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Автор Rudy Mancuso ( назад)
Thank you all for the love. Hope you enjoy.

Автор Prateek Kumar Lal ( назад)
your best video ever!! awesome video
you rock !!

Автор niket m29696 ( назад)
most viral video in india ❤

Автор Rahul Kumar ( назад)
I think I'm responsible for 1 million views of this one.. 👍👍

Автор bissan swedan ( назад)
the video is so goooood

Автор Aditya Sharma ( назад)
who is that girl ???

Автор Ojashwi Kc ( назад)
love this video so much

Автор Hope Gerwig ( назад)
I love this I've watched it like 5 times 😂

Автор Gerardo Andrades ( назад)
the chick that slapped him the 3rd time looked like a Barbie doll

Автор GamerYT Bader ( назад)
Losseeeeeerrrr !!!

Автор Simon Das ( назад)
my favourite now this one is <3

Автор Melanie A ( назад)
This is so original

Автор joão soares ( назад)
great vid

Автор AUTUMN Natowcappo ( назад)
aww u cute don't let Bitches get to ya🙊🙊🙊

Автор Brenna Cadwallader ( назад)
Did anyone notice the stirring wheel when he was with the girl and alone

Автор aze rty ( назад)
i wish i was a loser so that people throw at me fruits all day 😂

Автор Alina Zhang ( назад)
Is Maia ok with this?

Автор Deepak Rao ( назад)
I feel..out of "the lot"..Rudy and Anwar are genuinely talented.

Автор Chérie Baby ( назад)
ohhh this is sad

Автор أبو المجد ( назад)
i want to know more about the music and rhythm in this video

Автор blackmaster777 stoufa10 ( назад)
the song that u played on ur piano so good

Автор Cheryl Magayisa ( назад)
Has anyone else seen this 8 times now because I seem to be binge watching it

Автор Metrifiko (Alpha 4) ( назад)
This is a fucking amazing creative music video!

Автор Mariana Ayala ( назад)

Автор Rideiky Cavalcante ( назад)
que vídeo foda.
tudo encaixa, a música também ficou muito foda.
parabéns man. fantastic

Автор Ahmed Alamoudi ( назад)

Автор ZoM___D ZoM___D ( назад)

Автор Abdussalam Al-haij ( назад)
i can't stop seeing this every time i open youtube. just Amazing.

Автор Jonathan Duenas ( назад)
Omg who is the main girl in the video? Honestly the most beautiful thing I have ever seen...

Автор Jackie YS ( назад)
U gotta earn sum kind of award 4 this 1 man. ive watched lotta ur vids but this 1s the freakin best 👊🏻👊🏻👊🏻👊🏻👊🏻👊🏻

Автор David Vining ( назад)
Real catchy this!

Автор Nadia azzabi ( назад)
You made my day

Автор Kiwi Smith ( назад)

Автор Nevaeh Robinson ( назад)
I love,! 💓💓💓💓💓😂😂😂😂😂

Автор Nevaeh Robinson ( назад)
?on Wed Jan wit💓💓💓😂😂😂

Автор Oona Hiltunen ( назад)

Автор Pablo Espinosa ( назад)
How is the girl called?

Автор Victoria Guerrier ( назад)
this was awesome!!! couldn't stop watching this vid over and over again! I love your videos😍😍

Автор Osama Ali ( назад)
2:55 the girl to the left , thats Mila Kunis????

Автор mellinah Mncube ( назад)
I know why the car wasn't working he was sitting on the wrong side watch the video again you'll see especially  when the girl comes

Автор ErinIsSoNotCool XOXO ( назад)
Im not a lesbian but that girl is so cutie!😘
(because it is 2017 i have to mention im not homophobic!)😊

Автор Madrakhim Inoyatov ( назад)
who knows what is a piano music in the end?

Автор ilham xx ( назад)
my favo of al your videos

Автор Mohammed Aljabri ( назад)
2:54 Hannah ( the one on the right ) kissed the air lol

Автор Monica Aragona ( назад)

Автор Ang Yuh Xin ( назад)
this is the best!

Автор Ewq Weq ( назад)
Love it, love u ^^~, keep up man. This going to be one of my favorite videos. :)
Can you play full piano song in this MV, pls. And guitar's song too, of course. :D

Автор Diego wasn't here ( назад)
The guy who call him looser sounds like Cristian DelGrosso haha

Автор Shahad DNA ( назад)
I love this video so much keep going love u 💙💙

Автор Antonis Haveles ( назад)
that was fantastic

Автор Mohammad Haikal ( назад)
this is so emotional

Автор Nadihah Maszelan ( назад)
I wanna hear the full part of the piano and not just "arctic monkeys"

Автор Swagalicious 244 ( назад)
was she his actual bae

Автор saikat ghosal ( назад)
hey is there any song related with this music

Автор Kaylie Oros ( назад)
1:25 her face lol😂😂😂

Автор Bella VAA ( назад)
I like this a lot

Автор Drøp Būłłšhårk ( назад)
She really pretty

Автор blithe ( назад)
this video is just so cool

Автор Fahad Alam Siddiqui ( назад)
Love it MAN!!!!

Автор Robinhood daily gains ( назад)
cant wait to see this later 😪

Автор George Razi ( назад)
This is deep

Автор O Que É Um Churesk? ( назад)
Anyone knows what is the name of the background song?

Автор Aditya Sharma ( назад)
Please tell me who is that girl!!! whome he will kiss

Автор violet lemo ( назад)
who else noticed that other hand in the shower?

Автор Du Bigode ( назад)
I wanna to see this video everyday of my life

Автор Babybeauty 101 ( назад)
I love this one my favorite I see this one ever day I love it

Автор Conreezie Gaming ( назад)
the car switched

Автор Vitor Reyez ( назад)
No dejo de ver este vídeo me identificó, like si hablas español. :v

Автор Ramon Correa ( назад)
Story of my life

Автор py 1505 ( назад)

Автор kkjhony Nitro ( назад)
Only inana kissed him for real in the end

Автор Just girl Stuff ( назад)

Автор Spirit Wolf193 ( назад)
at they dating, I hope they are and she was joking about that she wanted to break up with him.🙁

Автор Holy F3ck ( назад)

Автор Isabel Westerhausen ( назад)
That music tho 👌🏼

Автор Leslie Altamira ( назад)
ur cute

Автор Luke Yost ( назад)
You're the only viner that actually has creativity...

Автор Ziad Mohsen ( назад)
What name of music that when he play piano ??

Автор Gabriel Munozdiaz ( назад)
This is awesome

Автор Rachel Goddard ( назад)
ohmygosh! I laughed so friggin hardddd !!!!! at first i was like " umm...what's wrong with my computer?????" But then i realized the video actually wasnt over yet!

Автор Lauren Conti ( назад)
It's all cute until 2:17... but who is she she's sooooo pretty!!!!!!

Автор Toviel Avalanche ( назад)
That girl is so sweet....

Автор Patricia C ( назад)
I've seen this so many times it's unhealthy

Автор Stephanie Soares ( назад)
OMG I loved ♥

Автор Xx Brooklyn Xx ( назад)
0:38 is my favourite part

Автор Logan Bosworth ( назад)
hannah When she kissed she kissed hair lol

Автор Anita Wandinger ( назад)
I love this!

Автор Sandi Elizabeth ( назад)

Автор Sandi Elizabeth ( назад)
I LOVE Youlele

Автор Sandi Elizabeth ( назад)
i love you lele

Автор Clifster ( назад)
Does any notice that the girl he was with, has micheal jacksons nose ?

Автор Joseph Njoku ( назад)
Nice video

Автор LaDuciola ( назад)

Автор OmgIts Ann! ( назад)

Автор annie frederick ( назад)
That yawn tho!

Автор sareena hussain ( назад)
How the fuck are you so good at keyboard teach meeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

Автор Daniela Linette Rodriguez Romero ( назад)
Im surprised, really good video! love it!

Автор Asmita ( назад)
Please get better with each video like you're doing right now!!! 👍👍

Автор Roni Ponosheci ( назад)
The best video ever i love it

Автор Alec Lovering ( назад)
watched this 1 billion times

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