How to escape quicksand at Mont Saint Michel in France (with caption)

  • Published on Jun 17, 2016
  • I learned how to get out of quicksand when I visited Mont Saint-Michel ( ) by a friendly and funny tour guide :D

    Headphone users should be careful with the high volume.

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  • Karl Aron Cebedo
    Karl Aron Cebedo Year ago +17206

    I didn't learn how to escape quicksand, I learned how to make a quicksand

    • Mari
      Mari Month ago

      @Puck Sietsema it was a joke he’s saying he didn’t pay attention to the rest of the video because the beginning was the most interesting

    • nicky sonowal
      nicky sonowal 3 months ago

      🤣 🤣 🤣

    • Oghren
      Oghren 5 months ago

      Interesting, I learned both.

    • Joel Stephenson
      Joel Stephenson 7 months ago


    • Karl Aron Cebedo
      Karl Aron Cebedo 7 months ago

      @Masdy Renee Ayeee 100% right on the point. My comment doesn't need to be clearly identified as a joke. Those who didn't understand, read my comment as if I'm talking to you in person.

      "I didn't learn how to ESCAPE quicksand. I learned how to MAKE a quicksand"... That's how I sounded like if I am talking in person. It is called SARCASM.. I don't need to say it's a joke. Also for those who said I didn't watch the whole video, I did watched it all. If you guys still didn't understand, that's your own problem. Have a nice day.

  • SnackingOnAnts
    SnackingOnAnts 8 months ago +6658

    Me, who literally never goes outside: I *need* to know this, just in case

    • Karina Baron
      Karina Baron 5 months ago +1

      Mee 😂

    • Constantin N
      Constantin N 5 months ago

      you can protect your home from burglars using quicksand. then it may be useful

    • Itzel Ramirez
      Itzel Ramirez 5 months ago +1

      Same ant man same

    • KitsuneGamer15 21
      KitsuneGamer15 21 6 months ago

      I need to know this I'm going to silver glen agaust 14 (sorry for spelling) it has sand

      CUDDLE CAM 6 months ago


  • Noe Dactyl
    Noe Dactyl 8 months ago +1738

    I love how as soon as the floor gets more liquidy, everyone starts acting like little kids ❤️ it's so cute!

    • Girl Chica
      Girl Chica 4 months ago +2

      It's called being human.......
      But people want us to be cold & serious when we're adults. I'm naturally goofy & quirky & I'm 22. I like playing around too. It's normal..

    • Cupcake McSparklebutt
      Cupcake McSparklebutt 4 months ago +1


    • Ellee
      Ellee 4 months ago +3

      Yes. I too love watching ADULT humans act like little kids. So cute yes haha.

    • Ontario Hawkins
      Ontario Hawkins 5 months ago +3

      @Victor Maliga B-2111 wow very edgy Victor

    • Peace is Yeshua 💜✝️
      Peace is Yeshua 💜✝️ 6 months ago +6

      @Victor Maliga B-2111
      Oh no!! 😩 I’m so sorry to hear that.

  • mog dor
    mog dor 8 months ago +617

    I like how the wind sound effects were added to simulate the confusion and helplessness one feels when actually sinking in quicksand. Brilliant!

    • TCt83067695
      TCt83067695 3 months ago


    • victoria kendrick
      victoria kendrick 4 months ago

      Highly irritating sound

    • mog dor
      mog dor 4 months ago +1

      @there is an insecure person above this comment Lol yep, you're mad. Haha.

    • there is an insecure person above this comment
      there is an insecure person above this comment 4 months ago

      @mog dor uh no you complete idiot, you said you made a joke and it wasn't funny, so people thought you were serious. what i meant was that people are stupid enough to make SERIOUS statements like yours, while yours is a joke. i didn't even insult you, seriously low reading comprehension much?

    • mog dor
      mog dor 4 months ago

      @there is an insecure person above this comment Lol you are angry at my comment and that's funny and entertaining to me.

  • Spots Corner
    Spots Corner 6 months ago +461

    As an adult, quicksand isn't as much of an issue as I was led to believe in my childhood.

    • Bugs Bunny
      Bugs Bunny 2 months ago

      @Joshua Caldwell Yesssss!!!

    • Bugs Bunny
      Bugs Bunny 2 months ago

      Exactly as a kid and the stuff I seen in movies growing up. Quicksand moved so fast and was deadly. Was told it would suck u in so quickly

    • Mana Montana
      Mana Montana 4 months ago +2

      then you should watch mrballen video about a woman who got stuck in quicksand. it is in an area with a bad tide her and her husband were going to a land plot they had bought where they try to find gold. driving over the mud flats saves them alot of time to get there. but their car at some point got stuck. the wife got out and pushed in doing so her leg got stuck in the mod. the husband tried to pull her out but he couldn't. then the tide started coming their character changed from laughing in the mud to desparation. someone from the main road saw them and called for help. rescue crews came out eventually her head was under water and she had a breathing hose eventually she died with all these people there trying to help her.
      man. imagine being that guy and watching this video only to find out she could have been saved if only she wiggled her leg.

    • Boro Robo
      Boro Robo 4 months ago

      Uhm. You know the type of quicksand our ancestors avoided were in swamps right?

      And you become a sitting duck for some hungry animal.

    • Cedric Chiu
      Cedric Chiu 4 months ago

      I can see for a kid with 50% adult height it could be a problem...

  • The Three Musketeers
    The Three Musketeers Year ago +13786

    Day 86 of quarantine: I've learned how to get out of quicksand

    • Heather Emmons
      Heather Emmons 25 days ago

      Day 800 and I'm just learning this important life skill, I'm slacking

    • Luis Partida
      Luis Partida 26 days ago

      Keep scrolling bub!

    • Boro Robo
      Boro Robo 4 months ago

      @Anniefanny Charles By day 90 you'd have gotten gangrene. And possibly be dead already too.

      There's a video of a young 13 old girl who got stuck in water after a natural disaster. They couldn't pull her out. Well...

    • Türk Dizi Kiz
      Türk Dizi Kiz 4 months ago

      And make one too

    • Vijesh Sahu
      Vijesh Sahu 4 months ago

      @Anniefanny Charles lol😂

  • Alex Valdivia
    Alex Valdivia 8 months ago +864

    She is explaining how to get out and a guy just falls 😂

    • Geisemo
      Geisemo 6 months ago +1

      Lol i read this and then he fell down, im dead

    • Vipasha Jain
      Vipasha Jain 6 months ago +8

      And I panicked because he fell on his hands, and what if he went down like that. 😣

    • Joel Stephenson
      Joel Stephenson 7 months ago +26

      Would have been s bit of a panic if he started going down 💀

    • TanzaniteTurjo
      TanzaniteTurjo 7 months ago +2


  • Gretchen's Vegan Bakery
    Gretchen's Vegan Bakery 5 months ago +59

    Almost skipped this video. But on second thought, ya just never know ~ could come in handy 🤷🏻‍♀️
    Then… missed the escape as I typed my comment 🤦🏻‍♀️

  • Fluffle Chicken
    Fluffle Chicken 8 months ago +279

    Me: *hey, this could save my life one day.*

    Also me: intensely listening to unintelligible audio with no idea what’s going on

    • Joel Stephenson
      Joel Stephenson 7 months ago +2

      RUclip comments tho😂

    • Nixahma
      Nixahma 7 months ago +31

      Incase you didn’t catch it: wiggle one of your legs with short movements to get it free, pull it up, fold it (like you’re sitting on your knees), lean your weight on said knee and do the same short movements with the other leg (as opposed to just stepping out)

  • Lance Lovecraft
    Lance Lovecraft 8 months ago +424

    What's sending my anxiety thru the roof right now is the fact that everyone is carrying a back pack and she didn't take off her jacket. Like your going to get ur shit dirty and I can't sand it

    • I can sense my mothers disappointment in me
      I can sense my mothers disappointment in me 5 months ago +1

      Hehehe.... Puns

    • Jesus Child
      Jesus Child 6 months ago +3

      You can't sand it eh ? 😅🤣🤣🤣

    • anzaeria
      anzaeria 6 months ago +4

      And having extra weight on you (like a backpack) makes the situation worse. There was an Australian photographer Pete Dobre who sunk pretty deeply in quicksand because of the heavy camera gear in his backpack.

    • Amethyst
      Amethyst 7 months ago +3

      I see what you did there

    • I SEE YOU
      I SEE YOU 7 months ago +20

      A pun or a spelling mistake

  • Matsimus
    Matsimus Year ago +17142

    W I N D

  • Game Rider
    Game Rider 7 months ago +248

    *How to escape a quick sand:* Listen what the wind says.

  • Iván Bastías
    Iván Bastías 7 months ago +2

    It's so useful! I'm pretty sure we'll be stuck in quicksand very often. Any idea about how to escape from being stuck in the traffic better?

  • Artequintanilha
    Artequintanilha 8 months ago +3

    Muita saudade deste lugar. Espero um dia voltar.

  • Ganiscol
    Ganiscol 8 months ago +28

    The interesting part aside from this party trick is the visualization of what happens to a city built on anything but bedrock during an earthquake: ground liquification 👌

    • Kelly D
      Kelly D 4 months ago

      Ha ha I thought exactly the same!...

  • Mhx Air
    Mhx Air Year ago +12161

    Me: I can't hear her at all, let me turn on CC.
    Captions: **Wind**
    Me: Ah, that's much better.

  • Devon Seamoor
    Devon Seamoor 4 months ago +1

    Thank you, what clever decision to instruct the walkers on the sand around Mont St. Michel. I've been there, but IN the solid "Mont" itself, not on the sand. If there's one thing I fear most, dying in quicksand is just that.
    This tour-guide did it very well, she knows what she's doing. At the start I was shocked to see all the sand moving under those feet, as if the whole group could vanish in one second, brrrrrr. Fortunately they learned.

  • Screaming Hawk
    Screaming Hawk 7 months ago +73

    This is like all product demonstrations by sales people. Looks great and easy. but if we try, we would probably fall over and get ourselves pulled in head first.

    • Emmanuel William Quinton
      Emmanuel William Quinton 6 months ago +5

      You don't usually die from quicksand that way. However if you are stuck and the tide comes then you really don't have much time. Especially in Mont saint Michel because of the landscape the tide comes as a wave very suddenly. It still take a while to reach 40 cm but that's probably really scary

    • Precious Rodgers
      Precious Rodgers 7 months ago +9

      Exactly! As she calmly does it. In a real situation we’d be panicking lol

  • Bee
    Bee 9 months ago +614

    My subtitles just said, "wait for it...... wait for it...... sand."

    "Now who should we bury first."

  • Gurbanoğlu
    Gurbanoğlu 6 months ago +1

    I went there with family in early September 2016. Had a memorable experience! Hope to visit one day again!

  • Ptera vlogs
    Ptera vlogs 9 months ago +8659

    If anyone is watching this while sinking in quicksand, don't panic and follow the instructions starting at 2:36

    • Kishan
      Kishan Month ago +1


    • Ptera vlogs
      Ptera vlogs Month ago +1


    • Doe Lover
      Doe Lover 4 months ago +1

      This id important thabk you

    • there is an insecure person above this comment
      there is an insecure person above this comment 4 months ago

      y'all he's probably trolling, his username is literally Bible Guy it can't get any dumber than that

    • Ghav
      Ghav 4 months ago +1

      @Kaelart thanks for this analogy! I am Christian and have a lot of faith in God, but it's been taking me a while to understand this point.
      I was recently expressing doubts to a friend and she also gave me something else to think on. I can't quote her word for word, but she said something along the lines of "life can't be fair, because fair is predictable. If we always were punished immediately for any wrongdoings and always were rewarded immediately for any righteous acts, this would rob us of our freedom to choose for ourselves, as we would become like robots, just doing 'the right' things because they have immediate positive consequences."

      Thanks again and have a blessed day!

  • Alex Bradfield
    Alex Bradfield 5 months ago +12

    When I was a kid I seriously thought quicksand was everywhere and I was going to be swallowed up by it sometime in my life. Lol

  • Dr. Evil
    Dr. Evil 4 months ago +1

    Omg I remember this happening to me when I was like 6 years old. I was at a family reunion and playing in a lake when started sinking. I was about waist deep before my dad pulled me out. I lost my news shoes too 😭

  • Andrew Morrow
    Andrew Morrow 7 months ago

    Man, I went there and walked the beach before the tide, but never saw that type of demonstration. That was awesome!

  • Kejuan Lynette
    Kejuan Lynette 5 months ago +1

    This was WAY more useful than the Nat Geo video. THANK YOU!!!

  • Galuade MG
    Galuade MG Year ago +2751

    Instructor: "Ok, I'm gonna teach you how to escape quicksand, it's actually very easy"
    Instructor's mind: *oh god please work*

    • Eternal Light
      Eternal Light Year ago +7

      Imagine her drowning slowly and people around laughing thinking it's a part of presentation.

    • strawberryluciddream
      strawberryluciddream Year ago +5

      Lmao I was thinking the same what if she gets stuck and can't get out

    • a tree
      a tree Year ago +1


      LONGEST NAME Year ago +2


    • JellyGh0st
      JellyGh0st Year ago +2

      Lamao (3)

  • Treehouses & Motors
    Treehouses & Motors 7 months ago +2

    Thank you for teaching me how to escape quick sand at *Mont Saint Michel in France.*

    Unfortunately, this did not work while I was getting stuck in quick sand at *Beaver Creek Butte Basin in Wyoming*

  • MrDigitop
    MrDigitop 7 months ago +3

    Finally found something useful and potentially life saving to watch on RUclip *faith in humanity restored*

  • Henry Fuentes Riccardi
    Henry Fuentes Riccardi 7 months ago +2

    4 minutes, and 4 seconds well spent, excellent video!

  • John Medina
    John Medina 6 months ago

    Thanks that is helpful .Good to know . I was at a secluded beach and I began to sink .I panicked and slithered out.

  • RoboLobster3000
    RoboLobster3000 Year ago +1742

    Don't you just hate when your having a dance party at the beach and then you start to sink

    • Abraham Lincoln
      Abraham Lincoln Year ago +4

      *"Cmon guys the sand feels great!"*

    • Beanie Man
      Beanie Man Year ago

      @Ann Berlin
      And so now you're offended?

    • Ann Berlin
      Ann Berlin Year ago +13

      @Beanie Man Maybe you’re just getting old **sad music intensifies**

    • Beanie Man
      Beanie Man Year ago +9

      @Facundo Alvarado thats getting old

    • Facundo Alvarado
      Facundo Alvarado Year ago +31

      Everybody gangsta until someone starts to sink

  • Jessica Clark
    Jessica Clark 6 months ago +2

    The captions are amazing!! I appreciate your humor 😄

  • Haeeezy
    Haeeezy 7 months ago +2

    They Deserves Oscar for this beautiful dance 🔥

  • curtis carter
    curtis carter 6 months ago +3

    This is a video that literally could save a life, and might have already :)

  • david canter
    david canter 8 months ago

    I remember when there was a rescue attempt at turnigan arm in Alaska and they strapped a harness on someone from a helicopter and they ended up ripping them in half. People would die breathing through straws when the bore tide came in. Glacial silt mud flats are some of the most dangerous.

  • fearlesssfcappuccino
    fearlesssfcappuccino 10 months ago +3306

    As an 80s/90s kid where growing up quicksand was seemingly an *ever present danger* from all the tv shows/movies, this is so triggering and satisfying/empowering at the same time XD

    • Lilly Smith
      Lilly Smith 21 day ago

      I always thought quicksand will be the death of me. Along with couple of things 🤭

    • Helen McMichael
      Helen McMichael Month ago

      Exactly, I learned about quicksand danger before stranger danger.

    • 1madloco13
      1madloco13 5 months ago

      How in the f$uck did 3000 people understand this comment? This comment gave me a headache

    • Michael lo
      Michael lo 5 months ago +1

      Yeah especially in super Mario

    • walshy
      walshy 5 months ago

      Nah not really

  • Shades of Sage
    Shades of Sage 6 months ago +2

    Incredible and amazing! Hope I never have to use this though😳🙏🏿🙏🏿!

  • Val Cronin
    Val Cronin 5 months ago

    It is more difficult when it is more like mud and is right after the tide recedes and the mud dries into concrete. You cannot jiggle your way out of concrete.

    In second thought, she might be able to, she seems pretty good at this

  • Grea Blood
    Grea Blood 8 months ago +33

    Alternately, “I need to escape the quicksand so I can survive the apocalypse”

  • MB22
    MB22 9 months ago +2

    I love quicksand. Perfect place is in Alaska(forgot the river name), but it was low tide and my friends and I nearly got stuck lol

  • SwigtimeFoxy
    SwigtimeFoxy 2 years ago +13902

    The wind was so damn loud it closed my door.

  • Sean-Alex Larrabee
    Sean-Alex Larrabee 6 months ago +25

    "Here's how to survive and escape quicksand -" *roaring wind*

  • L B
    L B 7 months ago +1

    I’ve been terrified of stepping in quicksand ever since I saw Lawrence of Arabia as a kid! Strangely , it’s never happened!😂

  • Nieder Drifts
    Nieder Drifts 8 months ago

    Good job, you’re not wasting your time watching useless videos, but rather learning valuable life lessons by being here

  • Funny Bunny
    Funny Bunny 8 months ago +90

    I thought you instantly sink the second you step on quicksand

    • Zoë Geurts
      Zoë Geurts 6 months ago +26

      As far as I understand, you sink when you move. Kinda like a very big ball pit, you move the sand around by moving and thus sinking further

  • avian
    avian 6 months ago +1

    I really want to go there in Mont Saint-Michel :(( hopefully someday.

  • Grey
    Grey 2 months ago

    Thats really handy advice, every city and town dweller needs to watch this.

  • Becaye Baldé
    Becaye Baldé 2 months ago +1

    What a useful technic
    Sure one day I'm gonna find myself in quicksand and I know how to deal with it

  • a9nomis 99
    a9nomis 99 8 months ago

    Heres a-run down from what I got out of that video:

    Quick sand works like this: when your sinking, your legs push the water out onto the surface, causing the sand below to be dryer than the sand on-the surface. This is what causes you to get stuck.

    The idea is to mix the dryer sand the water so it returns to its more wet 'slushy' like state. Pretend your leg is a stirrer and wiggle it in a circular stirring motion instead of pulling up.

    Of course im not expert and this might be incorrect but that is what I got from this video.

  • amber surrena
    amber surrena Year ago +5039

    This deserves an Oscar for best audio

    CECILIA 4 months ago

    I'M from France and went there with one of my school's trip...( in 1974) you wouldn't catch us doing this stupid idea.. AND the authorities wouldn't let anyone walk there especially around high tide when the sand starts getting soft....the reason Mont Saint Michel was built there as a fortress was the quicksand served as a barrier and protection from the enemies..

  • budweiserthedog
    budweiserthedog 3 months ago

    Have a fear of quicksand since watching films 50 years ago! Frightened the life out of me again! 😄

  • whipped like the two guys from Malta

    Me as a kid thinking quicksand was a genuine danger I would face in my daily life

  • INFJ Elphaba Supporter
    INFJ Elphaba Supporter 8 months ago +19

    I'd be the one standing safely 5 meters away.

  • Handloom for All
    Handloom for All Year ago +15675

    My Father Technique:

    "Don't Go There"

    • Jesus Child
      Jesus Child 6 months ago

      Yesss I like his technique 😅🙌

    • Aki
      Aki 8 months ago +1

      And that's why I don't really like doing crazy shit in front of my family TvT

    • Countrycowboy08
      Countrycowboy08 8 months ago

      This is something a dad would definitely say haha

    • Ian Lacey
      Ian Lacey 10 months ago +1

      My sensei technique:
      If there is going to be trouble, don’t go there.

    • Lame Fagg0t
      Lame Fagg0t 10 months ago +1

      @Xo Freestyles bro...

  • Attention
    Attention 4 months ago +3

    Me: I should sleep
    Also me: how to get out of quicksand

  • Dann Borah
    Dann Borah 7 months ago +44

    Her : genuinely trying to explain .....

    W I N D : So you've chosen Death.

  • smokeynedith
    smokeynedith 8 months ago

    Very good to know. So much danger in seemingly docile areas.

  • Balaram Rao
    Balaram Rao 4 months ago

    This type of place is very dangerous.. it's good to know how to escape from such situations..

  • Ishaan Apte
    Ishaan Apte Year ago +2844

    It was fun to see how they created the quicksand

    • Tabitha Day
      Tabitha Day 8 months ago +1

      I was thinking how cool it was, until I realized this is probably on a public beach and not everyone who visits got the master class on how to escape this... 😨
      Will it return to its more stable state in time? Or is it quicksand forever now? (I do not know much about wet, silty sands...)

    • Ishaan Apte
      Ishaan Apte 11 months ago

      @Emma R you seem to be interested in science

    • Emma R
      Emma R 11 months ago +3

      Mixing it with salt means spreading the na and cl ions into it, which because of the surface tension between the silt particles will prompt the particles to stack neatly. Fun! :D

    • Emma R
      Emma R 11 months ago +4

      ​@End Censorship! They did in the sense that they disturbed it and thereby messing up the particles that were otherwise neatly stacked thereby lending it stability. It behaves more like a liquid when the particles are messed up. Fun bonus fact: besides waiting for the particles to settle, another way of giving quick sand strength is to pour table salt into it! You can find cool videos about it if you search for "quick sand and salt" or "sensitive silt and salt", "sensitive silt" being what us engineers refer to it as :)

    • Ishaan Apte
      Ishaan Apte Year ago +2

      @•Strange_ Sunset• 😂 ok

  • Selvam Thiagarajan
    Selvam Thiagarajan 8 months ago

    The helpful part of video starts at 2:35 mins, where she demonstrates how you free one leg first, then the next.

  • WEBMASTER247 🔥
    WEBMASTER247 🔥 7 months ago

    I love how hard sand turn into liquid sand.

  • Lehmann Peters
    Lehmann Peters 4 months ago

    I did this when I was a kid in a new basement that they had just dugout before pouring concrete. The soil was sand and clay. I moved my feet up and down and slowly sunk up to my waist. Of course I couldn't get out. The fire department was called and they laid boards down and ran a small house down next to one of my legs and the additional water allowed them to pull me out.

  • Airborne
    Airborne 7 months ago +1

    If you have been to the Mont Saint Michel before, you know not the quicksand is the biggest threat but the extremely quick rising water :) I enjoyed this video anyway...just in case I ever get stuck in the quicksand.

  • Theodore
    Theodore Year ago +5547

    Quicksand is one of those things I thought it was a big problem when I was young.

    • GNK 3981
      GNK 3981 7 months ago

      @Waldo You can't go waist deep in quicksand. It's impossible.

    • Crazy Linnytic
      Crazy Linnytic 7 months ago

      Copied comment-

    • Precious Ricaplaza
      Precious Ricaplaza 8 months ago

      My youngass me thought quicksand can eat you lmao

    • Sevi
      Sevi 8 months ago

      @Grea Blood John Mulaney

    • Grea Blood
      Grea Blood 8 months ago +1

      Which comedian did this joke? Literally this phrasing sounds very familiar

  • Yog Soggoth
    Yog Soggoth 4 months ago +1

    Great video to encourage people to get fossilized in other types of quicksand. I have sunk up to my waist in seconds, only to grab roots of trees for my lifeline. No one will ever find you if that happens.

  • hoibsh
    hoibsh 5 months ago

    Beutiful. I wish to live in Mont Saint Michel!!

  • Itsoknottobeok
    Itsoknottobeok 7 months ago

    Thank you.. so useful !

    ANGELINA DELAROSA 7 months ago +3

    Me: has the worst headache I’ve ever had
    RUclip: Watch this video!!
    Me: ok
    The Video: WIND
    Me: oh no…
    Still meb: okay I’m just going to suffer though it because SAND

  • Countrycowboy08
    Countrycowboy08 Year ago +5199

    "Now, if you sink above your waist, I'm gonna teach you how to pray to spare your soul"

  • Sanjib Das
    Sanjib Das 8 months ago

    Very informative and nice video though its not easy to do.

  • Slaughterhouse5
    Slaughterhouse5 8 months ago

    I still don’t know how to get out of quick sand but I did learn some dance steps. 👍🏻

  • cyclist68
    cyclist68 7 months ago

    In the UK this should be compulsory viewing and part of the school curriculum for every kid growing up along the coast anywhere around Morecambe Bay.

  • Bafe
    Bafe 5 months ago +1

    Damn bro the wind howling at 9287478kps taught me a lot 👍

  • Slushy
    Slushy Year ago +7249

    Instructer : *today I'm gonna teach you how to escape a quick sand*

    Toronado : *wait a minute I'm almost there*

    • Yes
      Yes Year ago +2

      @Fanny pack no u

    • Fanny pack
      Fanny pack Year ago

      @Yes stfu george

    • Yes
      Yes Year ago +2

      @Fanny pack gtfo

    • Sleep manual
      Sleep manual Year ago

      I would make sure I was stuck in quicksand

    • Mr. Krabs
      Mr. Krabs Year ago +1

      @Fanny pack dude u stfu

  • 𝖒𝖝𝖗𝖎𝖆.
    𝖒𝖝𝖗𝖎𝖆. 7 months ago +2

    The jiggly sands at the first part omg,,, how can something be so satisfying and anxiety inducing at the same time

  • zeeshan mohd.
    zeeshan mohd. 8 months ago +1

    Objects in liquefied sand sink to the level at which the weight of the object is equal to the weight of the displaced soil/water mix and the submerged object floats due to its buoyancy.
    It is impossible for a human to sink entirely into quicksand due to the higher density of the fluid. Quicksand has a density of about 2 grams per cubic centimeter, whereas the density of the human body is only about 1 gram per cubic centimeter.

  • Alex Fer. 🦀
    Alex Fer. 🦀 7 months ago

    Ahí quiero ir yo. Es un buen dato que no conocía 😁👍

  • Larkspur
    Larkspur 7 months ago

    Does this work for the mud of the severn river in England? I only think not due to how much softer and sinkable it is.

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      Nicolás Argandoña Year ago

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    • CDStoner
      CDStoner Year ago

      @Jo you can get stuck and drown when the tide comes back in

    • Table leg Z
      Table leg Z Year ago

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    JGBLADES 8 months ago

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    Ibrahim Awad Awad 6 months ago

    Jokes aside this was really helpful.
    Let's summarize
    1) You put all of your weight on one of your legs.
    2) Wiggle the other leg to let the sand mix with water and free it.
    3) Put your knee of the free leg on the surface of the quicksand and lean forward.
    4) While putting all of your weight on your knee, wiggle the other leg till it's free.
    Congrats you're free, but always remember to stay calm in the quicksand and to think logically.

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    when you’re a kid, quicksand is like the third biggest thing you have to worry about other than real sticks of dynamite and giant anvils falling on you from the sky! I used to think about what to do about quicksand!” (The quote goes on for a bit) somebody tag John

    • Misa Misa
      Misa Misa 5 months ago

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      My brain: you don’t need to know this, the chances of finding yourself in that situation are close to zero.

      Me: but, what if it happens. (Following no logical reason whatsoever)

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