Автор Dante alighieri ( назад)
Little nightmares anyone?

Автор Dallas Nanes ( назад)
What about Prey by Bethesda (I think)

Автор Owl Dude ( назад)
My favs are Scorn, agony, Pamela and Friday the 13th

Автор n8neiTen8n ( назад)
Resident Evil 7? Where are the Zombies?

Автор beastboy 145 ( назад)
I would love to play a third person horror, but ur not slow af or incapable of running faster than 1mph, I want to be extremely agile and capable of fighting back.

Автор Xavier Monsivais ( назад)
Please stop talking about RE7! It's like hearing your little sister talking about her favorite boy band! We already know it exists and we know how great it is, now give us something new for us to talk about!

Автор Zero time for fun ( назад)
futuristic bioshock... ain't that system shock?

Автор Masterzoroark 666 ( назад)
i‘m waitin for agony, scorn, routine and p.a.m.e.l.a

Автор Tico The Movie Maker ( назад)
Where the fuck is Prey on this list?

Автор DBS/DeividMonsta ( назад)
Resident evil 4 is my favorite Resident evil game and i think that its much scaryer

Автор Houldey ( назад)
'because konami is awful', well put #FucKonami

Автор Skyman ( назад)
1:11 "in a lot of ways it makes me think of a futuristic bioshock" you mean fucking system shock?

Автор StronkGameReviews ( назад)
Pleas somebudy remaster Penumbra. I woud kill to play that game with better visuals ect.

Автор AldenPronto ( назад)
Visage "well the game is for suuure a spiritual successor to P.T blah blah blah got cancelled because Konami was off"
Alison Road: "oh look the spritual successor of P.T. ! looks amazing!" got cancelled
Viasage: "Alright big boy where's the catch here?"

Автор GamerBoy870 ( назад)
Re7 of successor just kidding Capcom probably gets alot of people saying that

Автор Hailey Mew ( назад)
All of these games looks like they're trying to sell VR

Автор Maham Shahid ( назад)
resident evil 7 looks promising but my most favourite one was resident evil 4

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