Om Mani Pad Me Hum


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  • Ольга Жукова

    Игил-это евтихьевцы (каратэ)схлестнулись с индуистами (боксом английским).Остальные им мешают.

  • Ольга Жукова

    Евтихьецы с индусами индуистами воюют каояками.Евтихьевцы в Индию приедут,везде маты по английски,американцы,пишут...А индусы в Томск доьерутчя,на деванагари им проклятья.Короче:Игил мёд чобо рубится матами.А Мне стингера нет Угоманить обо стороны Они в Индии и не только врукопашную геи перебрались и не дружат.

  • Ольга Жукова

    Евтихьецы считают ,что в Инлии оттеснили индуистов на юг.Идиоты.Уржись.

  • Ольга Жукова

    В США надо лазить полиции за постройками секты Профитт.Там другие секты сидели и убивали тех,кто к Профеттам ехал.

  • Ольга Жукова

    Евтихьевцы не могут ч Интернета косяки их убрать Там на них те,кого они убили.Вещдок для следователей Интерпола.

  • Ольга Жукова

    Остатки евтихьевунв а Томске косят из себя танаимов.Уржись.Танаху практикуют.Жизньи продлить пытаются.Ржач.Не продлят,педрятся.Идиоты.

  • Ольга Жукова

    В Томске снег опять ковром лег значительным за ночь.

  • Ольга Жукова

    Грешник может лишь переписывать Писания Бога.Трактовать правильно Их не может.У грешника нет всех нкжнвх для этого сканд в нем.Начнёт трактовать и исказить автоматически.Такое Начнешь Читать...Там кусок Текста-аерный,слелуюший-ложный.Не обманет Лоднок -не от Бога.Частоты другие.Небожественные.

  • Deepak Sharma
    Deepak Sharma 3 days ago

    siddharth gautam buddha is the name of peace love buddhism from hindu.

  • pp lai
    pp lai 3 days ago +1

    The video depicted here is wrong. Their were no Aryans 2500 years ago in Nepal. Buddha, his parents and people in his kingdom were mongoloid and did not look anything similar to Aryans.

    • pp lai
      pp lai 23 hours ago

      +Star Light No he was not black Indian and neither brown and white Aryan. He was mongoloid.

    • Star Light
      Star Light 2 days ago

      Buddha is Indian not aryans
      Edit: so... buddha is not Indian. Since he mongoloid

  • Suril Lama Ghising
    Suril Lama Ghising 5 days ago

    Lasso every body

  • Prem Bahadur Gurung
    Prem Bahadur Gurung 7 days ago

    Very peaceful loves Buddha songs

  • maria do socorro porto Magalhaes


  • Vivian Motta
    Vivian Motta 7 days ago

    Gracias por compartir hermosos videos..nos ayudan en la Evolución ....Namaste.

  • common man
    common man 8 days ago

    Athiesm is great

  • elston lepcha
    elston lepcha 8 days ago

    Om mani padme hoom

  • Numisun Subba
    Numisun Subba 8 days ago

    Om Mani padme hum

  • changthai창타이
    changthai창타이 8 days ago

    부처님께 귀의합니다🙏

  • Siniša Božič
    Siniša Božič 8 days ago

    Two different worlds !! One of the real and the other fake. I enjoy music. Hope for the real world .. ? Ps. :))

  • Nafiya Begum
    Nafiya Begum 10 days ago

    So peaceful !!

  • Akupara
    Akupara 10 days ago

    Lots of misconceptions here.
    Hinduism was the original child of Bharath (India). India and Hinduism are entwined at the very root. However there was routine strife and dissatisfaction with Hinduism creating a ripe atmosphere for a new way of life. Thus were born, Jainism and Buddhism.
    They are not however sister religions, per Hindu Vedic nomenclature, Buddhism would fall under the school of Nastika (i.e. unbelief) but Buddha is revered in Hinduism as an avatar of Vishnu therefore you'll never see a Hindu disrespect Buddha.
    The converse however is not true, Buddhist are indifferent to Hinduism.
    Unlike the rest of the religions , Buddhism a deeply introspective religion, it doesn't force you to do anything, but influences you through teaching and meditation to control your impulses, greed, jealousy to improve your morality and quality of life.

  • Ap胜 Mobile
    Ap胜 Mobile 12 days ago


  • Sompong Tungmepol
    Sompong Tungmepol 12 days ago

    The first one knows that there is something in the mind. The second knows that what happened is not ourselves.
    What happens is that it goes off. Happiness occurs. The mind does not indulge. The suffering arises. The mind does not worry. The mind is neutral to everything that it knows.
    This mind is neutral to everything. This one is important. This is the door of achieving results. When it's neutral with everything It will not continue to be flavored. As if it were not neutral It will continue to build, such as anger occurs, wanting to disappear. Must find a way to make it disappear Can you see it? Happiness wants to stay for a long time. Must find a cure This is done with work, but if it sees everything, then it goes out. Not continue The mind is free from manipulation. According to the knowledge, until he was conscious enough to concentrate his mind around the mind, accept the truth. Accept the Trinity that everything is born and extinguished Up to this point It will be a crevice.
    Those who hope for Buddhist landscape There is a chance to become a Bodhisattva.
    Who received the prophecy from the Lord Buddha Not a prophet from the prophet
    Must prophesy from the Lord Buddha Those who do not wish to be a Bodhisattva
    But hope for salvation The mind has the opportunity to create a path.

    When the mind is born that way The mind is included in the meditation.
    Therefore, when he talks about the Lord Buddha
    You will speak with the meditation. Concentrate with contemplation.
    We, when growing up, are called Charoenphop Phakmakak
    The basics of Mak is not contemplative.
    We learn to be mindful of this everyday life. Until the day that the Lord Buddha was born
    The mind will automatically include meditation. The mind at the time of Mak's birth
    Will not be born in the minds of ordinary people This is called the erotic thriller.
    Not so Must meditate When it is integrated, it will be seen.
    This condition occurs two or three times. Each person is not the same.
    Next, the mind will put the knowledge of emotions. Counter to the current to find the knowledge
    Things that encapsulate the elements know here. Was rattled out
    And then he will see Nirvana Nirvana is not empty
    Nirvana is not a world We have not seen
    We draw the extreme picture on both sides. On one side, Nirvana is a world.
    These Sastathi people With a fixed meridian
    The other one thought that Nirvana was lost. There was nothing left at that time.
    Even though these are lost Think Nirvana has nothing at all
    This is the nonsense. Nirvana. Nirvana has support conditions.
    The state of Nirvana is peace. Is peace
    Peaceful from anything, calm from passion
    Peaceful from anything calm from the embellishments
    Peaceful from anything, calm from carrying the Khan. So we pray

  • Daneil Avi
    Daneil Avi 12 days ago

    Buddhism is not just religion,its way of living.

  • Bohemian Traveller
    Bohemian Traveller 12 days ago

    Just one sentence but still heart touching.

  • Morningstar
    Morningstar 13 days ago

    What a beautiful, peaceful and wonderful chant 💖🌸🙏🕉

  • Catarina Candeias
    Catarina Candeias 14 days ago

    It´s a very relaxing video and it is grate for meditation. Namasté.

  • Eklavya Rao Ambedkar
    Eklavya Rao Ambedkar 14 days ago +1

    Jay buddha
    Jay bheem

  • Like Yong
    Like Yong 16 days ago

    Kalaulah ada orang macam raja siddarta rela meninggalkan harta demi pencerahan. Kesederhanaan.di jaman moden ini

  • titu ushasubbarao
    titu ushasubbarao 16 days ago


  • Julien mussot
    Julien mussot 16 days ago

    Namo Bouddhaya,
    Namo Dhammaya,
    Namo Sanghaya.

  • Mnj Ser
    Mnj Ser 17 days ago +1

    Nano boddhaya
    Sri lanka

  • शैलुङ शेरोफेरो Dolakha Shailung

    ऊँ मानि पदमा पु

  • naz I r K THAPA
    naz I r K THAPA 22 days ago +2

    Those who love buddha like here

  • Laxmi Hamal
    Laxmi Hamal 22 days ago +1

    Om mane pemme hum💓💓💓💓

  • Som Maya Tamang
    Som Maya Tamang 23 days ago +1

    - M

  • Nirjal Pant
    Nirjal Pant 24 days ago +2

    I am Hindu but I like this song although it is Buddhist song but I respect this song and I love very much on mane om

  • Samir Grg
    Samir Grg 25 days ago +1

    Just close your eye and listen to this heavenly music🎶❤️

    BICKY DUTTA 25 days ago

    I am form India and it is very proud movement for me that bhuddha is the precious part of our country to get the knowledge in here

    • Tika Stha
      Tika Stha 15 days ago

      Budha born was in lumbini of Nepal ...., proud to be nepali...budha born was in our land Nepal

  • гузяль вагапова

    I am a Muslim but respect Buddha. I listen this mantra often and feel myself very happy. I do not considerate this as a religion. Actually I think that this is a very strong affirmation that really helps anyone whoever you are

  • Jai Kisan HP
    Jai Kisan HP 27 days ago +1


  • Thuy Nhung Huynh
    Thuy Nhung Huynh 27 days ago


  • Deepak magar
    Deepak magar 28 days ago

    Where can i receive this full. Series.

  • Nabin lama
    Nabin lama 28 days ago

    Who is nepali write buddhist

  • Nabin lama
    Nabin lama 28 days ago

    I am from lumbini nepal where Gauttam buddha was born

  • Yongki Bong
    Yongki Bong 28 days ago

    Buddha is my life🙏

  • Vinod Khandare
    Vinod Khandare Month ago

    Nice song 🌹🌹

  • simran Lama
    simran Lama Month ago +2

    My favourite God

  • PraSoon Gautam
    PraSoon Gautam Month ago +1

    I am also Singh GauTaM

  • PraSoon Gautam
    PraSoon Gautam Month ago


  • Gounita Singh
    Gounita Singh Month ago

    Those ish rahukna joorhi saqrtuo nehna lelu japan lelo eosh

  • Lokesh Kumar
    Lokesh Kumar Month ago +1

    I love Buddha and want to become a Buddha thanks osho

  • Tara Khati
    Tara Khati Month ago +1

    Sooooooo peaceful song I feel peace, and heart touching .

  • Pramod Dhadade
    Pramod Dhadade Month ago +1


  • basak basak
    basak basak Month ago

    Namo Buddhaya !!! Namo Anantaguna Janardana Narayanaya !!! 🙏🙏

  • Dev Lama
    Dev Lama Month ago

    Ome peme hum

  • Piyavi Sapukotanage

    Theruwan saranai everyone and greetings from sri lanka

  • Thyagaraj Thyagaraj
    Thyagaraj Thyagaraj Month ago +1

    ⛳jai Sri ram⛳🎎🇮🇳😍🏇

  • Di NGUYEN Th
    Di NGUYEN Th Month ago +1

    Bên toc

  • srinivas varaganti
    srinivas varaganti Month ago

    thanks you so much for uploading this telling the greatest story of lord Buddha

  • Tashi Chuskit
    Tashi Chuskit Month ago +1

    i m proud to be buddist........🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏

  • Vedaadhyayana
    Vedaadhyayana Month ago

    Yes! Classic example that all religions preach peace. Only a few distraught for their selfish gains! One should not fall prey for such preachings; also continue to live in rightful path. Very peaceful listening!

  • May RaM
    May RaM Month ago

    Ame ha relajado tanto escuchar este mantra, gracias!

  • Disney Land
    Disney Land Month ago

    The light 💡 of Asia

  • bhakta Magar
    bhakta Magar Month ago +1

    Only one true lord budha

  • Nguyễn Phúc
    Nguyễn Phúc Month ago

    Very good.

  • Nafiya Begum
    Nafiya Begum Month ago

    So peaceful.

  • Relight Expansion
    Relight Expansion Month ago

    I cried ❤️

  • Jose Gutierrez
    Jose Gutierrez Month ago

    El noveno avatar del dios vishnu ! Gautamma buddha ! :')

  • hrihorij diachok
    hrihorij diachok Month ago

    . Дуже переконано знаю, що людині ліпше мати один святий зонг в запасі і кілька друзів, чим того і іншого багато. Я часто саме так живу, а в світ виходу не із пристрасті, а задля, скажем приблизно так, пізнання. В світі ж належного не існує і це закономірно, якщо його не виправити, що взагалі то можливе, але не в зоні світу уярмленості, тому ті, хто це ясно розуміє, не спішать робити те, що не піддається вцій зоні реалізації, і це ж розумно :не піднімати непідйомне, хоч при цім вони не примиритися зі неправильно існуючим, а якраз не залишають ідеї фікс здійснити неможливе', бо воно Богу можливе. Тотально те належне таки ніколи не здійснить я, та містями його не стає і так на юдолі виникають острови дійсності не від світу цього. Хотілося б більшого-суцільногонеба на землі, бо це хароше, та що подєлаєш...По іншому, в пустелі. можливо завести оазиси і цим слід задовільнитися-незавершеним. Юдоль така, що в ній не добудуєш і вавілонської вежі потім. БОГА і Правди, і істинно божої Справи. Та на Небесах свята мета існує вже абсолютно і дехто це побачить сам.

  • Divya Shreea
    Divya Shreea Month ago

    I feel my inate love and peace when I listen to this...
    So nice❤️❤️❤️

  • Basanta Tamang
    Basanta Tamang Month ago

    Im also buddist im deeply and hardly feel proud bcuz im born in nepal like siddartha gautam all of u god bless u

  • kartik behera
    kartik behera Month ago

    Namo bhagabat budhaya

  • 🤩Coco chan🤩
    🤩Coco chan🤩 Month ago

    I get it now, This is why people say southeast Asians dress like a like Indian people back then, they have been used wearing old Indian clothes. They still do that now, except Thai people wear Indian royal outfits

  • Aayasha Tmg
    Aayasha Tmg Month ago

    mero vhagayen😄😄😄😄😄😄

  • Dieu Phan
    Dieu Phan Month ago +1

    Nam mô a Di Đà Phật cầu xin đức Phật cứu giúp độ trì cho GĐ của con cho GĐ con khỏe mạnh a Di Đà Phật

  • Suzal Tamang
    Suzal Tamang Month ago +1

    Om Mani pembe hum

  • Narendra Tamang
    Narendra Tamang Month ago

    Buddha was born in Nepal 🇳🇵in

  • Dilanlakmal Dilanlakmal

    Namo buddaya.....!!!!!

  • Gopal Sigdyal
    Gopal Sigdyal Month ago

    Hear touch mantra with melodious music. I worship budhha.

  • kishor katke
    kishor katke Month ago

    That song it's a mediation.. always. Inspire me whenever ..I disappear i feel suffocating then I am always listen it ... This song totally remove it my negativity ..

  • sohan singh
    sohan singh Month ago

    Powerful medation j bhaghwan Budha

  • Nika Men
    Nika Men Month ago

    I'm Buddhahim, I listen Buddha chanting to help everyday lights.

  • Miss Techno
    Miss Techno Month ago +1

    I had a friend his name is sameer from nepal..while we were looking at a giant buddha statue i asked him what is buddhism and he said its a dicipline...a way of some of my dicipline comes from their teachings combining with my virtues as a follower of Jesus.

  • Jeckcy Widely
    Jeckcy Widely Month ago

    Sadhu sadhu sadhu Buddha is the teacher

  • Ray Kim
    Ray Kim Month ago

    Nam mô bổn sư thích ca mâu ni phật🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏 🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏

  • Harshad Sarangal
    Harshad Sarangal Month ago

    All there below making comments that I am from this religion or that country, you are stupid fools. You don't believe in Budha if you making that type of comments.
    I am a human being, I love peace, listening this, I find peace.

  • soh kiam
    soh kiam Month ago

    A calming and smoothing melody which can aid in reducing negative emotions and hope the world can be a better place for everyone.

  • Bố thằng thăng Mẹ thằng thâu

    Cái địt con mẹ thằng thầy như mày con chó hoàng vũ thăng ạ, địt cụ nhà mày rút bớt quân âm binh nhà mày đi hại bố mày đi nhé con chó. Địt cụ thằng nhật quang tử bố mày chửi mày đấy có sao ko? Con chó như mày chết vì nhục thôi.cái loại làm thầy khí công mà ăn đá bát hại bố mày.

  • Kiran Meshram
    Kiran Meshram 2 months ago

    Peaceful lagte bar Baar sune namo Buddhay

  • Yuliani Hema
    Yuliani Hema 2 months ago

    Hai, do everybody know where i can find the picture story?

  • Michaël Rafaël
    Michaël Rafaël 2 months ago +1

    I am in love whit this mantra

  • Santosh kumari
    Santosh kumari 2 months ago

    so peaceful

  • Benny Limka
    Benny Limka 2 months ago

    Da bei zhou - om guru lien sien si ti hom ~

  • Fascinator Dance Ocean
    Fascinator Dance Ocean 2 months ago

    who listens it again and again 😇😇😇🙏

  • Deepak Kumar
    Deepak Kumar 2 months ago

    Nice song

  • sutjipta nyoman
    sutjipta nyoman 2 months ago

    great elevated and holy mantra

  • jaan kanip
    jaan kanip 2 months ago

    Jai bheem namo Buddha 🇪🇺🇪🇺🇪🇺🇪🇺🇪🇺🇱🇰🇱🇰🇱🇰🇱🇰

  • Bruce Wayne
    Bruce Wayne 2 months ago

    Something of a peaceful feeling... Better than most religious I suppose... In any case better for 1s personal view... Least doesn't have any celestial dictator guess...

  • Maciej Fienia
    Maciej Fienia 2 months ago

    Totalny kozak