Leica M10-D - The Digital "Analog" - Hands-on Impressions!

  • Hands-on with Leica's latest digital rangefinder camera at the biggest Brexit March, 20th March 2018!
    Leica M10-D: www.adorama.com/lcm10d.html?kbid=913736
    Filmed with:
    Sony a7 III Body Only: www.adorama.com/isoa7m3.html?kbid=913736
    Sony 24-70mm f/4: www.adorama.com/iso2470.html?kbid=913736
    Sony X3000 www.adorama.com/sofdrx3000.html?kbid=913736
    Panasonic GH5: www.adorama.com/ipcdcgh5.html?kbid=913736
    Laowa 7.5mm f/2: www.adorama.com/ve752sbmft.html?kbid=913736
    Panasonic Leica 25mm f/1.4: www.adorama.com/ipc2514m.html
    Clueless Kit: soundcloud.com/cluelesskit
    #Leica #M10-D #Photography

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  • Endless XFreaks
    Endless XFreaks Day ago

    2:44 just notice this guy carrying Leica CL?

  • Peter Kerkmans
    Peter Kerkmans 27 days ago

    in the analog years you bought Leica for same amount of money, only then they lastest a lifetime. Now due to electronics 10 year tops. Not quite eligable for investment anymore

  • John Adams
    John Adams Month ago

    Buy a Lecia body with no rear screen for over $8,000. and you get a free "I'm a Leica Dummy" sign that attaches to your back.

  • O. Rothe
    O. Rothe Month ago

    I want his camera with a film advance leaver, that generates the electricity for exactly 1 shot and compleatly without battery, just condensor powered. Then i would think about paying the money

  • superelectic45
    superelectic45 Month ago

    Rich man jewellery

  • J K
    J K 2 months ago

    Reminds me of Flight of the Conchords with the camera attached to his cell phone. 😂😂

  • Uchiha Ikoy
    Uchiha Ikoy 2 months ago

    This is the only Leica I actually want. Still ridiculously over priced. The only thing I wish this had was a film advance lever (4:25) that you actually have to recock to take a photo.

    JUZIARTS 3 months ago +1

    There is one single damn good thing about this no screen version: when you are doing a job to shoot someone and she always comes to you to check the photos which is very annoying for photographers, now it is literally impossible with this camera. hahaha

  • Jonathan William Fay
    Jonathan William Fay 3 months ago

    I’m ending asking you questions without ever getting any reply, make my day and answer me this!!! How do you find the M10D next to some of the past cameras that you have reviewed over your many years of camera reviewing: fujifilm X, Leica M, Context, GF, Voigtänder and Hasselbeld!!!
    Which system is you favorite and what would you use it for within your day to day job as a photographer???

  • kelvin Lam
    kelvin Lam 3 months ago

    the photos looks quite Martin Parr

  • William Inbody
    William Inbody 4 months ago

    The joke is on the anti Leica crowd when they see the images.

  • Zach Shult
    Zach Shult 4 months ago

    0:42 is that young lady also carrying a Leica??

  • Kris Leme
    Kris Leme 4 months ago

    ..."F*** Trump" at a Brexit march? SMH... some people just don't get it do they.

  • Damian Montiel
    Damian Montiel 5 months ago

    Who ever drops 8,000$ on this is basically an idiot

    • J F
      J F 5 months ago

      The Leica brand is just cringe now, its more of a status symbol than camera, any real photographer would use a Nikon/Canon/Sony/Fuji instead of this $8,000 brick.

  • Faizel Thabang
    Faizel Thabang 5 months ago


  • Max The Dog
    Max The Dog 5 months ago

    high quality episode😉

  • Tian Tuo You
    Tian Tuo You 6 months ago

    What’s the name of the background music?

  • Jure Tomassini
    Jure Tomassini 6 months ago

    I have M 240 and M7, I would love to have M10-D. Maybe one day :)

  • Smeggypoo
    Smeggypoo 6 months ago

    And Boom! Xpro3 will come out with a dual screen where you have to flip out the screen to actually see it.

  • Barry James
    Barry James 6 months ago

    Might as well shoot some film.

  • Carlos Tab
    Carlos Tab 6 months ago

    That 16710 tho.

  • Urs Gautschi
    Urs Gautschi 7 months ago


  • Izzy
    Izzy 7 months ago

    but the pics are nice!

  • David Wu
    David Wu 7 months ago

    what is the exact name of the song, please!!!!!!

  • Manoj Shrestha
    Manoj Shrestha 7 months ago

    is that cap just for fashion?

  • MrCyclist68
    MrCyclist68 7 months ago

    Interesting that in a city famously only 43% white British, on that anti brexit rally, black and brown faces are like rocking horse poo.
    The 700,000 white middle class rally would have been more accurate.

    • lapisredux
      lapisredux 7 months ago

      they're supporting all those old white folk in brussels.

  • CyphDK
    CyphDK 8 months ago

    So it's basically a digital camera with a fidget lever on it, got it :P

  • CrueLoaf
    CrueLoaf 8 months ago

    I think I could enjoy a city break and take some shots and be very very happy knowing I bagged quality images! My break would be awesome! Only when I get home would I realise my compositions and metering were a disappointment! :). When you think about it...you actually enjoy the shooting process without worrying about the results!

  • FastEddie
    FastEddie 9 months ago

    No LCD screen display, and a "film" wind lever! What will Leica do next? Perhaps they can have an SD card that you have to send out to have it developed? The truth is that Leica has figured out how to charge their customers for features they remove from their cameras and increase the asking price. If you think about it either the folks at Leica are geniuses or we their customers are total idiots! This nostalgia bullshit can only get them so far before people figure out the game they are playing.

  • Lichtgestalt
    Lichtgestalt 9 months ago


  • Justin DeLeon
    Justin DeLeon 9 months ago +1

    Can I buy ur Lieca m2 off u? Pls

  • Jaume Creus
    Jaume Creus 9 months ago

    You tried both M10-D and M10-P. If you had to pick one for yourself, what would you pick!!??

  • Fanjan
    Fanjan 9 months ago

    $8000!?!?!? Damn!

  • Joe Morton
    Joe Morton 10 months ago

    aND they still have not Exited... They believed lies... IMHO

  • Tommy Victor Buch
    Tommy Victor Buch 10 months ago

    Nice camera review among these fascist, anti-democratic left wing morons.

  • pleasehello
    pleasehello 10 months ago

    2:40 I like how this guy has big enough balls to admit that he has a tiny dick.

  • To Ni
    To Ni 10 months ago

    I am really curious about Leica. I wish i know someone who owns one for me to be able to try it out.

  • チュimoc
    チュimoc 10 months ago

    I don't understand this product 😭

  • DGordon
    DGordon 11 months ago

    Despite Leica quality and prestige, this is perfect for an anti-Brexit protest. Expensive little box for rich leftists full of s***.

  • rob b
    rob b 11 months ago

    i DESPISE these lefty antibrexit CUNTS !

  • photomorti
    photomorti 11 months ago

    that exposure compensation wheel does look fucking horrible to use

  • Lee Hargreaves
    Lee Hargreaves 11 months ago

    Only Leica can market such a lack of features as an advantage. It's just photo jewellery. If Canon sold the same camera for $500 it would be ripped by all the reviewers. "$500 No LCD? Are Canon Crazy?....Oh//it's a Leica...and $8000...therefore it's a beautiful throwback to 1944...wonderful"

  • tastemysaucer
    tastemysaucer 11 months ago

    Hrmph.. f11 and hyperfocal distance calculator, no focusing needed

  • Natalie Drest
    Natalie Drest 11 months ago

    Great camera Kai, not so sure about the morality of filming mental cases, it seems to me to be on a similar level to snapping down and outs. A sort of modern day version of paying a penny to see the loonies at Colney Hatch.

  • Deinien
    Deinien Year ago

    This product and price tag is an insult and a chunk of loogie spat on all photographers.

  • mark y
    mark y Year ago +1

    First time I've laughed at a camera.

  • Brian Cullen
    Brian Cullen Year ago

    I don't care how irrelevant you think Leica is, this camera means it's even more irrelevant than before.

  • orixa2122
    orixa2122 Year ago

    is it better than the Hexar? :-)

  • blankblank
    blankblank Year ago +2

    Why is this more expensive than the regular m10?

  • Benjamin Jacob
    Benjamin Jacob Year ago

    Kai rips on the Nikon DF for looking too retro, and rips on the Olympus PEN-F for trying to look like a film camera - but when Leica releases an overpriced digital camera without a screen and for some reason with an advance lever - he loves it!?!? Fanboy much?

  • Jonathan Galang
    Jonathan Galang Year ago

    Good review video. I liked your comment about trying not to chimp after every shot. I try not to, but it happens. This camera is elegant and simple, but definitely a gimmick. Would I spend $8k for a new one? Probably not. Maybe if I saw a really good deal on a used one some day...

  • FL Mail
    FL Mail Year ago

    Wow, every single shot in focus! That's new when it comes to kai wong's photos.

  • capturedbyannamarie

    Been watching your reviews, since I bought my Olympus epm1 based on your reviews. Learned manual on it and now using an xpro2. Thanks for the great reviews.

  • Inigo Taylor
    Inigo Taylor Year ago

    You wanted the advance lever to actually cock the shutter. That sums up what these cameras have become, a gimmick and a toy. My m6 works and can be repaired, wtf are you going to do with a WiFi switch in 15 years time and at that level investment you will want a camera to still be relevant. What a load of tosh.

  • Kim Chi
    Kim Chi Year ago

    Leica takes nice pictures

  • Akash Tarafder
    Akash Tarafder Year ago

    Brexit Now, FUCK EU

  • V86
    V86 Year ago

    There is something ZEN about this camera. It's Mindfullnes.

  • Rene Stanneveld
    Rene Stanneveld Year ago

    Damn friggin fun. if them tards that are going out to demonstrate against the brexit actually voted back when they could there would be no brexit :P
    Ah well good luck on your island :P l8 Kai :P

  • 2g31fb23tfb7t478f2ily1 19723fxbtye98wqq2093ef

    Seems like bullshit

  • waytoosquirrelly
    waytoosquirrelly Year ago

    There is something to be said for the simple FUN of taking street photographs with a Leica.

  • Nando & Blonde Moby Dick

    photography is not analog, it is chemical or digital

  • TheIkaika777
    TheIkaika777 Year ago

    Leave it up to Leica to give you the least and ancient technology but charge you more. 🐑

  • kliveo
    kliveo Year ago

    I use and love Leica, but this toy wind on lever is so bad it's embarrassing! it's like the user is being mocked by Leica!

  • CyphDK
    CyphDK Year ago

    It's fun how you say you get used to not having a screen.
    I saw Jared polins review of the Leica and he kept trying to look at the back to see his pictures, and he also couldn't get used to the rangefinder focusing.
    I just found it a bit funny, personally I would probably also need some time to get used to the focusing since I've never used a rangefinder.

  • Antoine Veling
    Antoine Veling Year ago

    Great video, as usual, Kai but you must miss Loc. I do. He’s been replaced by a rig.... Oh, and I love that camera and would have grabbed one if that winder cocked the shutter like the Epsom did. What a shame...

  • Nicu Girbu
    Nicu Girbu Year ago

    I can't stop watching this

  • Saumyadip Biswas
    Saumyadip Biswas Year ago

    8,000 US dollars....approx. 5,60,000 INR. I wonder what makes a camera that hot at this day and age.

  • sven
    sven Year ago

    Big fan of Leica here and I do like the no screen solution, but the out of focus viewfinder and the fake lever at 7500 €? As a customer I do not like being taken for a fool...

  • Anneke de Bruyn
    Anneke de Bruyn Year ago +1

    That sensor is not worth 10k so I am seriously wondering why someone would buy it.
    It's not even a richman camera toy anymore.
    Luckily we can mount Leica lenses on any camera these days.

    • Peter Koning
      Peter Koning Year ago

      Makes no sense to hold only the sensor so they build something around it.It never was a rich-men camera toy.

  • Barry James
    Barry James Year ago

    How much is the Leica Dot matrix photo printer that you can get for it?

  • Arcsecant
    Arcsecant Year ago

    Leica isn't for photographers, it's for fleecing idiots. It transfers wealth from rich dopes to Leica and helps to balance the economy.

    • Peter Koning
      Peter Koning Year ago

      Inform me about the toys you bought the last couple of years, so we can find out whom we are dealing with.

  • Geoffrey Froment
    Geoffrey Froment Year ago

    Was it a 35 f2 on the Leica ?

  • Waldo
    Waldo Year ago

    I honestly never look at my camera screen or check my photos while out and about. That being said, my camera has an electronic viewfinder, so I know if I miss the exposure

  • où est la vérité ?

    great review but this eu-flag everywhere...

  • Ivan Violić
    Ivan Violić Year ago

    what a waste of fucking money

  • Darryl of Sussex
    Darryl of Sussex Year ago

    So why does less cost more?

    • Peter Koning
      Peter Koning Year ago

      Industrial designers and architects probably can give you the answer.

  • Mauricio Leopold
    Mauricio Leopold Year ago

    I'm sorry but Leica's are only good for hipsters.

  • Myrmidon
    Myrmidon Year ago

    I don't get this camera. Why not just buy a Leica M7 if you're craving the rangefinder film experience so much.

  • Emily Mast
    Emily Mast Year ago

    This camera is $8k. Wtf.

  • Marian Palko
    Marian Palko Year ago