We Try New Starbucks Ice Cream For the First Time!

  • Опубликовано: 22 фев 2017
  • It was a slow news day here at SourceFed, so we said to ourselves, "Hey! Why don't we try that new Starbucks ice cream and put it on camera so the company has to pay for it?" Great idea, solid idea. So we drove down to one of the new fancy Starbucks and ate ice cream for free.

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Комментарии • 481

  • Sherlocked Potthead
    Sherlocked Potthead 2 месяца назад

    “Affigato Fact!”

  • Dominique Diaddigo-Cash
    Dominique Diaddigo-Cash 5 месяцев назад

    a day in the life of being white people

  • Kirvan Pody
    Kirvan Pody 7 месяцев назад +1

    this got in my reccomedations and I thought Sourcefed got revived and I'm crying

  • Sam Tyson
    Sam Tyson 8 месяцев назад

    Is Chris a mute?

  • Luka Rudelic
    Luka Rudelic 9 месяцев назад +2

    I wonder why this is recommending for me now? Kind of made me sad but at the same time its amazing that in less than a year Steven has created SP7 that is up for a streamy...

  • KineticPassion
    KineticPassion Год назад +1

    I saw this last night (never heard of an affogato before), and decided just now to make one, since I have coffee, vanilla ice cream, and cinnamon, and make my favorite coffeeshop drinks in the kitchen as a hobby.
    It is AMAZING!
    I'm in the middle when it comes to coffee sweetness, it depends on my mood, but I'm with Ava on this one. Original for sure.
    Now, since I haven't tried it at an actual starbucks, I'm not sure of the ratio of ice cream to coffee. So the sweetness level is still up for debate.

  • Sean Britt
    Sean Britt Год назад

    hearing baby boy by gambino in the background

  • cowboyjordan01
    cowboyjordan01 Год назад +1

    The won't be a next time :(

  • Jack D
    Jack D Год назад +1

    This seems like good new channel on RUclip. I'm sure they'll be around forever, subscribed!

  • Germae Anne
    Germae Anne Год назад +1

    I'm gonna miss Steven's verbal diarrhea

  • Dennis Fang
    Dennis Fang Год назад +1

    That sad moment when you realise, there is no next time 😢

  • Piscada 182
    Piscada 182 Год назад

    i'll miss this guys :(

  • Crimsaur
    Crimsaur Год назад

    Try moonshine.

  • Ckinsman
    Ckinsman Год назад

    I dont even drink coffee, why did i even watch this

  • Taylor Young
    Taylor Young Год назад

    i kind of love that this came out on my birthday... to bad i didn't see that back then

  • tammystiletto
    tammystiletto Год назад +1

    Thank you for doing that actually. I wasn't paying attention this whole launch time.

  • Presley Luis
    Presley Luis Год назад +1

    ava and steven have to collab more, great chemistry

  • thenumbertree
    thenumbertree Год назад

    right hand drive car?

  • Chock-RJ
    Chock-RJ Год назад

    try painal?

  • Frank Fanelli
    Frank Fanelli Год назад +1

    Suptic was loving that spoon sharing lol.

  • MrBrohamSandwich
    MrBrohamSandwich Год назад +1

    That Alejandro joke has me in tears

  • RhiFoxx
    RhiFoxx Год назад

    So if you enjoy espresso, you'll like these, in other words

  • Lucky Bastard
    Lucky Bastard Год назад


  • Olivier Kothor
    Olivier Kothor Год назад

    "it taste like rubber" -white people

  • Cat Bat
    Cat Bat Год назад

    what's funny is that in the city i live in, there is a starbucks, but across from it, is a gelato place that also sells affogato

  • Tiffany
    Tiffany Год назад +1

    Steven, I liked that joke as well.

  • Aidan Burke
    Aidan Burke Год назад

    Redbone playing in the background

  • Gabby
    Gabby Год назад

    Try Applebee's

  • Shamus McCallahan
    Shamus McCallahan Год назад

    The asian is the company driver! (still laughing at his own joke)

  • TheCatsMeow
    TheCatsMeow Год назад

    "Why is there a rug here?"
    -in the background-
    "RUGS store closing, 75% OFF, everything must go"
    idk why i'm laughing so hard.

  • Thomas Morin
    Thomas Morin Год назад +1

    People in the coffee shop be like : "yup, white people in L.A"

  • Geoge B
    Geoge B Год назад

    Get a sip... A sippy for suppy.

  • Gisselle Criollo
    Gisselle Criollo Год назад +1

    I had to rewatch Suptic laughing, hilarious

  • Manbearpig
    Manbearpig Год назад

    Did the uber driver film?

  • Michael Dillon
    Michael Dillon Год назад

    i like these leaving the studio videos, take us more places??

  • Charles Owens
    Charles Owens Год назад

    anyone else hear the childish gambino song in the background

  • plundyman
    plundyman Год назад

    the fact that the audio is flipped is messing with my head

  • Gabe Tinge
    Gabe Tinge Год назад

    "Just like anal"

  • Stephan Ng
    Stephan Ng Год назад

    I think this originated in Germany. I had one in Vienna, but it was called an eiskaffee.

  • vampjoseph11
    vampjoseph11 Год назад +1

    if you listen closely, you can hear Ava's boobs proudly proclaim that they smoke weed.

  • kam hall
    kam hall Год назад

    suppy did anal, gaaaayyyyy

  • tedo7177
    tedo7177 Год назад +1

    The car vlog part after the intro threw me off, until I figured it was flipped lol

  • Andrew Jawort
    Andrew Jawort Год назад +1

    They flipped which one was classic affogato and house one the house one had cinnamon on it not the classic

  • Ileana Viramontes
    Ileana Viramontes Год назад +1

    any video with suptic is sooo good

  • Arcanineisthebest
    Arcanineisthebest Год назад

    This shiet gonna be in Canada or nah?

  • Isoluniv_714 Z
    Isoluniv_714 Z Год назад +1

    I love when Ava and Steven hosts

  • Dan_theMan 0000
    Dan_theMan 0000 Год назад

    Lmfao this is amazing

  • David Sant
    David Sant Год назад

    Anyone catch Baby Boy playing in the background?

  • Tiny Dr.
    Tiny Dr. Год назад

    I love these kinds of videos. I don't mind what you try next, just make sure Ava and Suppy are part of it xD

  • Paul Turner
    Paul Turner Год назад

    And this is Steven Suptic and Ava Gordy suh-igning out (cut to wallowing in diarrhea pants)

  • Caliber_362
    Caliber_362 Год назад

    Screw DMV septic!!! Ava ice cream in my mouth........plz!

  • Anarkyah
    Anarkyah Год назад


  • Josh Shelton
    Josh Shelton Год назад

    When the coffee hits you. I feel yah Suptic, I feel yah.

  • Brad
    Brad Год назад

    let me just palette cleanse *hhnnggkkk*

  • Christopher Hopkins
    Christopher Hopkins Год назад

    Suptic is the funniest host

  • Allyse Aramouni
    Allyse Aramouni Год назад

    please have everyone bring their families thatd b amazing and funny and awesome!!! lololol

  • Chris Austin
    Chris Austin Год назад

    The "I smoke weed" at the end had me wheezing

  • Omar Leon
    Omar Leon Год назад

    Ava is THE BEST!!

  • Dj Hauner
    Dj Hauner Год назад

    At least this time Ava didn't make anyone faceplant

  • Oscar Rodriguez
    Oscar Rodriguez Год назад

    i like smokey diner coffee too reminds me of cigarettes

  • Gregory Samuel Teo
    Gregory Samuel Teo Год назад

    how about u guys try out that taco wrapped in fried chicken?

  • you right
    you right Год назад

    They sent 2 tall bois into that Starbucks making everyone look tiny

  • OuchI StumpedMyToe
    OuchI StumpedMyToe Год назад

    ya'll need to come to oklahoma and go to braum's and get a cappuccino chunky chocolate shake made with coffee. its like 4$ fix yeah right up.

  • Oedelin Jean
    Oedelin Jean Год назад


  • SimplyCanadian
    SimplyCanadian Год назад +2

    We need more remotes!!! They also do better in veiws so it's a win-win!

  • Eva Ernst
    Eva Ernst Год назад

    Wendy's is a terrible corporation. You guy should do some research on the Fair Foods Act and the shittiness of Wendy's overall speaking of lol

  • Jhibro
    Jhibro Год назад

    Childish Gambino playing in the background at Starbucks, quality.

  • IAmTheCoffeMachine
    IAmTheCoffeMachine Год назад +1

    how did you guys not made a pun with "affogato"? it sounds like youre saying "i forgot to". Im getting dissapointed with this channel

  • Ben Smith
    Ben Smith Год назад

    baby boy

  • GiselleTheCuban
    GiselleTheCuban Год назад

    Based on your post-affogato faces, I'm a-okay being basic and getting a PSL.

  • Schnarfy
    Schnarfy Год назад

    ayyyyy i heard some sampha at the starbucks

  • UnderPin
    UnderPin Год назад

    When Suppy brings his personal channel's content to Sourcefed lmao

  • nicole spizzo
    nicole spizzo Год назад

    lol I guess we now know how Suptic's girl got that ring.
    "What I'm saying is... I've done anal."

  • Bárbara Arce
    Bárbara Arce Год назад

    this video sounds weird, Ava's voice it's on the left, and Suptic's is on the right headphone

  • RandomCrazyMan45
    RandomCrazyMan45 Год назад

    Next time you should run into the store so someone can fall

  • PattySpivotDoe
    PattySpivotDoe Год назад +4

    i liked it. now give me more suppy and ava adventures

  • froyofoshoyo
    froyofoshoyo Год назад +2

    What is this feeling?? I'm enjoying sourcefed again!!

  • Chris
    Chris Год назад

    I really want to try all of these. I wonder if you can add other syrups and things to them? Toffee Nuttttt.

  • Auriga Gaming
    Auriga Gaming Год назад

    I gotta give it to the new SF crew. Y'all motherfuckers got me to watch this again. When Joe Bareta left something in my soul did too, then all the other OG hosts. Then one day i saw will on there and got a little curious again and have watched a little here and there but this new crew is awesome you got me watching almost every video you release :) i'm back on the SF wagon!

  • Sanity016
    Sanity016 Год назад

    driver's seat switch?

  • batboy
    batboy Год назад

    gimmme dat maltttttttttttttttttttt

  • Evan Stuart
    Evan Stuart Год назад +2

    I love Steven's antics, he's a real funny guy

  • jsayram
    jsayram Год назад

    can Autumn do an episode! pleaseeeee

  • Turtle_Tower
    Turtle_Tower Год назад

    When Teeben's clickbait videos start leaking on to sourcefed...

  • it'SaTire
    it'SaTire Год назад

    omg :'D

  • SebTheGreat84
    SebTheGreat84 Год назад

    Why is the steering wheel on the right side?

  • Michael__017
    Michael__017 Год назад

    I had to put my phone down and take a walk after "Let me just palate cleanse."

  • wwertyuiol 1586
    wwertyuiol 1586 Год назад

    They're playing baby boy by childish gambino in the background!

  • Lucius Augustus
    Lucius Augustus Год назад

    The Gambino playing at the Starbucks is what I need in my life

  • Sam Tyson
    Sam Tyson Год назад

    Suptics knees tho.

  • Sogazu
    Sogazu Год назад +1

    Bring me another ballet video! Right now!

  • Juspunjabi11
    Juspunjabi11 Год назад

    Lmao Steven always has me laughing so hard lol

  • Chandra Lumintang
    Chandra Lumintang Год назад

    rate hotdogs around your office, guys.

  • Dennis Juelg
    Dennis Juelg Год назад +4

    I can't deal with Ava's beauty.

  • Brendansface
    Brendansface Год назад

    Suptic is the best thing to happen to Source Fed since Trisha's boobs.

  • Pigdogg24
    Pigdogg24 Год назад

    All hail the editor/s.

  • Lina Zarnitsa
    Lina Zarnitsa Год назад

    Sorbucks Starsfed

  • Miss Izzy
    Miss Izzy Год назад

    I'm loving the field trips!!!

  • The Mute Button
    The Mute Button Год назад

    Omfg Ava's heartbeat at the end XD

  • Jamushroom
    Jamushroom Год назад

    Hahaha the editors did an amazing job yet again! XD