Are Goats OP?

  • Published on Mar 31, 2019
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    Why cuttlefish have wonky eyes:

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  • TierZoo
    TierZoo  4 months ago +3024

    Trending HYPE!

    • SaurianFan
      SaurianFan 8 days ago

      You forgot, perhaps, the most powerful member of the Caprinae class that lives in the Arctic Server! The Muskox! Despite the name sounding like this would be a member of the cow family, it is indeed a sheep! And it has the most powerful Skull Bash in the entirety of the Arctic Server!

    • wanderlustwarrior
      wanderlustwarrior 25 days ago

      I said it when it debuted and it still holds, I'm *still* surprised you didn't name this video "Are Goats/Caprinae the G.O.A.T.?"

    • PongPVP 977
      PongPVP 977 Month ago

      @Smart Dolphin Its just a sponsor for wix, these videos are very well made and short so ad revenue isn't enough. Cause todays algorithm prefers quantity over quality.

    • TierZoo
      TierZoo  Month ago +1

      @Isaiah Beltran DM me on Twitter @TheTierZoo

    • Isaiah Beltran
      Isaiah Beltran Month ago

      Hi team, I am reaching out because inhale an interest in using this video on my site and I wanted to see about getting your approval. Let me know and we can get a DM going. Hope all is well and keep up the great work!

  • Draco longsword
    Draco longsword Day ago

    Here's something fun to learn, sheep are actually pretty smart, the have incredible memory skills, being able to remember 50 seperate sheep over the course of 2 years, create friendships with other sheep, stand up for one and other, and even experience emotions such as joy, and even sadness, such as when one dies. Yes. Sheep are not highly intelligent like cephalopods, porpoises and apes, but they are not as dumb as people say they are.

  • YKS Gaming
    YKS Gaming Day ago

    it is like angled armor in tank games

  • GunlessSnake
    GunlessSnake Day ago

    Don't forget the screaming meme buff that was recently added to the goat class! Admittedly, it's in a bit of a slow decline, but popularity XP boosting was pretty great while it was fresh.

  • heliosphaere sonnen_wind_kind

    goats rock!

  • Bhellkat's Adventures


  • Jamel Jarvis
    Jamel Jarvis 2 days ago

    Their horizontal pupils decrease glare like polarized lenses.

  • Solitude
    Solitude 3 days ago

    Some of the goat builds feel like they have been developed by Bethesda.

  • Night's Watch knight

    As a Capricorn I agree and promote this video

  • Nicolas Gordin
    Nicolas Gordin 3 days ago

    Mountain goats are more related to antelope than goats

  • martín alegría
    martín alegría 4 days ago

    The soul of a survivor, man you rock lml

  • Doodlescnof
    Doodlescnof 4 days ago



  • Jhon Candia
    Jhon Candia 4 days ago

    Amazing good video.

  • xboxkiller
    xboxkiller 4 days ago

    These videos make our reality seem way cooler. Maybe this is how God thought about it when he was creating it lol.

  • Some Guys Forehead
    Some Guys Forehead 4 days ago

    Ba ba b baaaa baa baa ba baaa baaaa ba baa
    Translation-Ay em e shiip men end ay teyk o fens tu dat¡¡¡

  • Dylan Taylor
    Dylan Taylor 4 days ago

    You left out Muskox! They’re a caprid and they might even outclass bighorns for skull bash, and they go in for team tactics.

  • Adonan the Stoic
    Adonan the Stoic 5 days ago

    I don't come to hear about any specific animal, I come for the way you convey information. I have ADHD, and linking the information to video game terms grabs my attention and makes it easier for me to focus on what you're saying.

  • Alexander Tsynkov
    Alexander Tsynkov 6 days ago

    I didn’t watch the video yet but I already know the answer. It’s yes. The reason being, goat simulator.

  • KimiGaming
    KimiGaming 6 days ago

    How in the heck did you up there?

  • Sedastian Nomoca
    Sedastian Nomoca 6 days ago

    goats have sage mode op

  • Vaantasy
    Vaantasy 6 days ago

    black ops 2 is the GOAT

  • ASCII Skull
    ASCII Skull 6 days ago

    The "fainting" goat dont actually faint
    Its a genetic disorder found in many mammals

  • Tylor Cardinal
    Tylor Cardinal 6 days ago

    When I have a kid this is what they gotta be watching in school lol.

  • Nathan Leray
    Nathan Leray 6 days ago +2

    Anybody understand the Overwatch reference?

  • joinmarch76
    joinmarch76 6 days ago

    4:20 OBJECTION! Studies of the mountain goat mains show they are from the same guild as the antelopes and aren't true goats. However, I will agree they're one of the best climbers of the North America server.

  • Flow_Xen
    Flow_Xen 6 days ago

    I hear that black ops 2 multiplayer music

  • Kristen Gjuraj
    Kristen Gjuraj 7 days ago

    Ant tier list

  • Ken Kk
    Ken Kk 7 days ago +1

    Well what did you expect:

  • Matt Viola
    Matt Viola 7 days ago

    No one mentioning how the goats stand charge is like a spartan laser???

  • luis flores
    luis flores 7 days ago

    and their meals? thats important to

  • Hayden Collins
    Hayden Collins 8 days ago

    Goats are the GOAT

  • Coelophysis
    Coelophysis 8 days ago

    My favorite livestock animal. (I'm talking about domestic goats.)

  • Kevin D. E
    Kevin D. E 8 days ago

    3:26 pretty sure it died like holy fuck talk about a 1 hit K.O lmao

  • Grant Lippenholz
    Grant Lippenholz 8 days ago

    I wish there was a game with this many customization options

  • Lord Shonji
    Lord Shonji 9 days ago

    Time for everyone to fully understand the RAMafications when fighting goats

  • TheYellingYeti
    TheYellingYeti 9 days ago


  • REAL waldo
    REAL waldo 9 days ago

    Guess what, ibex is extinct haha nob

  • Wilhelm I
    Wilhelm I 10 days ago

    That bo 2 music in the background.

  • Project Silvio
    Project Silvio 10 days ago

    *P O R N H I T B O X*

  • TehFerretGam3r
    TehFerretGam3r 10 days ago +2

    goats is actually dominant in the overwatch servers

  • Meme King
    Meme King 11 days ago

    *animals that faint are just players that have bad connection*

    *change my mind*

  • Jacob Kare
    Jacob Kare 11 days ago

    What could that player possibly achieve by climbing a palm tree

    • miicas miicas
      miicas miicas 9 days ago

      based on size id guess they were fairly new and had just gotten enough points in str to use the climbing skill, also that looked like it was in or near a human guild hall so it was probably just testing the skill out

  • machine gun shark boiii

    Why dose he say pvp in these videos when pvp means person vs person

  • Kaleb Yacob
    Kaleb Yacob 11 days ago

    Liked cause of BO2 music

  • Yohan Vazquez
    Yohan Vazquez 12 days ago

    That bo2 music brings back memories

  • Tiger Tiger
    Tiger Tiger 12 days ago

    Huge cat: ima get you buddy boy
    Goat: hold my climbing skills
    Also Goat: climbs up a 90 degree vertical angle cliff

  • Joshua Gabriel
    Joshua Gabriel 13 days ago

    Is that Bo2 Music??! xD

  • Torb 1 Trick
    Torb 1 Trick 13 days ago +1


  • Heliofauna _
    Heliofauna _ 13 days ago

    lol the black ops 2 menu OST in the background got me

    MEECAL 13 days ago

    Imagine waking up in a cold sweat thinking, "man these goats are op"

  • Travis McCollom
    Travis McCollom 13 days ago

    There is one developer in this game, God almighty, our father in heaven.

  • will c
    will c 13 days ago

    I'm actually a pygmy goat main and there seriously underated if you know how to use them

  • Matt Hahsbs
    Matt Hahsbs 13 days ago

    E3 2020

  • Fiundal undso
    Fiundal undso 13 days ago

    Great video as always..but where tf have i heard that background music???

  • Аки Чуд
    Аки Чуд 14 days ago

    What about muskox?

  • Bob ross 24/7
    Bob ross 24/7 14 days ago

    I want a tierzoo game using the 2d sprites on a 2d lain with biomes and multiplayer
    That would be great. I wish that tierzoo could at least collaborate with a game designer for a beta or demo.

  • Dick Head
    Dick Head 15 days ago +5

    *Four legs good, two legs bad!*
    10 seconds later
    *Four legs good, two legs better!*

  • SingularityTR
    SingularityTR 15 days ago

    I think the bulls dead.

  • Majyk
    Majyk 16 days ago

    Is no one going to mention the Black Ops 2 music?

  • Galily
    Galily 17 days ago

    1:29 do I hear Black Ops 2's Adrenaline track?

  • Scp 173
    Scp 173 17 days ago

    Isn't there a rare chance that when you spawn as a fainting goat you can spawn as a goat that has a tongue that can stick to anything and can headbut anything into the next galaxy?

  • GitGud
    GitGud 17 days ago

    Is that bo2 music I hear?

  • Pepe Smith
    Pepe Smith 17 days ago

    We could say that they are the...

    *Greatest Of All Time*

  • I-Not-Mortal
    I-Not-Mortal 18 days ago

    *Goat: faints*
    *Please re-connect your controller*

  • Zeke Views
    Zeke Views 18 days ago

    dammit water sheep

  • Lucas Ferreira
    Lucas Ferreira 19 days ago

    Oh, yes, goats. The animal that can climb a glass like 90º wall with HOOVES and can headbutt you into next sunday. Very underrated indeed...

  • Antron Antron
    Antron Antron 19 days ago +1

    Anyone notice the black ops 2 music?

  • AivoRikko
    AivoRikko 19 days ago +3

    The question of every overwatch player

  • L Squared
    L Squared 19 days ago

    Goats are some of my favorite animals! So cool and smart! They have such interesting personalities too and always make me laugh! Also they are much stronger than most people realize, I’ve worked with goats for a good chunk of my life and can tell you from experience.

  • Jack Hershberger
    Jack Hershberger 20 days ago

    Why the bo2 lobby music

  • Gekko Bos
    Gekko Bos 20 days ago


  • Mountain Mamma
    Mountain Mamma 20 days ago

    Nagasrcrime lololzz

  • generic stuff
    generic stuff 20 days ago

    Then you remember that humans have shotguns...

  • Fjuron
    Fjuron 20 days ago

    Yeah, goats are cool.
    And cheese from their milk is delicious!

  • Ryo N
    Ryo N 21 day ago

    Well... there are justice goats. So that's one thing