Embarrassing Times to get Recognized [MAP]


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    • Kaleb Ross
      Kaleb Ross Час назад

      Jesus damn 11k likes.

    • Dawn Wilson
      Dawn Wilson Час назад

      Lost Swiftpaw I was scared for a sec tbh

    • GalaxyAnimates
      GalaxyAnimates Час назад

      I had no idea people didn't know this... Well thank you for being thinking about everyone else

    • Atomic Speed FT
      Atomic Speed FT Час назад


      I’m not nice

    • corny animations
      corny animations Час назад

      Ohhhhhhhh now i get why the animation and stuff is diffrent thx

  • batter82206
    batter82206 Час назад

    Congratulation James for getting #1 *trending*

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    amzomolhic Час назад

    this was really cool

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    Ma boi top 1 on tendring ;)

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    Congrats on #1 on trending.......... again

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    Kaleb Ross Час назад

    *new animation style* *C O N F I R M E D*

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    Guitarfollower22 Час назад

    in b4 Justin Young

  • Caleb Anderson
    Caleb Anderson Час назад

    Still a better collab than rewind.

  • Ozarazil
    Ozarazil Час назад

    Dude the quality of some of those animators is off the charts... like... sriously what are you doing here on youtube? go make us some good ass cartoons!!!

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    Geboyski likes stuff Час назад

    #1 on trending

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    Alwesita Pingol Час назад

    Why u look weird?

  • Pickel_tikel____ Yeet
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    Ur art stile is different it’s ok so

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    patty zapata Час назад

    Congrats on number one on trending, James!!!

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    #1 in trending.

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    #1 on trending!

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    Many mega games Час назад

    I don't like this animation style

  • Joyce Zhang
    Joyce Zhang Час назад

    New art

  • すてきoownow
    すてきoownow Час назад

    love seeing the variation of style in this video!! talented animators 👌

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    wolfzackgamer sup Час назад


  • Belinda Smedley
    Belinda Smedley Час назад

    At first I thought James had a new animation style when the video started but nooooooo..

    *should've gone to specsavers*

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    Tsudere Cat Час назад

    Congrats on #1 on Trending

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    Bonnie Wong Час назад

    First treading 👏👏

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    Kesuzen Karido Час назад

    This video was AWESOME ! , wow u improved alot james keep it up that way ;)

  • Lonley Potato
    Lonley Potato Час назад

    Are we not gonna talk about 2:26 that animation was sooo well done! Good job RushLight Invader

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    Nerky Bowtie Час назад

    Congrats on being #1 on trending!!!!!

  • Jakkxtin
    Jakkxtin Час назад

    I’m glad he had other animators working on the project but I was so distracted paying attention to the constantly changing style that I didn’t even pay attention to the story

  • Candy Cane
    Candy Cane Час назад

    Good animation!

  • Nico Cordova
    Nico Cordova Час назад

    So many art styles from different animators :OOOOOOOOOOOO

  • Anthony Cristallo
    Anthony Cristallo Час назад

    I do not like it it

  • Ana Portillo
    Ana Portillo Час назад

    Why did you change the animation ??

  • crispy rat
    crispy rat Час назад

    Lol this is 1

  • Ultimate dab gaming And more
    Ultimate dab gaming And more Час назад

    I miss the old odd1sout

  • Princess Joyce
    Princess Joyce Час назад

    Sooo..... now you make your characters move their mouth?

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    Holly P Час назад

    #1 on trending, NICE!!

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    #1 on trending

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    ahd congrats on 7.2m subs

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    Dragen Master Час назад

    Good job on trending #1

  • Ryan Chen
    Ryan Chen Час назад

    why he change drawing style

  • Brandon C
    Brandon C Час назад

    The wear your seatbelt motto just got real

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    #1 on trending

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    Lily Sovann Час назад

    hey I seen that fox furry form katzun

  • The Anime Cat
    The Anime Cat Час назад

    I am clueless as to how people think this is all one animator or animation style. I mean seriously, one second James has fingers and the next he's A CAT. Which style are people even commenting about when they say they do or don't like it????

  • Nefailo Nefailo
    Nefailo Nefailo Час назад

    I had a dream that I was making the animations :D

  • Blayin Chay
    Blayin Chay Час назад

    2:08 2017??

  • slime playz big CHEESE
    slime playz big CHEESE Час назад

    Is that frisk?!

  • Ginger Cat
    Ginger Cat Час назад

    James is an uncle yay good luck james

  • james k 09
    james k 09 Час назад

    Lol frisk

  • Lenaya Scott
    Lenaya Scott Час назад

    I love all the styles, this is sooo cool. This is what I’m subscribed for❤️

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    I got new rules I count em

  • Kathryn Bauer
    Kathryn Bauer Час назад

    I look through all the comments and no one's self risk I mean Frisk literally no one stole her I mean him or who cares but I can't believe you know undertale undertale I love it I can't believe you actually love it so you I still love you so

  • Eliza Lars
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  • wnops
    wnops Час назад

    wpw looking at all of the different drawing styles was so kool

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    Ale Portillo Час назад

    Hi solo vine porque era la #1 tendencia 😂😂

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    Number one on trending! Wow!

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    Number 1 on trending.... Good job James

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    Nerds and Geeks Час назад

    why did you change ur drawing style

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    Good job on number 1 in trending

  • Blue Tube
    Blue Tube Час назад

    It told me I was here early but NOOOOOOO!! Was that frisk? 0:05 ????? Oh well it's not the first time XD

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  • דניאל הכט
    דניאל הכט Час назад

    This is so fucking different
    I don’t know if I like or dislike it

  • Renārs Paiders
    Renārs Paiders Час назад

    Sorry james but i like old animation style better

    • Animated Lemons
      Animated Lemons Час назад

      Renārs Paiders
      ..this is a joke, right?

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    Oh 1 on trending

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    OH MY, you changed so much since the last time i watched you ;o;

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    number one on trending! NICE

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    #1 on trending! Go James😁

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    too much animation mixing ughhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

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    C.K. Chong Час назад

    Frisskkkkkkkkkk wassss in the fountainnnnnnn!!!😂😂😂😂

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    E.T.L Час назад

    Love the animation style!

  • Mlem Shoob
    Mlem Shoob Час назад

    *D E S P A C I T O*

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    LappyB 2004 Час назад

    Never this ending ever

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    I sense something new, what is it?HMMMMMMMM

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    #1 on trending

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    Good job on trending but i got 666 on trending

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    good job getting #1 on trending

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    Congrats your on number one for trending

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    Congrats on #1on trending

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  • Spazzy Adult
    Spazzy Adult Час назад

    I loved this. James you're too sweet c':

  • Kira Kawaii
    Kira Kawaii Час назад

    ur animations changed........idk if I can get used to dis

  • Trinity Horne
    Trinity Horne Час назад

    1:59 does anyone other than me thinks that looks like Keith? You know from Voltron?

  • Freshy Franny
    Freshy Franny Час назад

    U N D E R T A L E

  • Artsy Fox
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  • Joshua Ocasio
    Joshua Ocasio Час назад

    I didn't like this animation it wasn't like the other videos I don't know why but it just don't like it can you change it

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  • Luke Uhlir
    Luke Uhlir Час назад

    #1 ON TRENDING!!!

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    Crystal M. Час назад

    RushLight Invader’s animation was my favorite by far wow

  • Oscar Matthews
    Oscar Matthews Час назад

    Its 2018

  • Amie Okieda
    Amie Okieda Час назад

    Katsun made you a fox. How perfect haha

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    Good job on number one trending

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    Good job on #1 trending James! Proud of you!