Machine Gun Kelly - Candy feat. Trippie Redd (Official Music Video)

  • Published on Jul 9, 2019
  • Machine Gun Kelly - Candy feat. Trippie Redd (Official Music Video)
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    Directed by: Miles & AJ
    Produced by: SixTwentySix Productions (
    Executive Producer: Austin Barbera, Jake Krask and Jen Herrera
    Line Producer: Kai Yuricich
    DP: Geoffrey Taylor
    Commissioner: Vincenza Conticchio
    #Candy #HotelDiablo #MachineGunKelly #TrippieRedd #MGK
    Music video by Machine Gun Kelly, Trippie Redd performing Candy. © 2019 Bad Boy/Interscope Records
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Comments • 29 876

  • Tyson Vo
    Tyson Vo 22 hours ago

    peep would've killed this song :((

  • Meliodas
    Meliodas 22 hours ago

    MGK top 5 rappers. Pure lyricist with some brain busting material. Rhyming “yeah” with “yeah” and “like that” with “like that”. Keep up the good work

  • omitron 122
    omitron 122 22 hours ago

    stole lil peep whole flow

  • RumpanTheGreat
    RumpanTheGreat Day ago

    sounds kinda like a Lil peep song tbh

  • Rashida Mayers
    Rashida Mayers Day ago

    This song is telling children to smoke like what the hell😱😱😱😱😱

  • Andrea Armando
    Andrea Armando Day ago

    Best song in 2019.

    DAYVILL Day ago


  • Roey Lagasca
    Roey Lagasca Day ago

    Thought this was a Macklemore vid


    mgk is trying to be lil peep

    ZERFIX REMIX Day ago

    Fuck Trippie Redd

  • Matrix Deprogrammed

    Eminem really fucked this kid up 😂😂

  • Nightfall
    Nightfall Day ago

    Trippe Redd was my favorite character in Orange is the new black.

  • YØH4N乂
    YØH4N乂 Day ago

    I was named after a gangster
    You were name after a candy

    Get it beard weird

  • Jetkerly Olaco
    Jetkerly Olaco Day ago

    ohh look who's here??

  • PlayingWithGames

    Im the only one who keep repeating this everyday just to make my day.

    SQUAD UP Day ago

    Wtf is this trash

  • alexn raj
    alexn raj Day ago

    Doesn't Pete Davidson look like Ryuk from Death Note??

  • Ismael Farah
    Ismael Farah Day ago

    Trripie redde ===== ✌️✌️✌️🤟🤟🤟🤟🤟👌🤑🤑

  • 2 - Jay Official

    I like so muct yours music!!!

  • i chop lettuce
    i chop lettuce Day ago

    Song fukking sucks lmao

  • MARK 94
    MARK 94 Day ago


  • Sombuddha Chakravarty

    MGK looks like he hasn't yet recovered from killshot

  • William Timm
    William Timm Day ago

    This song is very horrible. Idk why RUclip recommended it.

  • LiViD-
    LiViD- Day ago +1

    yo lil peep wyd

  • AndyX TV
    AndyX TV Day ago

    He's depressed lol

  • интерестный майк

    Hello from Russia.

  • Noordin Chill
    Noordin Chill Day ago

    MGK comes join my club inhale drugs crystal come my club I calling you after you married Sabrina carpenter yet 👌

  • had family
    had family Day ago


  • artur finchuk
    artur finchuk Day ago

    Галат,Face,і худий Рікі ф))

  • Anthony Hill
    Anthony Hill Day ago

    MGK is underrated

  • Tokyo FhOuL
    Tokyo FhOuL Day ago

    This bitch ass doesn't care about nobody stfu

  • Tammy Sansom
    Tammy Sansom Day ago

    Well this is depressing, Trippie be featuring in this really shitty song.. I had so much hope for MGK but wow sold out of note...

  • Reggie Davis
    Reggie Davis Day ago

    WTF is this 😕???

  • Suman Nath
    Suman Nath Day ago +1

    MGK IS DEPRESSED, So sad to see him like that, that's why he is smoking probably.....

  • Sean Byrnes
    Sean Byrnes Day ago

    Dude this is YOUR song and the one verse u have has like...3 original sentences?!?! How u gona give Eminem shit for “being rich and still mad” yet here u are rappin like shit and being all sad. Punk ass

  • Rickshaw Sexy Back AFK

    play with death like im billy and mandy yeahh!! -Trippie Redd

  • Joseph Clarke
    Joseph Clarke Day ago

    My girl taste like candy🍿😂

  • Jesse Rodriguez
    Jesse Rodriguez Day ago

    Damn Eminem made mgk depressed asf

  • Dr._goose6799
    Dr._goose6799 Day ago

    I love your songs, u do I great job =D

  • Brandon Hennings

    Dont like MGK but this songs good

  • The Kid145
    The Kid145 Day ago

    IS there a version without trippie red

  • KitKatツ GTA V
    KitKatツ GTA V Day ago


  • Gary LaForge
    Gary LaForge Day ago

    Em made mgk go pop. Damn.

  • Michelle Khan
    Michelle Khan Day ago

    This song is so fire I keep coming back

  • anita Nunez
    anita Nunez Day ago

    I dont listen to machine gun Kelly but I like this

  • Barrack Obamas Container Of Nutaala

    Tripped carried

  • Slorb D
    Slorb D Day ago


  • MasterKdog_ 420
    MasterKdog_ 420 Day ago

    This shit is so hard. It’s so catchy

  • Lil blur
    Lil blur Day ago +1

    Way better than Eminem

  • Diana Cosy
    Diana Cosy Day ago +1

    I just adore Pete

  • sk81991
    sk81991 Day ago

    Addys are bomb

  • mysterious goose

    Trippie never once made eye contact w the ceiling camera view. 😂😂

  • Anonymous Anonymous

    He trynna fix the damage he took from Eminem diss track

  • Kevin Sanchez
    Kevin Sanchez Day ago

    Tripper is high

  • Sydney Provost
    Sydney Provost Day ago

    love u daddy rawrxd

  • Grady Benefield
    Grady Benefield Day ago

    Everybody : nothing
    Trippie redd : my bitch taste like candy yeaahhh

  • Quentin Lees
    Quentin Lees Day ago

    This man just rhymed “like dat” 8 times

  • jgpa3z
    jgpa3z Day ago

    Reds looks like a got dam goomba

  • Abhishek sharma
    Abhishek sharma Day ago

    Where can I find this song without trippie's verse

  • Jay Gatsby
    Jay Gatsby Day ago

    This should have went diamond

  • Bojanman2
    Bojanman2 Day ago

    the song is FIREEE

  • Zach_Attack87
    Zach_Attack87 Day ago

    MGK really went downhill after Eminem pushed his asshole in.

  • Morgan Guzman
    Morgan Guzman 2 days ago

    This song=hell yeah🤙

  • RocK_LobSTer- 78
    RocK_LobSTer- 78 2 days ago

    Trippy redd ruins this song but mhm killed it

  • Traz Comedy
    Traz Comedy 2 days ago

    can i get some candy likes below

  • Random Person
    Random Person 2 days ago

    This song isn’t good but it’s not bad idk how to feel about it

  • layla
    layla 2 days ago

    trippie redds part wasn't long enough period...

  • tyrone mantel
    tyrone mantel 2 days ago

    Why tf is trippies verse so short he was better then mgk in this

  • GEEF 100
    GEEF 100 2 days ago


  • Squiggly Nacho
    Squiggly Nacho 2 days ago

    Who else thought that camera zoom was funny asf 😂😂😂😂

  • john dale
    john dale 2 days ago

    Million of saying "like that"

  • CCC 303
    CCC 303 2 days ago

    MGK is suck a faggot got blonde hair like his idol and dress like a 3$ gay whore smh trippier red actual made you nod your head when he started to go but mgk shit is just straight whacc you can def tell he’s puffy’s lil gay toy he’s trash no skill or talent but hits a throat of a vagina so Diddy took advantage of his lil gay white depressed weirdo ass smh he look like a fuccin tweaker fr fr lmao 😂

    • Kreigstank WoTB
      Kreigstank WoTB 2 days ago

      Stop projecting your closet homosexuality. I don't think I've ever seen someone talk that specific about a dude like that before.

  • Scott Winters
    Scott Winters 2 days ago

    Man I wanna know what's happening cuz he's not been the same for a minute

  • Phiffuflaver
    Phiffuflaver 2 days ago

    20 second Trippie feature lol

  • Peeku
    Peeku 2 days ago

    Trippie looks like an alligator