Shaquille O'Neal's BEST Dunk Each Year In The NBA! (1992-2011 Seasons)

Check out the best slam dunk of Shaquille O'Neal each year in the NBA.

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Автор Ize ( назад)
greatest center of all time to me. i grew up watching Shaq through his careers.

Автор Schanty Khan ( назад)
2:45 Shaq just shoved his balls into that poor white mans face

Автор Swarm vT ( назад)
Shaq used to be beast and now he's spinning off ribbons dunking Oreos. Times have changed

Автор small town guy ( назад)
he dunked cause he couldn't shoot

Автор Happy Doritos .g ( назад)
He broke the basket lol

Автор Abie Turay ( назад)
I'm named after Shaquille O'Neal

Автор Money moni Johnson ( назад)
He my boy 😎😭

Автор KANE ( назад)
that dunk on Robinson was fucking filthy

Автор The Only One ( назад)
4:35 the commentator was about to say holy shit

Автор Johnny Watts ( назад)
Fuckin Truck, lol. He did change the game tho.

Автор Babalokeo beast King ( назад)
The faces he makes are hilarious 😂

Автор Colt Johnson ( назад)
Nice job on the editing.

Автор HOLIDAYhustla ( назад)
4:34 Dwade ...nice handle

Автор alex vwenz ( назад)
2:42. Straight up disrespect. I'm going to out muscle you, posterize you, make you taste my nuts and then treat you like a bitch and throw you down like a rag doll.

Автор Bear Major ( назад)
I love how David Robinson laughed at dream the previous year then 2 years later got it worse...😂😂😂 Karma

Автор Palm Pay ( назад)
Having to take care of Shaq under the rim was not fair lol

Автор Concerned Citizen ( назад)
I'll post a video of me dunking on my kids on their Nerf hoop. Same thing.

Автор nota newbie ( назад)
Its not basketball. Its a joke

Автор Ray Brian ( назад)

Автор orlando mcdee ( назад)
damn shaq played for alot of teams

Автор Michael Eyob ( назад)
he is an underrated dunker

Автор Myspace Tom ( назад)
He is bumping the dude hard, than jumps before the guy can set up. Shaq is a bully. Foul!

Автор auot ukun ( назад)
they should make basketball like boxing with weight classes, different classes for different height. all the 6foot and under plays in their own league and 6'1" to 6'4" their own league and 6'5" to 6'8" in their own league :D can you imagine having a team of all 8ft people...

Автор Mason Hall ( назад)
1998-1999 he straight pushed that guy down

Автор Ricky Moss ( назад)
he brought down 2 goals his rookie year, at least one of those should've been his rookie dunk

Автор Ricky Moss ( назад)
that 2002-2003 dunk wasn't his best dunk that year.. I'm sure he had better ones than that

Автор no chill Pepe ( назад)
3:46 lmao i thought kobe passed it for once but SIKE his 3 got blocked

Автор Kaileb Smith ( назад)

Автор Beee EZ ( назад)
Forgot to breath watching this!

Автор Devin Dodo ( назад)
Where the backboard breaking moments

Автор LiLSHiN3R ( назад)
watching this video i didnt know pippen played with the blazers or robert parish was was with the hornets

Автор Rhode Ogufere ( назад)
What about all the times when he broke the backboard

Автор Yaboigotmoney ( назад)
Kemp or shaq on best dunking bigman?

Автор Youngone1534 Young ( назад)
Lmfao,when he dunked on th white dude and he also got a face full of nutz? Then Shaq pushed dat nigga to the ground? Hilarious.

Автор Renegade Nielsen ( назад)
Off subject comment but Its so nice to live in a world in which the Lakers are terrible

Автор RaDioRaHieM ( назад)

Автор 董志坚 ( назад)

Автор Carlos Vazquez ( назад)
there was one over the admiral in 97 or 98 when robinson first came out of injury.

Автор TechyRodsWire ( назад)
Damn wish could tune back time!! They'll never be another dominate big dude like him!!!

Автор Pablo Tupone ( назад)
amazing ShaqAttack!!!

Автор PinoNica85 ( назад)
And he played against actual good centers...

Автор Phuc Da Law ( назад)
That vertical tho..

Автор killabee stung ( назад)
Shaq in his prime was an absolute monster

Автор Minion Aidan ( назад)
shaq only dunks on Portland :(

Автор Albertito ( назад)
damn shaq dont need jump

Автор SlumpSire #letsgetit ( назад)
that d wade dribble o.o

Автор Tyler yung cuzi ( назад)
He was only good because his size but overall he was a trash player

Автор james macdonald ( назад)
Shaq is a top 5 all time most pathetic free throw shooter

Автор WestCoasTupacific ( назад)
The Most Powerful Center Of All Time! Boom Shaka Lacka!

Автор HaiDereImJohne ( назад)
Other Guy: You can't
Shaq: yeah I can (does the dunk)
Other guy: Oh gosh he can...

Автор HaiDereImJohne ( назад)
0:52 u just got dunked on

Автор THE OG ( назад)
LOL @2:44
Shaq: get off me foo

Автор Vic.Invades ( назад)
Shaq was on every team lol

Автор Ashray Wadhwa ( назад)
Shaq hit that guy deliberately at 2:15 . Breaks my heart :(

Автор Me Teltrappin ( назад)
pulling down a basketball hoop has to be one of the most meticulously savage achievements in human achievement history

Автор Fire Marshall Bill ( назад)
The Most Dominate player since Wilt

Автор Corey Soze ( назад)
Does Dudley still have nightmares from What dunking on him?

Автор James Gray ( назад)
4:10   this is the best one imo....not power, skill.

Автор Ivan Barton ( назад)
could be petty call your ass ugly pay like you weigh only way you getting pussy unless you take it I can't take it upset I can't fake it fucking monkey I know you got a key gorilla I'm realer than Tony Montana see you manana shauni you ain't seeing vanessa prima Donna the world is full of divas why won't yall leave us the helll alone or in heaven together dream about killing the O'Neal family remember me

Автор I Shoot Tubes ( назад)
Bryant and oniel together 😻😻

Автор majestic9145023 ( назад)

Автор Vic Calloway ( назад)
my all-time favorite center

Автор Mo Flame Your Ass! ( назад)
NO OTHER PLAYER IN THE LEAGUE WAS EVER AS DOMINANT PHYSICALLY AS THAT MAN! It's sad that Kobe was as egotistical as he was.he didn't want Shaq on the team,he disregarded what he meant to Los Angeles and to his career. ultimately he was selfish and it took total control of him and that costed him rings.theres has never been a bigger fued in the league than what happened with Kobe and SHAQ,in the 03-04 finals vs the Detroit Pistons they threw those games away because there was so much friction between them they couldn't share the court together,already having added Payton and malone with a solid supporting championship winning casts of teamates.if SHAQ AND KOBE would've played out there careers together with no drama,thats easily 7-8 rings.

Автор Cj Edwards ( назад)
Shaq got hall of fame posterizer badge

Автор JRLM ( назад)
he could have played for a few more years but he let himself get too heavy. notice how LeBron slimed down now.. you gota cut the weight.. in the later years...  being that tall and heavy is bad for the joints..

Автор Rad Dreamer ( назад)
Forgot how much of a beast the man was.

Автор Alex Smith ( назад)
I still find it pretty funny that people actually think the worriors would be able to stop Shaq back when was with the Lakers seriously I highly doubt there is anyone on that team that could over power Shaq and his amazing defense not to mention with Kobe back in his prime scoring anywhere on the court

Автор x2ceyez ( назад)
Shaq always looked like an adult playing against a bunch of teenagers

Автор 0.9C ( назад)
it got repetitive after a while. he kept with the same old same old

Автор Larry Finklestein ( назад)
We have all heard that proverb about the 600 pound gorilla. Shaq was unstoppable.

Автор Dannyboyz ( назад)
2:14 - Nice elbow. Devin Booker would literally be in the morgue after that one.

Автор SniffyPoo ( назад)
man that dunk on Robert Parrish is unfair, Parrish was about 65 years old by then

Автор Tyler Atkins ( назад)
Couple of those would get shaq thrown out of the game these days.

Автор Justin Bartley ( назад)
fancy guarding big diesel in his prime!😄

Автор Blake Hunter ( назад)
Jesus, was Shaq trying to get the award of playing for every NBA Team in a single Career ?

Автор Alan Ng ( назад)

Автор 非主流酷兒 ( назад)
Shaq 是我最喜歡的中鋒,噸位很重但是腳步非常靈活,根本就是NBA中的金剛,草莓獸根本就是金剛眼中的小菜一碟

Автор Paul Smithpeter ( назад)
he would have been the best if he could jump or shoot. he had a 6" vertical. lol

Автор Jonny Mckeown ( назад)
Amazed when someone tall enough to dunk standing up does a dunk lol. For your next video, midgets doing the limbo on a 4 foot bar.

Автор Peyton Sawyer ( назад)
greatest dunker of all time no one else can say their dunks actually broke the rim on multiple occasions lol

Автор Marc San Gabriel ( назад)
Is it just me or Shaquille looks like a bigger version of Carlton

Автор Noah Lovett ( назад)
idk bout yall but i was lookin at the evolution of the quality, the basket, and the uniform

Автор travis jones ( назад)
biggest high flyer ever

Автор Mastergames ( назад)
Thank you

Автор JaNareGadson Vlogs ( назад)
1999-2000 they show that in my career in 2k17

Автор NovaKing X ( назад)
known as the world strongest dunker in the NBA

Автор Spaghetti Phobe ( назад)
I wonder why Shaq was traded around to so many teams..

Автор HotBrownGuy XD ( назад)
strong af. hes huge

Автор FreSH Kim ( назад)
Dr. Strange

Автор LowHanging Fruit ( назад)
Nice video idea. Keep it up bro.

Автор Dave Kane ( назад)
I don't remember these games being so blurry.

Автор Praveena Jilles ( назад)
Ok we're not gonna include the dunk where he broke the basket

Автор Daniel Zehavi ( назад)
How come none of the glass breaking dunks are in this?

Автор Edgar Akopyan ( назад)
Shaq would avrg 60 and 25 against the Warriors BTW.

Автор Edgar Akopyan ( назад)
Kevin Durant you no legacy bitch suck my Dick

Автор Edgar Akopyan ( назад)
javele Mcgee suck my Dick bitch if Shaq is a star then your not even a spec of dust u fucking tiny molecule.

Автор Gregory Neysmith Chang ( назад)
what beat is that

Автор Nas ( назад)
The one against Chris Dudley was so disrespectful

Автор Bubby 348 ( назад)
I actually liked the dunk he made fore when he played for Boston

Автор i cant think of a good name ( назад)
Lets hope shareef relives shaqs career

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