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Usher goes Sneaker Shopping at Kith in New York City with Joe La Puma and talks about his custom Air Jordans, if Adidas is doing enough for the black community, and his best Michael Jordan story.

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Автор Polo Danni ( назад)
talking ish and you don't even sell steph curry shoes..  #failed

Автор Polo Danni ( назад)
extremely intellectual

Автор Indrajeet Naik ( назад)

Автор Ashton Monroe ( назад)
Get young ma on the show

Автор pule lebajoa ( назад)
Joe please get Drake on the show

Автор Dj Austin ( назад)
they need to do bill gates

Автор God Clutch ( назад)
Usher looks like Paul George lol

Автор Nizzy S ( назад)
that intro beat tho 🔥🔥

Автор Titos SS ( назад)
Wow he's a lot smarter than I thought lol keep up the good work

Автор Anthony Boaheng ( назад)
what beat is that in the beginning

Автор Wonder Woman ( назад)
Jordan married a white chick? I didn't know that.

Автор Deon Nicholas Lee Soon Wen ( назад)
Even though adidas are killing it in terms of sale but I don't see any celebrities getting those in COMPLEX 🤔

Автор YRN GAMING ( назад)
He cut dat ugly ass mohawk off😂😂😂😂🤣🤣🤣💀

Автор Jahbril Porter-Ollarvia ( назад)
Usher speaking the truth wholetime

Автор George Adams ( назад)
Bruh this nigga the biggest star they've done this with yet he gets lowest views smh

Автор Luther Kelly ( назад)
You need to contact post Malone and go sneaker shopping wit him

Автор _Rc_Drift_86 ( назад)

Автор Jesse Menbreno ( назад)
Damn this was one of the most intellectual episodes y'all done

Автор Pokégamertv 325 ( назад)
Do one with disghner

Автор edithjosepha minville ( назад)
He lucky so lucky

Автор nanotech2080 ( назад)
I guess it says a lot about rappers, when Usher comes on the show and is instantly marked as "one of the smartest people to come on this show", when in reality everything he said was stuff that any average person will.

Автор Zebra style ( назад)
why did usher make shoes about race

Автор Austin Ampeloquio ( назад)
I remember when Kith was just a back room inside Atrium. Crazy how quickly it has grown globally.

Автор viivii destroyer ( назад)
Wtf Usher is a fucking rascist lol

Автор Reika Adan ( назад)
Take justin bieber to sneaker shopping please

Автор Jailyn and Jen ( назад)
Usher got some big feet!! lmao

Автор David Duarte ( назад)
Do a sneaker shopping with Chance the Rapper or Kanye or BOTH at the same time!

Автор AcE Asher ( назад)
3:39 Kkk hats

Автор Anish Naik ( назад)
Which Lebrons were those when usher picked up at 5:12

Автор Izaiah Robison ( назад)
I didn't know they payed people to do this

Автор TheColby3 ( назад)
Even with Usher the Keith cashier/employees is a bitch.

Автор Julian Romero ( назад)
"Something that's American sold, why can't it be American made?" - Usher 2016
True-er words have never been said before.

Автор AReallyBadYoutuber ( назад)
is he always pouting in the thumbnails

Автор Raf Zero ( назад)
Aint gonna lie, adidas has been dropping some nice ass shoes, and they comfortable too

Автор Bdp -_- ( назад)
Currys shoes ugly

Автор mason schaft ( назад)
Usher is such a genuine guy

Автор Beautiful leaves ( назад)
Usher took over the show for real it turned into usher shopping and joe la puma tagging along lol let me chill doe

Автор Dimitris Simos ( назад)
what is the intro song??

Автор ApG BeastMuffin ( назад)
Usher is actually so intelligent and cultured it's crazy

Автор Eryck Colston Artis ( назад)
usher grew up w/ my aunt

Автор YoungSavage nanon ( назад)
Sneaker shopping with 21 savage will be great

Автор Noah Klait ( назад)
Who the fuck buys kith toothpicks?

Автор XxStayy LiitttxX ( назад)
what store is this🤔

Автор Crusade ( назад)
i deeply respect ushers opinions, down to earth type of guy.

Автор Frank Martinez ( назад)
usher was living with Diddy as a teen huh??

Автор Mikhail Lorenze ( назад)
y usher wear a nipple tickler round his neck

Usher forgot to mention the Run DMC deal with adidas

Автор Mrbusiness ( назад)
i don't think joe knows he looks 45 in the face but he's wearing these young ass clothes.

Автор Dre Joseph ( назад)
Adidas always chasing Nike.. adidas have to get famous people involved to sell

Автор javier robles ( назад)
Wtf is he trying to run for president or something?

Автор Tom Schroeder ( назад)
usher looks a little bit like PG13

Автор Young Grasshopper ( назад)
adidas are German

Автор Jorge Tavares ( назад)
traduza , Legendasssss

Автор Taino Montana ( назад)
I like how Usher broke things down & how he answered a few bullshit questions he probably shouldn't have been asked. Much respect to him very classy👌🏽

Автор 1K DK ( назад)
my nigga that dap at the start was crisper than a mf

Автор Spicy lemon Lime ( назад)
Look at the hats at 3:40 it says kkk

Автор Peter Mennonna ( назад)
I want to see more people on this drop bigs bucks on adidas

Автор DLG Pikachu ( назад)
That nigga would rock pharrell NMDs

Автор FinMcool21 ( назад)
5:12 those kd 9s on bottom row below the red kyries are so tough... if anybody has size 12 of them for under $200 PLEASE hmu i need those in my life :(

Автор Zaki El Horan ( назад)
dude 5'7 with a size 11 sneaker ... mad

Автор MrTeeWills ( назад)
He said "y'all gonna have to pay me MORE for the Jordan story" I had a feeling complex was paying their guest. At least the heavyweights

Автор CR2OKS ( назад)
african amrican people you know to feel like you are like white people affording a 160$ shoe.... WAIT STFU NONE OF US NORMAL PEOPLE CAN PAY THAT YOU FKIN IDIOT AIRMAX 90'S ARE THE BEST WE CAN.

Автор Selvin John ( назад)
What's the sneaker at 5:39? Need that in black ASAP

Автор LØRD MCD ( назад)
what Kicks are those @5:12

Автор Molisi Savieti ( назад)
why doesn't he get Donald trump in this he would probably buy the whole store

Автор Jett Reed ( назад)
Did he just say African Americans made NMDs cool? Has no idea what he's talking about lol

Автор Life Of CarZ ( назад)

Автор Charan M S ( назад)
I like his Personality , cool guy

Автор Reem Abbas ( назад)
Did this negro just buy toothpicks for 10 bucks? Lol thats y i love Usher

Автор Martijn JAAA ( назад)
damn i wished they had stores with that many shoes in europe

Автор Charlie Jones ( назад)
1000th coment

Автор Anthony Herrera ( назад)
Usher is what you call a bandwagon how you go from team Jordan to team cavs an then owning half the team after the finals

Автор Evgeni Kowalski ( назад)
Can someone tell me please what is the intro song?

Автор Bape ( назад)
Will y'all stop complaining about him buying the cup and the toothpicks he's worth $180 mill damn.

Автор Evan Farrow ( назад)
Why did he have to say what adidas is doing for the "African-American people" like it's a big fuck you to other races

Автор A random black guy ( назад)
Joe looks like a washed up Mexican gerbil

Автор junior ochoa ( назад)
i didn't care for this nigga but i got mad respeck for him now.

Автор Brett Christensen ( назад)
Um colored people are the only people who made NMD's cool? Usher sound hella racist.

Автор 350streetracer ( назад)
you don't have clearance for that level. ouch...

Автор Zinedin Zidan ( назад)
idk why, but after i watched something like this, it makes me not want 'more' to buy shoes like dat.

Автор torey joseph ( назад)
They not paying for that shit they get that shit free

Автор louis ( назад)
more people that don't go for jordans; they're boring

Автор Tigerkitty ( назад)
adidas was great before any african american singer etc made a collab with adidas lolz usher u are fucking retarded

Автор Raymond Chen ( назад)
Kanye west needs to be here lol

Автор Jose ( назад)
anyone found the intro song?! pls i need it its fucking dope!

Автор ladeeda ( назад)
Usher I hope you are not that dumb to seriously ask why these companies make their products overseas rather than in America.

Автор Zar Gaming ( назад)
bitch usher is talking to you and you over there ringing him up you better lift that attitude up.

Автор Balthazar samehada ( назад)
cause usher if they were american made no one would be able able to afford them

Автор Jm Magsaysay ( назад)
what effect did they do in the pic on the thumbnail?

Автор riccardo farina ( назад)
what cap is Joe wearing?

Автор MartialMan ( назад)
get Bieber on the show

Автор Adam Brant ( назад)
I didn't know I came to watch a Fucking BLM meeting

Автор Helmi_Zain BiNTANG ( назад)
6:10 what model is it ?

Автор Tristen Zearley ( назад)

Автор LGND ( назад)
the sponserships are strong with this one

Автор LGND ( назад)
the sponserships are strong with this one

Автор Fr-ik ( назад)
can someone elaborate on what usher ment by saying "if its american sold, it can be american made"? cause I'm pretty sure people all over the globe wear adidas. I'm not trying to be disrespectful, but it sounds like he either means there should be factories in every country adidas is sold, or that america should have factories for a company that is german and sells shoes all over the globe. both sounds pretty silly to me, so i hope both is wrong.

Автор Prince Byrd ( назад)
wow. usher aint playing

Автор Je Ped ( назад)
You're getting less ugly every video Brody, just stop being fat and your set to not look like shit every video compared to these pretty niggas

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