5 TERRIBLE Minecraft Rip-off games!

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Today I'm testing out five awful 'fake' Minecraft games on the app store! Some of these games aren't actually too bad but they're definitely very lacking. In case you want to try them out, I played:

Worldcraft, Blockcraft, Buildcraft, Eden & SurvivalCraft

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Автор Exploding King ( назад)
play pocketedition

Автор Haley Clausen ( назад)
Survival craft is a good game

Автор Cherry on Top ( назад)
When next troll craft vid Lizzie

Автор Kawaii Gamer Evie ( назад)

Автор Gabe Rodriguez ( назад)
I have block craft 3D on my phone

Автор Drake Jimenez ( назад)
plz,lizz do more mincraft

Автор Winchester2002 - ( назад)
Lizzie, I know this comment is kind of late, but you forgot to censor your email. I didn't want to say anything because if people see this comment then they'll know if they hadn't noticed already, but I felt like I should let you know. I love you!

Автор Cori Rose ( назад)
I love survival craft

Автор Edina minecraft SLO ( назад)
i plaied survival craft before

Автор Wolf Cub ( назад)
Ldshadowlady you inspire me tbh I wish I could just be you Thatnks for that Lizzie
-A Fan who looooooooooves your vids 😝

Автор Sharon Steventon ( назад)

Автор Gold Gamerz ( назад)

Автор Rainbow_potato gurl ( назад)
they are bs

Автор XxcandyxX Lover ( назад)
Joel said you are getting a puppy

Автор HappyJoshua ( назад)

Автор Ahmed Hamdy ( назад)
spot the difference 000000000O000000000000000 like if u found it

Автор Ahmed Hamdy ( назад)
i don't play any of them

Автор Olivia Bass ( назад)
I already have survival craft tho

Автор Conrado Arana ( назад)
LDShadowLady I played blockcraft and it's pretty awesome and the cats,hung, horses and the Wolf's are very cute

Автор Vanessa Tok ( назад)

Can u PLEASE play a app called 'Episode'?Its Super fun and I LOVE YOU


Автор Levan Gabechava ( назад)

Автор Lavern Layug ( назад)
Wow a World craft is a friend wow

Автор Caitlyn Sharkey ( назад)
I have survival craft it's not rubbish u bitches

Автор you dont know me ( назад)
survival craft was like an awfully realistic version of minecraft

Автор Pamela Zalcik ( назад)

Автор Loo loo Ioves puppy's ( назад)
I already have block craft 3D

Автор Lorevie Mayol ( назад)
i know that game
i have one

Автор anne whealing ( назад)
ive played 3d block craft

Автор earthrocks Beauty ( назад)
Plz watch my channel it's earthrocks beauty plz like subscribe and comment down below

Автор Jeffrey Patino ( назад)
is it just me but did she lose alot if subscribers

Автор Katherina Elston ( назад)
No I woulf never

Автор Suhair Jaylani ( назад)

Автор Deadsword122 ( назад)

Автор Mia's Longest Story ( назад)
hold up is that Lizzie's email at 4:55??

Автор JADE50000000 ( назад)

Автор CoolBoyGaming ( назад)
dum games

Автор Mr Nick ( назад)
I used to play Eden it changed and it's not fun anymore

Автор FireGamerGirl ( назад)
survival craft, if u play for a while, it ama ama

Автор -WildAt Heart- ( назад)
i have the game block craft

Автор _xxEmilyxx_ Sings ( назад)
I really like survival craft I haven't played for a while thanks for reminding ne

Автор Kenitic animal jammer ( назад)
Lizzy I have survival craft and if you are in creative by clicking the box with harmless or challenging click it a few times and you will be able to be in creative and spawn and ride pretty horses

Автор Trash Can ( назад)
LIZZIE AT 4:55 YOUR EMAIL IS SHOWING o-o You should fix it

Автор NekoGamingGirl sprinkle ( назад)

Автор NekoGamingGirl sprinkle ( назад)
and same as Bud carft snd same as normal minceaft

Автор NekoGamingGirl sprinkle ( назад)
survival caft is really awsome

Автор Rip kitty ( назад)
Lizze play yandere sim

Автор Rip kitty ( назад)
By the way ween you play minecraft name a animal lollypop!!🐺🐈🐱

Автор Rip kitty ( назад)

Автор Mopishsugar8863 8863 ( назад)
I liked number five

Автор Claire Tams ( назад)
I play block craft

Автор Nelly Prieto ( назад)
in the first game was a german person because Hallo means hello

Автор Emily Warren ( назад)
will you still be doing troll craft

Автор Anna ITV ( назад)
Omg I Used To Play Survival Craft before i got minecraft But Barely though and it was the best one could find.

Автор Summer Nicole McNamara ( назад)
I have the first one lol 😂

Автор Me gs ( назад)
I jumped out of my skin when lizzy saw that mean animal thing with the horns ^-^

Автор Apple Jack ( назад)
iv played the 2 one

Автор Alany Luna ( назад)
I played the last one before i played Minecraft

Автор RAP24842 ( назад)
*Spends money on a game*

"I don't recommend downloading any of these games."

Автор ToXix DuDe ( назад)

Автор Aubrey TheNightOwl ( назад)
I like to play the last one because of the variety of animals in the creative mode so ya..!!

Автор Emma Kearns ( назад)
can you do more roblox video's please ldshadowlady 😘

Автор The iron axe :* ( назад)
1 like = Meet Lizzie! ♥
1 Sub = £1 Million 💰
Scroll down = Receive non 😧

Автор Kaylee and Lizzy AG ( назад)
Those are horrible

Автор Kaylee and Lizzy AG ( назад)
Can you play a game called Nyan cat lost in space

Автор Fluffy bun bun ( назад)
hi Lizzie I was wondering if you could do some more shadow craft because I really liked it 🙉😜

Автор fire marcus ( назад)
can i please do a video with you on my Chanel

Автор RAFAEL THOMAS ( назад)
I give Eden a 10/10

Автор Amanda Green ( назад)
ldshadowlady there is a survival craft 2 and it has furniture now and different fake foods it's pretty cool you need to try it, but it costs I think $3 or $2, but that's my opinion you don't have to try it if you don't want to though, just saying.

Автор Elxa Jabuskaite ( назад)
ldshado lady ples meiyk vidios evry day ples

Автор Kate Loveyouguys ( назад)
I played some of them befor but did not liked it!

Автор kiran kumar ( назад)
Ur birthday is on 7 October right?? and my birthday is on 8 October

Автор Luna Magiks ( назад)
Is Lizzie ded????????????

Автор angelika !! ( назад)
way do you do so litle bip of videos PS:love yaa

Автор Teal Lover ( назад)
Where are your videos? We miss you!!!

Автор Teresa Torres ( назад)
hi lizzie

Автор Hi Hi ( назад)
Lizzie can you plz play a game called episode on your phone,I pad Demi lavoto one ps I know I spelt her name wrong but I am sure you probably know what I mean thx

Автор TheSUPERgirl909 ( назад)
Lizzie when are you going to post a new video? I've been dying trying find something to watch. No pressure just asking

Автор Eve Beaman ( назад)
keep up the work😀

Автор Eve Beaman ( назад)
Lizzie please please please upload more video's soon I am getting bored of YouTube I really would appreciate it very much thanks I really love your videos​.😊😺🐱🐈💻 please like if you want to.

Автор Julia Klariz ( назад)
Almost hitting 3,000,000 subs!!!!!! Congrats Lizzie!!! You're at 2,933,160 subs

Автор Laura Buller ( назад)
bring back shadow crafti miss it and can you do a video on your old worlds and carry on crazy craft in your old world with the dinosaurs

Автор simon jackson ( назад)
lizzy u still haven't done a new vido. now i am sad 😭

Автор Shelby Trippas ( назад)
Good video 🤡

Автор Anime SadLifes ( назад)
lizzie plzz do your wedding vid

Автор Sean Goodman ( назад)
Lizzie you are my #1 fav youtuber ever. you were the first person i subscribed to. keep up the good work.

Автор kersti kasemaa ( назад)
when does new vid come??😛

Автор Thunder Heart ( назад)
can you try playing animal jam

Автор Liow Teck Wee ( назад)
lizzie can you watch smallishbeans trollcraft video ep26 because you can learn some thing cool in that video

Автор _xMusic_ Lifex_ ( назад)
Please do mare moviestarplanet

Автор THEODORA115 ( назад)
PLZ make an animaljam game

Автор Bjanka Axha ( назад)
lizzie is the beatyfuls youtuber EVER

Автор heslahes tv ( назад)
Lizzie can you make a video of trollcraft please

Автор Marta Alethe ( назад)
Plz play more trollcraft

Автор Aleksander Wiśniewski ( назад)
when you gonna play on the trollcraft?

Автор amazing vlogger ( назад)
Lizzie make new videos I'm literally waiting for 1 week

Автор Fenix water & fire ( назад)
Lizzie why aren't you making new videos :'(

Автор alison Blake ( назад)
lizzie people say that your not cool but you are

Автор alison Blake ( назад)
lizzie i dont no if you noticed but it showed your email ps from your fan i love yor cat

Автор TeaLexy 0808 ( назад)
do you play lumber tycoon 2?

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