Top 5 Nintendo Switch Co-Op Games

The Nintendo Switch may not have been out long, but already there's enough co-op games worth your attention. Alex needs an assistant to look at these games and show them to you, but who is it going to be?

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Автор senseimasterben ( назад)

Автор Stephen Ferris ( назад)
Wow. I'm in disbelief. Talk about some awful looking games when compared to previous co-op games: double dragon, final fight, contra, super c, and contra 3, jackal, narc. I think my best friend would laugh at me if I bought such ridiculous games

Автор SharkBug ( назад)
when mario kart comes out it will be number 1

Автор Hans Olo ( назад)
I feel like Metal Slug and Metal slug 3 could easily replace Little Inferno and should be ranked higher than World of Goo.

Автор Dequan Milete ( назад)
Where's Breath of the Wild with the joycons split between two people?

Автор Karen Taylor ( назад)
I dont have a switch but I do got world of goo and I did it all

Автор snudion ( назад)
metal slug 3 tho

Автор Meme Masterz ( назад)
what shovel knight game was that?

Автор Cheezles ( назад)
where the fuck is 1-2-switch omg

Автор GeometryDash DNA ( назад)
It actually was near Easter when I was watching this

Автор Flameswor 25 ( назад)
how do you get co-op on shovel knight

Автор Alexander Sean ( назад)
How about be less of an asshole to a female gamer by pointing out how much less you suck than her. Nobody was impressed by how good you are. GFY

Автор Marcus Porter ( назад)
Lego city undercover

Автор KingBobbyG1223 ( назад)

Автор IckySticky ( назад)
what about fast rmx

Автор likewindboy ( назад)
How could you missed Fast RMX???

Автор Midnight Medley ( назад)
now we wait for the 28th

Автор Harry Fearns ( назад)
I would have put metal slug 3 on this list, but it was a great list nonetheless.

Автор The Best Around ( назад)
The Binding of Isaac is also a great co-op game. I had no idea about Blaster Master. Nintendo is bringing couch co-op back with the Switch!

Автор owlfriend192 ( назад)
its no where near easter lol

Автор Nick L ( назад)
All 5 Nintendo Switch Co-Op Games*


Автор Tony Donise ( назад)
how is binding of Issac not on this list?

Автор Austin Kamposh ( назад)
no super bomberman R? why?

Автор UsagiStrife ( назад)
She reminds me of Lily Allen somehow, but back to being relevant, the video was great! Now I know what I'd want on the switch

Автор Matt Henderson ( назад)
Fast rmx??????

Автор Deltath Riylaan ( назад)
I don't understand how you can include Little Inferno, World of Goo and Blaster Master Zero and skip real coop games like Lego City Undercover, Super Bomberman R and Metal Slug.

Автор Anthony H ( назад)
she need to cut it😂

Автор Anthony H ( назад)

Автор Captain Sheepyz ( назад)
Good video but I think you should make a sequel once there are more games on the Switch.

Автор Kevin W. Clark ( назад)
The game that Nintendo needs to get for the Switch is a better version of Pokemon Go. One that has the gameplay of the RPG handheld pokemon games and the AR features of the app. If they could turn the AR maps into a 3d game environment that also provides a story then this thing could explode into popularity. We already know how the app was received and Nintendo should wise up and support their best game asset. That could push the Switch's demand tenfold.

Автор IHaveReachedThe50CharacterLimitForMyUsernameHelpMe ( назад)
Does bomberman r have 2 player?

Автор TerrysCraftMan ( назад)

Автор sultan alshamsy ( назад)
Where is 12 switch?

Автор hardcore gamers ( назад)

Автор Alex Faulkner ( назад)
i think this video is already date just by the choice of games. this is pre mario kart

Автор Automatik ( назад)
Are there even more than 5 good ones?

Автор Maxz ( назад)
Pro Tip: Any game immediately becomes co-op if you attach the Joy Cons the wrong way round to the console, then sit opposite someone who can see the screen to tell you what you're actually doing.

Автор MF Boodles ( назад)
One-two switch is not in this listWtf

Автор GoGettaGon ( назад)
no metal slug??????????

Автор Mark Bryant ( назад)
Great video, but sadly Alex, you are now fired. Please give a WARM welcome to the new face of NL..... 😅

Автор Me Turkey ( назад)
Do i need amiibo for shovel knight?

Автор Eeveekyu ( назад)
I have bolth number 1 and 2

Автор DaOneWithTheHair ! ( назад)
12 Switch, Just Dance, Fast RMX

Автор Life As A Potato ( назад)
im gonna guess snipperclips is number one

Автор FireLethrial ( назад)
9:00 umm... it could be 1-2 Switch?

Автор samo wordo ( назад)
my little inferno just got a bit bigger 💛😆😉

Автор Ishimaru Jebel ( назад)
Top 5? the Switch has like, 7 games, lol

Автор Glenka ( назад)
What about Lego City Undercover? :( i havent played it (yet) but i have pre ordered it on the Switch. Isnt it that good or did you forget about it?

Автор Radiated Bacon ( назад)
You just listed half the entire switch marketplace

Автор hybridmink ( назад)
I've had some good fun with Shock Troopers and will probably buy Metal Slug 3 the next time I'm over a friend's house. I already own the thing on 3 systems, but why not 1 more!

Автор Red&Blue 202 ( назад)
who needs Coop when you don't have friends?

Автор LordPickleKing ( назад)
it's not easter!!!!!111!!!!!1!!! :P

Автор TheInfernoMaster ( назад)
Mario Kart 8 Deluxe?

Автор Young Link GG ( назад)
the only first party WAS Snipperclips.

Автор Matthew The Autism Guy ( назад)
I'm from the future and the fact that you mentioned Easter when it's far from coming triggers me.

Автор itachi93674 ( назад)
Lol you guys playing this garbage when persona 5 just came out

Автор Mini Gamers ( назад)
What? No Fast RMX??? That game is da bomb when I play it with my brother

Автор Hector Charles ( назад)
Yay Sasha's back :D

Автор Daniel Shao ( назад)
I have shovel knight but no friends to play it with rip

Автор Idk what to call this channel ( назад)
I'm gonna go on a wild guess and say that snipperclips is #1

Автор Video Game and Politic Enthusiast ( назад)
Super Bomberman R ?1 2 switch ?

Автор fordgt ( назад)
assistant or girlfriend wink wink

Автор Slushy's Comics ( назад)
For all the people who think 1-2 switch should be on the list I'm going to share this message, 1-2 switch is not a Co-op game, it's a competitive game, and this list is for co-op games. Same thing with Super Bomberman R

Автор Nicholas Doan ( назад)
no binding of isaac? :/

Автор legendmonkeyLP ( назад)
Whats with Binding of Isaac :'(

Автор perpetual entropy ( назад)
i play co op every night at work and it works so well.. we play lil inferno, shovel knight, fast rmx, and 1 2 switch.. our favorite is 1 2 switch (but it took us a second to figure the game out once we did its great fun)

Автор TheBossCuber - cubing and more ( назад)
Switch ad before yess

Автор The Krakon ( назад)
Where's lego city?

Автор Pigz Fly ( назад)
I played world of goo on my iPad a long time ago and loved it. I was hoping this was a new one

Автор LtLuci ( назад)
Fast rmx

Автор Ethan Palmer ( назад)
and once Mario Kart and Super Smash Brother's come out, no one will care about these 5.

Автор VictoryHand ( назад)
i cant wait to play cuphead on the switch.

Автор Austin Begin ( назад)
1-2 Switch anywhere?

Автор Dipper Zanino ( назад)
1 2 switch is my favorite co op game

Автор mrjor ( назад)
Probably it's Snipperclips.

Автор Aiden Simpson ( назад)
You forgot breath of the wild

Автор SMD SaltFace ( назад)
thic n nasty hostest

Автор Mudkip David ( назад)
Can someone buy me a switch?

Автор Jun123 ( назад)
Hello there lovely people, it's Alex from Nintendo Life here ... 🤣🤣

Автор L'OLI-X-PLODE _ ( назад)
i already bought shovel night ( tresure trove ) and snipperclips but my biggest problem is that i don't have anybody to play with me so i'm still sad :(

but there is zelda so i'm happy :)

Автор EPS5000 ( назад)
Little Inferno is on the iPad, so I don't consider it a "real" Switch game.

Автор PJ Duffield ( назад)
cant wait for stardew valley to come out withe the coop mode even though no one i know either owns a switch or likes stardew valley :(

Автор Egoitz Sanz ( назад)
I wish Stardew valley comes with LOCAL coop, and not only online multiplayer...

Автор RedEyedGrassMan ( назад)
Where's fast RMX. I am dissapointed.

Автор Jose Torres ( назад)
I don't get Little Inferno. Doesn't look like there's much to do. Does anyone recommend it?

Автор Wi1ykat ( назад)
fast rmx .....

Автор MrBeklager ( назад)
In my opinion fast rmx should be number 2

Автор Fun Dingles ( назад)
woooo old games

Автор John Cunningham ( назад)
I think there's only 5 co op games lol

Автор shtik ( назад)
I don't like being negative, especially regarding small things, but I really don't like the way you open every video.

Автор TheMultiGamer4 ( назад)
Bomberman or 1-2 Switch didn't make the list? No Street Fighter?

Автор MrPikachu1277 ( назад)
No bomberman?!? This is so much fun with a crowd

Автор Michael Place ( назад)
There a lot of competition when there's 5 co op games lmao.

Автор Ian Morley ( назад)
i totally agree that Snipperips is number 1. I'm not sure that blaster master deserves to be on the list, I was very disappointed with the co-op feature and felt it was put in at last minute without any thought!

I would like to see this list done again in say a years time when there are loads more games to choose from!

Great video as always, makes a refreshing change to listen to a fellow English man when on YouTube searching for my SwitchFix

Автор Jack Morrow ( назад)

Автор Tariq Yasiin ( назад)
Little Inferno looks like an N64 game lol

Автор Clayton Eugene ( назад)
I've always been a Nintendo fan since getting an NES for Christmas as a kid in the 80's but I'm worried the switch is going to continue along the lines of previous consoles and just not have enough worthy exclusive games, especially ones that have been available on other consoles for years. I'll no doubt buy one some day when I have the funds but it just feels to me like it was launched a bit prematurely. 1 amazing game (Zelda) and the rest a bunch of prepackaged indie games and stuff for $300 just for console? I'm holding out hope, the Wii u actually had a lot of great games but I was expecting Nintendo to have learned from their mistakes. have they? time will tell.

Автор Michael Krisztian-Terry ( назад)
12 switch

Автор TuxedoNINJA643 ( назад)
Urgh shovel knight music... I miss playing shovel knight on my 3ds but I got halfway through Spectre knight and got bored. Maybe I'll buy it on switch and enjoy it more.

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