NEW IPhone 11 Pro vs $20,000 Leica | Can You Tell The Difference?

  • In todays episode we compare the IPhone 11 Pro Max vs a $20,000 Leica | Can You Tell The Difference?
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    Shot on a Canon EOS R
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Comments • 80

  • raymond mawardy
    raymond mawardy Day ago

    it's an iphone, and the result is very close to what a leica camera can do?? iphone for the W for sure.

  • Arslan Küçük
    Arslan Küçük 9 days ago

    Let's get printed these photos and then compare again which "camera" is worth to buy :)

  • Joey Ng
    Joey Ng 13 days ago

    try to print it out to a larger print .... digital display is hard to compare .. if you just use the pic for online media, iPhone will be fine .. for professional-quality prints... Leica all the way!!! you can't compare . ...IMHO if anyone believe iphone 11 pro can take as good as a photo as Leica ... you have a petty low standard ...

  • Sam
    Sam 15 days ago


  • Desmond Lee
    Desmond Lee 22 days ago

    Very sad for Leica

  • delimanyak
    delimanyak 29 days ago

    Print it man, print and see. simple.

  • Hashtag Media
    Hashtag Media 29 days ago


  • mater welon
    mater welon Month ago

    both look similarly good but everyone knows iPhone always oversaturate the sky.

  • salam adil
    salam adil Month ago

    None of this people is a professional photographer, I didn't miss any of the images , It was very clear because of buke , sharpness and the more realistic colors and ton of other signs.

  • WestCoastFiles
    WestCoastFiles Month ago

    Anyone who shoots on a camera would be able to tell the difference. Lets wait another 10 years and see what happens.

  • Geshmake
    Geshmake Month ago

    I noticed the hair not being clear as well. It still is amazing how far cell phone cameras have come in a relatively short amount of time. Great video, Sir!!

  • learnero
    learnero Month ago

    leica just makes things look like they re further away than the iphone

  • IDaumI
    IDaumI Month ago

    Portrait mode still needs work with hair... But people who buy Leica are most likely looking for character and shooting experience than sharpness. Honestly most cameras/phones are good enough for casual shooters.

  • Krishna Rajamundry
    Krishna Rajamundry Month ago

    RIP Leica

  • NaturalSimple Life 101

    Pointless video

    TRY NOT TO LAUGH Month ago

    Lol the 2 image I didn’t get it wrong I knew because on image 2 the hair was sharper and image 1 was more zoomed in, and iPhone portrait mode zooms in to take a photo

  • Green Timelapse
    Green Timelapse Month ago +1

    I have to sell my Leica. Anybody need it for free? lol :)

  • Tyler Stoltzfus
    Tyler Stoltzfus Month ago

    4 for 5 ait to bad

  • Maduakor Chibuike
    Maduakor Chibuike Month ago

    It was quite easy for me to know which one was iPhone

  • geert verstraete
    geert verstraete Month ago

    I must admit, it's a close shot. But one thing the iPhone doesn't have is an identity, personality. I follow you in the best camera is the one you have with you, but when you want a picture with possibility to grade the colors or contrast or... or you want the softness of a Leica, hardness of a Zeiss, or... then I am very happy with my DSLR so I can choose how my picture will look like, and not have to put it into the hands of 'auto-technology' and hope for the best. But nice (and frightening) video...

  • 靈
     Month ago

    Leica has way better bokeh fall off. You just need to look at the edges of the subject

  • TheWebStylist
    TheWebStylist Month ago

    WOW!$ So jazzed I waited and upgraded past my 8+ to the 11 Pro Max!! 🙌🏻⚡️📱💪🏻💥🎉👍🏻

  • Adeeb Md
    Adeeb Md Month ago

    imping on portraits eh
    landscape pics can scare me as im new to landscape photography but gg

  • Sandy Chase
    Sandy Chase Month ago

    On the low light shot, I thought the iPhone would use some computational wizardry to stack multiple shots and get a clean image, but I guess that feature has not yet been perfected. Thanks for the video! I would have liked to have seen a bit about how much editing you did to the photos. Maybe see a straight out of the camera, and edited result for each.

  • The Only Fun In Town

    Dude, you’re saying you’re disappointed in the iPhones performance in a virtually dark office vs a dedicated, legendary photographic tool? It’s a telephone with a computer, a music player, and a camera with 4 lenses and tiny sensors, in a super slim lightweight package, and all for a grand. It’s just amazing really.

  • carforumwanker
    carforumwanker Month ago

    the leica digital range will suffer badly in the next 3 years .Buy a 35mm leica . But investing in a £2k digital body is a bit of a joke .By 2025. the quality of the camera on iphones etc will be so good

  • theSyd
    theSyd Month ago

    It’s extremely easy to spot the iPhone pictures. The skies are rendered with an unnatural blue, details are over sharpened, colors are saturated, and the fake bokeh is very noticeable. Even comparing my micro four thirds camera to my iPhone 11 there’s not much doubts about which is which.

  • Htm281 -
    Htm281 - Month ago

    how did they miss the second image!

  • Jim1971a
    Jim1971a Month ago

    I got them all right. I paused it and took a ten second look and got them all right.

  • Theo Crevon
    Theo Crevon 2 months ago

    I think this kind of videos show how mediocre the photographers who make them actually are. There is no question as to which is which, unless you know absolutely nothing about how a lens behaves and the basic rules of physics.

  • kalunda
    kalunda 2 months ago

    Wow the difference is negligible.

  • Arshil
    Arshil 2 months ago

    none tricked me .... the depth of field gave it away mostly

    HOVERIC 2 months ago

    Honestly I think that guys with a 20k plus cameras are getting scared about an iPhone technology is catching up quickly... quantum dots will be in the next iPhone camera generation and lots of costly camera will be on eBay for sale and nobody will bother.

  • Λ N T O N
    Λ N T O N 2 months ago

    Yo. U compare a car with playdough next?

  • TheTruthTeller
    TheTruthTeller 2 months ago

    I can tell the difference, one is synthetic, the other is real, however you must realize the smartphone cameras are vastly inferior in lens and sensor capabilities, they mostly rely on heavy software optimization to make it near a professional photo.

  • Selken
    Selken 2 months ago

    Lol Leica is a joke, they're the Apple of the photography industry. Over priced featureless garbage that loses to all other manufacturers priced at 2k.

  • Replic TuaniOne
    Replic TuaniOne 2 months ago

    I've dropped my Canon EOS 500D and switched to my Iphone 11 Pro Max with Moment lenses which make it even better!, especially with the macro lens I'm making really nice photo's
    I could spot the difference with the hair, Iphone can't handle that well yet, but maybe the next one could, it's a powerful thing.

  • DAmerica
    DAmerica 2 months ago

    I was able to pick the Leica shots BUT , only after you told us about the color .

  • Markos
    Markos 2 months ago

    Why does he get a leica when he likes his phone so much...? I mean give that m10 to me then.

  • David Viner
    David Viner 2 months ago

    I tested an iphone 7 against my Nikon A1000 compact superzoom, yep the phone couldn't see faces on the top of the Eifel Tower, the Nikon could, end of review....

  • Rita Thapa
    Rita Thapa 2 months ago +1

    U can actually figure it out because of the crop sensor size

  • Benny Lam
    Benny Lam 2 months ago

    It is very simple to know which one is iphone, cause iphone portrait mode is so unnatural and the image object is flat.

  • bloomfield295
    bloomfield295 2 months ago

    Ok the iphone is not as good as the 20,000$ dollar camera, but its really amazing to see how far these smartphones especially the iphones have improved over the years.

    • Markos
      Markos 2 months ago

      Yeah, but you dont need to spend so much money a simple 400$ camera is able to take much better photos than any phone...

  • Nick Cr
    Nick Cr 2 months ago

    1)If you want to see the difference then shoot film,you will have the film in your hands not digital air.2)If you want to see difference then print and you will see HUGE difference.I aggree that for social media it doesn’t really matter.Photografy for social media and for likes for me it isn’t real photografy.It is fake photography.3)I can always see fake saturation,fake bokeh,fake sharpness because I don’t like the .

  • Try sky
    Try sky 2 months ago +1

    11:15 afordable just 1600$

  • Dawan Enonlee
    Dawan Enonlee 2 months ago

    Forget the phone who are those gorgeous blondes?

  • Pa Ct
    Pa Ct 2 months ago

    Yes most have the iPhone 11 but most don't know composition. I handed my a6500 with the sigma 30mm f1.4 to a family member. And of course I had to redo the shot with out me in it.

  • Manoj Prabhu
    Manoj Prabhu 2 months ago

    The iPhone has indeed come a long way and is definitely a fantastic everyday tool. About the test. 1. Even if you had showed only the face and not showed her hair, it is still possible to tell the difference. The Leica skin is more natural while the iPhone looks a little plasticy and not like real skin with blood. Image #3 where this is most evident. Also the facial features show more depth (nose, eyes, ears). 2. Image sharpness is not the only yardstick in image quality and feel. So, a sharper image (not counting subject/camera blur) is not necessarily better. Plenty of family photos that go back a few decades for me to form my preferences. 3. "I can tell the difference and most of the world cannot." I think that's ok. Photography (any art for that matter) is usually very personal.

  • Szu S1mon
    Szu S1mon 2 months ago

    Camera always produces a lighter color of images than iPhone or whatever you see shot by your phones. That's why pros need Lr to further adjust pics so that they are better modified and make you astonish.

  • Mark M
    Mark M 2 months ago

    I’m looking at this on an iPhone 7 so these are small thumbnails. Do you have links to larger images?
    Picture 1 - look at the wall the model is standing on, on version 1 the shadows between the stones are very visible.
    Picture 3, in addition to her hair being blurred where it falls down the hair appears over sharpened and the right arm of her shirt is blurred where it meets the background.
    But in both, versions 2 the colours on the shirts are less saturated and vibrant and skin tones appear very light. Are the highlights and skin underexposed?

  • Akhil Raj
    Akhil Raj 2 months ago

    It's so simple.. as its a test... best looking amongst any test would be iPhone... cz that's why u making video... its biases test.

  • Konstantin Sukhov
    Konstantin Sukhov 2 months ago

    2 pic isn't hardest one. It's most obvious, because of iPhone's algorithm mistake. Other pics a better, but differences are still visible.

  • Kaleem Safran
    Kaleem Safran 2 months ago

    Bro can you compare Note 10 plus

  • Talha Umar
    Talha Umar 2 months ago +1

    At 7:30 look at the nose of the girl on the left side which is no 1 and taken from professional camera and compare it to the picture 2 which is taken from the iPhone.
    It tells that the sensor is slightly dirty of your professional camera and needs to be cleaned.
    Edit: And Yes, I can easily tell the difference in all those pictures. 👍.
    Software can't beat hardware and okay okay hardware can't beat software as well. ❤

  • Caius Hiticas
    Caius Hiticas 2 months ago

    I believe that actually you suck..... Trying to promote something, misleading people on the internet. Because of that it seems to me that your content is made for people who have no idea what a dslr or a mirrorles is. So how did you take those picture with the leica? How can you even have the guts to actually say that the iphone is sharper? For the general public watching and believing that, I think they have never heard of raw, or held a dslr in their hands. Well I guess instagram culture really does a number on many’s brains. Too bad there are so many cheap “influencers” on every corner these days...

  • idly
    idly 2 months ago

    Well how is the zooming with the iPhone?

  • Mike Kleinsteuber
    Mike Kleinsteuber 2 months ago +1

    What a stupid fucking comparison. Brain dead

  • Julian
    Julian 2 months ago +1

    just wanted to say that the images at 3:25 were the easiest. just look at the hole between her hand and head and you will be able to identify the iPhone instantly

  • Edoardo De Piccoli
    Edoardo De Piccoli 2 months ago

    5:38 man that iphone cut the hair wrong!!!!

  • moniruzzaman shawon
    moniruzzaman shawon 2 months ago +1

    Tim cook laughing in his bed

  • BMW Lee
    BMW Lee 2 months ago

    I made car video with iPhone11 plz come check it out and subscribe

  • Yuri Ishida
    Yuri Ishida 2 months ago

    Iphone makes the skin more saturated compared to Leica which tries the skintone more natural and realistic.
    Yellowish tone vs more reddish tone

  • Nimble Berto
    Nimble Berto 2 months ago

    But the images weren’t straight out of camera were they?

  • Poncyl Pilatirov
    Poncyl Pilatirov 2 months ago

    First comparison - left is leica because it better handles the gradients between shadow and highlights on her legs, and the grass looks better.

  • Sumo Audio
    Sumo Audio 2 months ago +5

    A lot of people mistake over processed images as expensive. Over saturated colors, digital sharpening, and high contrast are the giveaways.

  • Sucay Miranda
    Sucay Miranda 2 months ago

    The focal length gave it away for me. Also the extra smoothing of the skin on the iphone.

  • 吴昊
    吴昊 2 months ago

    iphone Color is too much

  • Sergey Limitless
    Sergey Limitless 2 months ago +2

    just missed the first one, the other were easy... but as a photographer I'm now thinking damn serious how to earn money

  • stefan groenveld
    stefan groenveld 2 months ago +4

    This ”test” is seriously ridiculous: you didn't even match the difference in aspect ratio. The Leica is 2:3 and the iPhone 3:4.

  • Mads Krabbe Fotografi
    Mads Krabbe Fotografi 2 months ago

    The gap/space between her hands and face (the hand she holds against her face) on image 2 reveals that the iPhone can't blur the background, so that one was easy. And the iPhone is way oversharpned vs leica that's more soft

  • David Sunarto
    David Sunarto 2 months ago +2

    There will be a massacre when the next Iphone rises... 😂

  • pingolexx
    pingolexx 2 months ago

    3:26 left elbow gives it away, while on the picture taken with the iphone it is in focus, on the one taken with the leica it´s not ( which shows a better management of the depth of field)

  • H1BK
    H1BK 2 months ago

    I am 17 years old
    I always right guest all the picture

  • Truthdefender101
    Truthdefender101 2 months ago

    It seems the end of DSLR is inevitable. RIP.

    • Peter Ferry
      Peter Ferry 2 months ago

      well Leica is not a dslr… so I don't get your point

  • Becker Inal
    Becker Inal 2 months ago

    His problem is he does not know how to shoot and process with Leica. Also, he looks at a 2"x2" image. Blow up to 54"or 72" print and we'll all see the size of your Iphone's erection!!!

  • Stella of the Lake
    Stella of the Lake 2 months ago

    Image 2 is Leica.

  • Nicolas Maas
    Nicolas Maas 2 months ago

    All the images were pretty obvious which one is which but I don't get how people got the last one wrong. You can clearly see the grain in the darker areas which is typical for phone cameras in low light situations while the Leica was sharp... 🤔

  • William Inbody
    William Inbody 2 months ago +1

    Wonder what would happen viewing on 5k monitor.

    • Markos
      Markos 2 months ago

      no need... a simple computer screen is enough to show the difference

    PAKU FPV 2 months ago

    I will buy tomorrow but so expensive....

  • Ari Cunha
    Ari Cunha 2 months ago

    Very good idea. I'm completely surprised... Thank you and your friends !!