Top 10 Game of Thrones MOST SATISFYING DEATH SCENES 2018

  • Published on Jun 9, 2018
  • Game of Thrones Top 10 Most Satisfying scenes from Season 1 to Season 7.
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Comments • 4 792

  • History in Numbers

    Nice vid! Checkout the one I've made on ALL GOT deaths

  • Giovanni Trivieri

    The first is not satisfying.

  • saieed ali
    saieed ali 2 days ago +1

    That wasn't real gold, it melted way too fast!

  • Junyu Mao
    Junyu Mao 3 days ago

    I miss Ygritte...

  • Jay Raphael
    Jay Raphael 4 days ago

    RE: *BEGINNINGS* *of* *the* *MAD* *QUEEN*
    *Ser* *Jorah* : "Look away Khaleesi"
    *Dany* : "No"

  • Doesn't Matter
    Doesn't Matter 4 days ago

    The worst sub plot in the entire show gets #1??? It was good maybe great even though Bealish never got caught off guard and gave his weakest excuses ever. At least have him request trial by combat!!! Everything leading up to it didn't make sense and it was still obvious they would kill him. This is one of many examples of the books ending with season 4 and the writers creating problems with conclusions that don't work because events leading up to it were overlooked

  • Loute 007
    Loute 007 5 days ago

    House frey was very satisfying but nothing is as satisfying as seeing Joffery die 🤩

  • worm salad
    worm salad 5 days ago

    idk if it’s just me but shae’s death wasn’t satisfying in my opinion.

  • Samiksha Kunte
    Samiksha Kunte 6 days ago


  • Dubois Daphné
    Dubois Daphné 7 days ago

    I think I'm the only one to have cries for the death of Joffrey and Ramsay. It was my two favorite characters ! (Maybe I'm weird...)

    • Sam Fisher
      Sam Fisher 6 days ago

      Dubois Daphné 😂😂😂😂

  • Alexander Lannister
    Alexander Lannister 7 days ago

    The most satisfying deaths for my are Ramsay Bolton, Joeffrey Baratheon and Tywin Lannister. Lord Vaelish only paid the prize of his crimes but it wasn't satisfying for me

  • Mariah McCray
    Mariah McCray 8 days ago

    Little fingers death should’ve been way worse than it was 😒 he deserved hell for what he did and much much worse.

  • Mariah McCray
    Mariah McCray 8 days ago

    Feel bad for jofferys actor 😂 people hate him even thou he was just playing a role and he played it phenomenally! But it was so satisfying watching him die and the pain in Cersei’s eyes.

  • maggie martinez
    maggie martinez 8 days ago

    9:03 seriously...

  • Samaya sari dewi
    Samaya sari dewi 8 days ago

    How fast and sure arya when slit little finger throats is so funny gdi haha I can't help it but laugh everytime I watch that part hahaha

    TOP RANKING WORLD 9 days ago

    Top RanKing game of thrones here:

  • Justin cock
    Justin cock 10 days ago

    I was so happy when he murdered that tooot shae

  • Hernando Garibaldi
    Hernando Garibaldi 10 days ago

    After seeing ser Alister Thorne and Ollie deaths I realise Jon Snow was so dumb enough to not pick them with him to hardhome so they could see why is Jon let the savages in to the others side of the wall and stop the retarded idea of "muh keep the sought from the savages".

  • SouthWestAlbino 18
    SouthWestAlbino 18 10 days ago

    all the cut throats got cut throats

  • Sanji
    Sanji 10 days ago

    I fucking loved littlefinger

  • Garrett Lamb
    Garrett Lamb 10 days ago

    Olly’s death wasn’t satisfying! He was a young kid lead by bad people anger and grief!

  • Ritika Singh
    Ritika Singh 10 days ago

    On point...I loved the deaths.

  • _Maddykeks _
    _Maddykeks _ 11 days ago

    I also loved that Ramsay and Joffrey died but for some reason I enjoyed Meryn Trants death the most 😂

  • Spider-Man
    Spider-Man 11 days ago

    Viserys dying on the book was satisfying but it was also a little sad. On the show it was just satisfying

  • TH3 RAV3N
    TH3 RAV3N 11 days ago

    Apparently game of thrones has the same fucking face changer as captain America the winter soldier

  • cykanugget69
    cykanugget69 11 days ago

    Shae's death was not as satisfying. I liked her but she just slowly turned away and died ;(

  • Jacob Petion
    Jacob Petion 11 days ago

    How on earth didn't Littlefinger death scene make the list?

  • Afro Gum
    Afro Gum 13 days ago

    Dog was looking at Ramsay like he was a whole snack

  • WaffelGamingNot3D
    WaffelGamingNot3D 13 days ago

    i wish joffrey can die many times more

  • Keshav
    Keshav 14 days ago

    I liked Tywin Lannister though!!!
    But most satisfying death was of Joffrey and Shae(that bitch really deserved to die)

  • Hernist Kukkun
    Hernist Kukkun 14 days ago

    My favorite character in Game of Thrones is Brandon Stark

  • Kuka _
    Kuka _ 14 days ago

    You raped her you murdered her you killed her children

  • Mary Morris
    Mary Morris 16 days ago

    awesome some people that really needed to die

  • Karam Nashwan
    Karam Nashwan 18 days ago

    " My sister asked you question ! " Ohh Arya stark such a little wolf

  • Nikkiboi Nanna
    Nikkiboi Nanna 18 days ago +2

    Ramsay was an asshole but i thought he was a great villain and acted superbly and I liked him, for that. Most satisfying deaths to me though were Joffrey, Walder Frey and his men, Viserys and Littlefinger

  • PoEtato
    PoEtato 19 days ago

    Most staisfying death is when the dragon fires in the army mmmmh so satisfying

  • Arriane Asis
    Arriane Asis 20 days ago

    I got actually comfortable in sleeping after watching this many times especially the death of little finger, lol

  • Aayush Sharma
    Aayush Sharma 20 days ago

    I dont know about jofrey but i wanted that motherfucker olly be killed.

  • Liam Carey
    Liam Carey 20 days ago

    You afraid of a dead whore?
    *gets shot on toilet*
    Gets me every time😅

  • Evan Mcgowan
    Evan Mcgowan 20 days ago

    The only only one I didn’t like was Joffrey.
    I hate how he didn’t die slower and mor painfully 🥳🥳

  • Sophia Ellis
    Sophia Ellis 20 days ago

    Lysa Arryn is the most annoying persons ever, I hates Joffrey, but Lysa was just so annoying

  • Ziolek2000
    Ziolek2000 20 days ago

    Nr 1 has to be Ramsey Bolton right?

  • Amitodyuti Bandyopadhyay

    Don’t know why but Tyrion killing Shae makes me sad...

    ALPHA HD 21 day ago

    Petyr Baelish was a genius. Do you deny it?

  • Carlus Javate
    Carlus Javate 22 days ago +1

    You forgot the Sand Snakes’ deaths. This was a great list by the way 😊

  • Probinsiyanang Pasaway
    Probinsiyanang Pasaway 22 days ago +2

    Arya Stark make me feels satisfied with every killing she does. I love her Character ❤

  • Breanne Venn
    Breanne Venn 22 days ago +1

    Joffrey should've been #1. Without question.

  • Yusuf Temel
    Yusuf Temel 22 days ago

    I love you Arya ❤❤

  • Willie Montalvo
    Willie Montalvo 22 days ago

    Ramsay having his own pit bull got him .n littefingers was the best .

  • Mitali Valecha
    Mitali Valecha 23 days ago

    Jaffrey and ramsay are most satisfying deaths for me, besides khalisee I Arya and sansa stark charracters I love the most, and justice served to them is much satisfying

  • MsAnnaSamu
    MsAnnaSamu 23 days ago

    i would STILL put Joffrey's death as #1. That bastard was a piece of shit.

  • Vanya Todorova
    Vanya Todorova 23 days ago

    Arya had the most satisfyng deaths like Numbers the Most deaths. AND the best

  • LFC Rules
    LFC Rules 23 days ago

    I didn't think Shae's death was satisfying, I really liked her, and I mean, she had a reason to be mad at Tyrion, after everything he said to har

  • Joana Fababeir
    Joana Fababeir 23 days ago

    Revenge is best serve Cold! - Winterfell

  • Joana Fababeir
    Joana Fababeir 23 days ago +2

    Ramsay Bolton's death was the most satisfying and most brutal. I love it!

  • Muhammad Taha Hussain
    Muhammad Taha Hussain 25 days ago

    olly dont deserve that

  • DadyKool Hardy
    DadyKool Hardy 26 days ago

    When tom become the king i think joffery was far batter then him

  • justamusicalblob
    justamusicalblob 27 days ago +10

    Little Finger: "None of you were there. None of you know the truth."
    Bran: *I'm about to end this mans whole life*

  • Gavo Morg
    Gavo Morg 28 days ago

    Watching olly and ser aliser hang never gets old 👏👏

  • Victoria O
    Victoria O 28 days ago

    Honestly Shae’s death was just sad af

  • Why am I here again?
    Why am I here again? 29 days ago +1


  • The Real Viper
    The Real Viper Month ago +1

    #1 The slaughter of King’s Landing.

  • CandiGale73
    CandiGale73 Month ago

    Great video! 👍
    Tywin should have been #1 - IMO ✌️

  • Nagham Haider
    Nagham Haider Month ago


  • _ArisLe
    _ArisLe Month ago

    “They’re here my lord” 😂😂😂 lmfao the way she said it. Litterly.

  • Starman Crusader
    Starman Crusader Month ago

    Lesson kids: don’t f**k with the Starks

  • Marcoantonio Castro
    Marcoantonio Castro Month ago +1


  • Marcoantonio Castro
    Marcoantonio Castro Month ago +1


  • Sudip Bose
    Sudip Bose Month ago

    Ah, come on! How was Tywin's death satisfying? He was the most interesting of all the characters.

    • Sudip Bose
      Sudip Bose Month ago

      Grand old boy, Tywin.
      But Ramsay was the best villain in the show. One of the best I've ever seen, in fact. Every scene with that chap had a cold intensity. Scary, memorable, highly entertaining, funny, and with a terrific death scene.

    • ProTheGrammer
      ProTheGrammer Month ago

      It wasn’t so much Tywin dying but rather Tyrion getting his revenge for all that was done to him.

  • Fallen Allex
    Fallen Allex Month ago +1

    viserys wasnt a satisfying death .. imagine if he was in the side of daenerys until season7 or 8 a lot of things would have been different

  • I AM LOOΠΔ 🐼
    I AM LOOΠΔ 🐼 Month ago

    It's most satisfying watch Arya killing bcz she small but can do big things

  • Rozina Nagy
    Rozina Nagy Month ago +4

    To me Ramsy death was way more satisfying than Jeoffry's.

  • TJ
    TJ Month ago +1

    The most satisfying death was when credits rolled at the end of S8 so no one had to experience this horse shit of S8.

  • Mr.BeerCan
    Mr.BeerCan Month ago +1

    I have discovered a new drug.

    *Human screams.*

    • WarMike_1
      WarMike_1 4 days ago

      Google "anti griefer show" to see some more

  • skylar mccloud
    skylar mccloud Month ago

    3:40 should've made the top 5 at least