Trying to learn ANYTHING new.

  • Published on Jun 25, 2019
  • This was me when I try the learn the simplest iluusion tricks
    Fly - Teil
    Oddwin - 8.16.18
  • ComedyComedy

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  • Brandon E. Smith
    Brandon E. Smith 18 minutes ago

    I hate RUcliprs like that. Haha.

  • DustinJJ98
    DustinJJ98 3 hours ago

    That slow motion shirt change

  • Ayd4n
    Ayd4n 7 hours ago

    Me with learning guitar

  • cashbag2012
    cashbag2012 8 hours ago

    Only a little sleight of hand lmao

  • 11cylynt11
    11cylynt11 10 hours ago

    This channel reminds me of DashieXPs early channel. The stuff Dashie used to do years ago. I mean that as a compliment. Dashies old skits were hilarious. Keep it up homie. Your channel skits are funny!

  • Black White
    Black White 11 hours ago

    Literally me when watching tutorials on yt

  • 唳
     11 hours ago

    Only thing I learned is I will never learn that....

  • Luna studios
    Luna studios 15 hours ago

    This whole skit read like a horror sequence

  • ionec R2
    ionec R2 23 hours ago


  • David Insinger
    David Insinger 23 hours ago


  • Dylan Dylan
    Dylan Dylan Day ago

    1:40, the ending to game of thrones and, 1:43, my reaction

  • Mal kh
    Mal kh Day ago

    Am I the only one who noticed the one piece background wallpaper?

  • Golden K.
    Golden K. Day ago +1


  • lucy
    lucy Day ago +1

    Did drax make this video?

  • Shawn
    Shawn Day ago

    Who else rewound that first trick

  • Candied Throne
    Candied Throne Day ago

    This one was too accurate this time.

  • Egg
    Egg Day ago

    This is me and learning guitar

  • Ko2_squar3d
    Ko2_squar3d Day ago

    RUclip magician: to walk through a door its just simple sleight of hand if you slow down the video you can see I opened the door and walked through then closed it

  • Aya chan
    Aya chan Day ago

    Me at math class

  • Offended Karen
    Offended Karen Day ago +1

    This video is me when I try to do these stuff

  • lazyba6
    lazyba6 Day ago

    you got the same gaming chair as me...cookiez n cream baby!

  • Mike H
    Mike H Day ago

    A kid could do this...

  • Random Gamer
    Random Gamer 2 days ago

    How to turn inside out
    Step one: let your arms eat the cardboard...

  • chees.e
    chees.e 2 days ago

    I just noticed that Caleb and I have the same keyboard

  • Valaya Hart
    Valaya Hart 2 days ago

    This was basically me when I started learning how to drive. Also, it's still me at times

  • Geneya Campbell
    Geneya Campbell 2 days ago

    "I don't understand"

  • Echo x
    Echo x 2 days ago

    How to draw a cat:

    Step 1- Draw a circle

    Step 2- Draw the rest of the cat

  • Chistoph Ludwig Von Stille

    was expecting the magician to appear behind the guy watching the vid

  • Flipora
    Flipora 2 days ago

    i love how much he was like "it is really easy even the kids can do it" made it funny af

  • Fallen Angel
    Fallen Angel 2 days ago

    I love how he puts it off as simply misdirection.

  • Jaebum's strawberry milk shake

    Basically every art tutorials

  • P-A K
    P-A K 2 days ago

    It's so relatable this time I'm trying to learn ukulele and everyone are like that.

  • Ian Frolov
    Ian Frolov 2 days ago

    He reminds me of hardstop Lucas, and a few other dudes

  • Bloodybleeder
    Bloodybleeder 2 days ago

    Wheres that song from, @2:53-3:16?

  • Kohai ame
    Kohai ame 2 days ago

    When you take a prank video seriously.

    SNOWRIDER 2 days ago


  • live2 dabble
    live2 dabble 2 days ago

    Haha dude your the man!

  • Onyx YTs
    Onyx YTs 2 days ago +1

    Search Apollo Deangelo on RUclip

  • Moyaboi123
    Moyaboi123 2 days ago


  • Ekko Vaan
    Ekko Vaan 3 days ago +2

    I get this feeling whenever anyone talking about some retro/indie games like dwarf fortress"and to change your position on the x axis you need to press the mechahydrorepelentoctospacebackbar along with the periodspacemarsbar"

  • Huntr 4Life
    Huntr 4Life 3 days ago

    Trying to learn Minecraft Redstone contraptions

    EYMN/ YVE MARIE 3 days ago


    SHADOWSTRYKER 3 days ago

    Something the kids can do
    Very simple very easy

  • f1r3 hunt3rz
    f1r3 hunt3rz 3 days ago

    Drawing tutorials basically

  • Micaiah Williams
    Micaiah Williams 3 days ago

    "It would appear that way to me yes".

  • 磣鉏慣eath鉏骯
    磣鉏慣eath鉏骯 3 days ago

    2:25 my dad did this trick on me when i was 8

  • The Magic Potato
    The Magic Potato 3 days ago +1

    We have the same keyboard :DDD

  • Just weeb Just wee
    Just weeb Just wee 3 days ago

    Did any one else search easy magic tricks to see the if it was actual video

  • Dade gustavson
    Dade gustavson 3 days ago

    1:43 when ur mom finds out you hit a juul

  • Sangeet Quincy
    Sangeet Quincy 3 days ago +1

    How to act?
    Step 1: Win an Oscar.

  • Ray Coates
    Ray Coates 3 days ago

    Whats the best when he snaps in slow motion in that vid cause I find that beat interesting

  • Astroltism
    Astroltism 3 days ago

    Fun for everyone - Caleb City 2019

  • Complete Ultra Instinct Broly

    how to make a proper *knot on your necktie.*

  • Slime N
    Slime N 3 days ago +1

    *Flash who?*

  • Black Hulk
    Black Hulk 3 days ago +1

    I died when he showed how he switched his shirt in slow mo

  • Lup
    Lup 3 days ago

    *It would appear that way to me, yes*

  • King Raz
    King Raz 3 days ago

    This guy should have a superhuman interview

  • Space Cat
    Space Cat 3 days ago

    This is literally me trying to learn something new in math class

  • Kendall Harris
    Kendall Harris 3 days ago


  • Zactastic95
    Zactastic95 3 days ago +1

    this is me when i look up math tutorials

  • jr
    jr 3 days ago

    Me at school
    Teacher:Its very easy
    Also teacher:*teaching math*
    Me thinking to my self: what the heck is any of that subtracting and dividing angles ima fail this class

  • Jord San
    Jord San 3 days ago +1

    Level 100 editing

  • ItsBeloved
    ItsBeloved 4 days ago

    Everything work for me

  • Felype Rennan
    Felype Rennan 4 days ago

    Computer magic goes the same way

  • lala lulu
    lala lulu 4 days ago

    fl studio tutorial: "So lets pull up omnisphere"
    Me: "yeah im out"

  • Story sorry
    Story sorry 4 days ago

    trust me the older you get the more mind bending it seems...

  • spiderdude2099
    spiderdude2099 4 days ago

    Drawing channels be like......

  • Kash Scourge
    Kash Scourge 4 days ago

    : How can that be simple???
    : its simple misdirection

  • LemmiLeaf
    LemmiLeaf 4 days ago

    Guy: its really easy, its not that hard
    Me: went further into depression when I only wanted to learn how to do a card trick ;-;

  • da boii
    da boii 4 days ago

    "It would appear that way to me yes"

  • Amit Shourie
    Amit Shourie 4 days ago

    Haer iz rekoured spalling misctakque ine coments .

  • Nathaniel Previti
    Nathaniel Previti 4 days ago

    Whats your power?
    I can do simple magic tricks
    Just get out
    But little did he know...

    THE FIRECRISTAL 4 days ago


  • kotb ahmad
    kotb ahmad 4 days ago


  • Larry
    Larry 4 days ago

    why this so accurate

  • dreadful _spoon
    dreadful _spoon 4 days ago

    *sits still so fast that he becomes invisible*
    Drax 100

  • Chibii
    Chibii 4 days ago

    *Caleb* : It probably looks like I'm invisible right now...
    *Drax* : has joined the chat

  • John Animation
    John Animation 4 days ago +1

    Mumbo jumbo in a nutshell

  • Adrian Steven
    Adrian Steven 4 days ago


  • Taks
    Taks 4 days ago

    02:00 thought hed put the shirt in his sleeve as well but the go fast not lightspeed is even better

  • kalzang topgyal
    kalzang topgyal 4 days ago

    If you would just watch properly without complaining and crying all the time mayb u wud learn some of these...

  • Hot Chocolate
    Hot Chocolate 4 days ago

    Me learning Japanese, Korean, and French 不不不

  • Bottle
    Bottle 4 days ago

    How to make $1 appear:

    Step 1: Buy an Agera R

  • Amir Mehdouani
    Amir Mehdouani 4 days ago +2

    Me when math professor says, this theorem is too simple, it doesn't require any demonstration

  • Anthony Cadet
    Anthony Cadet 4 days ago +1

    "This has nothing to do with technique "

  • Anthony Cadet
    Anthony Cadet 4 days ago +1

    "Lvl 1 what's harder than this!! "

  • Joseph
    Joseph 4 days ago

    How to become a fast reader.

    step 1: Recite the bible backwards in Latin.

  • jas b
    jas b 4 days ago

    As a magician i can relate to this 100 percent haha

  • Robert Heun
    Robert Heun 5 days ago

    This guy bro... omfg. His videos are so funny. Pls keep doing what you doing. I am enjoying this. A LOT hahahaha

  • Evil Gizmo
    Evil Gizmo 5 days ago +1

    *looks around for secret cameras in my room* have you been watching me????

  • emdi
    emdi 5 days ago

    crying cause u cant learn something is a different kind of hurt

  • billie eilish
    billie eilish 5 days ago +1

    Magician/doctor:" alrighty so today I'm going to show you guys a very simple illusion"
    *person dying on the ground*
    Magician/doctor: now you may think this person is dying on the ground, but it's just a simple misdirection."
    *person is wheezing in the background*

  • Connor Diaz
    Connor Diaz 5 days ago +1


  • S. F .N
    S. F .N 5 days ago

    Lmao this is so funny

  • First Last
    First Last 5 days ago

    My favorite part was when he activated his Ultra Instinct when switching shirts.

  • Chidera Nnajiofor
    Chidera Nnajiofor 5 days ago

    ur watching ur own video in ur own video

  • Beary Brown
    Beary Brown 5 days ago +2

    He turned invisible by standing *extremely* still

  • ShinyBloxray
    ShinyBloxray 5 days ago +16

    *I see that youve mastered the art of standing so incredibly still that youve become invisible to the human eye.*

  • Antonio Herbert
    Antonio Herbert 5 days ago

    I lost it when he changed the shirt at light speed

  • SS Schwein
    SS Schwein 5 days ago

    Every Europa Universalis 4 tutorial
    "Ok noe you atack ottomans as Albania *kill whole ottoman army in one battle and sieges down Constantionopol in one second* and now you take whole balkans and atack hungary
    --- Hey that looks easy -
    *ottoman kills me in one second and annexs me*