Lindsey Stirling - Something Wild ft. Andrew McMahon in the Wilderness (From Disney's Pete's Dragon)

Lindsey Stirling - "Something Wild" feat. Andrew McMahon in the Wilderness from the Original Motion Picture "Pete's Dragon" available on Lindsey's new album "Brave Enough" available now! http://found.ee/BEiTunes2
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Автор Rafael Gamer ( назад)
Games EduUu cd vc meu filho?

Автор Lucie Ecker ( назад)
I'm still not over this being by 2 of my favorite people together.

Автор The Midnight Crew ( назад)
Something tells me this is better than the actual Pete's Dragon

Автор whyman445 ( назад)
Reply with your own couplet for the chorus!

When you fight the fire that keeps on burning
Ignite desire and keep on yearning
That's when something wild calls you home

Автор Gayle G. ( назад)
Hauntingly beautiful lyrics and music!

Автор Milton Latinblak ( назад)
Un gran saludo desde Perú éxitos Lindsey Stirling

Автор Milky Way Flea ( назад)
I watched the movie without knowing it was from Stirling. So that's why there was that cool violin solo..

Автор Pusheen Lovr ( назад)
Violin solo starts at 2:26

Автор Liam Evans ( назад)
And this song

Автор Liam Evans ( назад)
I love pets dragon

Автор anayeli manzanares ( назад)
Just watched the movie and cried my eyes out and now im gonna cry again because of this song

Автор OLSEN THE GAMER ( назад)
Who taught her how to play like that😀😀😀😀😀😀😀

Автор Ketellyn Vieira ( назад)

Автор Solange Pouille ( назад)
j'adore ce clip


love clip

Автор Bethany Rose ( назад)
I feel like Lindsey performing with Lettice Rowbotham would be pretty amazing

Автор elder schwambach ( назад)
q foda esa musica :D

Автор Kyle Myette-Ashworth ( назад)
who would even dislike this AMAZING song?!?!

Автор João A GamerRBLX ( назад)
Lindsey u give me the inspiration to study music to play violin

Автор Haiden and Livi Hall ( назад)
You are my inspiration and idol I try my best to be just like you and I just wanted you to know that if I could meet you I would break down crying. Your playing skills are literally OUT OF THIS WORLD and this song is amazing thanks to you.

Автор william heroy ( назад)
thank you Lindsey, your music touches a part of my heart I had forgotten

Автор Illumifarty21 ( назад)
I love this song, makes me feel good

Автор Cupcakegirlygirl 200 ( назад)
You are so good and my teacher showed me this

Автор Red T ( назад)
Just watched the movie for the first time. It's on Netflix now.
I've seen this video easily a dozen times, heard the song maybe a hundred times, and they make so much more sense now!
Some of the lyrics seem almost nonsensical until you see the movie. Same with the bit with the stars behind Lindsey at 2:28.
Seriously. Go watch it, then come back to this right after.
Oh, and I dare you to not cry during the movie. At least four spots pull heartstrings.

Автор Nathaly Persia ( назад)
No words to express what i felt.... So beautiful!!!

Автор Oriana Jasz ( назад)
love love and love

Автор Rosa Maria Bracamonte Arias ( назад)
beatyful. my love

Автор Serenity Jamison ( назад)
I watched Pete's Dragon before And if thats what you really look like when your little I like your braid.

Автор ARTGALLERRY AJ ( назад)
Everyone is special in their own way!

Автор HeroSquwad ( назад)
the violin is godly but the vocals are meh

Автор Juan angel Ugarte ( назад)

Автор Juan angel Ugarte ( назад)

Автор Juan angel Ugarte ( назад)

Автор Plum Flower ( назад)
am inspired to play like her.  Not only by her music and her traits but how the music flows and relates to frendship, a power full of love

Автор Jonatas Band ( назад)
oh , Lindsey, why you're so fantastic??? i love you so much!!!

Автор elizabeth Rogers ( назад)
this is one of my all time favorite songs

Автор Hihihihi450 ( назад)
very good

Автор Ангелина Квинт ( назад)
I shiver when listen this
(sorry for my bad English)

Автор Aysha Hajsaleh ( назад)
Is it just me or does the beginning sound like Ed Sheeran's Photograph?

Автор lilly Lilly ( назад)
all I can say is awesome

Автор Jessica Angles ( назад)
you are so beautiful with your playing.and inspirationall!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!don't stop playing

Автор Illuminati ( назад)

Автор Melda Kitay ( назад)

Автор Agata Kaminska ( назад)
Your video is much better than Disney's :D
And I must agree with Jason Sheck, we need more people like you, Lindsey ;)

Автор ธีรดลย์ คำลำปาง ( назад)
😍😍😍 WOW Thailand love you😍😍😍😍😍

Автор Ruben Potgieter ( назад)
This reminds me of when I was friendlier, more forgiving

Автор cari rojas ( назад)
did you now that I play the violin to

Автор Johnson Liu ( назад)
we need a 1 hour version

Автор Celeste Albritton ( назад)
You are so talented Lindsey <3

Автор Bloom Minecraft ( назад)
She is very talented

Автор Duck Man3D5 ( назад)
This guy voice is very similar to the guy who sings The Nights by Avicii

Автор Roblox Animals ( назад)
Did you know Lindsey is Irish... and it's funny because I'm watching this on Saint Patrick's Day! Also your the best Lindsey Stirling I wish I can be like you cause I also play the violin! :D

Автор Bria Koepke ( назад)
Did anyone else notice that the dragon was from Pete's Dragon?

Автор MatthewVlog - mas ( назад)
That's me when I was young I was the little boy

Автор İrem Nur Aşcı ( назад)
this song is the best song ever!!!!

Автор Loopmootin ( назад)
In my opinion one of her best songs ever, it's soooooooooooo....oooooooo good

Автор Jackie91595 ( назад)
I wish I could play violin like that (even though I play viola) it's very beautiful and gives me shivers every time I hear it!

Автор katyusha Taylor ( назад)
This song was played at my mom's friend's, (who i loved) wedding. I ended up crying, 1, idk why. 2, b e a u t i f u l

Автор Nuura Abdulkadir ( назад)
I hope Andrew and Lindsey will win rewards together

Автор Nuura Abdulkadir ( назад)
I love both Andrew and Lindsey song they are both great sing and play music

Автор Amber Lee ( назад)
All throughout the movie I kept saying " You know Lindsey Stirling wrote a song for this so... she's better than anyone... EVER!!!!"

Автор M. Beil ( назад)
I love this!💞❤😍

Автор Pierre Morin ( назад)
first time i heard this it reminded me of photograph by ed sheeran, there are similarities

Автор Asmae Sabre ( назад)
hh i like it

Автор Afro IceCube ( назад)
The beginning of the song sounds like another song but what is the other song?

Автор Afro IceCube ( назад)
I like the original peters dragon a lot more than the new one

Автор De todo ( назад)
te amo

Автор Stefany Grace Genita ( назад)
she's AMAZING !

Автор Cactus Earth ( назад)
I totally thought they were going to meet all grown up in the end...

Автор Red Girl ( назад)
YAS I'm learning violin and I love it 🎻 🎻

Автор Rynn21 ( назад)
Amazing song!

Автор Alexandr Stepanov ( назад)
Lindsey Stirling is the main secreat weapon of USA, because she won the hearts of people all over the world!

Автор Jason Songs ( назад)
I get goosebumps when the chorus comes on!

Автор Mr Azorean ( назад)
i can't understand why there are humans who don't like Lindsey and her songs...are they really people...

Автор Comedy Skits ( назад)
I love this video! The music and the video.

Автор KidsVids Entertainment ( назад)
What a excellent video. Thanks for the effort you put into it! Keep it up :) :) :)

Автор Creative_ Games ( назад)
Заебись нахуй

Автор Manuz Bonki ( назад)
it's a beautiful demonstration of friendship😃.. Lindsey you are great..and I believe he's listening to you, and will never leave you alone😉😉 he will always be with you😉😃

Автор oscar 370 ( назад)
Alguien habla español? :v

Автор _fatin _aliya_ ( назад)
am i the only one that thinks this song beat sounds like a mashup of ed sheeran's photograph and alessia cara's scars to your beautiful......
but i love this song so much though

Автор TheCreationist1 ( назад)
Better than the remake movie. How do you make a remake feel emptier of plot than its 1970s musical counterpart? I don't know how but Disney managed to pull it off with Pete's Dragon.

Автор WakkasLove ( назад)
Amazing singer, amazing violinst, wonderful song, wonderful video. My night is complete.

Автор Faith Seibert ( назад)
I love her music. Beautiful

Автор DrawingCatEatingCookies ( назад)
We need to do this song with our disney and musicals group!:)

Автор Joshua Pagan ( назад)
Disney brave
Disney frozen

Автор Suaru22 ( назад)
Is there not a love button?? There needs to be a love button.

Автор Paul Powell ( назад)
I have lost count how many times I've watched this video or just listened to the song on my play list. If the words and music don't move you, check your pulse. You might be dead.

Автор RoseWitch3672 ( назад)
Who remembers when we all had such a spectacular imagination?

Автор oscar 370 ( назад)
Porque en México no hay mujeres como ella? :''v

Автор Vannah Smiles ( назад)
Have you ever seen Stranger things Miss Lindsey?

Автор Robert Leleux ( назад)
she is such a true pure talent

Автор Wolfe 2067 ( назад)
I luv your videos but I gotta say you kinda ruined the original video

Автор Bannana Vids ( назад)
my teacher's daughter knew lindsey stirling in college and they were quite good friends

Автор Okochan Hiko ( назад)

Автор Melissa 2004 ( назад)
Lindsey, you're the greatest person in my life. But I'm not sure about this sentences. Because I'm from germany. I'm in class seven and I'm not so good in englisch... But you give me the feeling, everybody is specially... Thank you

Автор BlazingSartos PSN ( назад)
Lindsey! Please do a Horizon Zero Dawn Theme Parody!! Pleeaseee pleeasseeeeeeee! ❤
Does anyone agreeee withh meeeeeee? ;-;

Автор Annie Waller ( назад)
Lindsey Stirling is amazing

Автор Kasia Heródzińska ( назад)
perfect ❤👌

Автор Gerhard Pöpl ( назад)
Kennen deutsche Radiostationen, die mir auf Arbeit aufgezwungen werden, Lindsey nicht? Da läuft den ganzen Tag nur Pullermusik. Von Justin Biber bis weiß nicht wie die alle heißen,

Автор Kleio M ( назад)
Amazing music video! Love the song and the video 😍

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