Man brings pizza to teen’s house, meets Chris Hansen instead

  • Published on Nov 10, 2018
  • A Boston man drives two and a half hours to Connecticut to bring pizza to a 13-year-old girl, and meets Chris Hansen instead.

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  • alexis almaguer
    alexis almaguer 12 minutes ago

    , “You’re almost [email protected]’rE aN aDuLt” 😂😂

  • Troy Gaines
    Troy Gaines 32 minutes ago

    Can you imagine how this dude feels when he watches this?! Lol

  • Lee Stewart
    Lee Stewart 34 minutes ago

    This is entrapment and enticement. Talking to someone posing as a 13 year old girl. Legally he’s done nothing wrong by not committing any sexual or illegal activity.

  • Troy Gaines
    Troy Gaines 43 minutes ago

    Dude makes me never wanna eat pizza again! Ew!

  • mary forsyth
    mary forsyth Hour ago

    Hope the cunt gets a long time and big bubba breaks his back doors in dirty bastard

  • Bruno barz
    Bruno barz Hour ago

    How is this a crime when the person is actually over 18 that he's talking too I never got not good at law

  • mary forsyth
    mary forsyth Hour ago

    Haha you are very well and truly fucked now yeh disgusting piece off shit

  • mary forsyth
    mary forsyth Hour ago

    What a beast think he’s been watching to much 50 shades what a dirty nonce

  • mary forsyth
    mary forsyth Hour ago

    Pure dirty

  • MsWatcheverything

    What a creep 😩

  • inFAMOUSJakey
    inFAMOUSJakey 2 hours ago

    i doubt any young people these days are dumb enough to bring in strangers like this to house lol

  • Maartje Goede
    Maartje Goede 3 hours ago

    I think he's a narcisist

  • Charlie Bucket
    Charlie Bucket 4 hours ago

    im surprised no ones ever pulled a gun out on this show

  • Phoebe Whitehead
    Phoebe Whitehead 4 hours ago

    We love a pizza mukbang

  • Max Payne
    Max Payne 5 hours ago

    I had to pause a few times because it got to real and cringe

  • Jessica E
    Jessica E 5 hours ago

    Definitely a nervous eater. Trying to act innocent and play it cool. Please. 😒

  • hailman345
    hailman345 6 hours ago

    I wanna see one episode where theres a guy saying sexual shit to her and when they meet they just hang out and like his intents werent to have sex.

  • Roxy77777777
    Roxy77777777 6 hours ago

    He knows that pizza is his last decent meal for a long time.

  • John Ward
    John Ward 8 hours ago

    Hang him.

  • web1187
    web1187 8 hours ago

    is that against the law .... uhh yea it is buddy

    GLOVEMMM 9 hours ago

    Im confused how dose this have 11k dislikes? So he has a
    11 k fans ? He said I might marry her when she 16 he said what’s wrong with that lol he really mean that shit !

  • nooyawker377
    nooyawker377 9 hours ago

    If he was her dad do you really think he’d be having a calm conversation with you?

  • Sophia Thornburg
    Sophia Thornburg 9 hours ago

    They also cant keep in eye contact in who they are talking to

  • Sophia Thornburg
    Sophia Thornburg 9 hours ago

    There are many tactics to catch someone if their lieng when you are talking to them count how much times they are blinking cuzz that tells how nervous they are there are many more but 8m not going to lost them all out😐😐

  • Andrei Blanca
    Andrei Blanca 10 hours ago

    Those awkward silences

  • Powerful Young Moses
    Powerful Young Moses 10 hours ago

    That why my boy Kellz got the dungeon can’t be walking into set ups.

  • Ali B
    Ali B 10 hours ago

    13:40 LMAOOOOOO Chris’ face says it all 😂😂💀💀

  • Young CA
    Young CA 10 hours ago

    Anybody watch Jeremiah Phillips? He made a parody of Chris Hansen Fuuuuuuuuukn hilarious

  • Hoffiland
    Hoffiland 11 hours ago

    Not being funny but the only person who forced the little girl do something is Chris Hansen to talk with a strange person. He put her to the risk for the show.

  • Wyatt
    Wyatt 11 hours ago

    Jeff: Do I seem like a dishonest, dirty person?
    Chris: (¬_¬)

  • Captain Illy
    Captain Illy 11 hours ago

    Disgusting fucking guy

  • lolita johnson
    lolita johnson 11 hours ago

    Marriage contract?

    Ninja what?!? Throw his ass under the jail!!!!!

  • g been
    g been 11 hours ago

    They put the pizza in the boot 🤣

  • Lee Hyun Joo
    Lee Hyun Joo 12 hours ago

    His face makes me throw up. It is disaster whats happening in this world. No wonder why there has so many traumatized women in this world because of those fuckers actually exist. Go to hell

  • Cyber_ Reaper
    Cyber_ Reaper 12 hours ago +1

    -Absolutely Nobody

    -Predator Do You Have Pretty Feet?

  • Vernardo Reyes
    Vernardo Reyes 13 hours ago +1

    I would purposely get myself into this and when I get to the house I’ll open the door and ask for Chris Hanson

  • the nam Na
    the nam Na 14 hours ago

    Well at lest, It was some good pizza

  • Jerry Louis
    Jerry Louis 14 hours ago

    You wanna slice? 🍕 LMFAOO😂

  • NW Monk
    NW Monk 14 hours ago

    Muslims do this all the time. Why doesn't Chris Hansen go after the Muslims?

  • Danille Mason
    Danille Mason 15 hours ago

    So damn sad

  • Lily Gould
    Lily Gould 15 hours ago

    Ok so yes I agree these people are horrible and yes he should be arrested, but I think when you film these confrontations for a TV show it’s plain wrong. Yes he should be locked up but I thinks it’s wrong and a wee bit rude to film these confrontations for a TV show...

  • Ty Tom
    Ty Tom 15 hours ago

    he looks at the camera

  • Vanilla Pudding
    Vanilla Pudding 16 hours ago

    He is such a creep, I’m so happy he got busted !!!!!💯✌🏽
    Yuck...He should find someone his own age and he looks older then what he saying!!!!!

  • riley grace
    riley grace 16 hours ago

    "Sokol probably should've brought napkins"

  • Trav Jones
    Trav Jones 16 hours ago

    I would kill to see Chris Hansen grab a slice and start eating it as he tells the guy who he is🤣🤣🤣

  • SeymourButtz YT
    SeymourButtz YT 16 hours ago


  • Ayejaye Sutton
    Ayejaye Sutton 16 hours ago

    Very brave to come to her house

  • Scott Warren
    Scott Warren 16 hours ago

    If I got into this situation I would have said this to Chris Hansen: Well, if she wanted to have sex with me.. why would that be illegal?

    • Scott Warren
      Scott Warren 16 hours ago

      and if he says does that make it right? i would say: YES!

  • iciss cooper
    iciss cooper 17 hours ago

    😂😂😂 he still eating his pizza omg and then he acting all chill like nothing going on

  • RcR rmrz
    RcR rmrz 17 hours ago

    I hated this dude

  • try batman
    try batman 17 hours ago


  • AirSandFire
    AirSandFire 17 hours ago

    I really wanna blank your right in the blank.

  • Anti Feminism
    Anti Feminism 17 hours ago

    Let this be a female predator showing up at this house, and nobody would have a problem with it.

  • alex Cooper
    alex Cooper 18 hours ago

    U would never drive 2.5 hours for some girl fyck no although I would travel to Europe for the experience and to fyck a bitch ohhhhh my goal is to fyck s gurl in every country

  • Fla ke
    Fla ke 18 hours ago

    Why don’t you guys just shoot these ppl in the fucking jaw. They’re actions have no excuse. Send them to jail with a deformed face and broken jaw. It can be an identity marker for the pedophiles in jail.

  • alex Cooper
    alex Cooper 18 hours ago

    Shii In jail I get three meals a place to sleep the ac is on 70 free TV and I dont have to get up or work and I get free footlongs lol

  • January 9th
    January 9th 18 hours ago

    Piece of shit

  • Hero Kid
    Hero Kid 18 hours ago

    He can get off this like the guy who killed Natalie Holloway.
    Dumbass chasing little girls when there's all this grown pussy in the world. White people type shit.

  • Galimir Nund
    Galimir Nund 19 hours ago

    He's prob a muslim...

  • Caligula Roman
    Caligula Roman 19 hours ago

    Sick f*ck

  • Obunga
    Obunga 19 hours ago

    He eats pizza weird

  • Lucid Osama
    Lucid Osama 20 hours ago +1

    My mans took so many L' s this episode😂😂 my mans went for a hug I shouldn't find this funny but this dude here is actually trash😂😂 like he just look so fukkin dumb wen he came out the back room 😁😂😂

  • Joshua Tafili
    Joshua Tafili 20 hours ago

    Let’s beat his fucking ass.

  • Miss Killem
    Miss Killem 20 hours ago

    He's eating the pizza cuz he knows that's the last time he'll ever have outside food.

  • angie j
    angie j 20 hours ago

    can i eat first

  • Jose Diaz
    Jose Diaz 21 hour ago

    That pizza looks good tho...if I waz dat chick. ill b eating dat pizza up

  • Sulaiman 7894
    Sulaiman 7894 21 hour ago +1

    4:21 **looks at camera**

  • djk
    djk 21 hour ago

    He posts 250 grand but won't spend a grand on a full grown woman? For 1,000 you can a beautiful 25 year old woman who is a professional at satisfying men...and he chooses to drive 2 hours for a 13 year old girl. This guy is one of the worst in a group of HORRIBLE

  • Nyc Finest Bitch
    Nyc Finest Bitch 21 hour ago

    I often wondered was this all staged ?

  • lilmissroro
    lilmissroro 22 hours ago

    What a pompous arrogant asshole. Should've choked on that pizza.

  • The Saltiest Shake
    The Saltiest Shake 22 hours ago

    Based Hansen keeping up the hot as fuck decoys. This one might be the best ever.

  • Shakyel Arnold
    Shakyel Arnold 22 hours ago

    That awkward tension is to much even through a phone 😬😬😬😬

  • Come Ger Xome 175 26
    Come Ger Xome 175 26 23 hours ago

    I gotta sZay thank yoi to chris and all the team putting. All these pedo peices of shit should be castrated and yeah

  • Elan Sleazebaggano
    Elan Sleazebaggano Day ago +1

    He may be a literal pedophile but he seems like a nice dude, at first.

  • Elan Sleazebaggano

    0:43 "heavy metal song"
    Fucking thrash.

  • Oleg
    Oleg Day ago

    Just making sure everybody's aware that this is fake

  • E
    E Day ago


  • Today Now
    Today Now Day ago

    This creep needs to be put away and not out on bail, never to see the sunshine again. Pervert. creep.

  • N. Maria
    N. Maria Day ago

    This guy doesnt need to be around ANY MINORS. This man is a narcissist.. He thinks there is nothing wrong. Wow. I just want to throw up listening to him speak.

  • OnlyK Pw
    OnlyK Pw Day ago

    In 20:51 the guy go down stair and turn left to the other stairs and it makes me think wtf are you doin mate

    • OnlyK Pw
      OnlyK Pw Day ago

      When he saw the camera man his brain says fck this sht im out

  • The Clean One
    The Clean One Day ago

    You can tell he’s from Boston off the way he eats pizza

  • Windi Joe
    Windi Joe Day ago

    Food doesnt taste as good when your nervous... Just eating in the void...

  • Windi Joe
    Windi Joe Day ago

    Leave jimmy kimmel alone

  • Windi Joe
    Windi Joe Day ago

    Not even good looking 13 year olds... Your gonna risk your life for that...

  • TheOne
    TheOne Day ago

    4:21 dude literally looks at the camera.

  • Chris Moore
    Chris Moore Day ago +1

    Lol the small pizza is the same size as the big one **wink wink**🤣

  • Laurie Cruz Reyes

    Dude you should have kept the pizza he doesn't deserve the whole box!!

  • Malick Njie
    Malick Njie Day ago

    Damn they got the pizza locked up

  • Txiv Neeb's Waffles and Shrooms Instrumentals

    Chris Hansen just got busted for sketchy shit

  • ray rayandray
    ray rayandray Day ago


  • Rick Suter
    Rick Suter Day ago

    Entrapment!!!! Chris Hansen is a scumbag himself...He doesn't pay his own bills!!! Hypocrite!!!

  • Iyanna High
    Iyanna High Day ago

    Soooo putting his pizza 🍕 in the trunk 🤔 is it evidence 🤔😂😂😂

  • Jeff Stacy
    Jeff Stacy Day ago

    13 Whats wrong with that?? its a question...... its just talking, thats the way l look at it.....
    But 13 would be.........probably..........the cleanest best pleasure, l would say.......

    • Youci 17
      Youci 17 Day ago

      How’s your wife Jeff , I want to blank her so bad.

  • Marco Polo
    Marco Polo Day ago

    soooo basically he has a small limp dick

  • Rock Afire Fan
    Rock Afire Fan Day ago

    I love how there was never even a 13 year old girl involved, so its like he didn't even do the crime, they lured him in using a 30 year old woman.

  • Silar Sum
    Silar Sum Day ago

    "he should've brought napkins" .....ok ?

  • Bigby Wolfe
    Bigby Wolfe Day ago

    I think Chris Hansen gets a kick out of saying 'I'm Chris Hansen' everytime.

  • Diana Miller
    Diana Miller Day ago

    Good job to all the Law Enforcement on this!

  • Diana Miller
    Diana Miller Day ago

    Chris Hansen has been doing this a long time. I remember his sting from 2007. You can tell this turns his stomach and makes him angry. I love that he [email protected] with him! Get him Chris!

  • bin ™
    bin ™ Day ago

    Jimmy Kimmel smh