Top 10 Jon Stewart Moments

  • Published on Jun 12, 2019
  • When Jon Stewart makes a public appearance, you have to hear what he says. After Jon Stewart's emotional speech at the house of Congress this week, we decided to take a look at his long career as a comedian, political activist and commentator. Was is your favorite Jon Stewart moment? Let us know in the comments!
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Comments • 690

  • Anthony Pedroza
    Anthony Pedroza 2 days ago

    John talking to The Congress about 9/11
    Should’ve Happened, A LOONG.. TIME AGO..
    Also What if John Stewart Became The President??..

  • friendless32 lonelysoverylonely


  • halleck3
    halleck3 11 days ago

    Jon Stewart in 2020. Think about it... it's nowhere near too late!

  • Effedup
    Effedup 20 days ago

    He'd never do it, I'm sure, but I would vote for Jon Stewart for President in a SECOND. No one would fight more for the common man.

  • Eddie Romero
    Eddie Romero 23 days ago

    I love Jon! He's got a good head on his shoulders.

  • M Dillon
    M Dillon 23 days ago +1

    Damn shame Jon won’t run for POTUS. He would win handily...

  • Anirudh Shanbhag
    Anirudh Shanbhag 23 days ago

    Watchmojo takes a controversy makes a top 10 . Exploiting a hero like Jon Stewart for top 10. Hog on fuck face mojo

  • outlaw956
    outlaw956 24 days ago

    If Jon Stewart ever ran for president it would be an easy win for him

  • Fleagle
    Fleagle 25 days ago

    Even Jon Stewart knows....when you testify before congress, you want to have comedian Louie Anderson behind you for support.

  • Peter Jex
    Peter Jex 25 days ago

    For the love of god run for congress or president mr stewart

  • andsowot
    andsowot 26 days ago

    Be good if she just shut up and played some clips

  • Not Human
    Not Human 27 days ago

    He is a realist, not right, not left, not dem, not repub, not con, not lib, just being real and talking about what people really want, a good life without hurting everyone else. Trevor noah is doing the same.

  • max tiberius
    max tiberius 27 days ago

    John Stewart for President 🇺🇸

  • Bob Marley
    Bob Marley 28 days ago


  • Brandon Watters
    Brandon Watters 28 days ago +1

    I always wondered where roll 212 came from now I finally know

  • Unique Square
    Unique Square 28 days ago +1

    I like Trevor Noah, but he'll never come close to filling Jon's shoes.

  • flahprius
    flahprius 29 days ago +1

    Legend has it that Jon Stewart is so badass that he can kill Chuck Norris with just a tongue lashing.

  • Mr W
    Mr W 29 days ago

    Stewart isn’t that funny

  • Roundfrenchcheesey
    Roundfrenchcheesey 29 days ago

    Top 10 shameless bandwagon mojo vids

  • Jorge Nunez
    Jorge Nunez 29 days ago

    Jon Stewart for president!!!

  • Rebecca Paige
    Rebecca Paige 29 days ago

    Who didn't see that being number 1?

  • Heather Cerruti
    Heather Cerruti Month ago

    Jon Stewart for President 2020!

  • Logan Daniels
    Logan Daniels Month ago +4

    I'd vote for Jon Stewart.
    No matter the office, I TRULY believe in Mr. Stewart.

  • Broken Fiction
    Broken Fiction Month ago

    OMG... You guys should’ve included that time he went off on Rush Limbaugh. That was
    Jon at his finest

  • M Sn
    M Sn Month ago +2

    Riding Jon's coat-tails huh, WatchMojo??? He's gigantic enough that it don't matter. One of the definitive voices of my generation...

  • John Mavroudis
    John Mavroudis Month ago +6

    Jon Stewart is what's best about the best of America... humorous, informative, intelligent, emotionally empathetic, self-aware.
    He's the anti-Trump.

  • Dave G
    Dave G Month ago

    McConnell sprinted in to the senate to vote for the Iraq war, the 2 trillion dollar tax theft & for every corrupt bill for the rich. He will get to it when he gets to it. But most of those first responders voted for these selfish racist republican. Wake up America, these corrupt politician take your tax dollars & lives just to support the military contractors & themselves, the money never gets to the soldier or now first responders.

  • Jason Maddox
    Jason Maddox Month ago

    John Stewart is a fuckin tool, I respect what he did for the 9/11 first responders but that’s it, he lives a New York elite life insulated from reality, he’s just mad because he knows he’s wrong on most of these issues


    Give me a break. If he was worth a $HIT, he would still be on the air.

  • Bryce Cheng
    Bryce Cheng Month ago +1

    Is he still an enhancement smoker??

  • MrKingoverall
    MrKingoverall Month ago

    Colbert >>>>>> Stewart

  • Tobby Isiba
    Tobby Isiba Month ago

    Lol so this is a leftist channal.

    • Evan Richards
      Evan Richards Month ago

      Dumbass false equivalence tosspot. The left is just right. Prove me wrong.

  • Alex Hennigh
    Alex Hennigh Month ago

    Is that Louie Anderson behind Jon Stewart in the thumbnail?

  • UnSubRocky
    UnSubRocky Month ago

    Looked very sickly upon his return, Jon Stewart.

  • neil anblomee
    neil anblomee Month ago

    and everything happened in 1996 according to this video

  • Nicole Exposito
    Nicole Exposito Month ago

    I'm so glad Jon's "this country isn't yours" rant made the list! That was just... it was a rare uplifting moment during that noxious trash fire of an election year. Watching it again, three years on, I still get chills.

  • Nick Retzlaff
    Nick Retzlaff Month ago

    I love this guy! He was the reason I watched The Daily Show in the first place.

  • thisbarb
    thisbarb Month ago +3

    Jon Stewart is in his own breed. He's funny, charismatic, completely emotional, an excellent orator, and he speaks to the crowd that has been forgotten, the millenials.

  • Tim Koch
    Tim Koch Month ago

    How do we as watch mojo take something John steward just did and turn it into money for ourselves!

  • Lyndon Fair
    Lyndon Fair Month ago

    J.S # Legend

  • Matt Wolff
    Matt Wolff Month ago

    How did mcconnelling not make the list!?

  • James Rountree
    James Rountree Month ago

    100% agree with #1

  • Yousuf
    Yousuf Month ago

    What about the time he called out Israel?

  • Charles Green
    Charles Green Month ago

    💛 #JonSteward ✊😎💛

  • catm beretta
    catm beretta Month ago

    To put your trust in a celebrity is about delusional as voting for arnold Schwarzenegger for governor. Only in california does that make sense.

  • sugermare katy
    sugermare katy Month ago

    Why Donald Trump should not be the President, he ate his pizza with a fork.

  • phantom270
    phantom270 Month ago

    Need to add the Duke Rape scandal vs. Nancy Grace. That was classic!!

  • Nic Soderman
    Nic Soderman Month ago

    The only thing that could have made "Do yours!" even better, would have been the addition of "motherfuckers!".

  • Carmela Szymanski
    Carmela Szymanski Month ago

    SCREW 238..

  • Luke McGhee
    Luke McGhee Month ago

    Jon Stewart does what George Carlin would do. That is making you think through humor. It’s not a case of using another persons routine and whatnot. The fact of the matter is George Carlin once said, “... selfish and ignorant citizens vote for selfish and ignorant politicians.” That quote stood true. When I see the clip and Congress paid no attention to him calling on them.
    You know it’s like they’d rather play golf or something. Because selfish and ignorant people voted for those no shows. Falling for catchy campaign slogans. Much respect to Jon for standing up for what he believes in. We had the worse terror attack ever. Those people who rushed in and did their job need help. You obviously can’t say the same about congress.

  • Luis Varela
    Luis Varela Month ago

    Yes, Jon is awesome, integrity, humanity and intelligence in one person. It's up to us now to make something out of his example. Otherwise whats the point of honoring him if we don't act to defend democracy and decency. Let's get active. 2020 is around the corner.

  • Mark Mazz
    Mark Mazz Month ago

    Jon stewart is awesome. The daily show was a good show with him as host and the show became shit when that unfunny hack trevor noah took over.

  • Ameri Wryter
    Ameri Wryter Month ago

    Trevor Noah who?

  • Wade Stilwell
    Wade Stilwell Month ago

    Stewart for President?!?! Would be good for the whole world

  • guibox3
    guibox3 Month ago

    Jon's coverage of (now deceased) former Toronto Mayor Rob Ford's outrageous behavior ranks up there too. God, that was hilarious! X-D

  • RC 5052
    RC 5052 Month ago

    That Statue of Liberty line got me choked up.

  • twsx
    twsx Month ago

    His coverage of the Dick Cheney hunting accident.

  • oliver closehoff
    oliver closehoff Month ago

    sjw mojo should be the name

    • Evan Richards
      Evan Richards Month ago

      @oliver closehoff oliver ur a disgrace.

    • oliver closehoff
      oliver closehoff Month ago

      @Evan Richards lolz most foolish thing said on youtube

    • Evan Richards
      Evan Richards Month ago

      @oliver closehoff damn. Off your rockets. Liberals are good. They're a bit weak and don't push for much actual change and settle too much but they're good. Anarcho-communist right here

    • oliver closehoff
      oliver closehoff Month ago

      @Evan Richards if i were lib id for sure be

    • Evan Richards
      Evan Richards Month ago

      You're mental

  • Jesus Burgess
    Jesus Burgess Month ago

    What about when he cost John Cena the WWE title at Summerslam tho?

  • Ryan Anderson
    Ryan Anderson Month ago

    I've never said this about a celebrity, but I would vote for John if he ran.

  • R. Harms
    R. Harms Month ago

    there might be some truth to that, we have a digestable or funny coverage of politics and news for 1 or 2 decades now , so i might imagine that alot more people got turned onto that due to that

  • Elizabeth Layne
    Elizabeth Layne Month ago

    i miss Jon being on tv. i'm glad he gets to spend time with his family, but, i miss him.

  • Joshua James
    Joshua James Month ago

    I miss him... sooooo much. I feel like I'm missing a friend... there's a giant hole in talk show... where did the voices of reason go?

  • The Stoned Hokage
    The Stoned Hokage Month ago

    Jon Stewart is America's new dad.

  • Gretchen
    Gretchen Month ago +1

    I know this would never happen, mostly because one of these men are a total wuss...but I'd loved to see a debate between Jon Stewart and Donald Trump. :)

  • Jack Sibley
    Jack Sibley Month ago

    I kind of love where Jon Stewart is after the daily show. It's like if you see him outside of that farm you know somebody fucked up.

  • Da R
    Da R Month ago +1

    This highlights very clearly that Dem's in congress do not care about US citizens at all. It is so sad because they say we fight for illegals and will give them anything but you Americans can die any you sad states like CA re-elect them into office. I will repeat for those blind deaf SJW people Democrats in Congress and Senate do not care about you at all they are scum and corrupt. I hear one say the other day congress people are of high moral people and are honorable honest people ( I nearly sh*t my self laughing).

  • yoyo Brando
    yoyo Brando Month ago

    All you libtard, snowflake cucks out there need to know the truth! John Stewart is nothing but a racist....... Just troll kidding, y'all. John Stewart is awesome! He's like a sip of iced tea on a sunny day.

  • DameOfTheRose
    DameOfTheRose Month ago

    I've been a huge fan of him and Stephen Colbert since before I even knew what politics was and they inspire me to advocate for what is right, to be a politician is to be a civil servant and find ways to improve the livelihood of fellow citizens but sadly a lot of our leaders aren't in it for the people, they're just in it for the paycheck

  • Josh's Car Corner
    Josh's Car Corner Month ago

    I know he doesn't want to do it anymore, but we need him now more than ever. Come on Jon, your country needs you.

  • Matthew Dunn
    Matthew Dunn Month ago

    There is no such thing as a "New York" pizza.

  • Leonardo Bautista
    Leonardo Bautista Month ago +2

    I miss John Stewart I'm kinda sick of Stephen Colbert.

  • dodgers doon1130
    dodgers doon1130 Month ago +2

    Arby's technically food. God bless this man

  • Silverfox
    Silverfox Month ago +1

    Trevor Noah aint no John Stuart.

  • aljanat5
    aljanat5 Month ago

    At point 5, I must protest Watchmojo and the like covering Jons sensible contrarian position not as an informed, well researched, detailed, personable and witty long form review of guests but rather you guys tar and feather the effort by a Gotcha style literalist interpretation of good humoured exchanges. PS Stewart always regretted going too hard on Jim Cramer.

  • spongeaang98
    spongeaang98 Month ago

    There's no way Trump would've been president if he were still around. Trevor Noah, Samantha Bee and John Oliver are great but we need him back.

  • Rude Rodriquez
    Rude Rodriquez Month ago

    Just another socialist/liberal racist force feeding his hate and violence views. Animal Farm 🐷

  • No Love
    No Love Month ago +1

    When he exposed the media on Ron Paul was a great piece.

    • Craig McGuinn
      Craig McGuinn Month ago

      No Love that should have been somewhere on the list or at least an honorable mention

  • kan Kanwar
    kan Kanwar Month ago

    Man's a legend. Got balls to ask difficult questions. Not chicken shit like Jimmy Fallon

  • AsHalt
    AsHalt Month ago

    this channel is just cashing a cash cow by using the popularity of Jon Stewart from the congress proceeding for the 9/11 firefighter funding.

  • Douglas Rau
    Douglas Rau Month ago

    Stewart would get some many votes for President, if he ran. Here's someone who actually cares about the everyday people unlike the absolute disgrace and embarrassment we have right now, both in the White House and in the Senate.

  • George Page
    George Page Month ago

    Jon could be offered the presidency and still turn it down. We all know he would make a way better leader.

  • Alejandro Barreto
    Alejandro Barreto Month ago

    Should have mentioned the rally to restore Sanity and/or fear

  • Andrew Yang
    Andrew Yang Month ago

    The Chicago pizza rant and him roasting Arby's were classic.

  • Korey Green
    Korey Green Month ago

    That Congress speech made me cry 😭

  • Anees Niazi
    Anees Niazi Month ago +1

    Anyone who says "white men can't jump" hasn't seen vids of 9/11.

  • P. Sawyer
    P. Sawyer Month ago

    Ever since I stumbled upon the Colbert list, I've been waiting for this one and now it's finally here

  • King Yobho
    King Yobho Month ago +1

    Wouldn't it be so cool if he'd run for president and make total fun of his opponents in the debates while making valid points? I think he'd have a chance. Maybe I'm wrong. I'm from South Africa btw

  • Bob Baker
    Bob Baker Month ago

    Is Jon the one who vetted and chose Trevor Noah? I've always wondered that because that was perfection. After I heard Jon was leaving the show I figured I would never watch it again but Noah is even better than Jon was on the show. Noah is truly a brilliant man, I'm blown away by his intelligence. Jon will always be a legend and he gave us Trevor Noah.


    You forgot who made Huckabee?

  • Gis C
    Gis C Month ago

    He's a hero!

  • Paweł Szygendowski
    Paweł Szygendowski Month ago +2

    I would add memorable Eric Garner story response with the powerful quote ""If comedy is tragedy plus time, I need more fucking time".
    I miss Jon so much...

    • Craig McGuinn
      Craig McGuinn Month ago +1

      Paweł Szygendowski he continued by saying “...but I’d really settle for less fucking tragedy to be honest with you”

  • Megan Ripley
    Megan Ripley Month ago

    Jon Stewart also introduced us to Stephen Colbert, John Oliver, Sam Bee, Trevor Noah and Hasan Minhaj. What a legacy.

  • Usertechsupport
    Usertechsupport Month ago +1

    Before he recently rattled congress, y'all haven't even thought of making a top 10 on Jon. 💯

  • Rainna
    Rainna Month ago

    LOVE JOHN!!!

  • Saud Aq
    Saud Aq Month ago

    the commentary is horrible

  • Mitch Gibson
    Mitch Gibson Month ago

    The guy does not have a side, he care about this country and those who live in it.

  • Hasan Amir
    Hasan Amir Month ago

    11th Jon Stewart was delusional on that . Watch Jesse Ventura.

  • Bobby Bo TV
    Bobby Bo TV Month ago

    He made Bill O’Reilly want to metaphorically commit suicide

  • Charles Myers
    Charles Myers Month ago

    Jon Stewart for Mayor of New York?