"BEST OF" Rechberg Hill Climb 2019 ☆☆

  • Published on Apr 29, 2019
  • engine explosion, drift, high speed, lifeguard (HERO Nr12) and much more from hill climb Rechberg 2019... more is coming up soon!
    HCF-Video Nr: 589
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Comments • 298

  • Acrodream
    Acrodream 19 days ago

    .....cant wait to hear the electric cars.

  • Carl Johnson
    Carl Johnson 24 days ago +1

    1:41...why you shouldn't buy cheap e-bay parts 😆

  • Nedews
    Nedews Month ago +1

    where is the hill

  • Roy S. Thørn
    Roy S. Thørn Month ago +3

    02:39..... the sound

  • Judy Mclaurin
    Judy Mclaurin Month ago +4

    Cars are nice but the Cornering is risky with some of these guys man

    • ChefGiovanni
      ChefGiovanni 22 days ago

      The open wheel cars are by far the fastest. There were some rookies on this day.

  • Judy Mclaurin
    Judy Mclaurin Month ago +1

    See...not all cars can handle that curve from the outside man.

  • Red Phoenix
    Red Phoenix Month ago +3

    Willst du fahren schneller, nimm einen Osella. ;)

    • Red Phoenix
      Red Phoenix 25 days ago +1

      @HillClimbFans Dem Christian Merli ist das klar, darum ist er der Osella Superstar. ;)

    • HillClimbFans
      HillClimbFans  26 days ago


  • Der Raetovare
    Der Raetovare Month ago +1

    Der Kollege, des Streckenaufseher hängt es im Hintergrund als würde er sagen wollen: Entspannt euch Leute, wir ham's im Griff.

    • HillClimbFans
      HillClimbFans  26 days ago

      war auch alles im griff !
      und der Fahrer hätte auch ohne Probleme Bremsen können

  • Der Raetovare
    Der Raetovare Month ago +2

    Yeah; and the Comrade of the Marshall, chilling in the background like: Relax everybody, we got it.

  • Nikolay Molotov
    Nikolay Molotov Month ago +5

    4:53 - final destination

    • Commander Don
      Commander Don Month ago

      Absolutely! that person almost certainly deserved to die for that action, but was plucked from death by the marshal.
      Running across a live race track is in itself worthing of winning the Darwin award for natural selection, but falling over while doing it...
      That person does not deserve to survive, they are the ultimate example of natural selection in our modern world.

  • maxmixfan1
    maxmixfan1 Month ago +1

    This rocks Keep on Racing

    • maxmixfan1
      maxmixfan1 Month ago +1

      you are Welcome - Nice Racing Here

    • HillClimbFans
      HillClimbFans  Month ago

      thanks for the feedback and greeting back from austria

  • Kokainarienv0gel
    Kokainarienv0gel Month ago +1

    4:53...... unbelievable dumb people they are....

  • виктор онопко

    Надеюсь этому ребёнку ремня дали, что бы больше не выбегал на трассу

  • PowerOf One
    PowerOf One Month ago +1

    we all came here for 4:54 pity the car didn't knock him into the next postcode.

    • HillClimbFans
      HillClimbFans  Month ago

      Milan Bubnic would have braked if something was located on the street

  • nitesh sandhu
    nitesh sandhu Month ago +1

    I love it

  • Wall Cutter
    Wall Cutter Month ago +2

    Wow. I can't believe the exotic cars here. LMP cars!...mm. I would have been .... going nuts if I were present

    SHAFIZEE SAFIE Month ago +1

    4:50 is thrilled....

  • Yamaha SR650
    Yamaha SR650 Month ago +3

    6:03: Back in "olden times", a red flag meant: "STOP and Hold Your Place!". I reckon today it means: "FLOOR IT!!!".

  • Yamaha SR650
    Yamaha SR650 Month ago +1

    4:55: "FACE PLANT!!!!"

  • James Eastwood
    James Eastwood 2 months ago +3

    There will always be something very special about hill climbing. Knowing that 95% of the drivers prepare their own cars, when the light goes green all eyes are on one car and it is their moment to make a statement about their ability as engineers and their ability as a driver. Nothing touches that unique quality of hill climbing.

    • HillClimbFans
      HillClimbFans  2 months ago

      your comment puts it well on the point 👍

  • puthut pramono adhi
    puthut pramono adhi 2 months ago +1

    Sayang sekali di Indonesia tidak ada seperti itu, jika ada mungkin lebih memilih menyaksikan hill climb dari pada drag race⬇️⬇️⬇️😥😥

  • Андрей
    Андрей 2 months ago +1

    абрек ач менд жюре кн

    VERY「 」RARE 2 months ago

    guy slowly passes a safe turning off spot to park on the race course....some people really on autopilot

  • ursu tapan
    ursu tapan 2 months ago +1

    hillclimb the best motorsport❤

  • Артем Курбатов

    Homo-cretinus? 4:53

  • Finix Racing
    Finix Racing 3 months ago +2

    very nice starting music

  • Jose Luis Velazquez
    Jose Luis Velazquez 3 months ago +1

    Orales min.5.00. Queda demostrado que dónde quiera hay idiotas, estúpidos..

  • Nakata Rider7898
    Nakata Rider7898 3 months ago +2


  • Really Kids
    Really Kids 3 months ago +2

    How did Marshall #12 move so fast with his GIANT BALLS

  • Mazzing zz pro
    Mazzing zz pro 3 months ago +1

    Nice video 📹 bro

  • David Bailly
    David Bailly 3 months ago +1

    good good good

  • Cooper Williams
    Cooper Williams 3 months ago +7

    Hill climb is the best form of motor sport 👍🏻
    Fu#@ drag racing and drifting... This is true skill and awesome machines combined.
    Reminds me of the
    group B rally days.

  • Gib Melson
    Gib Melson 3 months ago +2


    XAVIER JEAN LOUIS 3 months ago +2

    Bravo à ce commissaire de cours 🙏🏾 4.54

  • Nico Jahnke
    Nico Jahnke 3 months ago +2

    The Grandma is falling down 😂

  • ricardofr-200
    ricardofr-200 3 months ago +2

    That audi thought... **THE** true symphony from hell.

  • mike parks
    mike parks 3 months ago +1

    Fantastic editing, great action. Love how the prototypes are grouped together, like they are only seconds apart..

  • Jeffrey Renner
    Jeffrey Renner 3 months ago +1

    Can anyone give me a Google street view web address for this area ,,,, Thanks

    • HillClimbFans
      HillClimbFans  3 months ago


  • LokTV
    LokTV 4 months ago +4

    4:50 WTF!?

  • AzaZel
    AzaZel 4 months ago

    intro song?

  • Noiseyy
    Noiseyy 4 months ago


  • PsyArkron
    PsyArkron 4 months ago

    1:40 one of the scariest things for a driver/racer but he was lucky that it happened during the exit of the corner and not the entry.
    Also, how to do it right 2:20 nicely done by that Evo driver and how to do it wrong at 5:35 poor decision by that Golf driver to stay on the track until his car died...

  • Jamieson Scott
    Jamieson Scott 4 months ago +1

    Colour me stupid, then I'll cross the track......!

  • Domex
    Domex 4 months ago +1

    Call me anything you want but if a retard starts crossing the road in the middle of a race imm running you over. The idiot even tripped and can't stand shout out to the marshal tho doing his job that man a heroo

  • Ben Fu
    Ben Fu 4 months ago +2

    Intro song?

  • Dr Voodoo God
    Dr Voodoo God 4 months ago +2

    Let's hope frogger wasn't injured. Love those sounds!

  • Daniel Goleš
    Daniel Goleš 4 months ago +1

    6:02 - Red Flag
    Octavia - 0 fuk given'...

  • Jerad Charles
    Jerad Charles 4 months ago

    4.59 sooo stupid girll

  • MiXaLbl4
    MiXaLbl4 4 months ago +3

    4:55 я думал ща как пня даст для ускорения)!

  • Lucky Goose
    Lucky Goose 4 months ago

    That marshal was awesome. Looked like a UFC fighting move.

  • Пашка Акшап
    Пашка Акшап 4 months ago

    4:54 что за далбаёб😂😂😂

  • Kitanai Koneko
    Kitanai Koneko 4 months ago

    Rally & formula 1# will always be the best races.

    • Merv
      Merv 4 months ago


  • Derek Hobbs
    Derek Hobbs 4 months ago

    I thought I'd clicked on Livewire channel when the music started.

  • David Arndt
    David Arndt 4 months ago

    Damn still racing cars from the 90s

  • StreetRacingSyndicate
    StreetRacingSyndicate 4 months ago

    stupid bitch at 4.55... run her over

  • sane0matic
    sane0matic 4 months ago

    Lebenslange Jobgarantie für Marshall #12!

  • Sergio Bottoni
    Sergio Bottoni 4 months ago

    Where can you see this show? What are the dates, to attend the races?

    • HillClimbFans
      HillClimbFans  3 months ago

      Rechberg is every year in the last week of April

  • Sergio Bottoni
    Sergio Bottoni 4 months ago

    Amazing cars, amazing sound, All very nice

  • Blame USA
    Blame USA 4 months ago

    4:50 Who the fk are this disabled persons carers and where the fk were they!! cant be letting adult children run about on the track!

  • beuman0
    beuman0 4 months ago

    How the fuck on earth can you see a McLaren F1 followed by a kind of LMP1 followed by a kind of F1 racecar followed by a Lancer Evo ? This is interracial porn and shouldn't be allowed on youtube